• Creative Agency: Raison Pure NYC
    Laurent Hainaut – Founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
    Nicole Duval – Visual Strategist
    Lorena Seminario - Creative Director
    Ann Chen – Art Director
    Harry Chong - Art Director
    William Kang - Art Director
    Loren Kulesus – Senior Designer
    Alex Boulware – Designer
    Kyle Wessel - Designer
    Zachary Bush - Production Manager
    Client: Diageo
    Type of project: Commercial work
    Location: NYC, USA

    Mortlach is a new line of single-malt whiskies from the first legal distillery in Scotland’s region of Speyside. Inspired by the Cowies, the best-known owners of the Mortlach distillery—a father and son team of entrepreneurs and engineers— Raison Pure NYC centered on the concept of extraordinary engineering as it related to Speyside’s Victorian architecture and infrastructure.

  • Creative Agency: Raison Pure NYC
    Chief Creative Officer: Laurent Hainaut
    Art Director: Ann Chen
    Designer: Alex Boulware, Kyle Wessel
    Production Director: Linda Tseng
    Production Manager: John Colon
    Client: Diageo
    Type of project: Commercial work
    Location: NYC, USA

    John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a rare triple malt inspired by Sir Alexander Walker and his passion for sea travel. Raison Pure NYC's design honors Sir Alexander's decanter that moved to match the wave's motion. When gently pushed, the bottle swings elegantly, while the case allows the bottle to rotate fluidly 360 degrees.

  • Designers: Chow Hom and Chen Hua Yi
    Type of project: Commercial work
    Location: China

    Two different types of Chinese rice wine packaged into two different bottles. Just like our Yin Yang symbol.

  • Creative Agency: Chul
    Client: Demeter Tools
    Location: Los Angeles, USA
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Our tasks involved creating a system and the design for a set of hardware tool packages.

    As a result, both the system and the design works harmoniously giving an elegant and yet informative character to each of the products. We created icons for every product showing its pure form and created a system that applies to all the boxes in order to achieve a consistent image for the whole product family.

  • Designer: Gonzalo Castro Guillén
    Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canarias / Spain
    Project Type: Concept

    Midori-T is a brand of japanese tea "green tea" accompanied by the packaging made from bamboo. Also serves as a glass to take your tea where you are. "Products are handmade".

  • Creative Agency: Testemobili
    Designer: Gianandrea Gregis
    Client: Méduse Genre
    Location: Milan/Italy
    Project Type: Commercial Work

  • Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
    Client: Belatmeat
    Location: Minsk / Belarus
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Fabula Branding redesigned the package of sausages Mishutka for one the largest Belarusian producers of meat products Belatmeat.

    Sausages Mishutka are present on the market for quite a long time, and the product has become common name. Furthermore, they are easily identified by the corporate pattern with bears applied on cased sausages by natural smoking. Therefore, the new design had to be successive on the one hand; and on the other hand, rememberable, attractive and fresh, in bright colors and conveying positive communication.

    So, the brand hero Mishutka was created wearing blue-and-white chequered pants. This pattern became a well-recognized visual marker of the trademark and inevitable element of the design of the whole product line.

    Generally, the renewed design favorably distinguishes the product among the competitive alternatives due to both lively package and the image of Mishutka created by Fabula: a funny and winsome brand hero that children like.

  • Creative Agency: NDM Agency
    Creative Director: Nermin Nino Kasupović
    Copywriter: Admir Čavkić
    Photo: Samir Sinanović
    Client: Bihaćka pivovara dd
    Location: Bihać / Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Project Type: Commercial Work


    One of the leading brands on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market is Lipa water, trusted by consumers since 2007. Bihaćka pivovara d.d. (Bihać Brewery), the company that owns the Lipa water brand, decided to acomplish complete revitalisation of the Lipa water brand in order to stay in the race for the leading position on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian water market, and tried by doing so to make it powerful enough to handle the strongest competition.

