• Designer: Seoev Alexey
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Metallic primer
    Packaging Materials: Metal, paper

    The packaging for the metal primer containing particles of iron. This solution is applied on various surfaces to provide them with magnetic properties.

    The design of the label has been inspired by the styling of the album cover of a band playing heavy metal music. The visual game is based on the tune in the names of musical genre and solution for application to walls. The legend of the brand reveals the concept of the product: "Each string craves to the depths of its steel core for rough guitar riffs, unrelenting drive, and crowds of enthusiastic fans. However, those metal threads, which have experienced tension on the legendary electric guitars, are the heroes of the scene and, being exhausted of the frantic pace, crave for something completely different. They imagine their last chord as the apocalyptic heat of a melting furnace, decomposing them into atoms to give another life in the metal primer Magnetic Star. The coating has a strong craving for creativity." Heavy metal is still alive!

  • Creative Agency: JDO
    Creative Directors: Ben Oates & Ray Smith
    Designer: Dan Bowstead
    Account Manager: Gabby Lawlor
    Production Director: James Davies
    Realisation Artist: Dan Healy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Craft beer
    Location: UK

    JDO launches its own beer for the dandy within
    JDO Brand & Design has launched ‘Beau Nash,’ a craft beer, the first of a number of brand ventures that the agency is involved in. The Kentish ale has been specially brewed using locally sourced elderflower and honey to create a light, fresh and quirky beer celebrating the local area. The award winning design agency based in Tunbridge Wells, partnered with local micro-brewery, ‘Moodley’s’ owned by Yudhistra Moodley, a self-taught brewer in Penshurst, Kent.

    JDO’s aim was to develop its own bespoke ale brand with a beautifully crafted bottle showcasing the team’s knowledge of the beer sector through a love of unique and inspirational design. The agency was also keen to bring traditional design skills back to life and to give some of the younger designers a chance to develop their expertise in this area. The team enjoyed an exciting journey from the construction of the beer’s taste profile through to the development of the liquid and the craftsmanship, qualities and finish of the pack design.

    The muse and inspiration for this venture came in the form of eighteenth century character, Beau Nash, a celebrated dandy and fashion icon who appointed himself Master of Ceremonies in Tunbridge Wells in 1735. After delving deeper into his history, JDO discovered that he was not only a ‘trend setter’ but also an infamous gambler all, of which provided fertile ground for creative exploration.

    The resulting brand design has, at its heart, three playing cards, encouraging the design to be viewed in two orientations. From this idea JDO created an ambigram for the Beau Nash identity which reads the same viewed right way up and upside down. The Beau Nash ‘lock up’ has been crafted in black type with surrounding intricate filigree drawn in the same style. The near continuous illustration on side of pack acts as a visual metaphor for the rich tapestry of Nash’s life with a little bit of JDO’s own unique characteristics mixed in.

    Ray Smith, JDO creative director said, “ ‘Beau Nash, dandy, the leader of fashion and the Master of Ceremonies at the Wells.’ When we read this on his plaque outside our studio on The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, we knew we had our inspiration!”

    Ben Oates, JDO executive director commented, “This is a fantastic opportunity to put our money where our mouth is creating an exquisite brand idea and beer with an equally exquisite design.”

    Dan Bowstead, designer at JDO added, “The aim was to create something that was completely unique. The idea, the beer taste profile and the bottle design all reflect the agency with the other influences drawn from our locale. It’s been great to develop a brand through brew to design and production.”

  • Designer: Priscyla Falkenburger
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Claudia Peiter
    Location: Rancho Queimado, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Wine and Sparkling wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass and label (sticker)

    Alto da Invernadinha is a small winery in south Brazil. They have a small production of wines and sparkling wine and early this year they have decided to enter the national Brazilian market. The idea was to stand out with a larger label for the wine and a smaller one with the wine details (such as year of production, type of grape and alcoholic percentage). This way when the production changes it is easier to print only the smaller sticker instead of both of them.

