• Creative Agency: Scandinavian Design Group
    Creative Director: Nils Jensen
    Designer: Henrik Walse, Mats Lekberg
    Illustrator: Petra Börner
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client Altia Corporation
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Alcoholic Beverage, Wine

    ‘Tis the season for delicious spiced drinks! Mulled wine, or Glögg in Sweden, is a red wine made with various mulling spices and raisins. On cold winter days, it’s customary to grab a glass of it, especially at Swedish Christmas celebrations. Scandinavian Design Group designed the packaging for 2016’s Glögg release from Blossa, the market leader in Sweden, with inspiration from the Swedish wildwood and its immense and mysterious forests.

    Starting work with Blossa at the 2011 edition, Scandinavian Design Group created a design concept that evolves and develops with each annual release, moving the brand into a larger context beyond the packaging design – and beyond the perception of a traditional Christmas drink. The concept is based on new and interesting places where Blossa travels to find inspiration and exciting flavours. Coordinates on the bottle guide us to the exact destination that inspires each year's flavours.

    In order to find unexplored and exciting flavors, you don’t need to travel far. Blossa’s most exotic taste ever origins from Sweden. In 2016 the coordinates 63°69'72.0"N 13°81'76.7”W bring us to the northern forest Storskogen and the flavors Crowberry and caramelized Birch Sap with a hint of smoke. The design scheme is a tribute to the mystery and depths of the Swedish forests, and the gold elements symbolize the treasure of flavors to be found.

  • Creative Agency: Stranger & Stranger
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Tequila
    Location: USA

    Tequila. Howling at the moon.

  • Designer: Jovana Randjelovic
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Faculty of Philology and Arts - FILUM
    Course: Graphic design
    Tutor: Nemanja Dragojlovic
    Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Rakia - Serbian brandy
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    Rakijateka is a fictional, small family distillery which produces high-quality brandy. In Serbia fruit brandies are commonly known as Rakija, and the most popular flavours are Šljiva - made from plums, Loza - made from grapes, Dunja - made from quince...

    It is widely known in Serbia, that rakia (serb. rakija) has been always considered a traditional cure, which is the main reason why she became a part of the "home pharmacy system" in almost every household. Many believe that besides being able to lift up your mood, helps in better digestion and elimination of various types of pain. But whether can rakija really cure diseases or these are just empty beliefs and secret desires, will remain debatable and each of us is given the right whether to believe it or not. This is the reason why the name of the distillery is actually a play of words - Serbian word for pharmacy is "Apoteka".

    The whole concept, which was done as my master’s degree project, is based exactly on these common folk beliefs and supposed to have a touch of humor in it. The aim was to create such a brand that will at the same time be modern and tradition-oriented, so as to be interesting and meet the needs of all generations, both young and elders. The names of different flavours derive from the fruits they are made of and the name of the specific medicine, because in my country we see this brandy more like a cure than the regular alcoholic drink. That's why each flavour is meant to "cure" symptoms of various "diseases" that are related to everyday problems: mood swings, worries, stress, broken hearts, disappointment...

  • Creative Agency: 43'oz design studio
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Pragmatique Portfolio
    Location: Moldova

    When developing bourbon design "General's Spirit" the central task was to create a product image with readable american origin. Taking into account the Trade Mark's name (General's Spirit) we developed label design of a times of american civil war stylistics. We've created a character in relation to TM's name, and set all the stylistics, typography and design in a vintage stylistics.

  • Company: Amplify Snack Brands
    Designer: Joanie Cahill
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Paqui
    Location: Austin, TX, USA
    Packaging Contents: Tortilla Chip
    Packaging Materials: Chip Board & Plastic

    Paqui created the Carolina Reaper Madness chip (the World's Hottest Tortilla Chip) made with the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper, to be sold as individual chips in their “One Chip Challenge” campaign. We designed packaging to convey the heat and excitement of the Carolina Reaper pepper, a single-chip pouch to seal in freshness and the dangerously spicy seasoning, and a coffin box to protect the chip pouch and inform the consumer of the risk involved.

    The coffin tells us: "THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE HEAT?"

    The chip in this box is made with the hottest chile pepper on the planet, the “Carolina Reaper,” created for the sheer pleasure of intense heat and pain. Subjects can expect short-term loss of speech followed by extreme profanity, heavy breathing, enhanced sinus functions, and impaired vision from heat-induced tears."

    After reading all the warnings on coffin, the brave soul opens it to find a pouch with an image of the Reaper wielding his metallic blade with a final phrase: "Fear the Reaper".

    Do you dare to go to hell and back?

