• Agency: DSG Creative Design Production
    Company: JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova)
    Type of work: Commercial project developed in 2014

    Juices restayling premium "Vita".

    Marketing challenge: to breathe new life thereby increase sales.

    By order of JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova), the agency DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUCTION has worked on updating the look of the line of juices and nectars, an industry leader juice and baby food in Moldova. Geography of sales is high - more than 25 countries: Romania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, United States, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic Countries, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, etc.

    It was created the original concept of product design. In fact from the old brand remained only the name. We changed everything: logo, label, bottle shape. Juice will soon appear on store shelves. Now the buyer can easily find a product on the store shelf and pay attention to it. Modern appearance will product a new face and allow it to compete more effectively with other manufacturers.

  • Widberry label: Kate Bingaman-Burt
    Blackbier label: Orion Landau
    Big Ben Porter label: Bethany Ng
    Client: Widmer Brothers Brewing
    Country: USA
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The Three Beers Represent the Years 1994, 1995, and 1996 in the Brewery’s 30-Year History

    PORTLAND, Ore. – July 28, 2014 – Widmer Brothers Brewing today announced Widberry, Blackbier, and Big Ben Porter as the newest releases in the brewery’s 30 Beers for 30 Years Series. These limited release beers, brewed to commemorate the brewery’s 30th anniversary, will be available in the Portland area beginning this week.

    As with the other releases in this series, these three beers are among the most memorable in Widmer Brothers’ 30-year history. Widberry, a weizenbier brewed with local black raspberries, was originally introduced in 1994 and reached a level of popularity that no one at the brewery anticipated. Blackbier, a take on the German Schwarzbier style, was originally introduced in 1995 and is a favorite among the brewhouse veterans. Big Ben Porter represents the year 1996 and was one of the first craft beers that caused a dispute with the government over legal beer descriptions.

    “Widberry has a similar status to Altbier in our history,” said Kurt Widmer, co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing. “It has a huge, cult-like following among the beer folks here in Portland. There was a bit of a fruit beer boom in the mid-nineties, and Widberry took off during that time with no marketing whatsoever. It was one of the more popular beers from our past, and we still get asked to bring it back to this day. We hope everyone enjoys the re-release of Widberry, which was also our Oregon Brewers Festival beer this year as well.”

    Blackbier is a great example of the brewery’s longstanding tradition of putting its unique spin on classic German styles. Blackbier is a German Schwarzbier, but instead of following the German tradition and fermenting it as a lager, the brothers fermented this version as an ale, as they did with many of their interpretations of German styles, with Widmer Brothers’ house Alt yeast. It is also higher in alcohol by volume than most traditional Schwarzbiers.

    In 1996, Widmer Brothers went through the process of beer and label approval for Big Ben Porter – a London-style porter brewed with molasses and licorice. Widmer Brothers was told that it could not be referred to as a “traditional” London-style porter. The brewing team strongly disagreed and gathered evidence that proved Big Ben was brewed in traditional fashion. It was the first dispute with a positive outcome for the brewery, but certainly would not be the last. Big Ben Porter is also known as one of the most difficult beers to brew in Widmer Brothers’ history. Longtime Widmer Brothers Brewer Angel Marquez once risked life and limb for this beer, climbing into a kettle of boiling wort to dislodge a sticky sack of licorice.

    All three beers are part of an ambitious project in which Kurt and Rob Widmer got together with their brewing team to select 30 beers that represent individual years in the brewery’s 30-year history. Widmer Brothers started releasing small batches of important beers in the company’s history to the Portland market starting in April, the month Widmer Brothers was founded in 1984. All beers in the series are brewed to the exact specification from their original year of release.

    Widberry, Blackbier, and Big Ben Porter will be available for the next few weeks in the Portland area in 22-ounce bottles and on draught. Fans of these three beers and those looking to try them for the first time are invited to Bailey’s Taproom (213 SW Boadway in Portland, OR) on Wednesday, July 30 at 5pm for a special release party.

