• Design & Illustration: Kuocheng Liao
    Co-design & Package Design: Midnight Design
    Client: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
    Product Photographer: 李阮修
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Taipei Metro system, this One-day Pass Ticket design features 20 unique city images, in which 20 Taiwan macaque monkeys are looking for celestial peaches. In Taiwanese culture peach represents longevity and 2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac.

    20 Taipei city spots, depicted in a semi-abstract style with minimal forms and vivid colors, reflect the lively and bustling atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

  • Design Agency: 2S Global Design
    Creative Director: Sophie
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Virginie Taittinger
    Location: Paris, France
    Packaging Contents: Champagne
    Packaging Materials: Cartons

    For VIRGINIE T., her own brand of exceptional mature vintages, Virginie Taittinger was looking for a visual identity and packaging that would be consistent with the two key values of her House:

    Innovation - which is reflected both in the way the champagne is made and in its exclusive distribution via the website of the brand. Traditional ancestral know-how - which is so specific to great champagnes

    Classical motifs in a Second Empire style have been livened up by bright colours that reflect the modernity of the packaging innovation: a case that turns into a champagne bucket and can hold chilled water for several hours. Thanks to thermochromic ink, the VIRGINIE T. marking at the back of the bottle changes from white to red when the ideal serving temperature of 8°C is reached.

  • Design Agency: Wedge & Lever
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hurley
    Location: Costa Mesa, CA, USA

    Before production of View From A Blue Moon (an action sports film starring John Florence) began, we knew that a print piece would be just as critical to the project’s success as the film. A plan was developed to have photographers on hand to meticulously document every moment of the production process. Between these photographers, John Florence’s personal images, and terabytes of 4K footage to pull framegrabs from, there’d be more than enough visual content to create the in-depth documentation of the three-year project.

    When production wrapped, nearly 50,000 images were cataloged. After three rounds of photo editing, we got the image selects down to a much more manageable amount: 2,000. These selects ranged from decades-old family photos to RED framegrabs shot from helicopters flying over desolate stretches of African coastline. We then collaborated with CR Stecyk III and the Hurley team to craft the written content, which ranges from unguarded interviews with the cast and crew to long-form essays.

    It was crucial that the book and film felt like extensions of one another. For the look and feel, we extended the black-on-black aesthetic common throughout the film’s branding and focused on specialized printing techniques to instill a perception of understated sophistication. The book’s content structure mirrors the film, with each chapter identified by its starting timecode of hours, minutes, seconds, and frames.

    The entire book production process, from concept to final product in hand, was nine months. We had countless internal rounds of design and editing before presenting the nearly-final product to John Florence, Blake Vincent Kueny (the Director), and the Hurley team. From there we made our finishing touches before working closely with the factory to move into production. The final product is something that we hope exists on a bookshelf for years to come.

  • Designer: Damien Poeymiroo
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: ECV Aquitaine
    Course: Identité visuelle
    Tutor: Arnaud Lacoste
    Location: Bordeaux, France
    Packaging Contents: Pink wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    "Bordeaux Rosé" is a brand of rosé wine sold in France.

    My project is based on the discovery of the city by the bottle. The city is divided into eight districts, each with a logo referring to the architecture or places of this area.

    The bottle is packed in a city map on which the buyer can find the different parts of the city. On this city map, we find the most famous places in the city (places, parks, gardens, streets) but also some more unusual and less known place.

    The objective of packaging is to discover the city, offering people to go with friends in the best places in town to enjoy their bottle of "Bordeaux Rosé".

  • Designer: Andreu Zaragoza
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: SiliconeArtz
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Tattoable silicone arms
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard

    SiliconeArtz is a company that manufactures human body silicone reproductions intended to tattoo practice and exhibition. The packaging is designed for transport and protection, but it's specially useful as a frame to expose the artworks inked in the synthetic skin. The frontal opening let us open a window so the piece inside the package can be shown and keep stable and protected at the same time.

  • Design Agency: twomatch!
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Thessaloniki Greece
    Location: Lakoma, Chalkidikis, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper and Glass

    Ktima Iatridis is a new winery with three young oenological in Lakoma Chalkidikis in Greece

    Youthful design series of semi-sweet wine with the title TREIS (3) . In the public mind and the distribution points (restaurants - winebar) created a label with minimal basic element perforated 3. The contrast of special paper with the exposed surface of 3 feels like a variable component changes while the wine consume.

  • Design Agency: Estudio Piorno
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Faúndez Gourmet
    Location: Zamora, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Boletus Edulis
    Packaging Materials: Paper, Steel

    Faúndez gourmet presents a new image for Boletus Edulis conserved in olive oil. This variety is for Spanish gourmet experience.

