• Agency: Partly Sunny (Seattle, WA)
    Creative Director & Designer: Pat Snavely
    Product Photography: David Clugston (Seattle, WA)
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bluebeard Coffee Roasters
    Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA
    Packaging Contents: Coffee
    Packaging Materials: Foil Bag, Hand-Applied Labels

    Seattle-based brand firm, Partly Sunny, developed a bold visual identity and retail packaging system for Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, to launch the brand in a region that is famously over-caffeinated. Style and simplicity helped Bluebeard cut through the coffee clutter. And the Tacoma, WA company has quickly become one of the most beloved brands in the Pacific Northwest.

    What's Unique?
    As a specialty roaster, Bluebeard needed a lot of flexibility in their packaging system, to accommodate a rotating assortment of coffees. Our solution was to develop a hand-applied label system that is color-coded by country of origin. This not only helps differentiate various products, but gives the brand a bold and colorful shelf presence. The bag itself features a flood of dark blue, with the graphics knocking out to let the foil substrate show through (instead of using silver ink). And the crowning detail is a matte varnish that covers the bag, leaving only select areas of glossy finish.

  • Agency: Atipus
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Celler Masroig
    Packaging content: Wine
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Rojalet wines. Montsant, Priorat, Spain. The name of this wines refers to the unique red soil of the El Masroig area where the grapes are grown. To represent this we inspired in stratum.

    Celler Masroig commissioned us to design a new collection of three wines.

    For the label design we were inspired by the name of the product itself (Rojalet sounds similar to red in catalan) and the unique red strata of the soil where the grapes are grown.

  • Agency: by north™
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bådin
    Location: Bodeaux, Norway
    Packaging Contents: Craft beer
    Packaging Materials: Glass, paper

    Bådin is a craft brewery located in Bodø, dedicated to brewing high quality beer for the domestic market. We designed a flexible identity that makes it possible to produce endless label-varieties by changing colour and type. This way they can easily distinguish between different brews without diluting the Bådin brand.

  • Agency: Centralpack
    Photo: central-lab.es
    Designer: Hugo Zapata
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Chinchilla Wines
    Location: Seville, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine, label design
    Packaging Materials: Paper & stamping

    A classic wine with modern clothing. Game-playing, and metal stampings for a classic bottle.

    The Bodega Doña Felisa is cradled within the Serrania de Ronda at an altitude of some 850m, directly facing the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Acinipo where wines have been created since the first century a.c. This sweet wine is the result of a special selection of Muscatel grapes made by the Maestro Wine-Maker Juan Muñoz; whose family have elaborated the sweet wines of Málaga for more than three generations.

    It is a golden wine whose natural sweetness is balanced by an invigorating freshness. The result of a scrupulous elaboration, relying on mules to carry the harvested grapes from the precipitous slopes of the best fincas in the Axarquia.

    What's Unique?
    A classic wine with modern clothing. Game-playing, and metal stampings for a classic bottle.

  • Agency: Infinito Consultores
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bembos
    Packaging content: Fast food
    Location: Lima, Peru

    Bembos is the first hamburger chain in Peru, the brand today has more than 25 years of history despite international competition in the country. To Bembos, renewal is a constant challenge, the brand voice is always kept looking so young. And in that sense, the customer's perception was to align to the new brand's idea and graphics into the new millennial. As a result of the process, pop art was created to show their heritage, their slogans and activities of their years of market presence.

  • Designed by Brandwagon and Todd Yonge
    Additional Credits: Melanie Bridge (Dr Feelgood)
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Dr Feelgood
    Location: Auckland New Zealand
    Packaging Contents: All natural ice pops
    Packaging Materials: sustainable cardboard

    An ice pop even the healthiest, kale-chugging hipster couldn’t put down. An uncompromisingly healthy range of icy treats that taste better than anything else on the market! A summer-selfie-ready mix of nutritious and delicious ingredients guaranteed to impress your trainer AND your snobby food critic mate.

    Featuring only the good stuff, with absolutely no refined sugar, DR. FEELGOOD’S mouthwatering pops have none of the hard to pronounce nasties and all of the easy-to- eat goodies.

