• Creative Agency: RYSKA Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Cider
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

    If we add a pinch of unusual fruit combinations to the traditional cider, we will get a completely new drink.

    The idea to hide the juicy watercolor fruit in classical engravings illustrates let us get across the main concept of the product: a crazy taste that turns a head even of the most decent person. The purpose of this design is to carry away to a fantastic world, where an orange slice replaced by a bicycle wheel and all your tricks are allowed. We chose the name “Cuckoo” as a perfect match with the brand. After all, this is the case when not only the contents but also the packaging drive you to the most eccentric pranks.

    Don’t get mad get the cuckoo!

  • Creative Agency: Robot Food
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Premier Foods - SAXA
    Location: Leeds, UK
    Packaging Contents: Salt

    A dash of strategy, a twist of inspiration and a pinch of heritage transforms Saxa into a brand that’s more than worth its salt.

    To many UK households, Saxa is salt. Saxa has been around since 1907 and is one of the UK’s better known heritage brands. Premier Foods asked Robot Food to reinvigorate this trusted brand with a stronger, fresher purpose, contemporary appeal and to give it pride of place again in UK kitchens. The rebrand would include fine table salt, cooking salt and Saxa So-Low, as well as rock salt, sea salt and new, more premium products.

  • Creative Agency: Chiapa Design
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil
    Packaging Contents: Ice Tea, Juice, Organic Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

    The creative concept of the brand develops around the embrace and the feeling in it. In addition to transmitting a feeling of tenderness and affection, due to their expressions and the way they envelop the bottle, the characters were developed from the flavors of the drinks, creating a direct relationship between those flavors and their ethnicities.

    The name comes from a pun that we created in Spanish to bring the idea that the product is as good as being in love. "Té" means "Tea" and "Te quiero" is the same as "I love you".

  • Creative Agency: Mark Oliver Inc.
    Creative Director: Mark Oliver
    Illustrator: Yana Beylinson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Earth Science Naturals
    Location: Carpinteria, CA, USA
    Packaging Contents: Perfume
    Packaging Materials: Paperboard

    MOI (Mark Oliver Inc.) was tasked with the opportunity to create a fresh creative new look for natural spray floral fragrances for a crowded product category.

    The agency sought to appeal to the millennial target buyer shopping at Whole Foods and other natural stores. Using closeups of vivid floral illustrations of the flowers associated with each fragrance, the line presents a unique and appealing face to consumers. The packaging has strong shelf presence despite its small size.

    What's Unique?
    Overall use of illustration to communicate the natural fresh fragrances and support the product color palette.

  • Designer: Gediminas Medžiaušis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Peonia
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Skin Care Cosmetics
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper, cardboard

    Peônia creates skin care products empowered by next-generation biotechnology achievements. Peônia (lat. paeonia) brand originates from peony plant, which is widely spread in Lithuania.

    Packaging design made for 1 2 3 rejuvenating skin care set: Antioxidant-vitamine C serum + Retinol-vitamin A serum + ACI™ serum.

    Minimal, bold, fresh and clean packaging design for the unique formula skin care set.

  • Creative Agency: LATTE Co.
    Designer & Illustration: Nacho Huizar
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Botanik Senses
    Location: San Luis Potosí, México
    Packaging Contents: Organic Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Box
    Printing Process: Flexography

    Design packaging and illustration for four mini box tea. A combination of aromas and flavors that inspire a so bright and colorful graphics. Four different flavors, four colors that, psychologically, expressing an emotion.

    "Enjoy the tea, enjoy the colors and enjoy your flavor."

  • Creative Agency: Mucho
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Pepe Raventós
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: White wine, Red wine, Sparkling wine

    Pepe Raventós is the 22nd generation of the family, and is currently in charge of the vineyard. He pursues with enthusiasm the same objectives his grandfather and father did, but goes a step further. With minimal intervention, he produces a series of personal wines in the garage of his house in order to make the best of each of the parcels of the estate. His goal is to create sincere wines in the wake of an unrepeatable terroir* and a demanding viticulture respectful with nature.

