• Creative Agency: Murray Brand Communications
    Location: United States of America

    After directing brand equity research and developing Springfield's new positioning and messaging hierarchy, Murray Brand Communications designed a new brandmark and packaging system for Unified Grocer's Springfield portfolio of products. Comprised of more than 800 SKUs, the brand facelift was undertaken to update Springfield's product messaging, elevate its perceived quality and expand its market acceptance by attracting consumers ranging from more value-conscious to higher-income shoppers.

    To support the brand's core essence of neighborly, trusted quality and value, an evolutionary new brandmark was designed to link the brand to the corner street signs often found in small-town America. To communicate that Springfield products deliver the best in freshness and ingredients, a green and yellow color palette was selected to complement a newly designed illustration depicting the fertile farmlands, clear skies and fresh foliage of the spring season. As a final design element, a vertical banner system was employed to stage product names, flavor profiles and benefit statements allowing a quick and easy read no matter the product category.

  • Creative Agency: DDB Georgia
    Designer: Van Sage
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

    Being the country, that has a very old wine culture, traditions and everyday life closely related with wine, has made bottle packaging standardized under simple, traditional Georgian style and symbolic.

    Our task was to create a unique wine bottle packaging, that would make young spirits fall in love with brand, and drive them to grab a bottle from the first sight.

    The design should have been original, innovative and different from the monotonous one-of-a-kind bottles on the shelves in shops.

    Four characters from dreams, telling their stories through their magical music.

    The concept visualizes the sweetish state of Bahus: dreamy, surreal and pleasant.

  • Creative Agency: ButterflyCannon
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Chandon
    Location: London, UK

    ButterflyCannon “Pours on the Fun” with Chandon for the Holidays

    Ever the party starter, Chandon kicks-off the party season in style, dressed to impress courtesy of the three limited edition packaging designs created by ButterflyCannon.

    “We are really pleased to have been able to support the Chandon team in another limited edition design challenge. They have gained a reputation as ‘innovators’ in the category through the limited edition releases we have created for them; so with this year’s packs we had an opportunity to maintain that leadership and push the boundaries of technology to deliver something truly special,” says Carmen Barleanu, Senior Account Manager at ButterflyCannon.

    The winter collection, a series of shrink sleeve designs carrying playful messages, provides a sense of fun and spontaneity, and reflects the lifestyle of the chic and fun-loving Chandon drinker.

    “We have been working closely with ButterflyCannon for a number of years because they go that extra mile to get the best from packaging manufacturers and they really understand our consumer. We are so pleased with this season’s limited edition designs as they really speak to the Chandon brand, and enhance festive occasions at this time of year,” added Morgan Robbat, Marketing Director at Chandon, LVMH.

    The collection of three new 750ml bottles officially launched in October 2014 in preparation for the party season. Visit Chandon.com for more information.

  • Creative Agency: Corretje Creative Consulting
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    We developed a new packaging concept for gold Pentaward winning pack Les Tropeziennes, creating a fresh and new look for the pure water range and other three different flavours.


    BrandOpus has been working with Twinings, the home of premium tea and one of Britain’s most cherished brands, to drive reappraisal of premium tea with the launch of 22 contemporary blends, aiming to reach a new generation of tea lovers. This follows the recently launched Infusions range.

    The challenge to BrandOpus was to reinvent regular tea, which has become commoditised and uninspiring on shelf. The agency saw the need to reignite people’s passion for quality and great taste by making Twinings the contemporary drink of choice through a visually more approachable, relevant and modern brand presentation.

    BrandOpus have introduced a new architecture system, a brighter colour palette and an overall presentation which evokes surprise and delight. The new architecture system is delivered through a central lozenge device. This allows greater clarity between the different ranges, whilst being held together by a consistent visual thread of vibrant fluid shapes and movement.

    The new Premium Black Tea range has a dramatic design that aims to transport you into the actual origin of the teas, onto the Kenyan safari plains, or into the midst of an Indian festival. Each blend tells a different story that flows from the outside of the carton, through to the inside and onto the envelope and the tag, to deliver an experience that hits all the senses.