    The design is adapted for three different products in the same style.

  • Design Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sodiko (Belgium)
    Location: Moldova

    Redesign of “Kentucky Jack” bourbon

    One of the famous Belgium company “Sodiko” has contacted design studio 43’oz for label redesign of bourbon “Kentucky Jack”. As the old design has gone out of date the task was focused on modern restyling of the product look.
    In a new design we’ve developed an idea of using one of the present illustrations turning it to the key visual of the renew product. We’ve added the tabular zone, which is typical for classic performance of a given product category.

    Label design is performed in a light scale and stands in contrast with the colour of a drink.

  • Designers: Jone Miskinyte and Ineta Plytnykiene
    Photographer: Greta Gedminaite
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Jewellery
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    “Pusės Pusė” - is love story inspired jewellery line, meticulously created as a wearable conversation piece. Clear and minimalistic talismans look similar at a first glance, but they are all unique- telling a different Vilnius City love story. What magic tale? - a secret subtly revealed on the side of the talisman: where an etched story symbol appears. During the day they are filled with light, awaking at night - as they begin to shine. “Pusės pusė” - a jewellery line created for a stylish city culture enthusiasts, who cherishes their history.

  • Designer: Quintin Caldwell
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Chicago Portfolio School
    Course: Branding
    Tutor: Graham Ebetsch
    Location: Chicago, United States
    Packaging Contents: Peanut Butter
    Packaging Materials: Plastic Jar

    The purpose of this rebrand was to elevate Peter Pan, an American peanut butter staple since 1920, beyond its food safety transgressions for good. Though the brand's issues occurred almost a decade ago, the Peter Pan website still makes direct reference to them on it's homepage and many grocery chains have yet to place their products back on shelves.

    And so an effort was made to revamp the brand, implementing a hand lettered style in the logo that triggers both nostalgia and modernity. The succinct icon system uses recognizable shapes from the classic Disney film, which Peter Pan Peanut Butter has made direct connections with. Like the never-ending feud between Captain Hook and Peter, playful type illustrates the dichotomy of the brand's world and allows the labels to dive deeper into the timeless magic of Peter Pan. This depth can also be seen in each label's layers, from the active silhouettes above the logo to the shadowed scenes running along the packaging's bottom edge.

  • Design Agency: Kidstudio
    Illustrator: Stefania Pelliccia
    Photographer: Stefano Casati
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Florence, Italy
    Packaging Contents: Beer, Olive Oil
    Packaging Materials: Hard Paper, Glass

    Beer has taken on a new life. The craft product par excellence, it has now become another of the countless jewels of Italian style. Made by a countryside, esquisite Master Brewer in Tuscany, the beer from Le Selezioni de La Bottega can now be found and tasted at the renowed restaurants, in exclusive. Two flavours, the archetypical Blonde (Bionda) and Blanche (Weiss/Bianca), with the design that made La Bottega world famous. This time, with a guest: the Chimera of Arezzo, one of the great masterpieces of pre-Roman Tuscany. An ancient beast, surveying and representing the eternal grace of our land.

    Olive oil is the perfect representative of an entire culture. In Italy, oil can change from region to region, from town to town and from hill to hill. There is no thing like an “Italian oil”, as every farmer produces his own and does it in a peculiar, recognizable way.

    The one from Le Selezioni de La Bottega is among the most intense and flavourful Tuscan oils.

    Tasted and chosen directly by Michelin-starred Chefs Gasbarro and Airaudo, it needed the same care as any other part of La Bottega affair.

    Sold in elegant and minimalistic tubes, it can be bought exclusively at the Restaurants and is used on daily basis as dressing or as tasting device.

  • Design Agency: Swop
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Calendar
    Packaging Materials: Printed Paper

    The DIY Swop dodecahedron Calendar comes in two parts that are assembled without the use of glue. It forms a dodecahedron, with a month in each side of the actual solid.

  • Design Agency: Panfilov & Yushko Cg
    Designer: Dmitry Panfilov
    Illustrator: Tatiana Trikoz
    Pre-press: Maxim Vikhlyantsev
    Prototyping: Kirill Turchin
    Photographer: Andrew Fomenko
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Strizament
    Location: Stavropol, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Strizament
    Tags: Tinctures, spirits, berries, roots, herbs, glass, wood, paper wine

    A series from 5 tinctures "Old Doctor" is cast by pharmaceutical theme and an aesthetics of the pre-revolutionary period. Classical recipes received new reading, were added with the new.

