• Creative agency: Asprey Creative
    Client: Vesco Foods
    Location: Australia
    Project type: Commercial work

    Independent Australian manufacturer Vesco Foods are an established player in the frozen food category, so they understand that everyday Australians live busy lives and need convenient yet genuinely tasty food options. They gave us an ambitious brief to create a new concept within frozen food that would reinvent the category.

    Our task was to brand a new range of snap frozen meals that was genuinely healthy - one that would attract new health-conscious consumers to a tired and somewhat mistrusted frozen meal section. Each meal in the range features recipes containing powerful super foods which deliver on both taste and wellbeing.

    We created Super Nature - a confident challenger brand which communicates its wellbeing positioning in a bold and highly differentiated way. This packaging tells a wonderful story of the combination of freshness and naturalness, health and taste, and convenience and quality. And does it in a way that also delivers great stand out in a category obsessed with low calorie offerings and convenience at the expense of health and taste.

    The Super Nature website - supernaturefoods.com.au - is a fun extension to our positioning and the visual style of this brand, and is designed to give consumers even more information on the health benefits of Super Nature’s ingredients.

  • Creative Agency: Chul
    Client: MSSV
    Location: Los Angeles, USA
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Packaging for the new line of MSSV wireless headphones.

    Flux headphones has a minimalist, elegant feel reflective of the premium nature of the products delivering high definition wireless sound.

  • Creative Agency: BasileADV
    Designer: Andrea Basile
    Client: Gelati Aloha
    Location: Italy
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Frutteto!!! Fruits emptied of their pulp and then filled with ice-cream derived from it. Simple and natural ingredients, carefully prepared to obtain a unique product of its kind, the fruit filled with ice-cream, where the flavour of each fruit reflects its original taste.

    The artisanship in the manufacture, the originality and the choice of raw materials make the fruit filled with ice-cream, a unique and excellent product.

    BasileADV is a small and dynamic creative studio based in Italy driven by big ideas and big challenges.

    We shape how brands communicate by crafting insightful strategies and authentic design solutions, we work with a wide range of clients producing creative solutions for web and print. As a team we take great pride in developing solutions that are functional, usable, and visually elegant.

  • Designer: Andrea Talone
    Location: Milano / Italy
    Project Type: Student Project

    Asterik & Hash is a young brand, candid and funny, which wants to joke with its customers.

    It incarnates the characteristics of the friends with whom you like to drink a good beer.

  • Creative Agency: Keumyang International Brand PR Team
    Designer: Jonny Kim
    Client: Keumyang International
    Location: Seoul / South Korea
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Package design of small sized wine.

    DADA totally new wine focused on concept has open-mind and don’t be accepted formal wine image

    Wine name comes from movement of DADAISM

    Powerful and simply remember wine brand that motivated brand name

  • Designer: Francesc Moret Vayreda
    Client: JOC
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    It is a classic challenge for many sons the relationship with the father in law. That’s why we are shown either frontally, using the optical effect with the against shape of the glass. This is stamped in a way that, while we evacuate the bottle, the glass is emptied.

  • Designer: Francesc Moret Vayreda
    Additional Credits: septimo.co
    Client: Cuckoo Fruits
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Developing an identity and packaging based on the naming, Cuckoo. A very selective and picky bird about the fruit. It’s been developed a concept where the counterform in identity and the explicit design of the product, makes Cuckoo the main character.

  • Creative Agency: Estúdio Dharma
    Client: Dom Eliseo
    Location: Bento Gonçalves / Brazil
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The Winery Boutique Don Eliseo brings a lot of truth in your story because it works hard in grape cultivation which is the raw material to provide the juice, a natural energy extraordinary, made with 100% grape without added sugar, water or preservatives.

    The labels for the Grape Juice Sun Eliseo been redesigned from inspirations that go beyond the traditional culture linked to the cultivation of vines.

    We work on special finishes that made the elegant and sophisticated label by adding more value to the product. We used a unique texture which results in a velvety touch, creating a single, positive consumer experience.

  • Creative Agency: Oloramara Design
    Client: SkinnyMint
    Location: Gijón, Asturias, Spain
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    SkinnyMint is a new brand based in Singapore that cares about women's health, body and life style. Its first product is a new Teatox program that helps you to detoxify & lose weight. With our creativity, we have tried to represent this new brand's youthful soul, using a cosmetic style and a feminine color range. White background, clear elements and minimal style is used in order to represent SkinnyMint’s personality.

