• Produced by: DesignCode
    Creative Director: Hiroshi Tsunoda
    Photos: Pablo Axpe
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine or champagne
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard, paper

    Dress up your bottles and dazzle your clients!

    BACO and NYSA works as both case for a bottle of wine or cava and an ingenious lamp. Their versatility and attractive design make BACO and NYSA an innovative communication tool for brands and companies associated with the wine culture.

    BACO and NYSA are created as elegant cases for a standard size bottle of wine or champagne which then transform into a stylish lamp to be used as a decorative piece by the final consumer.

    BACO and NYSA are 100% customisable and can be adapted to the corporate identity of each one of our clients. Working from the five standard models of white, black, gold, silver and kraft, our clients can customise the article by changing its colour, choosing between matte or gloss and adding their logo or adapting the profile image on the screen.

    BACO and NYSA are made from card, making them easy to recycle. The cover includes protection for the bottle, specifically designed to adapt to different bottle diametres and an electrical cable so the cover can then be used as a lamp.

  • Designer: Jessica Sjöstedt
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Champagne
    Location: Karlstad, Sweden

    Breaking the code. The task was to create a new and innovative package for champagne.

  • Agency: Mara Rodríguez Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cafés Vecino
    Location: Gijón, Asturias, Spain
    Packaging Content" Ground & Bean Coffee
    Packaging Materials: Plastic and Aluminium

    New Vecino ground and bean coffee packaging design.

    A straight, contemporary and different design that breaks with the aesthetic of supermarket coffees that normally used brown, black or warm colors.

    We played with bright colors and rounded and sans-serif typography. The first letter of each flavor name defines the range . For the bean packaging we create a bean stamp in other to make it easier to differ one from the other.

  • Agency: Identica
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Evolution Spirits
    Location: North America

    Zane Lamprey, comedian, actor, producer and writer asked Identica to redesign his rum - Monkey. The previous design had been centred around Pleepleus, Zane's monkey, which, though well know by his fans lacked the sophisticated, premium cues and credibility needed for it to thrive in the spirits category.

    Identica has given Monkey character to allow its personality to shine through, creating a light hearted fun brand to enjoy sharing, and at the same time making it more stylish.

    Its new distinctive design showcases the rum's barrel aged process, a key element of the brand story, with Monkey's fun spirit reflected in the inclusion of Zane's Pleepleus monkey logo embossed on the barrel bottle. Around the label we created intriguing stories and secret messages for fans to discover to remind them of the origins of the product.

    Keith Davie, Identica’s Design Director says, “This was our chance to have some fun with the bottle and labelling. We knew that Zane’s buoyant personality needed to be communicated at all times and I think we’ve done that successfully. If you look a little closer to the label and bottle there are some hidden treasures –telling a compelling story is paramount today.”

  • Designer: Andrzej Jakuszko
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Plastilab
    Location: Poland
    Packaging Contents: Quick-dry aerosol synthetic rubber

    Quick-dry aerosol synthetic rubber used on different surfaces. Durable coating of the rubber protects, insulates and decorates a covered slope. Robust in operation, easy to remove after it. Non-conductive, scratch resistant, serves an excellent impregnation. Ideal for color change of the car body components and as a preventive coating. Easy to apply, provides an effective alternative to PVC foil.

  • Designer: Dani Bydani
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: EASD Soria
    Course: 3º Grado
    Location: Palencia, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine and lamp
    Packaging Materials: Glass and paper

    The main concept of this project is the recycling, transforming an empty bottle of wine in a lamp, thereby, it fulfils one of the aims of this product, which is to go along with the couple throughout the date, from the beginning with the opening of the bottle, to the end with the light of the lamp.

    The principal reference of my project is a Peter Behrens´s poster, where both concepts of the product (the wine and the lamp) are unified.

    What's Unique?
    My project is unique because it transforms a bottle of wine on a lamp when it is finished so this product is a union between recycling and wine creating a lamp.

  • Designer: Mercedes Avila
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Packaging Content: Cosmetic products - Hand soap and body butter
    Packaging Material: Plastic

    Balance is a concept for high quality organic cosmetics. The design is inspired in botanical illustrations with a modern and minimalist twist.

  • Designer: Anton Synytsia Leggo
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Ukraine
    Packaging Content: Vinyl

    Packaging for the vinyl with two tech house tracks on it. Two hands brown and ivory symbolize the spirit of this two tracks - the light and hypnotized one and the hard and dark one. Like two opposite substances, which are though made by one person. This project symbolizes the duality of everything.

    As we are the masters of our life we make everything by our own hands. We live the music we create - the bright one or the dark one. Our power is in creating. Every single day. Because the world will listen to our music. And we don't have to be bright or dark. We just have to be convincing.

  • Designer: Andrew Timme
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Fort Hays State Univeristy
    Course: Portfolio
    Tutor: Chaiwat Thumsujarit
    Location: Hays, KS
    Packaging Contents: 1 canvas knapsack, 1 game board, various terrain blocks, 6 playing pieces, 1 instruction booklet, 1 die, and 1 deck of cards
    Packaging Materials: Wood, sculpey, acrylic paint, canvas, paper, and chipboard

    Choose your forest animal and make your way through the forest, but be on the watch for predators that might halt your progress or trails to speed up your journey. Be the first to cross the mountains and win the game.

    The terrain is made with a series of interchangeable blocks so that you can customize the game and make it different each time. The cards also include facts about each of the playable character that not only effect the game, but will teach you about the forest animal kingdom.