  • Designer: Lauren Cooke
    Watercolor Art: Satsuki Shibuya
    Photographer: Ashleigh Amoroso
    Tube Packaging: Paper Tube Co. 
    Label Printers: Frontier Labels
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: The Good Hippie
    Location: Austin, TX, USA
    Packaging Contents: Small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare and beauty products
    Packaging Materials: Paper Tubes

    The Good Hippie is a small-batch, natural, artisanal line of skincare + beauty, handcrafted in Austin, Texas. They believe the ritual of the bath and daily skincare routine should be a time of indulgence. A time to breathe deeply, and nurture the body and mind. The package design and re-branding was done by Lauren Cooke Design.

    “For The Good Hippie’s re-branding, Bri wanted to integrate real artwork into her packaging. It began with a conversation with artist, Satsuki Shibuya who was commissioned to create six original watercolors inspired by the actual products. Working closely with Bri, we wanted to ensure that the products felt like miniature works of art for her customer’s home. Along with the watercolor, the tubes incorporate ingredient illustrations to present the natural, healthy elements in every product.

    We worked with Paper Tube Co. to print quality paper tubes that could be reusable, recyclable and all around earth-friendly. We sourced Terraskin labels through Frontier Labels for waterproof, eco-friendly labels demonstrating the brand’s commitment to taking care of the environment.”

  • Designer: Damirdesign & Co.
    Creative Director: Damir Midzic
    Designer: Adnan Suljkanovic
    Photographer: Samir Sinanovic
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Packaging Contents: Non-carbonated soft drink
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    One of the leading brands on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market is Lipa water. The client decided to grow Lipa brand into two sub-brands: Lipa Pulp and Lipa Ice Tea. Ice tea is a very popular drink, providing refreshment, with simultaneous enjoyment in fruity flavors. Based on Lipa water, with an addition of tea extracts, aromas and concentrated fruit juice Lipa Ice Tea offers top-quality refreshment and comes in three flavors: peach, forest fruit and cranberry-apple.

    Lipa Ice Tea is packed in 0,25l glass bottles, ready to be served chilled in cafes and restaurants, but also as a retail product. Sleeve label is used for design application which enhances organic shapes and a splash of freshness. Typography is transparent in some parts of the label revealing the color of liquid inside the bottle.

  • Creative Agency: Braind Design
    Designer: Marko Vajagic
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Imlek
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Dairy

    Design for a new portfolio extension for Serbia's major dairy company. Balans + Protein products are rich in protein and low in fat values. The task was to design a new packaging portfolio including various products as an extension to the existing products the company has on the market.

  • Creative Agency: Sogood
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Tortilla
    Location: the Netherlands

    A world first introduction of ‘No Fairytales’ with packaging by Sogood.

    Bernadette Kooijman, founder and owner of start-up Switchback Foods: ‘I want people to eat healthier with good and delicious food. I have developed tortillas containing 45% of vegetables based on carrot and beetroot. A world first for which I was looking for and brand name and packaging. They should invite the consumer to try and find out that healthy food can also be tasteful. In the near future No Fairytails will extend the range of products.

    Rob Verhaart, creative director at Sogood: ‘We developed the brandname ‘No Fairytales’ to make clear that Bernadette Kooijman is not selling hollow talk. Her products are honest, genuine and pure without unnecessary additives. To bring this idea across we developed a packaging where the product is still the hero. We gave the texts on the facing a little adventurous twist intertwining them with natural ornaments. The frosted look strengthens the fresh and natural character of the products.’

  • Creative Agency: So Cool Design Office
    Creative Team: Loli Stavroula_Christoforidou Katerina
    Print: Perigramma S.A.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Acropolis
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass & Paper

    After the success of the Acropolis company with olive oil "Classic Olive oil", "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and "Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil",

    it's time to create a new subcategory under the Brand Name "Acropolis" with the new flavors "Basil," Garlic, "Chilli" and "Rosemary & Lemon".

  • Creative Agency: Bex Brands
    Designers: Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Temple Turmeric
    Location: San Diego, USA
    Packaging Contents: Smoothie, Coffee

    Honor Your Body.

    Bex joined forces with Temple Turmeric immediately after they changed their name from Tumeric Alive to Temple Turmeric. While preserving their existing logo, we set out to discover the rest of the story. Combining their company culture deeply rooted in yoga philosophies with the Hawaiian traditions where their ingredients are harvested proved to be a difficult task, but we found common ground with vibrant colors, a gentle brand voice and embellishments that take from both yoga and Hawaiian-inspired art to create a personality that is unique to Temple. The website utilizes vibrant images with lush settings near where the special Oana Turmeric is harvested. It is true and honest to the brand and sets itself apart from competition.