  • Creative Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Albastrele Wines
    Location: Moldova
    Project type: Commercial Work

    Label design for a series of semisweet wines “Alior”

    We were tasked to develop label design for a series of semisweet, ordinary wines of “Alior” Trade Mark. One of the suggested design concepts, that was later approved by the client, had a classic wine theme inside of the modern interpretation. Laconic manner of performance was well executed thanks to typography that resulted traditional product in a present-day appearance.

  • Collaboration project: Grantipo & La Despensa
    Client: OAK wine
    Location: Madrid / Spain
    Project Type: Concept

    This is an ongoing collaboration project between Grantipo and La Despensa.

    The idea is to create a bottle made with the same wood of cask used to keep the wine, so we wont break the cycle of fermentation such as when using other materials. Thus keeping the wine in the same habitat from the beginning to the end of the process.

    We know that fermentation in a confined space is different from a barrel and we are studing its behavior with winemakers.

    We hope that soon the prototype can be marketed.

  • Creative agency: Motto
    Location: USA
    Project type: Commercial work

    Munk Pack is the first ever ready-to-eat Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze packed with super foods. From their corporate lives to their camping adventures, Founders Toby and Michelle were always looking for quick, healthy, great tasting foods. Tired of bars, they started experimenting with oatmeal smoothies in reusable pouches. Turns out, the pouch isn’t just for babies and apple sauce – adults love the convenience while biking, running, hiking, commuting, or working at their desks.

    The brand centers on the tiny but mighty chipmunk, whose adventurous spirit and healthy diet is brought to life in the brand story. Throughout the process, Motto worked hand in hand with Munk Pack to fine-tune the strategy, messaging, packaging concept and language. Designing an outdoor-inspired brand experience that reflects an appreciation for wholesome goodness inspired by nature.

  • Creative agency: Viewpoint branding agency
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Project type: Concept

    Craft beer concept design "Mr.Smith"

    He knows everything about beer, but nobody knows who is he.
    He could be anyone - a neighbor at the bar, a teacher at the child's school, а friend at the family's tableful.
    He makes the best beer.
    He is a genius maker in southern coast of Britain.

  • Creative Agency: Lundgren+Lindqvist
    Photography: Kalle Sanner
    Client: O/O Brewing
    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The pitch black Baltic Porter is the latest addition to O/O Brewing's growing range of beers. Baltic Porter is a beer style indigenous to northern Europe. It is similar to the English Porter, originating from the strong Porters and Stouts that were shipped to the Russian empire throughout the 1800s. The Baltic Porters are usually very dark in colour with high notes of coffee and chocolate flavour.

    The dark beer with its Baltic provenance, with shores facing the Baltic Sea, led us think about the work of artist Karen Gunderson. We have long admired her edge-to-edge paintings of black seas and when O/O started to plan the release of their pitch black Baltic Porter, she was the perfect match. Consequently, we approached Gunderson which led to a collaboration for the Baltic Porter labels, for which we used her painting 'Churning Grace - Out to Sea'.

  • Creative Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Location: Europe
    Project type: Commercial work

    Nearly 150 years ago American dairyman William Lawrence created the first cream cheese – Philadelphia – in New York. In 2013, Dragon Rouge embarked on a radical redesign and re-positioning of the iconic brand, which is launching across Europe over the next few months.

    The new positioning captures what we all love about food and eating - a diverse range of tastes, textures, sensations, colours and choice of ingredients. This is illustrated through a photographic style that boldly breaks the boredom of food routine. It celebrates the appeal of effortlessly preparing beautiful and tasty food that is good and delicious.

    The logo has been carefully crafted to work when overlaying the brand photography and across various print and digital channels that range from the recipe booklets that will accompany each pot of Philadelphia to the brand’s Facebook page. We’ve introduced a colour system that complements the flavours and generates visual impact in store and at each touch point with Philadelphia customers.

    The online brand visual identity book sustains the integrity of the Philadelphia vision to Spread Deliciousness by inspiring beautiful, easy to prepare food and creating moments of deliciousness.

