• Agency: Taevas Ogilvy
    Designer: Magnus Kallas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sangar
    Location: Estonia
    Packaging Content: Apparels

    Back in the Soviet Empire there was a youth organization called Young Pioneers. Millions of optimistic boys and girls worked happily to build up the Soviet Union after the Second World War, helped the elderly and fought illiteracy. All for free. They might have been brainwashed but their hearts were in the right place, beating fast under the shirt produced by an Estonian manufacturer Sangar.

    Optimist Shirt is for a man who loves his work. For a craftsman and an artisan. Built with love and care from durable unwashed denim or chambray, these shirts with nicely shaped patch pockets can be worn as light jackets over a dress shirt or tank top, or by itself. The piece of heritage translated and re-imagined for the modern world, it will always get the work done.

  • Agency: empatía. , Argentina
    Brand: Bolonaf, USA
    Packaging Content: Chocolate

    Bolonaf is an artisanal chocolatier from Philadelphia that specializes in fine, handmade & fresh chocolate confections. We were tasked to create an image that could express both the diversity and energy of Philly and stand out from its competitors. The identity system we designed is an unexpected explosion of bright colors and silver foil print finish.

    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: HEDALI F&B
    Location: South Korea
    Packaging Content: Salt

    HEDALI F&B Branding & HEDALI SALT Packaging based on sun, moon, cloud and salt.

  • Agency: MSLK
    Art Director: Marc S Levitt
    Strategy: Sheri L Koetting
    Designer: Ryan Nussbaum
    Illustrator: Joanna Szmerdt
    Photographer: Carolyn Taylor
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: YoungerYou LLC
    Location: New Canaan, CT, USA
    Packaging Contents: Body Oils, Body Scrubs, Facial Serum
    Packaging Materials: Outer box: Mylar board; Frosted glass bottles and jars

    Avivi is a new line of body oils, scrubs, and facial serum, all containing avocado oil. The products were created to leverage the restorative properties of the natural ingredients.

    What's Unique?
    Our bottle design process began by sourcing economical stock components that could be easily customized. Round, frosted glass bottles and jars were selected to showcase the beautiful, luminous quality of the oils. The lower halves of the bottles were dipped in an industrial plastic normally used to create hand grips for tools and hardware. This added both protection and a magical quality to the overall look. The outer mylar boxes feature dynamic watercolors of natural imagery, helping to brand each individual scent. For Youthful, Avivi's "hero" product, a special bottle with a silver base was selected to help convey its premium positioning and ingredients.

  • Agency: Estudio Iuvaro
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Emiliana Vineyards
    Location: Chile
    Packaging Contents: Organic Wine

    Our world needs the presence of nature and not industrialized things. Birds of Paradise conveys concepts as natural, handmade, craft materials, sustainable, organic, recycle and environmental friendly. This name refers to the beauty and fragility of birds of paradise, the result of biodynamic agriculture in response to the natural balance of the sun, moon and planets. Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned.

  • Agency: Muru Boutique Creativa
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cuzco Foods
    Location: Perú
    Packaging Contents: Giant Peruvian Corn
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium, paper

    We started only with the Nina Muru Logo and a very interesting and delicious product; Giant Peruvian Corn Snacks. Our main challenge was to make the packaging look like a delicious yet premium snack; that you can share with your friends and family, while highlighting the product's Peruvian origins.

    We started our research focusing on Peruvian textiles. Bright colors contrasting with deep browns representing the fertile Peruvian soil. We then started to create the patterns inspired in pre-incan designs almost resembling a corn pattern on the top of the pack.

    Once the colors were chosen, different photographic styles were proposed to introduce the product and make it attractive to the consumer. We worked with one of the best photography studios in Lima (Profot) which is why the pictures look so great.

    The final result: A packaging fun and appealing with a great mix of Peruvian tradition and modern design.

