• Creative Agency: EN GARD
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Motif Wine
    Concept: Mario Rampitsch, Franz Lammer
    Graphic Design and Art Direction: Kristina Bartosova
    Photography: Stefan Leitner
    Location: Austria & Germany

    One essential aspect of the Motif concept is what we call the sixth sense: We have transformed taste, which is perceived through the nose and palate, into a graphic, or a motif. Motif consciously rejects the exclusive wine culture that is reserved for only a few people. Our goal is to facilitate an enjoyment of wine that is free from pre-conceptions, extremely personal, and, above all, conscious and aware. Our original vision was to reconceptualize the world of wine through a new product. We wanted to use a graphic pattern to visualize the taste and character of six different wines. This was how Motif came into being. The German word Motif means pattern, and we consciously refrain from using information about the variety of grape or other specifications on the label. Using no significant text, the individual patterns provide a subtle, tasteful indication of whether the wine is semi-sweet, full-bodied or effervescent. One of the challenges was the design of the labels, since they had to communicate the corporate design of Motif both individually and as a collective. The letter M, with lines placed at a 60-degree angle, serves as a key visual that unites all of the bottles under one corporate design. To enhance the visualization of the wine character, we chose earth tones and fresh warm colors: soft yellow or green tones for the white wines and powerful red and blue tones for the rosé.

  • Creative Agency: Springetts Brand Design Consultants
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: United Kingdom

    We were asked to develop concepts that explored hypothetical positionings for how eggs could better satisfy or respond to consumer needs. One of the many thoughts we had was how this commodity category could respond better to concerns related to CSR issues such as food miles and related freshness. We were intrigued by the notion that, while early adopters of CSR issues find it easy to support a cause, it is harder to convert mass-market consumers unless there is something in it for them – such as supporting locally laid eggs.

    Our solution was to emphasise the benefit of locally laid eggs to consumers through a cheeky brand name that reinforces the idea of freshly laid eggs straight from the hen. The creative execution is a selection of playful caricatures of hens laying eggs with three different poses/expressions for each of the three variants.”

    The Just Laid concept uses standard egg box packaging in a unique way that allows the consumers to interact with the pack and design. To further highlight the freshly laid concept, the fastening on the box becomes a representation of the egg itself, allowing consumers to connect with the natural process of the eggs ‘being laid’!

    This concept has won a gold Pentaward and also a special HAHAHA Lars Wallentin award for the most fun package across all categories, in this years Pentawards 2014 competition.

  • Creative Agency: The BrandHouse
    Brand Strategist: Katerina Tsenebis
    Creative Director: Nikos Vlahoyiannis
    Designer: Andrew Boukas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Domaine Messenicolas
    Location: Athens, Greece

    DOMAINE MESSENICOLAS, is a winery that carries the name of the little village “Messenicolas” in Central Greece. Our client wanted to create a new brand for a wine series made by the local vine varieties: Musquat de Hamburg, Malaguzia and Limnionas, that are famous for their fresh, light taste and are suitable for younger wine drinkers. The brand name MOI, JE M’ EN FOUS! along with the illustrations are the result of a humorous interpretation of the brief. Our aim was to express the feeling of “liberation” and relaxed mood the consumer gets into when enjoying one of the wines of this series.

  • Creative Agency: The BrandHouse
    Brand Strategist: Katerina Tsenebis,
    Creative Director: Nikos Vlahoyiannis
    Designer: Aggelos Moschos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: The Kotsonis Estate
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Our client, The Kotsonis Estate, invited us to Brand and Design a new olive oil that comes in two varieties: Organic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We chose to name the new brand 3000 B.C due to two reasons: The Kotsonis Estate is located next to Ancient Mycenae, an area that is historically proven to have a great heritage in the production of olive oil and secondly because archaeologists believe that the first organized production of olive oil started around 3000 B.C. The Mycenaean motifs of our packaging are inspired by actual olive oil amphorae of that historic period . Our objective was to create a brand that carries the historic heritage and at the same time is aesthetically modern and simple.

  • Creative Agency: Pavement
    Designer: Michael Hester
    Client: Williams-Sonoma
    Location: USA
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    For their new entertaining line, Williams-Sonoma created a food collection inspired by the small-production specialty food products of the Napa Valley wine region. As part of this collection, the olives collection package was inspired by the typography found in classic Italian food products and restaurant signage, but with a modern stylistic facelift. Custom typography and minimal illustration help give the package a rich and sophisticated presentation.

  • Creative Agency: Pavement
    Designer: Michael Hester
    Client: Droga Chocolates
    Country: USA
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Droga Chocolate's founder grew up addicted to her mother's homemade rocky road candy, a treat made special by its unique twist of replacing walnuts with salted peanuts. Inspired by her mother’s ingenuity, Droga creates new, irresistible treats by combining nostalgic flavors with modern twists using premium, all natural ingredients.