  • Creative Agency: Bex Brands
    Designers: Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Leap Smoothies
    Location: San Diego, USA
    Packaging Contents: Smoothie Packets

    Raw, organic, vegan and sincerely delicious, these smoothies-to-be are raring to go and keep you going. Our approach for Leap was to combine the mystical vibrance you feel after consuming with an approachable attitude that shows how truly versatile they are and how easy they can be incorporated into a busy person’s lifestyle.

    Radiant movement from the mark sits above a fluid and legible font, expressing how Leap is up for anything and doesn’t slow you down. The colors flow from one to the next in a way that embodies movement, growth and transformation. Subtle arrows punctuate the attitude.

    Leap continues to thrive — they’ve expanded their offerings for the off-the-charts demand for these energizing and nourishing recipes!

  • Creative Agency: cd's associates
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Fruit snack
    Location: Seoul, South Korea

    Bokumjari, which produces healthy fruit products, has launched snacks made of only dried fruits without adding any additive. To emphasize the feature of a product containing no additives, the design is created in such a way that raw ingredients are shown by utilizing the “beauty of emptiness.” A vivid background color that can reveal the raw ingredients most effectively is used to deliver the sweet and sour taste of the product; different shapes of leaves are used for each piece to complement the shape of fruits and to increase the fun in eating.

  • Creative Agency: Uprise
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Apu Company
    Location: Mongolia, & Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Vodka
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    The APU сompany is the largest producer of alcohol in Mongolia. It launches a new vodka brand, called EDEN. Development of packaging design is implemented by the UPRISE branding agency.

    EDEN is the premium category of vodka. For its production the purest natural water, high-quality "Alpha" spirit and fruit extracts are used.

    On an emotional level EDEN is the purity and harmony of pristine Nature.

    The symbol of the brand and the main element of the package was the deer, whose serene and wise gaze penetrates through. "There's something fascinating and mysterious in this character”, says Alexey Astakhov, the head of the project, “it’s like the Nature is looking at you."

    A carefully traced ornament, local color accents, the author's calligraphy, stamping on the gift box, the volumetric effect, which was created by the leaves on the back side of the bottle, the combination of opaque and clear glass, all this creates a holistic and crafted brand image of the new EDEN vodka of the premium category.

  • Creative Agency: Dow Design
    Creative Director: Donna McCort
    Account Director: Rebecca Hamer
    Designer: Leonie Whyte
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Santa Rosa
    Location: New Zealand
    Packaging Contents: Poultry

    The thing about chicken is, while everybody loves it and it's our go-to dinner dish, that very everydayness makes it, well, a bit boring. Santa Rosa are in the chicken business. But let's face it, no one needs to see another photo of a plate of white meat and veg, sitting on a sticker, on a tray of chicken. So for this older brand trying to fly past other birds in the coop, we thought for chickens' sake, let's not be boring. Enter colour and collaboration. It's all about us and you, getting cooking and creating with chicken in the kitchen. The colour was already in the name. We could practically hear the castanets clicking. So, bright pops of colour and plenty of winning prompts have people clucky over another chicken dinner.

  • Creative Agency: This Way Up
    Designer: Hayley Bishop
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Wilding's
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Duck Crackling

    Wilding’s is a company that brings you exciting and innovative products that are full of amazing flavour and texture, offering a unique experience.

    They are passionate about real, quality food and are driven to bring sophisticated flavours and textures to all their products.

    Wilding’s offers an inspiring, innovative twist on the forgotten, transforming ingredients that rarely get used.

    They look at snacks differently, breaking the conventional rules, combining high quality, protein rich, ingredients with great natural flavours.

    Wilding's: Incredible Combinations, Unbelievable Snacks

  • Creative Agency: La División Brand Firm
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: La Stantería Clothing co.
    Location: Monterrey, México
    Packaging Contents: T-shirts
    Packaging Materials: Solid Bleached Sulphate

    The Stantería Clothing Co is an interesting project about Mexican hand-printed T-shirts. The idea was born of Mexican creativity to see things from another perspective, the turn an everyday object into another and give it a new meaning, so it was like a lunch box became a package of functional clothing capable of carrying up to 3 T-shirts. The main objective was to communicate the essence of the brand, creating a fresh, modern, aesthetic identity and make it attractive for young people. Black color on a white background was used in order to create a contrast to give greater visual impact.

    Based on a selection of materials was elected to the assembly of packaging the Solid Bleached Sulphate to be a practical material, easy assembly and handling also protects the product during transport from the store to your destination.

