• It's the end of the month again and here are 10 most creative and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reach for the month of October 2014.

  • Product shot, produced by Andrew Martis.

    Designer: Tim Gibson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Garage Project
    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Garage Project’s Hāpi Daze ale was heading to new places in new cans, so a redesign was called for. It needed to be reconceptualised as a distinctly New Zealand beer (reflecting its key ingredient of Kiwi hops, or ‘hāpi’ in Māori) for European consumers without putting New Zealanders off with heavy handed Kiwiana design. The design also needed to reflect the secondary word play in the name and give a feeling of cool sunsets ideally matched to drinking this fruity and crisp pale ale.

    Garage Project also wanted to push the artwork to fit the medium, in this case aluminium cans. Most of their canned beers have shrink-wrapped digital prints, allowing limitless colours but having some considerable drawbacks. Hāpi Daze would be one of the first beers utilising the factory’s direct-to-can printing capabilities, a strange cross between limited plate printing and screen printing.

    Through consultation, we decided the best approach was to celebrate the material of the can and produce a limited colour, exposed can with a matte finish.

  • Creative Agency: Kokoro & Moi
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Finland

    Karl and Berta Fazer inspired an entire city by establishing the first Fazer Café in 1891, in Kluuvikatu, Helsinki. Ever since, the Fazer Café has remained a step ahead, surprising patrons with its ideas, tastes and combinations of both, to the great pleasure of the city's inhabitants.

    The new Fazer Cafés continue the story and work with the right balance of elegance and leisure—the rough and timeless taste of life itself.

    The first batch of new Fazer Cafés was opened in the summer 2013 in Munkkivuori, Helsinki and in the Stockmann department store in Tampere. These cafes were followed by two more in Helsinki in the fall, and there are multiple new Fazer Cafés in the pipeline.

    Kokoro & Moi is responsible for the brand identity for the new Fazer Cafés. The work spans the brand’s story to tone-of-voice, visual identity and communication concepts both online and offline. Spatial design for the café is developed in collaboration with the interior architecture office Koko3.

    The visual identity is built on the custom-made typefaces, Fazer Grotesk and Fazer Chisel, which have taken their forms from the classic ‘FAZER’ sign at the renowned Kluuvikatu location. The typefaces are used comprehensively for all the visual communication and marketing materials. They are utilized everywhere from the logo to the menu boards and price tags and with single characters that take over the packaging materials, clothing and the decor of the walls. Other custom-made graphic elements utilised in the identity, in addition to the typeface, are various patterns that Kokoro & Moi designed to be used in wallpaper, napkins, take-away packaging, and staff accessories among others.

  • Designer: Laura González de Durana, Susana Seigel, and Arelis Feliciano
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: ELISAVA
    Course: Master in Packaging Design, Eco-Packaging, Jon Marín & Àlex Jiménez
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    The objective of this project was to design an innovative pack for headphones. Most of these headphones are sold in large boxes, with a number of different materials, which ultimately end up being tossed out as garbage. After taking into consideration the ecological impact the current packaging has, a clamshell pack, made completely out of paper pulp was designed. This new material helps minimize the negative impact, and encourages the user to reuse the packaging, since it can be reused as headphone storage when traveling. In order to properly produce the clamshell pack, the paper pulp is molded through a process known as thermoforming. Any other additional materials such as an instruction booklet, warranties, etc., would be available paperless on the brand's website.

  • Creative Agency: Dorian
    Client: Celler Cairats
    Location: Spain

    Celler Cairats is a young catalan winery that started in 2010. Their vineyards are located in Darmós y Els Guiamets, two villages in the region of Priorat that treasure centuries of tradition in vine growing. The image created for their two wines has focused on highlighting the young nature of the winery, representing the rural environment that surrounds the winery and vineyards in very fresh and attractive way.

  • Creative Agency: Mr B & Friends
    Simon Barbato (Naming and Strategy)
    Steve Richardson & Sheena Mistry (Creative)
    Vivien Hall (Account Management)
    Cliff Williams (Web development)
    Abi Daker (Illustration)
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Fourpure Brewing Co.
    Location: Bath, England, UK

    Fourpure Brewing Co. was founded by brothers Tom and Dan Lowe in South East London in 2013. Their passion and love of travel is shown in this innovative craft brewing company staying true to the four principle ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water.

    The design of the brand identity is inspired by vintage passport stamps from the brothers adventures giving the identity a character of honesty and authenticity.