    The first example of this are the wines signed by Pepe Raventós and his team – Bastard Negre, Xarel·lo and Ancestral. Two natural wines, and a sparkling wine of xarel·lo that has been elaborated following the ancestral method. All of them are natural wines from vines of about 50 years old, unfiltered and without any type of additives (including sulphites). The parcels in which the grape has been raised are located at different heights and geographical positions: Xarel·lo comes from the Noguera Alta, the highest terroir of the estate; Ancestral grows in Mas del Serral, located next to Pepe’s house; Bastard Negre grows in the Terrasses del Serral, on the west side of the estate.

    The different levels of the terroir are represented in the bottle through a label formed by three papers of different organic shapes, texture and color. Labeled by hand one on top of the other, a volume is generated that alludes to the different heights.

    *Terroir: the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography and climate.

  • Creative Agency: Depot Creative
    Creative Director: Angela Spindler
    Illustrator: Jo Tron
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Beanopini
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Contents: Lupini beans
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: White pigmented polyethylene
    Printing Process: Gravure printing

    The snack category is saturated with all types of offerings but few are nutritionally comparable to this Mediterranean ‘ancient’ superfood.

    In branding and packaging this start-up snack food business, we saw an opportunity to educate and captivate consumers about this unbelievably good-for-you bean by punching out its advantageous nutritional benefits while communicating the simple honesty of this moreish snack. This meant creating a very clear information hierarchy coupled with engaging language to articulate the brand’s values and personality.

    A bright, vibrant and energetic colour palette sings out the four varieties. We selected illustrations over photography to depict the flavours as the illustrations carry with them connotations of craft and traditionalism which are very bound up in this product. The organic shape of the bean was used as a leading graphic device to give the packaging design a bold simplicity with plenty of shelf shout, critical in this very over-crowded and often confusing category.

  • Designer: Ricardo Pletes
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Campo O'Douro
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glasss bottle, metal can
    Printing Process: Screen printing, Flexography

    Campo D'Ouro is a distinctive brand of olive oil owned by a group of small farmers that starting olive harvest in the south of Brazil. The oil itself has high quality and it was directed to gourmet markets in two types – extra virgin and extra virgin late harvest.

    RPD developed the Logo and packaging design for Campo D'Ouro olive oils. Where, I observe as main characteristic of this project the valorization of the unique product through the highlight of color in the black and white photo. Fact that gives the Olive Oil Campo D'Ouro elegance and distinction in the destination market.

  • Art-director and designer: Andrei Matveev
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Polytech company
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: LED bulb
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton box
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Logotype of trademark and 2 series of LED bulbs

  • Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: X5 Retail Group
    Location: Minsk, Belarus
    Packaging Contents: Food and non-food products
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
    Printing Process: Printing

    Fabula Branding has developed a label design for children food and non-food products by X5 RETAIL GROUP, a major Russian retailer, as its private label.

    The introduction of the private label to the market intended to create a competitive packaging that compares favorably with the brand-leaders of the segment and to stimulate positive associations and trust in the quality of the goods, considering the positive reputation of the retailer. Therefore, the design of each SKU is made with the characteristic style of consistency and constancy. For a line of food products, an author's illustration of a cheerful kid is featured as a brand-character.

    These components of design, appealing both to the interests of toddlers as consumers and to the feelings of the tenderness of the parents as buyers, emphasize the “baby” character of the products, attract attention, create the mood of a happy childhood and motherhood, and ultimately increase loyalty to the trademark.

  • Designer: Marta Meleiro
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and colored thread
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Packaging made for various types of tea, design inspired by the vibrant maps of Paula Scher.

  • Designer: Nilanjan Chakravarty, Ankita Deb, Tarun Thomas
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Post Graduate in Graphic Design
    Tutor: Prof. Utkarsha Malkar
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Contents: Sanitary Pads
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Offset Printing

    To redesign the existing packaging of whisper sanitary napkins for traveling purposes.

    The current packaging of whisper sanitary napkins has an inconvenience while trying to unpack it as the material used is flexible and does not tear open easily. Once the package is opened and a pad is removed, it cannot be closed again and as a result all the napkins are left loose.

    As a matter of consciousness woman tend to keep the package at a place where no one would see it. The present graphics of the package is very loud with overused pictures of pads. With an understanding of all these problems there was a need to develop a packaging solution in which it can be reused and carried out without being conscious about people knowing about it.