    What's Unique?
    The challenge we were presented with for this project was to make a creative variation of the classic Chutes and Ladders board game.

  • Designer: Tyler Kruger
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Fort Hays State Univeristy
    Course: Portfolio
    Tutor: Chaiwat Thumsujarit
    Location: Hays, KS, USA
    Packaging Contents: Paper ream, spray adhesive, matte and gloss medium, masking tape, pencils, and sketch book
    Packaging Materials: Various items to package, paper, ink, adhesive, vinyl

    Fifty/50 is built upon the idea of the two halves of design: you and your tools. Fifty/50 is a precision art supply line from the parent company Letraset.

    Fifty/50 is designed toward precision art supplies, rather than craft supplies. The overall design system reinforces the concept of precision by using clean lines and high contrasting colors. However, because this is still an art supply line, elements like ink overlays were used to give a handmade feel as well.

    What's Unique?
    Fifty/50 was created to appeal fill a niche of designer based art supplies. With so many art supply products, they mainly cater toward office supplies or fine artists. Fifty/50 was aimed toward a more analytical creative, using clean lines and subtle natural textures.

  • Designers: Paula Sánchez Carpio & Laia Truque Lavedán
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Photography: Jose M López Sanz
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: ELISAVA

    El bon vermut is a take away pack which allows the costumers to enjoy and share a Mediterranean aperitif anywhere: in a park, in the beach, in the office…

    We created a Brand inspired by the lettering and the aesthetic of the Mediterranean/ Barcelona taverns. The package has an inside handmade printing/pattern like the ones are drawn on the blackboard menus of the Mediterranean taverns.

  • Agency: BLOW
    Location: Hong Kong
    Packaging Material: Astrobrights papers

    In the last two years, BLOW has collaborated with Polytrade Paper to design the “Flowergala” and “Fishion” Chinese New Year red pocket series with the colourful, vibrant and environmental friendly astrobrights papers. In 2015, we are proud to present our new astrobrights Chinese New Year red pocket design with a set of 16 contemporary red pocket designs under the theme, “Fly High”.

  • Designer: Mô Kalache
    Client: Muse - Chocolate Concept
    Location: Beirut, Lebanon
    Food photography: Tarek Korkomaz
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Branding and Image creation for Muse - Chocolate Concept. A luxurious and innovative chocolate concept store. "We turn to chocolate when in love, when stressed, when happy, when sad and when we need inspiration. Chocolate is therefore a muse.”

    What's Unique:
    Finding a branding language that evokes luxury and playfulness.

  • Agency: moodley brand identity
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: J.Hornig
    Location: Austria
    Packaging Content: Direct Trade Coffee

    Good coffee is great. But the best coffee is even greater. And there is one man, who knows where to find it. Johannes Hornig traveled the world in search for the perfect bean for the perfect coffee. And he returned with a very special souvenir: JOHO’s Direct Trade.

    The concept of direct trade is simple. Farmers are guaranteed fair conditions and the customers receive a great product in first-class quality – benefits for the roaster and the farmer. And for coffee lovers, of course. moodley has not only given JOHO’s his name and packaging, but also perfectly embedded the new concept into the world of J. Hornig. The packaging features three different variations for three different beans – each of them in their own color palette: green, purple and brown. The design was kept simple, but it is the simplicity that specifically stands out.

  • Agency: moodley brand identity
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Best of Nature
    Location: Austria
    Packaging Contents: Oils, Herbal Mixtures
    Packaging Materials: Paper, Glass, Plastic

    Best Of Nature, short BON, only uses the most natural ingredients in traditional recipes for its finest oils, herbal mixtures and essences. But with a constantly growing product palette, it was important to establish a strategic and aesthetic focus for the brand. Nature refrains from the unnecessary. So does the new packaging design created by moodley brand identity. The high-class distillates and mixed spices now appear in a packaging that gives every product its space without failing to provide consistency. After the rebranding, packaging put the focus on the products – and with them on the finest essences of nature.

  • Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico / ImasD
    Client: Clorox
    Website Of Client: Clorox.com
    Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Your home is never as clean as it looks

    Clorox has always been at the forefront of cleaning and disinfection developing innovative products that make our consumers lives easier.

    Another example of this is it’s most recent breakthrough, Clorox UV, a device that attaches to any Clorox Cloro Gel bottle and emits ultraviolet light, revealing the dirt and grime that is invisible to the human eye.

    A simple solution that transforms into a powerful tool, giving consumers total control of their cleaning.

  • Designer: Cameron Gibson
    School: Edinburgh Napier University
    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Project Type: Student Project

    Redesign J2O to become more appealing to adults. The simplicity of the black puts the focus on the products flavour and the juices natural colour. The playful splash of a single vibrant colour brings the fruitiness to life as well as giving the product visual impact. The vibrant splash combines with the natural colour of the fruit juices and the black to show consumers that it is a blend of two fruits.

  • Agency: Spir.to Branding + Design
    Client: Grovestone Olive Oil
    Location: Greece
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    When designing the Grovestone Olive Oil Packaging, we tried to combine the traditional with the contemporary. Olive oil is a product that goes back in time and it is as important and nutritional today, as it was thousands of years ago. We wanted to show this journey in time by combining traditional materials with modern elements. The outcome is an item that looks up to date, but feels earthly and warm to the touch.

    What's Unique: Silk screen printing on bottle, custom designed / hand made box.