    The essence of the brand helps to tell a story on the bottle and can designs. Each variant is inspired by different places throughout America and Europe. The brothers brought back brewing techniques, ingredients and flavours for each variant. The bottle takes influence from vintage luggage tags and has a hand crafted feel with signatures from the head brewer, date stamps and earthy colours to highlight its authenticity.

    Fourpure are one of the first craft brewers in the UK to start canning their beer for freshness and to preserve taste. Each unique can design tells a story illustrating the place of inspiration and style of beer.

  • Creative Agency: Pavement
    Designer: Michael Hester
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Williams-Sonoma
    Location: USA

    Williams-Sonoma’s summer season is centered around outdoor cooking and bold-flavored, regionally based barbecue food products. When Williams-Sonoma decided to refresh their line of barbecue sauces, they wanted each package to tie in to each sauce’s specific regional origin in an unpretentious and approachable manner. The solution features colorful typography and playful illustrations that highlight the sauces’ specific flavor profiles.

  • Creative Agency: Pavement
    Designer: Michael Hester
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Williams-Sonoma
    Location: USA

    As part of the new Williams-Sonoma Pantry Essentials line, these artisanal pastas became the first product in a comprehensive line of must-have staples for any home chef. The execution needed to be timeless and clean, yet sophisticated enough to communicate Williams-Sonoma’s core brand virtues. Each product has its own personality, yet, as a collective, hold together under a common aesthetic. These pastas are specifically intended to be a modern interpretation of classic Italian pasta packaging. Bold colors, strong lines and clean typographic elements give the packaging a confident and lasting feel.

  • Creative Agency: Brandenburg
    Project type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Iceland

    Trick-or-treats? Oh wait, forget the trick. Who wants a cute zombie freezer pop for Halloween?

    The best thing is that you can cut out the brain to enjoy it's delicious flavored ice snack!

  • Creative Agency: BrandMade Design Co.
    Additional Credits: Jeremy Fish
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Daylight Wine Co.
    Location: Sonoma, CA USA

    Inspired by Daylight Wine Co.'s resident weiner dog guard dogs, Badgerhound is a tribute to their unique character. BrandMade's job was to create a cult premium Zinfandel brand that can stand out on shelf and appeal to dachshund lovers around the world.

    The design solution was based on creating a unique character out of the Badgerhound, and the right tone of voice was discovered during a weekend mobster movie marathon. The garb and pose of the hound are based on a scene from The Godfather, where Michael Corleone is hiding in Italy. From there, we worked with San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish to create an illustration that could do the Badgerhound, and his tenacious wine, justice.

    Good boy!

  • Creative Agency: BrandMade Design Co.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Daylight Wine Co.
    Location: Sonoma, CA USA

    Having been inspired by growing up in families of outdoorsmen, Daylight Wine Co. wanted to create a premium wine brand focused on targeting that particular consumer.

    It is a commonly known fact in the wine industry that up to 86% of retail wine purchase decisions are made by women. What isn’t often noted, however, is that the vast majority of on-premise (restaurant) by-the-bottle purchase decisions are made by men.

    The “Ammunition” brand name was selected for its simplicity and easy recall within an on-premise wine list. From there, the design aesthetic was inspired from vintage ammo packaging from the early 1900′s. A masculine pastel color palette was developed to create clear product differentiation and to make the product stand out amongst a sea of cream, white & black labels. The capsules are a nod to the two-tone brass and copper finishes of a bullet. The hero element of the branding, an eagle affectionately named “Rutherford” (in honor of an old family friend), was illustrated to convey the strength, tradition, and “American-ness” of the brand. The tagline “Wines of the Highest Caliber” drives home the message that something truly special lives inside this bottle.

    These elements, all playing in concert, create a uniquely masculine and premium brand appeal that is both distinctive in the marketplace and true to the gentlemen that inspired the brand.

  • Designed by: Mindvolt/ Steven Noble
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Back Forty Beer Company
    Location: Gadsden, Alabama, USA

    When developing their new six-pack packaging for their well-known Naked Pig Pale Ale and Truck Stop Honey beer varieties, Back Forty Beer Company wanted to think outside of the traditional six-pack carriers that have been a staple for glass bottles for decades. Back Forty’s new six-pack packaging is the product of almost a year of research and development, designed and intended to offer flexibility to the customer above all. The new corrugated box not only reduces the total amount of material used to package the beers, but it is also locally sourced and is 100% reusable and recyclable.

    Functionally, this design is much more efficient than the traditional six pack carrier. The new box can be laid on its side or stacked with other items in your refrigerator and can be resealed and used for other purposes. The front of the box still has a handle place holder to the side of the bottle tops so customers can grab-and-go without busting their knuckles.