    The new loose leaf and loose leaf pyramids range features the world’s best tasting teas. The pyramid mesh bags are packed within a new re-sealable pouch format to protect their delicate flavour. The design is dynamic, bringing fluid movement through bold shapes with energy, in a way that conveys the idea of brewing and the wonderful aroma coming from the teacup. 

    Heather Hartridge, marketing director at Twinings, said of the project, “BrandOpus has partnered with us strategically and creatively to redefine consumers’ perceptions of Premium Tea through designs that reflect the evocative world of Twinings tea in an accessible yet ever stylish way.”

    The first installment of the re-launch will be on shelves in Waitrose from late October. Origins launches with a range of six blends, including Bold Kenyan and Moroccan Mint, and The Loose Leaf range launches with 13 pyramids mesh and 3 loose pouches.

  • Creative Agency: McCann Vilnius
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that advertising people love drinking (or as we call it – tasting). Sadly it’s highly NSFW.

    So to celebrate annual beaujolais nouveau event advertising agency McCann Vilnius created ingenious wine packaging which looks like mouth spray.

    It’s not only the way to hide your alcohol conveniently, but also helps to rediscover best part of beaujolais wine – it’s distinctive smell which reminds you of freshly picked flowers. Thats why you would keep your mouth open for this wine (that's why we called it "Bouche bēe", which is French for "mouth wide open".

    Every year McCann Vilnius remakes packaging for beaujolais nouveau wine as a way to tell that as a young wine our mind and ideas are always fresh and constantly refreshing. You might be already familiar with our last year hit wine in a paint can or in blood bag.

  • Designer: Jonathan Yurek
    Client: Montezuma
    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Columbus College of Art and Design

    This is a student created package design that talks about the history of an infamous Aztec emperor and his revenge. This student project is an innovation concept for a target audience who can withstand a little heat for when it comes to their salsa.

    I created a better understanding of the Montezuma brand by discussing the rich, cultural history of Montezuma and his curse. I’ve created a package design that lets people understand the actual wrath of his curse as demonstrated by the reusable packaging all the way to the concept that Montezuma crafted the salsa himself.

  • Creative Agency: Supperstudio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Belle
    Location: Madrid, Spain

    Supperstudio designs the new packaging of belle body lotions

    The packaging of the new belle’s body lotions invites to live on your own skin the elegant and subtle flight of butterflies. A conceptual proposal that put the focus on the the idea of softness and lightness. A key in this category of beauty.

    Illustration of a butterfly is the central element of this design where each reference has a vibrant color.

    The proposal developed by Supperstudio is a coherent design that allows to communicate of a honest way the adequate quality and reinforce values like confidence.

    A friendly and optimistic design. Another example of the Supperstudio’s happy packaging.

  • Designer: Antoine Goulet
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Cégep de Sainte-Foy
    Location: Québec, Canada

    We had to produce 8 different wine bottles over the course of a day and a half, following guidelines such as making it all by hand, using pastel colors, using geometrics shapes (featured) or using real-life textures (also featured).

    Since we had to work as if it were only a sticker that would be applied to the bottle, it is interesting to see how differently each idea turned out.

  • Creative Agency: Pond STHLM
    Designer: Clas Celsing
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (Carlsberg Sverige + Brooklyn Brewery)
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
    Our graphic expression is inspired by our brewery building in Stockholm, our passion for crafting amazing beer and the long history of Carnegie.

    We are situated in an old lightbulb factory designed by Sweden's most prominent functionalistic architects during the 30's and 40's. Our iconic glass facade, with an explosive history (it was originally put there to prevent exploding gas to destroy the whole building), provides a panoramic view over the Hammarby lake area. In fact, we love it so much we put it on our labels* as a reminder of the history of our beautiful building, and as a proud symbol of our dedication to preserve, develop and participate in our local community, which nowadays happens to be one of the most modern neighborhoods in Stockholm.

    The white Factory, showing off with sharp corners and bold curves, has provided us with a deep well of inspiration. This has resulted in a uniquely modern and urban expression, carefully combined with a hint of functionalistic style graphic design, the aesthetics of the hand-crafted and a polite nod toward our history as Sweden’s oldest brewery.

