• Company: Happy Egg
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Eggs
    Location: Taiwan

    We propose that eating a good egg is like having a breath of fresh air. We create a brand for cage-free eggs named Happy Egg. Our brand is built on six notions: friendliness, happiness, freedom, sunshine, fertility, and water. Instead of traditional paper coating materials, we apply transparent PVC materials to cushion packaging, which not only speaks for the concept of free air but also prevents collision. This innovation as an attention grabber would definitely create a novelty to consumers and facilitate the promotion of cage-free eggs.

    The brand positioning targets the markets of department stores. The natural, fresh, clean image of the product, different from what we discover in ordinary grocery stores, attracts people caring about health issues and thus achieves the goal of promoting cage-free eggs.

    Based on Taiwanese festivals and customs, three distinct packaging designs are created for Chinese New Year, Christmas, and birthday. Cage-free eggs that symbolize simplicity, satisfaction, and health are fun and nutritious.

    We plan to issue three books, introducing the basic knowledge of cage-free eggs, friendly egg producers, and egg dishes. Consumers could improve their understanding of cage-free eggs and update relevant information through the books. Also, to strengthen the concept of free air, we use inflatable materials to wrap books so that we can easily present the overall design and attract more customers.

  • Designer: Jeongdae Kim
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Diplom, University of the Arts Bremen
    Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

    Some people wake up in the morning and take multiple pills for the day. For these people taking pills everyday is one of many tedious things, that should just not be forgotten. According to the life extension the human becomes aging and there are lots of people concerning about their health and the number of people who take medicine regularly for example, because of a certain disease, is also growing. Sometimes they have an unstable mental state, or just expect vague effects from the medicine, so from diverse reasons daily taking medicine is not a easy thing for them. Fortune pill will give those people a small pleasure to foretell the fortune for a day from a message in it.

    Through a small change by taking pills, I hoped to make them happy and they find it even as a interesting moment of the daily routine. I experienced that feeling when opening fortune cookie and wondered which message is written on the paper. though the same motion we have totally different feelings when opening pills or fortune cookies. So i try to combine this feeling and the package design of medicine. This package design is not only just for the outside but it could assist contents for emotion or interest of users. In order to take out contents from inside we are required to open the package of pills like a fortune cookies. Now this concept, fortune pill, helps people feel better and have an emotional care.

  • Creative Agency: Dow Design Ltd
    Creative Director: Donna McCort
    Lead Designer: Leonie Whyte
    Design Team: Jeannie Burnside
    Production/Artwork: Jamie Pettigrew, Ben Dean
    Account Service: Simon Wedde, Michael Statham
    Digital Director: Michael Evans
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Innova Products Ltd
    Location: New Zealand
    Packaging Contents: Kitchenware
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper
    Printing Process: Digital and offset printing

    Click Clack - A tidy kitchen is a tidy mind
    Our client was in the food container business. Ironically that’s a pretty messy and confusing place, for something that is supposed to help you get more organised. And that was really our Aha! moment. We saw it as a great opportunity for our client to be genuinely helpful. Tada! Click Clack Your Food Friend was born. A brand that talks to you, and helps you make sense of all those container options. What for what? What will fit my 900g bag of flour? Can I cook with this one? This makeover of an already established brand has opened up new retail doors that the brand had never dreamed of. Funny how a filling a genuine gap, together with some very smart design, can really get things cooking.

  • Designer: Maria Hdez
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Madrid, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Crystal
    Printing Process: Offset printing

    The design is minimalist and conceptual. The shape of the circle represents the simplification of the grape’s shape. And the "v" is the greatest simplification of the wine glass. The pattern of circles represents in a metaphorical way, both the planting in rows, and the grapes that contain the wine bottles. The visual identity features modern typography within a simplified design by using a minimal colour palette.

  • Creative Agency: SOERENTIBOR Gbr
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Hamburg, Germany
    Packaging Contents: Perfume
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium, Glass

    Beautiful Home Fragrances by SOERENTIBOR. The products have such nice names as "Cloud 7", "Morning Dew", "Sea Lust", etc.