    The winery lies in a high altitude witch makes the production and it's quality very special. The concept was to show the two mountains of the winery, to represent this particular region in the south of Brazil. In the wine label we see the mountains in the counter-shape and in the champagne we see them being formed by the yellow and orange lines. We also see a sun coming up through the hills.

  • Creative Agency: The 6th
    Creative directors: Emanuele Basso, Elena Carella
    Graphic designer: Emanuele Basso, Antonella Manenti
    Illustrator: Antonella Manenti
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Punton di leone
    Location: Milan, Italy
    Packaging Contents: Extra virgin olive oil

    Punton di leone is a tuscan farm in Scansano (Grosseto).

    The total respect of nature (plants and animals living inside Punton property) is the key of a production of a very high quality extra virgin olive oil, who gained the endorsement of the official consortium of Tuscany.

    The production has a set of four labels, all the animals represented in the labels (turtledove, porcupine, hoopoe, deer), are typical of the area of Scansano.

    The lion in the logo comes directly from its name, "Punton di leone" means "peak of the lion".

  • Creative Agency: Hired Guns Creative
    Printer: Westkey Graphics
    Photography: Sean Fenzl
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Whitetooth Brewing Company
    Location: Golden, Canada
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Glass, vinyl

    For Whitetooth Brewing, named after the local historic ski resort in Golden, BC, we decided to create a logo inspired by outdoor adventure gear and Swiss Style design. The brandmark, composed with the monogram “W” as part of an abstract set of teeth, also yields an iconic “black diamond” in its negative space.

    Referencing classic National Parks posters and outdoor adventure photography, we developed a hybrid label system with a minimum of design container elements, relying on the strength of the illustration style and composition for high brand recognition amongst individual labels, each designed to flavour.

    Cohesion within the illustrations was achieved with the use of dynamic figures at medium distance with semi-obscured faces, allowing the viewer to place themselves right up in the action.

    Bold colour combinations and striking outdoor scenes — imbued with WPA poster-esque expanses of snow, water, sky, dirt and cliffs — give the prospective drinker an idea of each brew’s palate and personality.

    Beloved landmarks and a variety of seasons and terrains were represented in the illustrations to express the abundance found in Golden and its surrounds, connecting Whitetooth beer drinkers (whether they be locals or visitors from far-flung places) with the heady adrenaline rush and sense of awe felt by those who engage in extreme sports in the vast Canadian wilderness.

  • Creative Agency: Médiane Création
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hennessy
    Location: Courbevoie, France
    Packaging Contents: Cognac

    Hennessy called upon tattoo artist Scott Campbell to reinvent the famous Hennessy VS bottle. He is the sixth in a series of world-renowned artists to do so, following in the footsteps of Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey and Ryan McGinness.

    The Deluxe Limited Edition uses raw materials to bring you this wooden case which features the same design as the label, also made of wood, as well as a numbered flask complete with leather case.

    Médiane’s objective was to support Hennessy in enhancing Scott Campbell’s work across all of the media used including packaging, labels, box sets and goodies…

  • Creative Agency: Caribou Creative
    Designer: Laura Prpich
    Photography: Christine Piennar
    Printer Ibox Packaging Ltd.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Erin Josephy and Paul Baluch
    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    Packaging Contents: Coconut Oil, Bath Salts
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard, Glass

    Caribou Creative has created the branding and packaging design for Kis•met Essentials, a company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses on bringing organic, non-GMO and ethically sourced products to the market.

    Caribou was hired to create a brand that aligned with their guiding principles of simple, clean and natural health products. This started with a minimal logo design that could reflect their mantra while staying relevant over time. To differentiate themselves in the market, we used gold foil accents to stand out on product shelves and loads of whitespace.

    “Erin and Paul are two young, savvy start-up millennials with big goals and an unwavering drive. I am excited by their enthusiasm, complete understanding of the significant role branding plays and importance of investing into packaging that stands out on shelves. Kis•met Essentials has hit the ground running and is already launching new products into the market which I’m thrilled to be a part of.” -Laura Prpich, Designer.

    Kis•met Essentials is sold in stores and online worldwide.