    Project Description:
    With the challenging task of creating a modern classic, Carlsberg, in collaboration with Pond STHLM has developed a new visual identity, logo and packaging design for the newly opened Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Hammarby Sjöstad.

    "For us it was important to find a balance between the old and the new in both the visual identity and packaging design. Thanks to a flexible and open approach we have landed in an identity, logo and packaging design we are extremely happy and proud of", says Sebastian Tarkowski, marketing manager at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet.

    Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a joint venture of Carlsberg Sverige, Brooklyn Brewery and a group of private investors. The brewery, with its restaurant, is located in KF's old historical functionalist factory - Luma - has been designed to be a natural hub for those who want to experience modern beer culture with all senses.

    "The assignment was to find a timeless expression that is linked to both the old brewery heritage of Carnegie Porter and the modern brewery. But the brewery's location in the Luma factory, surrounded by one of Stockholm's youngest neighborhoods, has played a major role in the design process. It has been both inspiring and challenging to have so much history to draw from, and we've invested a lot of time in the details, and the big picture feels strong, characterful and well anchored", says Clas Celsing designer at Pond Sthlm.

  • Creative Agency: Arnoldvuga
    Designer: David Fartek
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sensilab Grop S.A.
    Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Shape it is a sports nutrition line for active but busy women.

    To create a brand that will reflect an active and positive style of life by shaping your body, mind and life.

    ‘Shape it’ products enable customising the meal for your own needs by three steps: take base, choose flavour and add extra care. Then shake and shape it!

    The idea was to create a series of colourful, vibrant and dynamic compositions that will reflect the positive energy which was a key element in designing a brand logo. We also developed icon system which helped to distinguish the products based on the personal goal. The plastic wrap of packages makes the product even more vibrant. The product line includes: powder and pill jars, flavour pouches and protein bars.

  • Creative Agency: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Aeolikos Dairy Products
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Logo redesign, brand identity & packaging for Aeolikos, a company specializing in fine, traditional dairy products, based in Lesvos, Greece.

    The Brief
    To project the company's and brand's core values: the traditional methods of production, the love and care with which the team handles the product, the nice flavour, the premium quality, the health benefits and the greek origin of the product.

    Creative Rational
    The symbol of the logo that was selected to be the brand's "ambassador", is a ram (a male sheep) which carries in his fur the brand's values: love and care, premium quality- healthy diet, tradition, freshness and flavour.

    The logo's aesthetics (use of black color, use of white in symbols and hand-treated font) are inspired by the Traditional Greek shadow theatre in order to project the vintage and traditional factors of the company's production methods.

    The use of cyan and deep blue (as secondary colors) symbolize the Greek origin of the products.

    The end result is fresh as well as fun & friendly!

  • Creative Agency: Nueve
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Valencia, Spain

    Burgeronomy, a burger restaurant chain from Saudi Arabia asked us to review their brand image and packaging. Its naming, which references an invented science, gave us the idea of creating their own language based on symbols inspired by the menu in offer.

  • Designer: Palacino Creative Designer & Illustrator
    Photographs: Nuria Turmo de Esporas Producciones
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Chocovic
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Packaging design for Ambassadors International Seminar 2014 held in Barcelona in September 2014.

    Has reinvented the traditional packaging of Coca de Sant Joan using the cardboard as a base material, as it usually comes in a cardboard.

    It is a nougat simulates Coca de Sant Joan, therefore it was decided to make a packaging where it had elements that complement this dessert, such as the transparent cover that simulates the fruits that are placed in the Coca de Sant Joan Original.

  • Designers: Luca Parmeggiani & Claudia Lucchini
    Client: Atipico
    Location: London, UK
    Photographer: Francesco Foroni
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Atipico is a small fashion accessories company selling its first product line Coloured Dress Shoe Laces. Our brand proposal needed to look timeless, trendy and yet sophisticated to communicate Atipico brand values based on quality and colour. We think the product should do the talking, so we've designed simple and sleek packaging with a bespoke pocket window to fit and display the laces, and a handy insert card featuring instructions for the different lacing styles, so they also make a wonderful gift. Each Shoe Laces has its own package and personality based on Pantone colour (matching the product colour) hold together by a common aesthetic. To express quality we used specifically GF Smith Colorplan which added the tactile look and feel with a smooth but rough fine uncoated finish.