  • Agency: Grafiket Adworks
    Creative Director: Koray Bacanakgil
    Art Director: Koray Bacanakgil
    Copywriter: Melih Aydoğmuş
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Olio Villa Olive Oil
    Location: Izmir, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
    Packaging Materials: Metal tin, glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic label

    We used minimal and white concept in this packaging. We wanted to go beyond the usual. We wanted to stand out from others on the shelf. Other brands always using the same color and photos in olive oil packages. But we mainly used the vector illustrations.

  • Agency: Grafiket Adworks
    Creative Director: Berk Pişirici
    Art Director: Berk Pişirici
    Copywriter: Melih Aydoğmuş
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sarper Beverage
    Location: Izmir, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol, Turkish Raki

    Turkish raki is a traditional beverage in Turkey. In this packaging we wanted to use different approaches. Because the other brands always use traditional design styles in raki. Our main objective is take the customers attention with design, taste and brand.

    What's Unique?
    We did not use the traditional design methods like the other raki brands. We aim to differentiate with modern design.

  • Agency: ButterflyCannon
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Glenmorangie
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Whisky

    ButterflyCannon has redesigned the packaging for Glenmorangie Signet. This iconic single malt draws upon 170 years of wisdom and craft to create a velvety smooth, rich and complex whisky.

    Glenmorangie Signet is a multi-award winning expression in the Glenmorangie range of single malts. The challenge was to effectively communicate Signet’s unique provenance and product story to consumers.

    Jon Davies, Creative Director, ButterflyCannon, says ”Good packaging clearly communicates what it contains, great packaging should evoke the product and brand story in a way that seems effortless. Signet represents a timeless masterpiece, representing the harmony of man working with the land over hundreds of years. This story was the key to unlocking the packaging design.”

    A rigid board box with a seamless, frontwards opening door, allowing Signet’s iconic bottle to be showcased in the way it deserves, is wrapped in a matt black, soft touch Skivertex Matara stock from Winter and Company, inspired by the richness and smoothness of the liquid within. Whilst inside the pack, bespoke illustrations were commissioned to communicate the liquid’s sophisticated provenance in a timeless, pared back way.

    Glenmorangie’s iconic Signet was given special attention on the pack. Rich with layers of intricate detail, the Signet was printed onto a ceramic tile, giving it a cold, crisp tactile quality that evokes the pure spring water that the whisky is made from.

    Mike Atkinson, Global Marketing Manager for Glenmorangie adds, “a whisky of such outstanding quality which has had this much time, care and attention lavished on it deserves packaging to match. Just like Signet itself, it’s the many subtly crafted individual elements in ButterflyCannon’s design that combine to create an extraordinarily well thought out and impactful piece of packaging, fitting of this unique expression.”

  • Agency: Zlapdash Studio
    Creative Director: Pitchaya Nilrungratana
    Design Director: Nattinee Sangngam
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Karbon Clean co.,ltd
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand
    Packaging Contents: Carbon, deodorizers
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Karbon Clean is a deodorizers product from carbon in Thailand. The client want their product to be out stand on the shop's shelf and the outside of packaging have to be useful. The carbon product can be replace inside this pyramid style package.

    What's Unique?
    The pyramid shape is helpful with deodorization because the bad smell can pass thru the carbon inside directly.

  • Agency: Plato Creative
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: McCashin’s Brewery
    Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    The craft beer market is crowded and hotly contested by independent breweries as well as brands that have backing from multinational corporations. In order to continue to tell the story of “premium craft brewing”, McCashin’s Brewery looked to Plato Creative to reinvigorate the brand, with fresh packaging across the range.

    The solution
    The new brand identity has a premium look and feel with black, gold foil and imagery applied extensively across the packaging design including bottle labels, baskets, 12-packs and shippers. It has been designed to tell the story and demonstrate the authenticity of the brand. The content and imagery used across the packaging features the brewery in Nelson.