    What's Unique?
    The packages were designer to fit with the ethos of the brand - homemade, fun, intelligent and approachable. Each pack has its own personality while being in a whole family with the classic ice pop shape. It was important to give something back to mother nature for providing such delicious ingredients, so we made sure all the packaging was recyclable / sustainable.

  • Agency: Peltan-Brosz
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Rawganique
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Rawganique founded by Thammarath Jamikorn & Klaus Wallner in 1997 is a handcrafted products manufacturer that is based on Denman Island in Canada’s Strait of Georgia. They are chemical-free and sweatshop-free. Made in-house for end-to-end purity and founded by off-the-grid island homesteaders.

    We were comisioned to create their new visual identity. We made a sistem that is strict with its logo and font. But like nature itself from where the firm has its most inspiration the identity had to be more opened and closer. That is why in order that the identity is one in every way and reflects the new lifestyle that the firm proclaims we thought of using something personal like handwriting. In handwriting we saw the presence of the personal touch to each product, it gives the impression of a custom made material, it breaks away from commerce and convetional and it is modern. So we devised a custom typeface for Rawganique, that due to modern printing techique we could create more verions of written words on labels. In this way almost all labels differ form one another, because every label set on the offset printing sheet is different from one another in terms of typeface and pattern crop to.

  • Designer: Maria Tran
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Band: BLISS
    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Packaging Contents: CD album artwork
    Packaging Materials: Plastic, paper

    Album artwork and cover for Danish electronic band BLISS. Bliss plays electronic chill out music, and is best known for their feature on Sex And the City the Movie soundtrack. This album was inspired and recorded in Marocco, the same was the artwork.

  • Agency: Redfire
    Creative Director: Colin Downing
    Packaging design & illustration: Natasha Alimova
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Savar
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Packaging Contents: Shampoo and Conditioner Limited Edition Packaging

    Savar Skincare just launched their entry into the premium hair care category with limited edition packaging. Designed by Auckland based agency Redfire, the packaging design reflects Savar’s New Zealand heritage as well natural plant-based proposition featuring the native New Zealand Koru. The Koru is a Maori motif of the unfurling silver fern frond; symbolising new life, rejuvenation and possibility.

    Redfire used gold foil detailing and modern serif type on white space to express premium brand cues, with stand out on-shelf impact within the retail environment. Redfire Creative Director Colin Downing says, “The simple yet sophisticated packaging execution had a huge impact and launch sales were significant. Our client is very happy and realises the power of great packaging design and the power of the ‘Limited Edition’ pack.”

    Redfire also designed a “Gift with Purchase” pack to target the upcoming Christmas season and with a “ Good Hair Day” theme. This clever execution has strong visuals normally seen on POS posters and support material, but not on pack. As Downing says, “We wanted to build an emotional connection and ‘stand out’ with our packaging – we didn’t want to blend in with the glossy and ribbon wrapped gift boxes most major skincare and cosmetic brands use.”

    Redfire have definitely achieved this and their smart use of premium pack and “Gift with Purchase” packaging shows the understanding that packaging has to work at the shop floor level to sell.

  • Agency: MAISON D'IDÉE
    Creative Director: Martin Kuspal
    Client: Gingi Foods
    Location: Czech Republic

    For this project we decided to approach the packaging design with playful combination of vivid colors on background with black and white photography in front. The images of hand are in black and white while holding the product itself displayed in color. We added a handwritten typography to background which serves as a lovely texture. Furthermore it carries a message, serving as a subtle space for brand’s communication.

    When we designed the brand name, we chose to add a hashtag to it. Why? Simply to make it more appealing to the young generation with its fingers on twitter constantly. And the result? Fresh, trendy and appealing packaging design.

  • Agency: MAISON D'IDÉE
    Creative Director: Martin Kuspal
    Client: 5'minute Stores
    Location: Czech Republic

    Designing private label for a chain store can be quite challenging. We decided to create a sub brand with its own, unique idea and identity. Inspired by a clock showing 5 minutes until lunch, the packaging design implements these elements using minimalist approach. The whole concept is flexible and works well on different shapes of various products, such as tall and thin spaghetti, wide potato chips, glass jars or meat and vegetable packaging. At the end, all products are easily recognizable the branding is flexible enough to be used in further expansion of the product variety.