  • Creative Agency: Boxer & Co.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Brownes Dairy
    Location: Perth, Australia

    Boxer & Co. was thrilled to be asked to redesign iconic Western Australian dairy brand Brownes’ white milk packaging. The brand already holds a 30% market share in the white milk category. However, the old packaging was extremely rational and one dimensional. WA consumers have a real affection towards the brand that has been supplying them with local, quality milk since 1886, but the packaging didn’t reflect this relationship and made no emotional connection with the consumer. It also looked dated and lacked shelf shout.

    With the increasing market share gained from private label, Brownes knew they needed to set their brand apart and drive their quality and WA credentials.

    Milk is something that many Australians have a very emotional connection with. It represents purity and freshness and is nourishing, comforting and refreshing. It is filled with nostalgia and fond memories and it is central in consumers’ lives on a day-to-day basis.

    In the design solution, provenance and purity both took a leading role. The design solution focuses on colourful Western Australian sunsets, which flood the Tetra packs with variant colour, making navigating the range incredibly simple. Dairy cows are silhouetted in front of the setting sun, demonstrating the straight-from-the-farm nature of the product, but taking a step away from the typical green grass, blue sky, black and white cow that’s so formulaic on milk packaging.

    The hand-crafted typography on the front of pack is a nod towards Brownes’ heritage, but executed in a way that also has modernity and a strong on-shelf legibility. The design wraps around the pack, forming a Western Australian landscape which is unique to each pack, and also tessellates on-shelf across variants.

  • Creative Agency: Pearlfisher
    Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher
    Founder and CCO: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
    Founder and CEO: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher
    Location: USA

    Pearlfisher New York partners with The Patrón Spirits Company to create the bottle design for Roca Patrón, a new, artisanal line of ultra-premium tequilas.

    Pearlfisher New York has designed the bottle for Roca Patrón, a trio of artisanal small-batch tequilas from Patrón.

    While Patrón and Gran Patrón are well established lines within the Patrón family, the brand wanted to create a new, elevated offering that focused increasingly on the craft, process and provenance of tequila. The challenge was to create a brand that fit succinctly within the Patrón portfolio and that represented craft in a new way. The new range, Roca, is the company’s first line of tequilas produced using the traditional tahona method, a labor-intensive process using a heavy volcanic stone to extract the juice from the agave plant.

    Ed Brown, President and CEO of Patrón Spirits explains, “Patrón is one of only a small number of distilleries in Mexico that still uses this traditional tahona process. It’s very time consuming and expensive to create tequila in this way, but its well worth the effort, as the tahona method creates an incredible and distinctively complex tequila, characterized by its earthy and vegetal aromas and flavor.”

    The product is handcrafted to achieve a higher proof than the core line of Patrón tequilas, and, as such, is positioned between Patrón and Gran Patrón. To reflect this, Pearlfisher created a premium structure that cues the iconic Patrón bottle but elevates it, using a heavier glass base, transparent body and angular shoulders. A rope and medallion rest on the neck of the bottle, signifying the traditional tahona process and labor used to make the spirit.

    Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher Creative Director says, “The design for Roca Patrón speaks to the craft behind the spirit in ways that few other spirits brands do. Physical cues like the rope stone medallion evoke the tahona process while the shape of the bottle and the iconic Patrón bee ensure consumers that Roca is part of the Patrón family. We’re excited to watch the new design support brand growth with existing lovers of Patrón and, increasingly, with craft spirit connoisseurs.”

  • Creative Agency: VRS WPI Vilnius
    Designer: Leonid Tatarinov
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: ARVI Kalakutai
    Location: Lithuania

    ARVI kalakutai is a company that makes Turkey meet products. They decided to make Gift Packaging to special clients and consumers. Premium design for Premium gifts.