  • Designer: Mina Bakliža
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: The Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac
    Course: Packaging design
    Tutor: Nemanja Dragojlović
    Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Soaps
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    The first part of the task was to create a series of packaging, beginning with the economy version, through the more expensive one, to the premium version. The name “24h “ was chosen because it impl

  • Creative Agency: Hills Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Primal Joy
    Location: UK
    Packaging Contents: Paleo gluten free bars and snacks

    Redesign for Primal Joy brand - handmade paleo & gluten free snacks.

    These healthy products are good for the body and so our redesign reflected this with a heart shaped symbol merging the company’s initials in a unique way. The impact of this on a clean white background makes the range easily identifiable. Splashes of vibrant natural colours are interspersed throughout the range, helping to catch the eye of consumers and differentiate the products in a very competitive market.

  • Creative Agency: Makers & Allies
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hope Family Wines
    Location: San Luis Obispo, California, USA
    Packaging Contents: White Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle, label, cork, capsule
    Printing Process: Emboss, gold foil

    Michelle & Barack. Ellen & Portia. Beyoncé & Jay-Z. Lady swagger isn't given, it's earned. When Treana Blanc came onto the scene, we knew it would have to stand up to the already established Treana Red. A dynamic duo, Treana Blanc balances perfectly with its counterpart, yet has a signature style based on its own beautiful yet complex attributes. Using the same bottle mold as the Red, but in an eye-catching claret green, Treana Blanc gets a coordinating label featuring delicate embossing and gold foil--a more feminine take on the signature Treana Red gold filigree. The short capsule gives you a seductive peek of the custom printed cork, in order to–as all powerful women know–create interest without compromising elegance.

  • Creative Agency: Mulligan Design Partners
    Designers: Hudson Abreu, Fernando Moraes, Marcia Nakamura
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Frutiquello Sorvetes
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Ice Lollies

    Frutiquello Sorvetes is an ice cream brand, known by the quality and variety of its products, with over 200 different types and flavors of ice cream. Their products are being sold in over 15.000 places all over São Paulo. Mulligan Design Partners was hired to completely revamp one of Frutiquello's most important lines: Frukis, with 6 flavors of refreshing fruit-based ice-lollies.

    It was a tasty mission. We managed to deliver a bold design, totally focused on appetite-appeal and its refreshing taste. The layouts explored the fruits to the maximum, while reinforcing the flavor and quality of the ingredients with a touch of nature in a sunny background. It all resulted in a notable growth on the product's quality perception, leaving Frukis at the top with the main players on the market.

  • Creative Agency: ANGLE visual integration
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Taiwan Rivon
    Location: Taiwan
    Packaging Contents: Bridal cake
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

  • Designer: Toomas Pintson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Gemini Decks
    Location: Tallinn, Estonia
    Packaging Contents: Playing cards
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
    Printing Process: Offset printing

    Big Boy No.1 is a fully custom deck of cards created from ground up. Designed by Estonian designer Toomas Pintson, the deck is as fun and unique as it is visually pleasing.

    Big Boy was designed for a small playing card company called Gemini Decks that produces and distributes high quality custom playing cards around the world mainly for magicians, cardists and card collectors.

    The deck spots a Violet, Black/Yellow/Cyan colorway. The court cards feature 13 fun and unique Big Boy characters composed of only primitive shapes. Although it's a fully custom deck, it was also designed with cardists in mind. The back design features unique twin-tip design making this deck perfect for fans and spreads.

    Big Boy is printed by The United States Playing Card Company on highest quality Bee casino grade stock with Linen finish. In addition all decks were Traditionally Cut for optimal handling.

    Limited edition of 1300 were printed.

    Made in the U.S.A.

  • Designer: George Chichinadze
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Barambo
    Location: Georgia, Tbilis
    Packaging Contents: Ice Cream
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
    Printing Process: Digital Print

    Instead of launching another standard line of new product, I as an art director created a novelty concept of iced flavors – Barambo ice-cream

    My main intention was to deliverto customers joy of communication, that sharing piece of ice-cream brings, product that was harvested with care, wrapped with artistry and carried to our table with love.

  • Designer: Archer Fu
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Tea leaves
    Location: China

    This design was inspired from the bamboo. The usage of metal in this packaging is to neutralize the bitterness in the tea leaves. Furthermore, the metal tea cans give it a more modern look. Pure pursuit of traditional Chinese style design is not desirable, the use of modern materials and skills, traditional and modern fusion, is my original intention of the design.