  • Designer: Marta Meleiro
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cork, Glass Bottle, Cardboard

    Vadia - is a new portuguese trademark of a quality Handcrafted beer that was founded by three friends, directly from Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal.

    The common taste for good beer made the palates of the founders become more and more precise and demanding, initiating a search for something different and natural. In 2006, they make the first batch of beer for a friends party. After several parties and requisition of the beers, they were experimenting new recipes and requalifying the tastes and objectives. It's a beer that is produced with 100% malt, uses pure spring water, is not filtered, is not pasteurized and the equipment used in the production and maturation was developed by the founders Nicolas, Victor and Nuno, creating unique characteristics . The goal is to maintain the original taste of the beer. So the label is almost non-existent because we do not need effects. What matters is the interior.

  • Designer: Marta Meleiro
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Salt Flower
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and Paper
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    "Flor de Sal" are small crystals that form on the surface of the salt water and collected in special crystallizers. The harvesting operation is handmade, and removes only a very thin layer of these crystals. Is necessary to carefully remove them and let them dry in the sun for seven days, leading to more crunchy crystals without undergoing any processing or addition of chemicals.

  • Designer: Sung-Gu Hwang
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Kooksoondang
    Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Packaging Contents: Raspberry Wine, Sanghwang Rice Wine, and Ginseng Liqueur
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
    Printing Process: Shrink Package (offset Printing)

    Kooksoondang brewery was established in 1952.

    Kooksoondang, as a leading producer of Korean traditional liquors, has been string to focus on R&D to revitalize the traditional liquor making method of Korea. Boncho is a Masstige Kooksoondang product for traditional holidays of Korea only. Among its various products, Kooksoondang also produces Prestige, Premium, Basic Line which are exclusively available during traditional holidays of Korea.

    In Basic Line, Boncho is the product that takes the greatest portion of our energy. A wide variety of natural ingredients is used to brew unique and boutique liquor at every house. The concept of Boncho is the diversity of Korean liquors and its natural ingredients that are basic elements of the liquors. Having focused on the diversity and natural ingredients, the Company also brews Raspberry Wine, Sanghwang Rice Wine, and Ginseng Liqueur.

  • Creative Agency: Satellite Office
    Art Direction & Design: Kevin Cantrell
    Brand Strategy & Copy Writing: Erik Attkisson
    Photography: Eric Ryan Anderson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Beer
    Location: USA

    It’s hot, smokey and dry. The arid foothills of central California are not for the meek, the 9-5ers, or the clean collared. The folks here have calluses, grit under the nails and broad grins on their mugs. A hard work-get dirty attitude abides and fuels the entrepreneurial drive of the California west.

    For our part, Mike and Matt, we make horse shoes and fit ‘em to the herd; we’ve been hard working farriers for 25 years. We know what it means to sweat, fight, make great shoes, and wrangles horses. At the end of the day, nothing tastes better than a balanced beer to wash away the sweat, quench the thirst and recharge your engine. That’s why after years of suppling acclaimed nano-brews to friends & family we decided to launch Bent Shoe Brewery -to provide the best, craft beer for those like us, the shaker and makers of the American west.

    From the North Fork of the American River, through the sweeping planes of The Valley,to the shores of the Pacific -Bent Shoe Brewery is for those who shape the things we wear, invent the the food we eat, the cars we drive, and brew the beer we drink - here is where the people who DO thrive and prosper. We are: Ranchers, almond growers, horse farriers, blacksmiths, brewers, builders, architects, bike makers, restauranteurs, artists and designers.

  • Designer: Urszula Krasny
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Poland
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

    LET’S BE FRIENDS brand encourages you to chill out, meet people and make new friends. But if you don’t feel like it, just eat your chocolate.

    Hallucinations are voluntary, however, if you are planning to hallucinate, feel free to explore one of the suggested worlds and meet sophisticated almonds living in times of the prohibition, psychedelic raisins from the future, or noble hazelnuts from the land of fairies, unicorns, and angry, giant turnips.

  • Designer: Elena Donets
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: HSE Art and Design School
    Course: 2
    Tutor: Pavel Borisovsky
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Makeup primer

    This is a concept of premium-class makeup primers. Primer is a basis of any makeup, destined to make cosmetics preserved longer and better throughout the day. So, applying this product is very important part of every well done and beautiful makeup.