    The approach to redesign and revitalisation of the brand was made after assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of Lipa water in opposition to its market competition. The analyses revealed that it is a clean natural spring water of high quality, the wells of which lie at the foot of the mountain Plješevica whose altitude is 1657 meter. One of the main disadvantages of Lipa water is the packaging which due to its visual appearance "merges" with the competition and is lost in a sea of identical. The unattractive label design also contributes largely to the fact that consumers have in time rather chosen water from the other competitors.

    The first step in revitalisation was the introduction of a new bottle with the volume of 0.25 l, with a new and fresh label that communicates about what the product actually is. The label symbolizes the peaks of Mount Plješevica, beneath which are the sources of Lipa water, and the blue color tells us that it is a natural spring water.

  • Creative Agency: AESOP
    Designers: Gabriel Soto and Harriet Beesley
    Type of project: Commercial work
    Location: Devon, UK


    Used by the Victorians to protect their modesty and as much a part of the British seaside tradition as ‘kiss me quick’ hats and sticks of rock, the iconic beach hut provides the perfect centre-piece for Aesop’s playful pack designs for Devon-based Bristows range of Clotted Cream Fudge and Toffee.

    The pastel-coloured ‘sun-kissed’ packs, which reflect the four flavour variants (plain and assorted for both toffee and fudge) feature the hut door as the pack window. The pack design also includes a number of ‘discoverables’, such as a crab and a seagull, which are fun, engaging and add character.

    Produced by Aesop designers Gabriel Soto and Harriet Beesley the aim was to create an evocative world around the product and to communicate the brand’s cheeky attitude. Bold and fresh, the design approach has bags of charm - the brilliant British seaside captured with a modern twist.

    On shelf, the packs also pack a punch. Lined up to create a row of multi-coloured beach huts, it’s an eye-catching, impactful approach and a nod to the brand’s Devon heritage.

    The newest addition to the Bristows family, Aesop have previously created critically acclaimed packaging for both Bristows Traditional and Bristows Chewy Bonbons.

  • Artist: Nate Williams
    Creative Agency: Voice
    Art Direction / Design: Tom Crosby
    Client: Rio Coffee
    Location: Australia
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Rio Coffee have visited four corners of the Earth to source exceptional-quality single-origin coffee beans. Only fitting then, that the packaging should convey the same excitement and enthusiasm with which the beans have been sourced and locally roasted. Each box is adorned with captivating imagery of its homeland, telling a vivid tale of the landscape, people, coffee production and, of course, enjoyment.

  • Creative Agency: Sparrow Design by Marek Kowalczyk
    Client: Beliso - Cece, Sweden
    Location: Poland
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Preparing the complex branding (logo, packaging design, label design, key visual, print, poster) for care products line with KERATRIX complex designed for use in hairdressing salons, which consists of 3 sublines: Salon Tech, Salon Expert Care and Salon Form. Designing labels for all product of each line: shampoo and conditioner big/small, hair mask big and small, biphasis conditioner, serum, spray, cream, fixative, balm and liquids for perm.

  • Production: Project Packaging
    Creative Agency: I Want Design
    Client: Sweet Virtues
    Country: United Kingdom
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Project Packaging assisted in the production of custom packaging for these indulgent, handmade superfood truffles from start-up company, Sweet Virtues.

    Sweet virtues wanted a packaging design that was just as luxurious and uncompromising as the flavour of their nutrient dense truffles.

    Several opening styles were prototyped but the client settled upon the tall lid off lid option with the base of the box partially exposed to reveal the flavour. A matt black has been used to line the bottom compartment’s interior where the truffles are housed.

    Initially, an uncoated, raw looking paper was to be used for the outer printed wrap, however, after testing, it was decided that this would not stand up to constant use.

    And since I want Design created such beautiful imagery, the idea is that boxes will be kept by the consumer after the yummy contents have quickly been devoured.