  • Designer: Clare Lynch Creative
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Retail Outsource Solutions
    Location: Dublin, Ireland
    Packaging Contents: Cat litter
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard Quality Paper
    Printing Process: PMS Printing (3 Colour Design)

    Fresh Plus cat litter packaging is bright and fun packaging design which indicates it’s use clearly to potential consumers with it’s playful feline characters along with the display of the content through the flower-shaped device. The earthy colour tones and floral illustrations draw attention to it’s all natural properties. The playful feel is used consistently throughout from the main graphics to the barcode detail.

    This product packaging has been designed to create a light, airy and bright feel for a product which holds a less-than-attractive use. The bold feline character and product name featured large-scale on the front of pack creates easy brand recognition and shelf-standout against competitors. The client’s feedback was positive, “Thank you ever so much for great and unique job you have done with this packaging design. Many thanks.”

  • Designer: Ahra Song
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: 15th Avenue cafe
    Location: Seoul, Korea
    Packaging Contents: Coffee (Cold brew)
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    15th Avenue cafe is located in Asan of Korea. They offer to customer the wonderful top quality cold brew coffee.

    What they wanted to deliver with their brand new coffee is simple and eidetic image.

  • Creative Agency: Cookchick
    Creative Director: Lee Cook
    Designer: Adam McCarthy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Thatchers
    Location: Brighton
    Packaging Contents: Cider
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    For single malt whisky and single hop craft beer, brewers and distillers have selected individual malts & hops for their particular properties and taste profiles for a number of years. Although a lesser worn track in the cider making category, individual apple varieties produce very distinctly different tasting ciders. The Thatchers family have been honing their skills for selecting these individual characteristics for over four generations now.

    Thatchers commissioned CookChick Design to create the brand name and packaging for a new range of premium vintage and limited edition single & dual variety ciders focusing on these very distinctive taste profiles.

    Director Lee Cook comments:
    ‘The name Cider Barn was chosen after visiting Mytle Farm in Somerset, the home of Thatchers. A small barn has sat on the property from the 1904 beginning and from where the early family generation started to produce and sell cider straight from the barrel.

    Each apple has an optimum month for harvesting. Detailing this on front of label along with the individual cider makers signature further enhances the small batch, artisanal and unique character of each cider and great for story telling’.

    CookChick Designer Adam McCarthy adds:
    ‘The limited batch make these ciders very special and ones to savour. This production approach and attention to detail needed to come through all touch points of packaging and wrapping through to the educational booklet explaining the diverse characteristics of each apple grown at Mytle Farm’

    The first three ciders are launching in January: Morgan Sweet & Grenadier (September harvest), Redstreak (October harvest) and Spartan (November harvest).

  • Creative Agency: 1 Trick Pony
    Printer: Omega High Impact Print Solutions
    Wood boxes: Woodpak Industries Inc.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: 1 Trick Pony
    Location: United States
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: wood, glass, paper, and tears
    Printing Process: foil stamping, 2-color offset

    Our agency has sent yearly holiday gifts to our clients for over 12 years branded under the umbrella of 'The Alcoholidays.’ It started out as Christmas, made cameos as Valentine’s Day, and shifted to any day that could be celebrated with a drink in hand. With that idea in mind, what better 'holiday' to celebrate in 2017 than the upcoming Inauguration Day. We've sent our clients a box with 2 bottles of pocket-sized rum to help them celebrate the day – or just get through it. They can choose what side of the aisle they prefer, or opt for going double-fisted.

    'Left, right, bottom's up or going down - this year we celebrate the Alcoholidays as one.’

  • Creative Agency: Anthem New York
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Carma Labs
    Packaging Contents: Lip-care products
    Location: Franklin, Wisconsin / USA

    Classic Care, Redefined
    Carma Labs is a family-owned and operated company, led by Alfred’s (founder) grandsons, Paul and Eric Woelbing. Their iconic, mainstay brand Carmex has been providing lip-care for almost 80 years. With a vibrant innovation pipeline and a recent, tremendously successful Cold Sore product innovation, the brand was ripe for a refresh.

    Through design-focused consumer research, Anthem developed brand positioning, a scale-able brand & product architecture, and beautiful packaging designed to modernize the brand and increase shelf-impact and navigability.