    In the UK, the redesign is being rolled out across the Plain, Light and Lightest variants, but also all flavour variants, including Salmon & Dill, Spring Onion & Black Pepper, Garlic & Herbs, Sweet Chilli, Grilled Peppers, Chives and Cucumber.

  • Creative Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Location: Worldwide
    Project type: Commercial work

    The healthier way to fuel kids through the day

    Building on its strong reputation as provider of oat-based products born out of natural Scottish provenance and positive oat benefits, Nairns Oatcakes identified an opportunity for a new child-orientated oat biscuit range. Aware of parents’ dilemma when the school-approved ‘healthy’ foods they add to their children’s packed lunches often remain uneaten, they wished to introduce a dynamic new brand offering the optimum combination of health, fun, great taste and kid appeal to keep parent, school and child happy.

    So Nairns explored the potential for a healthier fun snack targeted at primary school stage achieving gatekeeper mum approval and exciting enough for discerning kids. First and foremost this would need to address sugar concerns – offering a great-tasting product without sugar overload – and thus exploiting several ‘truths’ within the Nairns brand: wholesome, natural, sustaining ingredients; ability to deliver a crunchy, tempting snack; flexibility to create mini baked shapes with maximum ‘play’ value.

    Having worked with Nairns for a number of years, Dragon Rouge was delighted to help define the opportunity and create the brand.

    Using our category knowledge and insights to create engaging Nairns-endorsed concepts, we researched propositions with mums and their children identifing the most appealing route and most motivating product.

    The result, a space-themed range of crunchy oaty mini biscuits, flecked with dried fruit, in colourful little bags sold in 5-pack cartons, named Astro Bites. Astro Bites boasts 40% less sugar than other biscuits in the childrens’ category – a big plus point for mums – and the space facts and collectible stickers make it fun and engaging for kids. Our design is bold and catchy, designed for high impact on a busy shelf, and the proposition is set to add a new truly sustaining, tasty and fun option to the healthy lunchbox and after school repertoire.

    Deborah Carter, Client Director at Dragon Rouge says “it's always a joy to create a new brand from scratch and we were delighted to work with the Nairns team on a new brand that ticks all the right boxes in terms of taste, fun, good sustaining energy, mum approval and play value. Astro Bites deserves to come top of the class in the healthy school, home or on the go snack arena.”

    Astro Bites is launching in stores across the UK, ready for the new school year!

  • Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
    Art Director: Lars Elfman
    Copywriter: Martin Ringqvist / John Schoolcraft
    Graphic designer: Christoffer Persson
    Client: Oatly
    Location: Sweden
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The brief was to redesign a complete product line for Oatly, a small Swedish manufacturer of oat based foods and drinks. The products are completely vegan and really great for both yourself and the planet as a whole. A nutritious alternative to milk without going thru the body of a cow. But how could we attract the mainstream audience, not only vegans and people with allergies?

    Oatly is a tiny company with huge ambitions. They have a lot to say and want to be in the middle of the discussion concerning sustainability and health. The only problem is that their media budget is, to put it mildly, limited. Which is why we decided to treat the packaging as Oatly’s main media channel, as an advertising space in itself.
    FYI: The word "Havredryck" is Swedish for Oat Drink.

  • Creative Agency: Pavlov’s design
    Client: Ltd. Gamma
    Location: Ryazan, Russia
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    To work out the logo for the trading mark “Gamma Uvlechniy” and to create design for the plasticine “Solnishko”. This product is bought by parents for their kids to be used in kindergartens and at school. Plasticine is manufactured in 6 types of the packing: from 6 to 18 colors.

    The main symbol of the new logo is the open kid’s hand. It is stylized as the tricky face of the child, who is always willing to create smth new. This logo fully reflects the main idea of the brand – to create new with happiness.

    Let it be Sun was decided in Pavlov’s design. So we made up small plasticine stories the main hero of which is Solnishko (Sun). And after that the Winter Solnishko appeared which sculpts a snowman, Spring Solnishko – lets toy boats, Fall Solnishko – picks up mushrooms. This packing shows by itself that plasticine meant not only to create toy figures but the whole toy worlds as well. And then we moved far ahead and decided to make not only that kind of packing which teaches but also entertains. So the funny games appeared on the back side of the packing “Find the difference”, which will be interesting for children, we hope.
    All the packing are nice and funny stories. Find this plasticine in shops and your kids will be happy! Let everybody has his Solnishko at home!