    Like all beers in the 30 Beers for 30 Years Series, an extremely limited quantity of each beer was brewed and packaged with unique label art from 30 different local artists and designers. Kate Bingaman-Burt designed the Widberry label, Orion Landau brought his style to the Blackbier label, and Bethany Ng created the Big Ben Porter label. To see the labels and learn more about the artists and the project, please visit www.30beersfor30years.com.

  • Studio: Also Known As: Packaging Design
    Client: Legend Distillery
    Scope of Project: Brand Development, Packaging Design, Photography, Web and Print Design
    Location: Naramata, BC, Canada

    The client and project overview:
    Legend Distilling came to us with a fresh idea to open a craft-based distillery in the heart of Naramata wine country in BC. They wanted to offer something different to the wine tour market and believed that the BC distillery industry needed something new and fresh. We worked with them to create a strategy for their initial product releases and a framework for future additions to the Legend family. We also focussed on taking strong product and lifestyle photos and created supporting print and website design to drive sales in the tasting room and distribution channels.

    The design and creative solution:
    The strategy was simple, we can’t design another ‘me too’ product, Legend was sick of seeing the same traditional designs on the shelves - they wanted something that offered the market something new and unexpected. With ‘Stories worth Sharing’ as our central creative concept, AKA developed the overall brand as well as product names and packaging that leveraged local BC legends and worked with a local tattoo artist to create custom illustrations to bring the legends to life on the bottles. We wanted every detail to be considered, from container selection, non-traditional colour selections and print finishings to create something that stands out from the crowd.

    Look for more exciting product releases and new packaging from Legend Distilling coming out in 2014.

  • Agency: Kommigraphics Design Studio
    Designer: Kosmas Apatangelos
    Client: Domaine Glinavos
    Country: Greece

    “Traminer” is a semi-dry wine of the Premium class of “Domaine Glinavos” and is produced from the homonymous Franco-German variety which bears a characteristic fruit aroma. Due to its light after-taste and its golden color, “Traminer” targets a mainly female audience. Our creative goal was to differentiate the product from the rest Traminers of the market so as to enhance product identity and recognition. The design of its new label was based on the German and French flags and their distinguishable colored stripes that allow for a strong base upon which the rest of the artwork develops circumferentially. Creating an experience “around” the wine, we theoretically abolish an A and B side with all the information revolving on the bottle’s label.

  • Agency: Kommigraphics Design Studio
    Designer: Kosmas Apatangelos
    Client: Domaine Glinavos
    Country: Greece

    “Vlahiko” wine is the combination of two Greek grape varieties, Vlahiko and Bekari, one more label belonging to the Premium class of “Domaine Glinavos”. Our aim was to consolidate its brand name and project the tradition and history of the city of Ioannina, creating nostalgia for a premium red wine, and attributing to the product the validity it deserves. The creative idea is a result of the combination of motifs seen on traditional handiworks in the region of Ioannina, Greece, where this wine originates, in order to justify the wine’s name. Despite the digital nature of its design, it was created in such a way so as for the joints and general form of the lines to resemble a traditional loom’s embroidery.

  • Designer: Laura Marttinen
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    I rebranded a Finnish beer brewery's logo and bottle design for their most notable beer. Sahti is an ancient traditional Finnish beer seasoned with juniper so I wanted to give it a design that would respect its Finnish roots and be beautiful to look at. The logo for the bottle represents juniper and is greatly inspired by the style of Finnish Kalevala jewelry.

  • Designer: Peter Chinitor
    Client: Mister Minit
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Belgium

    “Love your leather” is a professional treatment to clean, nourish and protect all leather goods. As Mister Minit is rather known for his range of quality shoe care products, this product needed another approach and an attractive packaging.

    To increase the visual impact on the shop displays, the idea was to develop, at least at first impression, a whole new range of specific leather care treatments. HOME for leather couches & chairs, CAR for leather car seats & dashboards, FASHION for leather bags, jackets & trousers.

    But actually there is only one product for all applications.

    By presenting on each side of the box one application, and turning each box 90 degrees on the display shelve, we created a kaleidoscopic effect. It gave us also the opportunity to make “hearts” with the connecting leather signs.