    The results
    Stoke Beer packaging has scooped another award with a gold at the 2015 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards, the leading beer industry awards for New Zealand. This follows a silver at the Australasian Beer Awards.

    “We were looking for some clever thinking that would help position the Stoke range as premium craft beers. Plato Creative’s unique way of working alongside us with its expert team meant we were able to develop a comprehensive solution for the challenge at hand,” says Scott McCashin.

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  • Agency: The 6th, Italy
    Creative directors: Emanuele Basso & Elena Carella
    Graphic designer Emanuele Basso
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sweet Meat Jerky, USA
    Packaging Contents: Jerky
    Packaging Materials: Plastic bag

    Sweet Meat Jerky is a 100% organic jerky brand. Proudly organic and proudly from Nashville, Tennessee. The goal was to create a fresh, fully illustrated, storytelling and eye-catching packaging for the complete line of products.

    What's Unique?
    Many details of the story of this product deserved to be told, so we dedicated an illustration to everyone of them, creating a sort of colored and funny infographics about Sweet Meat Jerky.

  • Agency: La Fonda Gràfica
    Designer: Oriol Piferrer Saló
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Confraria de la Ratafia
    Location: Girona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Spirit, liquor

    Packaging design for a limited edition of the best local ratafia from Santa Coloma de Farners Ratafia’s award. This traditional liquor was choosen by an especialized jury and, with this limited edition, Confraria de la Ratafia wants that everyone can taste this winner spirit.

    The bottle has a popular shape but the only central label gives it the honor that deserve to be the number 1.

    It's a simple design working for a winner concept. A golden sticker printed with only one ink and cut to draw a number one.

  • Agency: Publicis Slovenia
    Art director Petja Montanez
    Creative director: Uroš Goričan
    Account manager: Nina Obradovič
    Copywriter: Neja Činkole
    Illustration Vladimir Leben
    3D illustration Uroš Trujkić
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ljubljanske mlekarne
    Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Packaging Contents: Yoghurt
    Packaging Materials: Plastic

    Imagination or iMUgination - Limited edition of Dairy products - MU yoghurts

    The initiative " DoMUšljija knows no borders " we want to promote creativity for all children and adults. Drawing is taking one of the most important activities through entertainment allows unlimited freedom for the realization of their own ideas and dreams. This nourishes the child in us - not only at a young age , but all the lives . There fore, we invited Slovenian artist Vladimir Leben with his illustrations Cow MU in a limited edition of your favorite yoghurt. First limited edition of MU yoghurts was born.

  • Agency: Ostecx Créative
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Beer
    Location: Poland

    Spoko Marocco is a third edition of project B-Day, which is birthday beer of AleBrowar, Pinta Brewery and Piwoteka Narodowa. This time cooperative brewing of Pepper Pale Ale was preceded by the trip to Africa whose goal was to buy aromatic spices - pepper and cardamom. The label designed by us refers to this event and shows the beer character.

  • Designer: Paloma Martins
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Orange Juice, Strawberry Juice, Grape Juice
    Packaging Materials: Plastic, Kraft Paper

    Suki is a packing design project that explores a playful language to talk to his public, that brings fun as it's main concept.

    The project’s idea came from a briefing for a contest sponsored by a design studio, where a brand and a juice packing for a children's public should be created using a fun and cute language. I thought of some ways of tell a story to children without being too obvious but without giving up the idea of fun. That was how I got to the concept of Adventure Juice, after all there is no child who doesn't get excited at the thought of a good adventure to discover new and interesting things.

    I started developing a special shape for the bottle, making it with a nice size to children's hands and an amount of juice that satisfies your thirst without wasting a lot of drink. These small dimensions helped make the packing even more cute. Having solved the most functional issues, I began to explore the visual elements of the label, using a fun and chubby logotype with color variations in each letter. On the other hand, the illustration brings a friendly sailor, built from simple and smooth geometric shapes. Within an imaginative scenario, the sailor tames colored seas made of juice to discover the delights of the world. I also tried to somehow integrate functional product information with the illustration to make the experience even more fun.