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  • Designer: Daniel Farò
    Project Type: Student Project
    Course: 4th Semester Packaging Design, Summersemester 2015
    Professor: Christina Hackenschuh
    Packaging Content: Milk
    Location: Würzburg, Germany

    Packaging design for the fictive brand this is _ milk for milk as drink to go. It is common in different parts of the world to drink milk from other animals aside the one from cows. There is not only soy milk as a dairy free option for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. The design for this is _ milk stands out with its vibrant colors and minimal typography. The consumer confidently chooses milk as a healthy option leaving behind all the other beverages.

  • Agency: Magnet Harlequin
    Senior Designer: Thomas Monsen
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Tea
    Location: London, United Kingdom

    Simply Tea is a value range product and a sub brand of a well known UK tea brand. The product is solely sold as big bags for the catering industry. We though that even if it has to reflect being a value range, it can still look nice.

    The design has taken inspiration and provenance from the era of the English tea clippers and the old cloth tea sacks, adding a modern contemporary look and feel. The project shows as well another proposed route using illustration, we ended up using typography only for a clean and pure identity.

  • Agency: Conte Brand&Co
    Designer: Douglas Conte
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Barrel's Blues Premium Beer
    Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Paper, wood and glass

    Branding and packaging design for Barrel's Blues Premium Beer.// Projeto de marca e embalagem para a cerveja Barrel's Blues.

    What's Unique?
    There is a very strong connection between beer and music. No different in Barrel's Blues, but the connection is with Blues, his unique style and musical notes.

  • Agency: Viewpoint branding agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Contents: Hygiene Paper
    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Development of a new trade mark of hygiene paper products Reina

    Branding agency Viewpoint commissioned by Kazan company Pulp Invest developed a new Russian trade mark of hygiene paper products with the ‘German roots’. The agency was tasked to develop a new brand that would tell about the product high quality (which is produced using Austrian cellulose and German equipment) and its affordable price. At the same time the brand must be clear, simple and emotional, appealing to a large audience.

    As a result, there was created a brand character - a lamb with a German name Reina (‘Rein’ in German is ‘pure’). An emotional image of lamb Reina is all about tenderness, sincerity, care and sensitivity. These qualities were essential for the manufacturer as representative features of their brand. The values that it conveys to the consumer are taking care of family and children, housekeeping, the desire to create coziness and comfort.

    All members of the family cherish kindly feelings for the lamb: small children – because it looks like their album drawings, and very demanding adults simply can not pass by those friendly eyes!

    In addition, due to the graphical methods there has been achieved the perception of the brand as a high-quality German product, taking into account the features of German production technology.

    The trade mark guarantees the product high quality and the exclusive production using natural raw materials, as well as the affordable price for the customer!

  • Designer: Akun Kuo Yong Kung
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Wowme Village Co., Ltd Wowme Village Co., Ltd
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan
    Packaging Contents: Rice
    Packaging Materials: Wood, Paper, Rope, Plastic

    XITIAN MI selects only the top 20 grains in size per 100 for such quality rice that values fresh-ground and fresh-made in a transparent, vacuum package delivers the solidest and best texture. XITIAN MI is derived from the so-called last pure land of Formosa (Taiwan), Fuli Township in Hualien County that between the Central and the Costal Mountain Range. The fertile land is run through rivers carrying rich organic minerals with no industrial pollutions. The fresh clean air is beneficial to the growth of rice with less blight and no concern about pesticide remains. These are key contributions to the great taste, purity, nature and no pollutions of XITIAN MI.

  • Agency: STUDIOIN
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Lemonarie
    Packaging Content: Lemonade
    Location: Russia

    This summer the STUDIOIN team continued development of their non-alcoholic traditions and created an image for the line of lemonades named «Lemonarie».

    This time the creative team faced a task to maintain the classical style of European soft drinks based on lemon. For this purpose, it was decided to give the brand the natural shape of a lemon and achieve a maximum realism. The design is intended to distinguish the «Lemonarie» from the rest by means of communication between not only a consumer and external design, but product form as well.

    A stylized label keeps the feeling of home-made product. The bottom part of the bottle is transparent, thus it intensifies the perception of the product as a lemonade and makes the drink’s colour visible. Subsequently, the task to come to an actual and communicative visual decision for the new brand has been solved.