    Recipes are numbered and divided in the flowers for convenience of perception. Labels are executed in the muffled scale on wine paper and decorated with a generalized character of the pre-revolutionary doctor and the press like that doctors at that time put.

    Tinctures differ in bright tastes of the natural ingredients used in preparation. In confirmation to that in each bottle are according to taste: goji berries, root of a ginseng, guelder-rose berry, Sudanese rose.
    This work is performed in close cooperation with the "Strizhament" company. Together we passed a big way from idea to a serial product.

  • Design & Typography: Yani Arabena & Guille Vizzari
    Photography: Tamara Hintze
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Identity and Package design for the new Cold Drip® Coffee, handmade and presented by All Saints Cafe –a beautiful and cosy specialty coffee shop based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    From its origins in Ecuador Loja –2100 m.– thanks to a brewing process of 18 hours this product offers a very high punctuation of 90, with a mixture of citric and beer flavours.

  • Design Agency: Existence Design Co., Ltd.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Awards: 2016 iF design award
    Client: Mu Fenghua Creative Marketing Co.,Ltd
    Location: Taichung, Taiwan
    Packaging Contents: Tea packaging
    Packaging Materials: Paper, Cans

    Take the time for a cup of tea to savor a cup of fine tea. The time for a cup of tea is 14 minutes, just the right amount of time to unwind and to organize your thoughts. Be it the sunrise, the noon, or the dusk after sunset, your most treasured companion will be a cup of good tea. “The Best Tea Time of the Day” is designed with horizontal lines, a simple but powerful geometric shape that tells stories and conveys the brand’s belief in ample emotions. The design represents the three cups of tea, that is, the three moments of blissful calmness for us every day.

    Our design team at Existence Design traveled to mountainous regions in misty clouds and conversed with tea trees and the Mother Nature. At 2,450 meters above sea level, our team found unforgettably-refreshing and luscious tea. After thorough consultation with the client, our team has translated the stories we heard and the warmth we felt into actual design concepts and elements. In the design, the brand’s name, the color theme, the visual communication, and the packaging are all harmoniously put together. Everyone who comes across this design can feel the brand’s philosophy and attention to details.

  • Design Agency: Existence Design Co., Ltd.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Awards: 2014 Red Star Design Award, 2014 iF design award, 2014 reddot award
    Client: Qinhetang International Co., Ltd
    Location: Taichung, Taiwan
    Packaging Contents: Tea gift set
    Packaging Materials: Cotton material, Paper, Cans

    A baking art of tea inherited from four generations in one century, which smelling and tasting good with years.

    "Qin Sheng Breeze series”, originated from an old master who has been in charge of baking ripe tea with unique longan charcoal in Qinhetang (沁和堂), and the concept is inspired from the scene of hard work with presentation of Qinhetang’s attitude of life behind the brand in its style of packaging, incorporated with both Oriental Tea art and Japanese Zen; the package uses black to create a visual atmosphere of carbon-like baking tea with unique printing on the can, showing a slightly three-dimensional grainy texture of hand feels, where the special silk screen effect makes the whole picture as if in the severe tea-making field at 60℃; the tea baked by heating longan consecutively remains calm and to be the signature style with timeless and unique charm. Qinhetang, with one century of history, creates the tea refreshing people’s mind, deserving more and more tastes and collection. Qinsheng Breeze Signature Gift Set wins design awards and the reported news in the media and the press sharply increases the recognition.

  • Design Agency: VRS WPI Vilnius
    Designer: Marija Mikulskienė
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: www.gerove.lt Gerovė
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Humus spray
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Gerovė presents a new product - HUMUS spreads in a variety of four different tastes. It's a gourmet artisan product.

    What's Unique?
    The label is printed on a textured paper which adds feeling to the design.

  • Designer: Giang Ong
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: Ho chi minh city, Vietnam
    Packaging Contents: Money notes
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    At the present, many children do not know and understand what the Tet (the Lunar New Year in Vietnam) is. They just know that the Tet holiday which is the day they can receive lucky money and they use them to buy some stuffs. Therefore, I choose Red Envelope to tell a short story for them to understand deeply what the traditional lunar new year is. Moreover, I chose Four Holy Animals of the Vietnamese and 4 elements that are combined together to create a renovation red envelope.

  • Design Agency: Robot Food
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Premier Foods
    Location: Leeds, UK
    Packaging Contents: Sauces
    Packaging Materials: Plastic pouch

    Homepride serves up new All American Sticky Sauces

    Inspired by the trend for authentic American cooking, Homepride’s new All American Sticky Sauce range provides a quick, easy and delicious coating ideal for chicken, ribs, sausages and chops. Robot Food cooked up the design.