    Having set the creative concept, I open the line to the flavors such as strawberry, orange and grape, and create a structure made of kraft paper for the juice pack.

    The use of 3D prototyping has helped to give a final touch to the project, showing the packages running on a scenario closer to our reality.

    Despite being a project that does not commercially exists it would be a dream to see the Suki on the shelves of super markets.

  • Agency: Markmus Design
    Graphic Designer: Joe Stothard
    Developing: Herbert Bartl & Marcos Aretio
    Product Manager: Daniel Felke
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: adidas Global
    Location: NUremberg, Germany
    Packaging Contents: Football Boots
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard

    The brief was to improve adidas Messi shoebox design and engineering. The new concept is based on "Gambeta", which is the word used in football to define the way Messi dribbles his opponents in perfect zig-zag movements. The external look (zig-zag line) is created by a smaller lid with two flaps that are used to close the box and is supported by a second full-size lid that lays on on the left wall of the box. This solution also improves the internal aspect of the box by removing all the external and internal hinges.

    The color strategy is to keep black as base color, but to adapt the details colors (yellow in this case) to the future products colors in the next seasons.

  • Agency: Garrofé
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Primaderm
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    At Garrofé, we had the chance to develop the branding, packaging and graphic identity of one of the most revolutionary and innovative Brand and product line for the beauty care market. It is a new Personalised Genomics Cosmetic of Primaderm, consisting in creating an exclusive cosmetic treatment individually based on the DNA of each person.

    To project this unique and delicate aspect, we have worked with a very graphic and intuitive naming, based on the distinctive people genetic percentage. We also added the word "gene" to at first sight associate with genomic technology.

    Based on the Brand essence; luxury and aseptic, plus the balance between Medical and Beauty, we`ve developed a visual identity that represents luxury contrasted with a sober, pure and minimalist graphic line and packaging structure, using white tones with a touch of silver and grey colors. For the packaging of the luxury kit, we wanted it to be an emotional experience to 'discover' your own personalized cosmetic. To provoke this experience, we've developed a structural design with various stages of opening until you finally reach the products, with an exquisite velvety finish for the outer lid.

  • Designer: Joana Faria Alves
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
    Course: Graphic Design
    Location: Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Tea, Soder Tea, Pepparkaka, Cookies
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard, Sateen (stripe)

    We were asked to pick an already existing brand within the food market and then think about a different product line with 3 different varieties.

    Instead of choosing only one product of a certain brand, I asked if I could use two different products. After my request being approved, I chose to explore the delightful 'tea time' tradition. Besides redoing the packaging of the Swedish brand Annas, I join the Soder tea to the package, creating a special/premium edition.

    The concept goes around the tea time and the pleasure of reading a book in a beautiful library. The packaging works as a book case and can be placed in a shelf with other books and stay 'undercovered'. Each package contains 5 individual bags of Soder tea and four sets of 5 cookies. The flavors chosen for the cookies were selected after some study about typical/common Swedish fruits.

    It has a sateen stripe so the little drawer can be pulled and each of the stripes goes along with the fruit chosen for each package. I chose dill, cloudberries and lingonberries for the cookies and and a blend of tea very popular in Sweden - the Soder tea.

  • Agency: Interact on Shelf
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client: Phin and Phebes
    Location: Boulder, CO, USA
    Packaging Content: Ice Cream

    Phin and Phebes started as a regional brand in Brooklyn, NY and made a name for itself with unique and surprising flavors. When the potential to become a national brand presented itself, Phin and Phebes partnered with Interact to help bridge the gap from the small cult followings of Brooklyn into an approachable, maintstream consumer brand that still had soul.