    The new brand identity uses vivid colors and bold typographic elements to create a light-hearted and fun brand experience. Inspired by current fashion advertising, the design creates a stylishly feminine feel well suited for high-end retailers. Vintage-styled illustrations of the candies in place of photography give the brand a slight nostalgic twist. The end result is an eye-catching package that personifies the brand’s innovative recipes.

  • Designer: Silvia Albertí and Corinne Carbonnel
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Course: Master's Degree in Packaging Design, ELISAVA. Tutorized by Pati Núñez
    Project Type: Student Project

    Kiehl's Luminosity is a new product from the famous brand Kiehl's.

    The aim of this project was to reflect the concentrated effect that produces the serum in the skin. We choose the concept of the rain and how it fills into every surface it encounters.

    We bet for a condensed graphic design, with 3 different colours to differenciate each product (staint, scrub & antioxidant). Colours that we also think are femenine and elegant.

  • Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
    Art director: Juan Figueras
    Creative Director: J l Bayer
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Late Milk
    Location: Santiago, Chile

    “Late Milk” was born from a group of young social entrepreneurs who thought how to create a brand where products could delivered 100% of the profit generated by sales, to prestigious social foundations, to help the most vulnerable people in Chile.

    The first product was “Late Water”. To launch their second product they called Grupo Oxigeno to design the line of milks products. The target was young people, mostly women, a little hipster. So we designed a modern product with a little sense of humor and a fully differentiated language from the competition. Each phrase placed on the main face of the box expressed, in a “Chilean language”, a statement that invites the buyer to feel part of this solidarity movement:

    Soy entera buena ("I'm all good") for the full cream version, means in “chilean words” something like “I am so good looking”...
    Soy buena leche ("I'm good milk") for the low-fat, means in “chilean words” that “I am a good person”.
    Soy cero rollos ("I`m zero rolls") for non-fat version, but also “in a chilean way” has a doble meaning: “I dont have love handles” and too means “I dont have any problems”.

  • Creative Agency: BREAK
    Art Director: Rossella Rabuffi
    Account director: Paola Garavaglia
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Byblos
    Location: Milan, Italy

    Byblos launches Sole and Luna (Sun and Moon), the two new fragrances of the line “Elementi di Byblos”. The competition in the mid price range of the market is very tight with a high number of players. However, the communication style generally used is not very personal nor differentiating.

    The agency was required to create a new visual identity for the new products, in order to communicate in a personal way while conveying the values of the Byblos brand - modernity, distinctiveness, connection with arts and design.

    The packaging has a unique style: artistic strokes are used on white matte paper to picture the sun and the moon. This makes the communication distinctive and lets the brand talk on a more personal level.
    The logo is in gold or silver to help add premiumness to the freshness of the main image.

  • Designer: Ruth Waddingham
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: zipitbaby.com
    Location: California, USA

    Zipit - A brilliant new collection of babywear with zippers. A happier, simpler way to dress little ones without wrestling clothes over wobbly heads or fussing with fiddly snaps. The entire collection features sweet, simple styles with fresh colors that are as wearable as they are adorable. Each garment is delivered in it's own handbag style box with peep hole reveal at the back to show garment colour.

  • Creative Agency: Open Door Design Studio (ODDS)
    Illustration: Camille Demarinis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: TJO Bees
    Location: Asheville, NC, USA

    When TJO Bees contacted us to create their new look, we immediately realized that this would be a really sweet project (pun intended)! The wide scope of the project has allowed us to translate this new look across several mediums including the identity design, packaging labels and web design.

    TJO Bees is a family-owned honey producer located in Flasher, North Dakota with 20 years of beekeeping experience. This multifaceted project began with the identity redesign with focus on the obvious stars of any honey business — the bees. In the next phase we created honey label designs for three distinct varieties of honey — each with it’s own container style and size. This challenged us to translate the identity into circular, oval and rectangular formats while keeping the essence of the brand, intact.

  • Designer: Nikolo Kerimov
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Finland

    Leroux is a perfume container made out of carton. The structure works as a spring and a container. When you squeeze the bottle, perfume comes out and when you let go, it pops back up. After using the product, the packaging can be recycled easily because of it's flattening structure.

  • Creative Agency: Stranger & Stranger
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Location: New York, NY, USA

    Innis & Gunn have won more awards for beer than pretty much anyone and their beer commands impressive prices. We helped them over deliver those luxury values, and when the brand got big we helped them go craft again with limited editions

  • Creative Agency: jkr
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Location: UK

    After 14 years, Boddingtons has been given a fresh new look. The new packaging is designed to build on the existing equities and give Boddingtons a new level of standout. The challenge for us was to attract a new younger audience, whilst keeping the unique character that existing consumers remember with such affection. It was vital that the new design was not retrospective, but felt modern and relevant.”

