• Creative Agency: designVENA
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: BIM Birlesik Magazalar A.S.
    Location: Istanbul/ Turkey
    The curled form starting on the bottle cap and surrounding the design until it ends at the bottom of the bottle resembles hair and the goal is to hint that it is a hair care product. The bottle cap is highlighted to focus on curls. The simple structure of the design is enriched with curled surface form and a feminine touch is created. Small beads are used at the back for preventing slip of the bottle.

    The label states the product contents and mottos as clear as possible. The visuals created highlights the sense of glowing happiness offered through the hair. Color coding used to eliminate the confusion related to product varieties.

  • Creative Agency: Moonhauzen
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Terrin
    Location: Lviv, Ukraine

    We designed some illustrations with characters inside of the pizza box for one of the ukrainian chain restaurants Pasta Mia.

  • Creative Agency: Designers Anonymous
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Location: UK

    Dissatisfied by the existing aloe vera drinks available in the market, made with sugar, entrepreneurs – Alex and Raymond, set out to create a healthier alternative aloe vera drink that was made from all-natural ingredients.

    With the name in hand, ‘Simplee Aloe’ they approached us to help them express their offering through a distinctive, engaging brand identity. The challenges were not only to compete against the current aloe vera drinks, but also secure listings with the big supermarkets which are stocking a rising influx of coconut water brands (as a result of the success of Vita Coca).

    We helped Simplee Aloe become something more than an aloe vera drink, by positioning them as a ‘youth invigorator’. We made Simplee Aloe stand out from their competition by showing a aloe vera leaf illustrated to look refreshing – purposefully chopped to create both a droplet shape and smiley character.

    The subtle spiky characteristics of the aloe vera leaf was used to heighten the characters ‘glow’. The logotype was redrawn to reflect to the shapes of the aloe vera leaves – the counter of the ‘a’ becomes a droplet from the leaf negative space above.

    We further developed brand identity with an own-able set of icons that could help illustrate various points to help educate the consumer on pack and website.

    Within the first month of launching, Simplee Aloe has gained shelf presence in Sainsbury’s, and a steady increase of stockists including Whole Foods, The Japan Centre and Amazon.com.

  • Creative Agency: Moon Troops
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Vičiūnai Group
    Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

    Our client, one of the biggest corporations in Lithuania, “Viciunai Group” decided to step into the world’s beverages market.

    The Client had an already developed brand and the logo design of the product which were usually advertised during the car racing and other extreme sports events. However, the beverage was often confused with another similarly looking energy drink, because of the similar looks, color set and frantic red-eyed creature in the product logo. What is more, sparkling vitaminized beverage was filled into 330 ml aluminum cans.

    The aim was to create new looks of the product, keeping the same brand, stressing the benefits that final customer get while drinking the beverage.
    To keep the integrity of product line, we have decided to keep blue as the main color for all different drink flavors cans. To identify different types of drink only the secondary colors vary. Rectangular graphic elements, creating friendly and playful package appearance dominate in the design of different beverage’s flavors.

  • Creative Agency: Big Dog Creative
    Doss Blockos 'Original Artwork' by Jak Rapmund
    Fog City 'Original Artwork' by Mimi Yoon
    Lick Pier 'Original Artwork' by Conrad Bizjak
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: East 9th Brewing
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    East 9th Brewing fosters creative and interpretive thinking around its brand stories using unusual and idiosyncratic label art- appealing to those who wish to challenge the social order…East 9th Brewing label artwork is designed to remain open to interpretation by the consumer, fostering imaginative thinking about identity and provide consumers with a means of edgy and unique ‘self-branding’ in social situations.

  • Creative Agency: Lavernia & Cienfuegos
    Project Type: Commercial work
    Client: Gallén-Ibáñez and AGR! for Agriculturas Diversas SLU
    Location: Valencia, Spain

    Deluxe packaging for premium sliced ham.

    EXTREM, a new Brand of Iberian, acorn-fed ham has been launched by Agriculturas Diversas, a Spanish company with a long tradition in the premium ham sector. EXTREM needed prestigious new packaging for their top product that could be bought as a special gift as the brand positions itself in gourmet shops around the world. The packaging needed to transmit the product’s extremely high quality to put it on par with other delicacies at the high end of the gourmet world, such as caviar and foie. We designed the packaging in matt black, with a contrasting golden pig handle. An elegant serving tray in which to present the finest cuts of Iberian ham “comme il faut”.