  • Creative Agency: Firmalt
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Monterrey, Mexico

    Las Naciones is a fast casual restaurant that takes inspiration from around the world to offer a variety of salads, sandwiches and fresh baked goods. Their many years of experience and their gifted team of chefs allowed them to create a product of their own: the Breta, a freshly baked pot pie with a variety of mouth-watering stuffing.

    Inspired by how Las Naciones creates different dishes based on the cuisine in different regions around the world, we based the visuals for the brand on international communication methods and signage. This means using typographic and graphical elements from airports, flags, and maritime signal flags; where clarity and straight-forwardness are crucial. The logotype takes from the most recognizable international identification method: the flag. Its five stars reference the restaurant’s first five creations, from five different countries.

    The packaging was carefully designed to protect the integrity of each product and ensure its safe delivery, whilst using the minimal amount of material required for structural integrity. The result is a beautifully patterned and instantly recognizable container that is high in aesthetics, yet low in cost.

  • Creative Agency: [rowelt]
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cerveza Veer
    Location: Spain

    Complete branding redesign. From the logo to the label, including website.

    Use of sustainable materials and papers, as well as low impact print techniques.

    The object was to create a brand with some reminiscences to the old style and rural village, in consonance with the spirit of the client, who made his beer using artisan techniques in a small town.

  • Creative Agency: Hozhang Branding Design Corp
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Taiwan

    小食覓菇酥禮盒- Snack Seeker Mushroom Shortbread

    Xinshe district is a magnificent mountain city surrounded by picturesque scenery. The district abounds in mushrooms with fresh and mellow aromas, and therefore enjoys the high reputation of “mushroom valley.” “Xiao-Shi-Mi” (assonance of finger food or snacks in Taiwanese) boxed gift set is made of the high-quality mushrooms produced in Xinshe. With small-portion snacks as its orientation, this gift set turns the fresh, sweet, and mellow mushrooms into crispy and savory snacks that the customers cannot help but crave for.

    The package design of “Xiao-Shi-Mi” adopts hand-painted illustrations and incorporates the local cultural characteristics of Xinshe district. With Xinshe Sea of Flowers as the basic element and the images of commonly seen animals such as monkeys, rabbits, and squirrels as decorations, the design depicts a festive ambience in which people wander around Xinshe and enjoy Xiao-Shi-Mi together. Through the chromatic combination and hand-painted illustrations that brim with warmth and childlike taste, the package design not only blends diverse memories and feelings of local culture together, but also includes the initial intention of protecting the land.

    This gift set does not rely on complicated processing procedures. We do not apply plastic films on the paper-made package in order to present its pristine texture. To fulfill our commitment to environmental protection, the package is printed with non-toxic, environmental friendly inks on the one-piece structure.

  • Designer: Matt Erickson
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: University of Wisconsin-Stout
    Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

    Black Barrel Distillery provides superior products with a dark and spicy twist, promoting the process of smoking the spirits and aging them in charred white oak barrels for nine years. Each product in the line is bottled with a spicy pepper, catering to the time when saloon keeps cut their whiskey with cayenne pepper to stretch it. Now the flavor is enhanced with extra fire to keep you coming back for more.

    The packaging reflects the message with black paper duplexed on top of wood veneer with the type screen printed on top. It is adorned with burned wood giving the product a smokey smell even before it is opened.

  • Designer: Jakob Nielsen
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tälja
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Tälja is the swedish word for woodcarving. And it’s also the name of a new product – a special little woodcarving kit.

    The idea behind Tälja is that you need to take a pause. A pause from modern life. Calm down. Do something real. Create something with your hands. Something you can hold. Something you can smell. Maybe something you can use.

    This is "Creative meditation for human beings”.

  • Creative Agency: Estudio Iuvaro
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Matias Riccitelli Wines
    Location: Argentina

    “Malbec is the Argentinean flagship variety and this beautiful wine is a truly sublime interpretation of this country’s vineyards."

    Estudio Iuvaro gave the latest wine produced by Matias Riccitelli Wines the ultimate superhero treatment.

    Touted as the "wine with superpowers," this label is personified by the graphic illustration of a superhero, whose mission appears to be that of keeping the wine flowing.

    The packaging is enhanced with subtle contrasts of colours, which nicely react against muted green and creme (beige) backgrounds, along with a big, splashy logotype that brings the aesthetic of vintage comic books to mind.

    The wine personification through a comic book character.

    The wine with superpowers.