    The message is clear: Love your leather

  • Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Designer: Albert Puigdemont
    Client: Agrofresc
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Spain

    We have created a premium design for these range of crème caramel, using textures and focus on care pictures of the final product.

  • Agency: Pagà Disseny
    Illustrator: Ester García
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Barcelona, Spain

    A lizard sticking out from american aloe leaves, a butterfly resting on a vine leaf and a wine enthusiastic rabbit controlling the aging of wine.

    The fauna of Olèrdola (Barcelona), where Torreblanca vineyards are located, inspires us to create these characters that illustrate the labels, in a reference to the non-human characters from "Alice in Wonderland", one of the favourite tales of the owner of the winery in her childhood.

  • Designer: Carla Estrada
    Client: Universidad de Palermo
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: Argentina

    "Armonía" is a wine brand that believes that balance and peace can be discovered in a cup of this delicate and harmonic drink.

  • Designer: Raffaele Russo
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Nola, Italy

    Harmony Castle, Italian beauty cosmetic company. Brand design, corporate identity and packaging.

  • Agency: Firma
    Country: Moscow, Russia
    Type of work: Commercial work

    Eristoff filled a tattoo on its sleeve

    Within campaign Wolf Runs In Your Blood, Firma created a limited edition pack in tattoo style.

    Bold and brutal temper is what sets Eristoff apart from the other brands. This spirit was expressed in the new limited edition packaging Eristoff Tattoo. When you're filling the tattoo, paint gets into the blood and become a part of it. Wolf runs in your blood and his spirit fills you with his strength. 20 000 copies was sold in the best Russia retail stores.

  • Agency: Firma
    Country: Moscow, Russia
    Type of work: Branding (Concept, 2014)

    Firma created a wine packaging concept based on a history of studio starting from 2006 till now.

    Every year Firma produces a new cover-face, composed of its founders’ faces based on idea of the year: Diamond Hunters in 2014, Astronauts in 2013, Series Heroes in 2012, etc. In 2014 Firma created a branded wine packaging concept, based on this covers. Each year on the bottle correlated with wine harvest year: e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, or Syrah 2013.

  • Agency:​ Redfish​
    Designer:​ Giovanni Murgia​
    Client:​ Tenute Olbios Winery​
    Country:​ Italy​
    Photos by Michele Secchi​
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Tenute Olbios is a wine-growing and wine-producing company ​based in Sardinia (Italy) ​with a precise expansion project: search for quality and excellence in an original and exclusive manner in every aspect of the production. T​he new wine of Tenute Olbios is called Cavè. The last-born of Tenute Olbios wineries is a particular wine, a so-called ‘rosè of one night’ because it is left one night to macerate in red grape skin, in order to gain its characteristic cherry-red colour and unique flavour. Theelegance and lightness of the label design and the packaging project mirror the qualities of this young and light wine. The young hawk flying free symbolizes the freedom and freshness expressed by this wine. Cavè’s story begins at the border between reality and legend, during a warm summer night in Sardinia. “The Spirit of the Night looked Cavè into his deep and dark eyes. He gave her wings to take her vitality to the world. She made a promise to thank him. You will find me in every sip of this wine'.

  • Agency: Brand Union Paris
    Designer: Marie-Pierre Fricou / Marie Schockweiller
    Client: Neodis
    Country: France
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    To seduce these new urban consumers, the idea was quite simple : who better than a chicken to talk about chicken food?

    This key concept led to us photographing chickens – worthy of the greatest catwalks – to represent each product benefit, such as energy and growth. In the absence of modesty, the chickens have also been quoted, endorsing the product benefits to highlights Plume & Compagnie’s positioning: premium and organic products for a beautiful farmyard.

  • Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Designer: Albert Puigdemont
    Client: Valor
    Country: Spain
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    The client wanted a powerful packaging, to approach to the leader of the market of the chocolates for cakes, and to get a big visual impact in shops. We created a chocolates bars with a cake design, personalizing all the letterings to looks like cookies or melted chocolate.