  • Creative Agency: Marks, an sgsco company
    Designer: Heman Chan
    Creative Director: Peter Lam
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Wrigley
    Location: Hong Kong, Taiwan
    Packaging Contents: Mints
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Tin Box
    Printing Process: Flexography, Embossing

    Showing its strength in design and retail, sgsco Asia Pacific, through its design company Marks, was delighted with the consecutive award of the Wrigley’s Christmas 2016 project, following a successful launch of the 2015 Christmas campaign.

    The challenge of this project was embodying “Sharing the Encouragement,” while moving forward and differentiating itself from the previous year’s design. To achieve this, the creative team made use of clever illustrated characters to go with a key message like “Dream On,” “You are the Best,” “Stay True” and the like.

    With eye-catching designs and uplifting messages, it’s easy to engage the consumer. This was precisely the goal according to sgsco AP Creative Director, Peter Lam.

    The limited edition packaging was launched in the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets in November 2016. With Wrigley’s continued trust in sgsco AP, the aim is to strengthen the partnership by developing best practices and lean processes that will reinforce sgsco AP’s brand of creativity and innovation in packaging solutions.

  • Creative Agency: wedesign
    Client: rhoeco
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Tea leaves
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Rhoeco is a word formation inspired by the Greek word ‘ροή’ [rhoē] -meaning flow-, ecology [eco] and cooperation [co]

    Rhoeco is a team of young professionals, ecology enthusiasts and herb lovers, who research, experiment, analyse and finally find decent and experienced producers to become our suppliers.

  • Creative Agency: Noem9 Studio
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
    Printing Process: Screen printing

    Porto is a city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production. Its name comes from the Portuguese Porto which means port.

    The project shows a visual representation of the city and its streets. It is the graphic synthesis of the city of Porto. The different designs are inspired by specific "azulejos" found around the streets of Porto. The real street/avenue name is on the front of each bottle alongside with the GPS coordinates (in case you want to admire the original art).

    The main four colors used to differentiate the bottles were selected from the city coat of arms, plus the shades of blue that are used in the traditional "azulejos".

  • Creative Agency: Bessermachen designstudio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Konnerup
    Location: Denmark / Copenhagen
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper

    What do Bessermachen Design Studio and Hans Christian Andersen have in common? The short answer is that we both share a passion for a great story. A great story told in words, pictures and graphics. A great story interpreted in 9 wonderful, fairy-tale bars of chocolate.

    The goal
    Bessermachen’s goal was to reinterpret the Hans Christian universe, giving it a totally new slant in design and chocolate. But we wanted more than that, because we wanted to make it up to date and relevant. Not because we wished in any way to interfere with a unique piece of cultural history, but because the fairy tales are just as meaningful and relevant today as when they were written. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are all about betrayal, greed, overweening ambition and love. When looked at through contemporary eyes, these themes still captivate and fascinate us.

    The inspiration
    We drew our inspiration for both the design and the chocolate from the fairy tales, which have so much to offer. In many respects, they represent an open book when it comes to understanding the very essence of Denmark. So this was a natural starting point when it came to merging design tradition with excellent ingredients.

    The seduction
    But Bessermachen also wanted to be seductive, obviously via a highly expressive packaging design. We wanted to create a premium look to match the premium chocolate, which Konnerup represents. What’s more, to put the finishing touch to this ultimate experience, the illustration on each bar of chocolate was based on a Hans Christian Andersen paper-cut, interpreted by Niels Ditlev. You see, once upon a time there was a wise man, who said: “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” Not to mention a little piece of chocolate.

  • Designer: Andrew Zo
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Packaging Contents: Gift Card
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card Stock

    The gift card holder was developed out of the need to make gift-card-giving more presentable. The design displays the card in a swift pop up motion, creating a delightful experience. It features a 2-piece construction as well as a lock mechanism that keeps the card shut.

  • Designer: Stefano Bracci
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tenuta I Fauri
    Location: Chieti, Italy
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Typography printing

    Restyling label of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Rosso of Fauri.

    The vineyard takes its name from St. Cecilia, Protectress of the music. The family Tenuta I Fauri pursued for a lifetime two passions: wine and the piano.