  • Creative Agency: Bex Brands
    Designer: Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Primizie
    Location: Austin, USA
    Packaging Contents: Crispbreads

    Seasoned with Imagination

    Primizie had a pretty good thing going. The crispbreads are super tasty, with chef-inspired recipes from all over the world. Their packaging didn’t communicate that. With a somewhat generic logo and just a hero image, the consumer was having a tough time getting a firm grasp on what made their chips better than the others.

    We introduced “The Best from Everywhere,” provided a more iconic logo mark, and added flag-inspired stripes along the bottom to bring consumers on their culinary travels.

    Open-air markets and vespas for event materials help enhance the concept without being repetitive.

  • Idea, art-derection, graphic design:: Vladimir Shmoylov
    3D modeling & render: Dmitriy Lubimov
    Layout: Grigoriy Samarskiy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: TROPHY
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Batteries
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard, Plastic

    Two white stripes usually used In the design of sports cars, which pass through the entire machine. It is symbolizes power and energy, emit high-speed cars on the road. Association of sports car became the basis for creating the packaging of batteries.

    On sale in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia.

  • Creative Agency: Ava Welling
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Pratt Institute
    Course: Graphic Design
    Tutor: Michael Gerbino
    Location: Brooklyn, New York
    Packaging Contents: Stationary and Floral Arrangements
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    The Kennedys. One of the most prominent, influential, and well loved families in American history. Asked to base a brand off of one family member, Kennedy & Co. pays hommage to Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier. Drawing influence from Jackie’s class and grace, this brand also pulls inspiration from the family’s compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusettes. With its New England charm and notes of French opulence, Kennedy & Co. brings together a brand that focuses on fresh floral arrangements and stationary and provides its clients with professional, sophisticated products.

  • Creative Agency: Bluestepstudio
    Designer: Andrea Sotgiu
    Project Type: Italy
    Location: Oristano
    Packaging Contents: Oil

    S'ARD is a unique olive oil of superior quality, that comes from the island of Sardinia, an island well known for the unique olive variety and with a soil with very specific characteristics. The presentation requires an identity that reflects their origin and quality. They approached Bluestepstudio in order to design their

    branding and packaging. The logo is influenced by ancient Sardinian Nuragic bronze statuettes with the purpose of delivering traditional and historic elements.

  • Designer: Liza Pedersen
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Karlstad, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Self promotion packaging, CV, Cover letter
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    As a young, ambitious and creative designer who are at the beginning of my career, I want to show the artistic, creative and passionate side of my creative soul. I wanted to create a personal packaging project that shows who I am as a designer, but also to promote myself and be remembered when I'm looking for my dream job. So rather than just sending a cover letter and my resume, I created a handmade, shameless self promotion packaging & creative CV. The package includes a printed portfolio of my current work, a personal letter, contact details and also a small gift to (hopefully) seal the deal.

    Aside from showcasing my work in a unique and innovative way by highlighting my skills as a packaging designer, I wanted to incorporate my personal interest with graphic design so my potential future employer gets to know me. My main goal was to show how I work as a designer and my approach in this business, showing that I am consistent, dedicated and love craftsmanship when working with projects.

  • Creative Agency: 13g.
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: France
    Packaging Materials: Wood and paper

    My name is Nicolas, I'm a France-based designer and engineer and my last project consist in a new way to gift people you care about. I've created a box designed to enhance the emotions and surprise felt by your loved one when they open a gift you've given them. The main focus of the design was to enhance the element of surprise. A fun system of paper-folding, like an origami, filled with personal photos comes to cover a beautiful wooden box that hides your gifts. As the photos allow you to choose the mood you want to give to this moment, the box can be a gift for your sweetheart, your friends, and your family alike.

    The colorful collections, inspired by Ethnic and Memphis patterns, were designed by the talented collective 13Gr.

    The project has been launched on Kickstarter.

  • Creative Agency: Candesign
    Designer: Ana Lisa Luças
    Photographer: Cassiano Ferraz
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Directo da Terra
    Location: Porto, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Olive oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass, tin foil, wood

    New Logotype and packaging for olive oil, can and bottle, and a wooden box for 3 cans.

    The client old prestigious family that produces since 1837 is located in Trás-os-Montes, North of Portugal. So we created a vintage and prestigious look that reflects this characteristics.

    We created 2 small can 200 ml and 500ml for 2 different olive oil variety. Because of production costs we had to make the can with same design. Cans were designed to have them as gift.

    The bottle we wanted to have the same prestige look as a good botle of wine.