  • Creative Agency: Coreti
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Bergondo, Spain

    This is a project made for microbrewery. It is raised the possibility to create an image for each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) representing them by a different figure. It is made in clear material, with white printing and red stamping. It is applied an ink that reacts with 5 ºC temperature, resulting a blue image when the bottle reaches the ideal temperature, making this brand different from the rest.

  • Creative Agency: CRE8 DESIGN
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Antec
    Location: Taiwan

    In order to recreate the pleasurable experience of unboxing a gift, CRE8 came up with these uniquely designed two-way opening box sleeves. Leaving one side transparent for showcasing the headset, the product name on the front and side surfaces is treated with die-cuts and spot varnish techniques to deliver a refined feeling.

    Exuding a trendy and edgy style that appeals to music lovers, the intuitive, user-friendly instructional icons and neatly arranged product information keep the exterior clean and sleek, while the inner blister provides a secure hold for the headset.

  • Creative Agency: Elmwood
    Client: Morrisons
    Project Type: Commercial work
    Location: United Kingdom

    Morrisons unveils new look Christmas range

    Global brand consultancy Elmwood, has worked with Morrisons to develop an impactful new visual identity for its Christmas 2014 packaging, which launches in stores this autumn.

    Elmwood has worked with the retailer to create a new look and feel for 2014 that captures the warmth and magic of the festive season, while ensuring the products are easy to find and stand out on the shelf. The new packaging concept will be used across the store, from Morrisons Market Street counters and core Christmas groceries, through to its gifting and home and leisure products.

    Inspired by the nostalgia and vibrancy of traditional Christmas markets, Elmwood has created a design that feels full to the brim with festive cheer.

    Bursting with traditional touches that really celebrate Morrisons rich heritage, Elmwood used ‘bright lights’ on the packaging to create a distinct look and feel that really jumps off the shelf. Research showed that customers see green, red and gold as visual signposts for Christmas, so these feature strongly in the palette.

    Never losing any of Morrisons trademark personality, Elmwood used visual imagery, typography and language, to infuse the new visuals with Morrisons cheery and honest appeal, whilst also focusing on communicating what matters most to its customers at Christmas.

    Kelly Broomhead, Senior Account Manager at Elmwood said: “We wanted customers to feel really Christmassy, so have designed the range to capture the warm, homely feeling of a traditional family Christmas. We built certain biomotive triggers into the design; these are visual cues that the brain recognises, enabling us to illicit those sorts of emotional responses. We also know consumers don’t read many things in store - they shop instinctively by colour and shape. As such, the background pattern uses simple Christmas symbols like stars and snowflakes at a scale that is easily recognised, while the bright red illuminated border is designed to capture the customer’s attention and highlight key product information. It’s all part of making Christmas at Morrisons easier.”

    Claire Williams, Head of Design at Morrisons said: “Christmas is all about getting together with family and friends, sharing conversation and laughter over seasonal food and drink, and creating special memories to treasure. We wanted to bring Christmas to life with a design that felt warm, eclectic and vibrant, as well as having great stand-out.”

  • Creative Agency: Colangelo Packaging Group
    Creative Direction: Peter Smyth, Bri Lints & Michael Olsson
    Design: Megan Reddish & Stacy Infantas
    Photographer: Beresford Grant
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Dylan Austin, Davidoff of Geneva - Camacho Cigars
    Location: Tampa, USA

    The BG Meyer line of luxury cigars was the brainchild of Camacho Cigars in partnership with screenwriter Rob Weiss — best known for his acclaimed work on HBO’s Entourage.

    This new-to-market brand embraces the journey of life — not just the accomplishments one achieves. The brand celebrates men searching for real experiences, freedom from pretention, and for the epiphanies realized along the way.

    Colangelo, an integrated marketing agency based in Darien CT, was selected to bring BG Meyer to life. The full assignment included brand positioning/design, advertising, event marketing, interactive design, collateral, and packaging.

    For BG Meyer’s brand design, Colangelo leveraged the authenticity, boldness, and naturally distressed elements found in a vintage tool sign of the kind that one might see on a motorcycle trip through California backcountry.

    The two lines launched to date include “Standard Issue” and “Slackers” relying on the identity and soul of the brand to link them together. Look for “Gigantes” later in 2014.