    A matt laminate now protects the outer printed box wrap and brings out the rich, vibrant colours used on the packaging. With three different truffle varieties, each box has been coloured differently to distinguish each flavour combination.

    Sweet virtues live by the “Triangle of Health” philosophy, which is a balance of mind and relaxation, food and nutrition and exercise and fitness – and you can see the triangle features in their logo design and has been echoed with three flavour options:
    - Maqui Berry
    - Baobab & Vanilla
    - Chai Seeds & Lime

  • Creative Agency: Bluemarlin
    Client: Unilever
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Location: Singapore

    Wall’s Lipton collaboration brought to life by bluemarlin

    Bluemarlin was tasked with creating a design solution for the Lipton Crush packaging that integrated the Wall’s and Lipton brands whilst delivering the single-minded message of ‘natural and refreshingly good.’ To accomplish this, the brand needed to embrace a strong, vivacious personality and appear more indulgent than its competition.

    Bluemarlin’s vibrant and fresh pack design features the bright colours of juicy fruits and fresh tealeaves alongside the two recognisable masterbrand logos. The energetic packaging brings Wall’s and Lipton’s brands into equilibrium and provides appetite appeal for this refreshing new product.

  • Creative Agency: Ostecx Creative
    Client: AleBrowar
    Location: Poland
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Deep Løve is a collaboration of Alebrowar and Norwegian brewery Nøgne Ø. Our tasks were naming and packaging design of this unique beer. As a result, the Collaborative West Coast Belgian Rye Ipa hits the market in the bottle without traditional labels, but with a single-color prints directly on the glass.

  • Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

    Enticing new customers to purchase your delicious food product is easy if they can “try before they buy”. But if consumers cannot taste your food or beverage first, how else can you get customers to try out your product? Your secret weapon is packaging design.

    Aside from taste and price, packaging has become an increasingly influential factor in leading consumers to buy products. Think about it: A product’s packaging is the first point of contact your target market has with your product, so it’s got to make an impact.

    Apart from looking good, your food packaging must protect, preserve and conveniently transport the contents. Your labelling and packaging must also effectively convey to consumers what they should expect to find inside and how it might benefit them.

    Using some of my favourite examples, I have compiled my top seven tips for enticing customers with your food package design in today’s market.

  • Creative Agency: Divine
    Client: Van Eyck Jewelry Ltd.
    Location: Hong Kong
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    This unique diamond ring box is an amazing concept thanks to its unique mechanism.

    This packaging gives more brand identity to the new fine jewelry brand Van Eyck. This packaging marvels all customer's senses (touching, hearing, smell and sight).

    It was manufactured with the cutting edge technology to welcome high end fine jewelry. It emphasizes the facets of the diamonds thanks to the inner design of the box.

    There is a real interaction between the customer and the jewelry box.

  • Creative Agency: Creatum Advertisement And Web Studio
    Client: NEBAR
    Location: Baja, Hungary
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Crispy makes delicious, natural and healthy alternatives to bread. This products has truly high quality based on first class stocks and technology. They just had one problem... their packaging didn’t reflect their true identity: purely health. We positioned the brand where it belongs: prime food.

  • Creative Agency: Burg Design
    Client: Ecocity
    Location: South Africa
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Ecocity Projects NV (Curaloe) is a dynamic company specializing in the cultivation, production & supply of a premium range of Natural & Organic raw Aloe Vera ingredients, and the manufacturing of the Curaloe skin care brand.

    The new Curaloe skin care line was re-launched as a premium range of products and consists of a technically superior portfolio of products with top end fragrances and beautiful packaging. Aloe Vera is world renowned for its natural healing properties.The new collection includes over 20 items ranging from a large variety of skin care products, health drinks to insect repellent.

    To conclude the design, Burg Design added platform colour across the three launch platforms - Shower Line, Body Line and Facial Line. The result is an ultra premium range with a clean, fresh take on modern high end skin care products and compliments the brand with its engaging presentation.