    Georgina Leigh-Pemberton, Account Director, jkr. said: "The Boddingtons brand has a history of confidence and irreverence, which has enabled it to defy the category norms and be a bit different."

    Sean Harvey, Design Director, jkr. said: "Boddingtons was a joy to work with, the bold timeless graphics were a gift for keeping the brand contemporary. The ‘Odd’ secondary packaging had done fantastically well but we needed to freshen it up. Humour has always been part of the Boddingtons brand and we came up with a more witty design using the Boddingtons bees (a symbol of Manchester’s hive of industry) to create the drop shadow of the B. The use of the big bold B really has great impact in store and using this as a shelf block for the secondaries will hopefully make the brand stand out even more."

    Jo Allan, Boddingtons Brand Team, AB InBev. said: "We are delighted with the new Boddingtons design – it captures Boddingtons’ unique personality perfectly. We were keen to modernise the design, but in doing so it was important that we kept the distinctive colours and didn’t lose any of the brand’s rich heritage."

  • Creative Agency: Megalodesign
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bamboleiras
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil

    Remembering childhood is a revival of discoveries and sensations. It’s remembering the affection, the family flavors and the warmth of grandma’s house. The brand’s proposal is to bring back these moments into cakes and sweeties from childhood.

    The fact Bamboleiras is a moving confectionery inspired the graphic approach of color and movement of hula hoops and the movement of mixing during the process of baking cakes.

  • Creative Agency: Kollor
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Location: Sweden

    ColdZyme mouth spray from medical technology company Enzymatica reduces the risk of colds and shortens the course of the disease. It contains a marine enzyme that creates a protective barrier against the cold in the mouth and throat.

    Kollor was commissioned to do a redesign of the packaging to clarify the characteristics of the product, increase brand recognition and differentiate the pack in the well-stocked shelves. In conjunction with the redesign, special versions for the Nordic and the UK market was also created.

  • Creative Agency: Sasquatch Agency
    Senior Design Director: Kristin Casaletto
    Creative Director: Ben Jenkins
    Client: Square Mile Cider Co.
    Location: Portland, Ore., USA
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work


    Sasquatch Agency brought home an international award for their package design for client Square Mile Cider Co. Announced in Tokyo, Sasquatch won a bronze Pentaward in the “Beer, Cider, and Low-Alcohol Beverage Category” for last year’s package design of Square Mile’s first holiday cider, Cranberry Hard Apple Cider.

    The Pentawards is the major global awards competition devoted entirely to packaging design in all its forms. Sasquatch’s submission for Square Mile Holiday Cider was among 1513 applications coming from 53 countries. An international jury composed of 12 specialists in packaging design determines the Pentawards winners.

    The winning Square Mile Holiday Cider packaging features a “cut paper” screen-printed label on a clear 750ml bottle. The bottle was chosen to showcase the rich crimson color of the cider. The cut paper label was inspired by holiday cut paper cards and decorations. The label was printed in white and gold to offset the rich red color of the liquid.

    Sasquatch’s internal team on the Square Mile packaging project consisted of Creative Director Ben Jenkins, who also served as copywriter, and Senior Design Director Kristin Casaletto, who designed and illustrated the label.

  • Designer: Natalia Bivol
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: San Francisco, USA

    The goal of the project was to experiment with contrasting elements: simple shapes and intricate illustration detailing. Effortless outside and sophisticated inside.

    From technical point of view everything gravitates around the strongest geometric figure, the equilateral triangle. The tea box represents a triangular prism that contains three special sections inside, where tea bags (with three different flavors) are nestled. By pulling the tab at the top, you can access the product. The triangular prism requires less material, thus minimal expenses. Multiple boxes can be easily stored one along the other into a tessellated composition. The packaging is designed to be printed on recycled paper to enhance the natural and earthy feel of the product.

    Three birds illustrated on the sides of the box depict a figurative representation of each of the three flavors (white, tropical and black tea). Highly detailed and whimsical creatures are assembled from countless feathers cut from a number of photographs from my personal archive. By contrast, the design of the brand and the logo is deliberately clean and simple, although playful. The name tre•tea derives from the concept of the project: the word tre means three in italian. Three are the letters that it contains, three are the flavors of the tea, three are the sides of the dominant packaging shape.

    The logo is intentionally designed in lowercase to evoke a human and honest feeling, without being too invasive, while the feminine LiSong Pro Light delivers an artistic airy effect, such as in poetry. The dot placed symmetrically between the words tre and tea symbolizes the point of balance and harmony that a cup of good tea could bring. It also invite us to slow down, stop for a moment, relax and enjoy...