  • Creative Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Stary Oskol Distillery “LUX” (Russia)
    Country: Moldova
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    TM and label design for vodka “Russian Steel”

    Project of our studio on Trade Mark and a label design developing for vodka “Russian Steel”, that is bottling on LLC Stary Oskol Distillery “LUX”. The idea was to transmit a specific representation of the TM’s name by means of army theme, using military hardware items. Our partners from the agency of creative communications Yellow Dog (creative director Michael Lobov) were responsible for the strategic part of this project.

    The range has 3 SKU: armored, aircraft and marine, that differs with corresponding illustrations. As the result, TM and label design reflects the main point of name – Russian Steel, and touches the patriotic feelings of a potential customer.

  • Creative Agency: Oloramara Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cafés Oquendo
    Location: Gijón, Asturias. Spain

    We want to present a new packaging design created for a new Cafés Oquendo's Limited Edition. Cafe Oquendo is one of the most important coffee brands of the north of Spain, and this month they have started a new fundraising campaign to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.

    They ask us to redesign their Premium coffee box in order to create a new packaging made specially for women. We have tried to design a very feminine, smart and romantic packaging dedicated to all those women around the world that have to fight against this difficult disease. We want people to make aware about it. Join the cause #oquendosolidario

  • Designer: Diego Ballester
    Location: Mendoza, Argentina
    Project type: Produced, Commercial work

    Emblem is a special item Malbec wine we selected zealously for our tribute to the motherland, the bicentennial of the Argentine people, our 200 free years.

    This item is sold exclusively in our Historical Museum The Cottage.

  • Creative Agency: Lavernia & Cienfuegos
    Project type: Commercial work
    Location: Valencia, Spain

    Packaging for oats and muesli range.

    Kölln, is a leading German branded manufacturer of whole oat products. Its products already sold in Spain, however, the packaging was redesigned to reposition and re-launch the brand specifically for the Spanish market. Global advertising agency, FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding) led the process and developed the brief. The new packaging needed to look different, be optimistic and be in line with the proposed new slogan: “crazy for oats”. Typography, the image of the bowl and a careful combination of colors that differentiate the various products in the line are the elements that we played with to achieve the desired result.

  • Creative Agency: Creative Platform
    Illustration: Kelly Smith of ‘Birdy & Me
    Jewellery Designer: Samantha Wills
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Coca-Cola Amatil
    Location: Sydney, Australia

    To show support for the McGrath Foundation and raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ‘Mount Franklin’ turned their 750ml Still and Lightly Sparkling glass bottles into works of art with collaboration from Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills and her illustrator Kelly Smith of ‘Birdy & Me’.

    The ‘United we stand’ campaign is all about celebrating strong women experiencing breast cancer. We created a range of glass bottles and labels wrapped in bold pattern prints inspired by epaulettes shapes for strength and delicate pencil illustrations of the warrioress for a human caring side.

    ‘Mount Franklin’ is donating $250,000 to the McGrath Foundation in 2014.

  • Designers: Marcelo Siqueira & Rafael Rudnicki
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Curitiba / Brazil

    Brazilian Marcelo Siqueira Designers and Rafael Rudnicki created a design that causes up and balance representation and fluidity to the line of products LULL, a relaxing drink. Personalized and fluid typography, along with the colors and more natural forms, bring the points made by the brand.

  • Creative Agency: Creative Forward
    Photos: Konstantina Antziletou
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Greeklicious
    Location: Athens/ Greece

    Greeklicious is a US based company importing Greek traditional food. They assigned us to design the packaging for 6 traditional handmade pies. Mushroom pie, Sweet Cream pie, Macaroni pie, Pumpkin pie, Spinach & Cheese pie, Cheese pie. The strongest asset of these products are the handmade filo (dough) and the stuffing. We decided to emphasise on this by photo shooting close ups of the products. We did avoid the extreme makeover of the product, to achieve looking as real as possible. On the packaging we are using vivid colours to symbolise each stuffing.

  • Creative Agency: Frankie & Boyd
    Marketing & Consulting: Glenys Carey
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: IsoWhey
    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Frankie & Boyd was invited by Fit-BioCeuticals to develop a major, strategic rebrand of IsoWhey, a superior quality range of whey protein products.

    Our services included Logo Design & Packaging, POS, Stationery, Consumer & Trade Advertising, Event Banners, Trade Flyers, In-store Display Units, Photography Art Direction & Retouching , Print Production, Website Design, Responsive Design and email Marketing.