    The main idea of this style is a nucleus, which collects layers of makeup around itself, being for them a support. The basic form is a sphere that refers to the core. A symbol represents the letters from the naming ‘core’, which join together, forming a «labyrinth», consisting of several layers and a kernel.

  • Creative Agency: AG Design
    Designer, Creative Director: Alexandros Gavrilakis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cardinal, The Food Company
    Location: Athens. Greece
    Packaging Contents: Sauces, Tropical Fruits, Noodles, Spring Rolls, Samosa, Money Bags, Vegetables
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Plastic, Foil, Tin, Can, Paper
    Printing Process: Offset

    Counting more than twenty years as an importer and seller of the most established brands in the Asian food business, Cardinal The Food Company commissioned us to breathe new life into its own-brand range of products.

    Apart from creating a consistent brand identity that would unify the 6 different product categories and 50 SKU’s, we set ourselves the challenge to devise a set of visual assets that would be appealing to consumers who are looking to purchase authentic Asian products but also, to all the young culinary types craving for unique foods and flavors.

    With food being embraced as a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling, Cardinal’s new product range was designed to tell the story of a “meaningful union between the East and West”. On each pack, the Asian-inspired brush typography harmoniously coexists with the illustrated recipes and the slogan “Learn to Wok” calling out to all those who value authenticity or even, an authentic mash-up such as Korean BBQ dumplings or Mexican tacos!

    Cardinal got awarded at Ermis Awards for its brand identity & packaging design.

  • Designer: Lee Bartlett
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Norwich University of the Arts
    Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Tutor: Lucy Blazey
    Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Digital printing, Foiling

    The people of God's County believe that there is only one brand of tea that is truly worthy of their praise. This religious themed pack design for the core range of Yorkshire Tea reflects the cult following that the brand has, establishing it as the one true brew of Yorkshire.

    The stained glass motif acts as a vehicle for colour across the core range of tea, providing bright and eye catching visuals that utilise each aspect of the box. The famous Yorkshire Dales are still an important aspect of the design and are made up of square panels to represent the brands solid belief that the square teabag is the best shape for your brew. Copywriting combines Yorkshire dialect with tea-related words to provide fun cues during the brewing process, with a prayer that can be recited while thine kettle comes to boil.

  • Creative Agency: Mara Rodríguez - Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cafés Oquendo
    Location: Gijón, Asturias, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Coffee Capsules
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
    Printing Process: Foil Stamping, Gloss ink

    Packaging Design for new Oquendo’s coffee capsules. A premium design that represents the high quality product that we can find inside the box.

    Kopi Luwak is the most exclusive and exotic coffee in the world. Its name indicates the special coffee processing that made it so famous. Its impressive qualities comes because of the Civet Cat that lives in Africa and Asia. This cat eats and digests the cherries, given to the coffee beans unique characteristics.

    In order to represent that we use gold ink and glossy Ink to make the packaging stand out, and the contrast between black and saturated red to make the brand recognizable.

  • Designer: Kim Jeongmin
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Chung-Ang University
    Course: Visual Communication Design
    Tutor: Se Ra Yoon
    Location: Seoul, Korea
    Packaging Contents: Survival kit

    EXIT9 is a brand that naturally stamps the way to cope with disasters. Awareness of disasters was necessary in the case of Sinking of MV Sewol.

    I decided to make a brand for the direction of that effort. EXIT9 can know the direction of coping with each disaster situation, we will sell the goods necessary for disaster situation. The name is defined at the exit by the word EXIT(出) and 9(九) combine, EXIT9 means exit in Korean.

    By disaster situation, it means that you will find an exit in various ways according to various situations. I wanted to design a symbol that naturally catches other people's eyes at once in case of disaster. The logo is made up of square modules and chosen black which can be clearly identified.

  • Art director: Mohammed Benomar
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Morocco
    Packaging Contents: Oil
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

    Extra virgin olive oil of Moroccan origin comes from the 100% pure Atlas, fruity and tasty olive oil. Oil of higher category, it is used in kitchen in all its forms: cold for the seasonings, hot in the pan, in the oven or for the fries.