    Homepride wanted a sub-brand design that would grab consumers’ attention, and hold its own against key competitors. In the spirit of creating impact, Robot Food pushed beyond the brief to create a punchy ‘big brand’ design that would also help kick off Homepride’s fresh approach to NPD.

  • Designer: Jidapha Tiantongnukul (Jida)
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: RMIT university
    Course: Bachelor of Design (Communication design)
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beer
    Packaging Materials: Glass bottle print on white ink

    Farmette is an Australian brand made by two mates, their tagline is “made slow to taste better”.

    A simple/ clean and modern design is create to reflects people lifestyle nowadays. The logo is in a handwritten form to balance out the design and give more dynamic with playful and organic vibe looking to the overall design; which are also approachable for almost every target group.

    In addition, considering about how the bottle will be presented from different perspective. The vertical format design will helps audience read the logo and the beer’s detail nice and clear when the customer is drinking.

  • Design Agency: Clik
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Prana Drinks
    Location: Thaxted, UK
    Packaging Contents: Raw Organic Kombucha
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    Prana is an alternative drinks company, about to brew up a storm with their debut product on the market; raw organic kombucha. This tasty beverage known as “booch” is an ancient tea-based drink with serious sass! They came to us at the beginning of 2015 in need of some kickass branding, and we immediately knew we wanted to be a part of this very exciting project!

    The Brief:
    Prana (which is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life force’) is made by vegans – for everyone. For gym enthusiasts, for the health conscious and for people who want an alcohol free alternative when out in bars, clubs and pubs. Our challenge therefore, was to design a brand identity that would appeal to this target audience – not the typical brand of kombucha that you only see in health food stores (though of course you will be able to find it there too!), but a brand that sits comfortably next to alcoholic beverages in a pub or club also.

    Once we had a solid understanding of their needs and goals, we set to work creating a brand identity that is authentic and communicates exactly who Prana are to their audience. The lip print logo design came to both of us independently; thinking about life force, breath, lips – it was one of those “I’ve just had this thought” followed by an “OMG! So did I!!!” moments, when you just know something is right! Bold, sexy, and full of sass, the design captures the essence of Prana perfectly and they absolutely loved it straight away. We chose a different colour to represent each current flavour, and as new flavours are introduced, so will new colours be introduced to the branding.

    The packaging design had to be eye catching in order to jump straight off the shelves (whether that be in a store, a pub or club) into consumers’ hands! Wanting to break away from the traditional clear bottle with a hippy design you typically associate with kombucha, we opted instead for an amber bottle which will not only sit comfortably at a bar, but also preserves the contents better. After looking at a lot of different options (and we mean a lot!), we decided on a premium material for the label that is beautifully textured and resistant to immersion in ice/icy water.

  • Design Agency: Tough Slate Design
    Art Director/ Designer: Dima Tsapko
    Art Director/ Designer/ Illustrator: Roman Davydyuk
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Porkatarian
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    Packaging Contents: BBQ Sauce
    Packaging Materials: Glass, paper

    BBQ is usually associated with meat. Is there any solution for for those, who do not eat pork? Using Pork as a lovely hero on the label would deny thoughts of eating it. On the contrary, Porkatarian is offering a solution to grill vegetables instead of meat, thus promoting a healthy eating style - The Porkatarian.

  • Design Agency: Animist
    Creative Director: Koray Bacanakgil
    Art Director: Merve Deniz Udunluer
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Toyon
    Location: Izmir, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Toyon is a new brand company that produces wine. The name "Toyon" is an old Turkish god in shaman religion.

    Wine names are come from color names of old Turkish. "Kızgıl" is red, "Ağca" is white and "Gülgun" is pink. So, Kızgıl is Toyon's red wine, Ağca is Toyon's white wine and Gülgun is Toyon's rose wine. The concept is related with the old Turkish culture.

  • Designer: Robinsson Cravents
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Tea leaves
    Location: Medellín, Colombia

    We are well travelled and studied. We learned how it’s done, and how it’s not. We keep learning, and sharing. It is all about the know-how, and the know-who. We respect tradition and give it a whole new meaning. Experience Culteavo: a tea state of mind.

    What’s in a name:
    Culteavo was inspired by the deeper meaning of the verb “cultivate”: to foster the growth of... not just tea, but the mind, soul and spirit. Culteavo is culture, community, wellness, awareness, awakening of the senses.