    Interact initiated the project by conducting a retail landsacpe analysis of the national ice cream category. A key insight from the analysis was that that most ice cream brands focused less on messaging and more on flavor appeal, and while Phin and Phebe’s original packaging highlighted each flavor profile in bold display, Interact developed a system that addressed the trends of the category while simultaneously maintaining existing brand equities. By combining proprietary typography with new photography and illustration, quirky brand personality and appetite appeal were seamlessly blended together.

    Interact then utilized the entirety of the pint to tell the unique stories for each flavor’s ingredients and inpsiration. Combining the characterful brand voice with enhanced and fluid storytelling, the optimized packaging drives consumer interest and loyalty.

    By providing a central, focused element to the front of the pack consumers can easily distinguish flavors, even through the freezer door. In changing the lid color to purple, we believe the Phin and Phebes line builds a colorful brand block, cutting through the clutter at shelf and establishing Phin and Phebes as a legitimate player in the category.

  • Agency: Gworkshop design
    Creative Director: José Luis García Eguiguren
    Illustration: Juan Fernando Enriquez
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Teguma
    Location: Quito, Ecuador
    Packaging Contents: Tea
    Packaging Materials: paper

    Teguma S.A puts in charge of developing their new brand of guayusa tea. The main idea is to create a bold and unique packaging throught a history that embraces the east of our country Ecuador.

    Our story
    A cold and rainy night in Wawa Sumaco, two rural doctors struggled to safe Wajuko from it’s agonizing life, a happy and innocent Indian child.

    Frustrated by hopelessness and blinded by the thick fog, it grows from the depths of the jungle, a glimmer that embraces an old and leafy tree guayusa. In it, lies an owl with penetrating eyes and sympathetic look that symbolizes the reincarnation of the child.

    Thereafter Wajuko, the owl, became the night watchman and symbolizes hope in this eastern town.

  • Agency: Design Bridge
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Flora ProActiv
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Margarine

    Independent brand design agency Design Bridge today announce details of their work creating the new packaging design and visual identity for Flora ProActiv. The new logo, typography, visual identity and photography style position ProActiv as a premium lifestyle brand and reflect the powerful duality of the ‘pro’ and ‘activ’ of its name: the scientific expertise behind its active ingredient, plant sterols, and the healthy lifestyle it promotes.

    Birgitte Woehlk, Group Brand Guardian at Design Bridge commented, “ProActiv launched 15 years ago as a premium sub-brand of Flora with a mission to help people reduce their cholesterol. Over the years the packaging has lost the sense of what makes it so unique: its active ingredient, plant sterols, that help reduce cholesterol levels. Our challenge was to create a new identity system that clearly positioned Flora ProActiv as a premium brand with clinically proven cholesterol-lowering benefits; a brand that people who aspire to look after their health are proud to have in their home and which warrants the higher price point.

    To achieve this Design Bridge have strengthened the ProActiv brand name and identity on and off the pack.

    Chloe Templeman, Design Director at Design Bridge, “The new identity enhances the duality of ProActiv’s name. ‘Pro’ appears in a clean, white font against a dark green background, representing ProActiv’s professional expertise, scientific efficacy and important health benefits. In contrast we used an energetic, vibrant orange font for ‘Activ’ to symbolise the positive benefits of a healthier, more active lifestyle that ProActiv encourages.”

  • Agency: Molivi - Design Studio
    Art Director: Vicky Chrisafoudi
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: OSFE-Logiscoop
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Tube/cream, syrup

    ‘HealthCare’ is a new dynamic brand of OTC pharmacy products created by OSFE-Logiscoop.

    The brief: Create an easy to recognize, functional packaging design which stands out on the shelf while projecting a modern pharmaceutical image.

    The project: We developed a simple packaging design, with vibrant colours to differentiate each product category. All important information is concentrated in a circle while with clear anthropocentric vectors we indicated the point on which the medicine acts. The brand we designed conveys the values of trusted and advanced pharmaceutical products.