  • Creative Agency: F33
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Enrejado
    Location: Murcia, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Gin

    Enrejado is a new premium gin that invites us to release our enclosed desires. It can be found in two versions, dry gin and red gin.

  • Creative Agency: Jordan Lee
    School: University of Tampa
    Course: Typography
    Tutor: Brooke Scherer
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Tampa, USA
    Packaging Contents: Coaster Set
    Packaging Materials: Neenah Paper

    This is a large student project that I created. The goal was to create expressive typographic quote designs, which need to be binded or packaged in a unique way. For this assignment, I created a coffee table book and coaster set based on quotes from The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom by Sara Bader. Throughout the next few pages you will see a collection of photographs of my final design and packaging.

  • Creative Agency: Ethan Blouin & Evan Eagan
    Brand Strategy: Christopher Bowers, Alex Norton
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Brooklyn, NYC
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beer

    Aeronaut Brewing Co. Imperial Stout is a concept developed during the brand development of Aeronaut Brewing Co., a craft brewery and foods hub all under one roof. There, the inspired team of brewers and scientists collaborate with New England farmers and food makers to drive the invention of craft beers and spur a renaissance of local victuals and industrial revitalization. Working as a team we created a brand that evoked the same feeling of inventiveness and adventure that the space provides, including everything from licensing art to naming and brand voice. Inspired by the Victorian Era and the turn of the 20th century, we told the story of the Aeronaut, a craft beer scientist who traveled the globe in his airship on an adventure to share the world's best beer. Illustration and packaging by Ethan Blouin & Evan Eagan.

  • Designer: Leonarda Komen
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: School Of Design
    Course: Visual Communications
    Tutor: Stipe Brčić
    Location: Zagreb, Croatia
    Packaging Contents: Ice cream

    Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of ice cream with Snjeguljica (Snow White) being their first ever made when they launched the company in all the way in 1958. Snjeguljica, made of vanilla filling with cocoa coating, immediately won over the hearts of all, both children and adults. In the 80's Ledo released Njofra, punch filling with cocoa and oats coating, and in the 90's Silk-Milk, vanilla and strawberry filling with cocoa and oats coating.

    All three ice creams are as shaped exactly the same and are as simple as they can possibly be. They differ only in a few ingridients and are actually an upgrade of each other. Although Silk-Milk is the most interesting one, Snjeguljica being the simplest is still, even after sixty years, the first choice of many.

    The concept was based on the fact that these products are essentially a Croatian synonym for ice-cream. They have been a firm favourite for generations and that deserves a proper timeless, simple and iconic design. Something that could have been equally suitable in the 50s, 80s and 90s when the ice creams were originally released as it could be today. Although the majority of people are fimiliar with the ingredients of each flavour, they are still showcased within the lettering and patterns which also show a delicate and creamy look.

  • Designer: Collin Garcia
    School: University of Wisconsin - Stout
    Course: Product and Packaging Graphics
    Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Menomonie, USA
    Packaging Contents: Tequila
    Packaging Materials: Adhesive paper, Folding Board

    Quijote is an authentic Mexican tequila inspired by traditional Spanish historical art and contemporary design aesthetics. The brand was created in response to tequila’s robust masculine nature and the obscure package solutions that surround it in the market.

    The name Quijote is derived from both the quiote (the tall flowering stalk of the agave plant), and the last name of the Spanish fictional character Don Quixote. Using the idea of the agave plant and the charismatic nature of Quixote was what inspired the context of the brand. This can be seen in the illustration, typeface choices, and colors.

    The illustration was inspired by traditional Mexican woodcut art, with a contemporary clarity to it. Applying these elements through graphic overlapping was in cue to modern print design techniques. The authentic nature of this package is expressed by the hand-made illustrations/graphics and individually printed boxes.

    The bottle shape was inspired by the piña of the agave, giving it a shorter, wider appearance. This increases front-end visibility and differentiates itself from other bottles on the shelf. The three-sided shape also makes it easier for users to hold, pass, or pour.

    When put together, these elements are meant to create an engaging product that speaks to audiences through the authenticity of the culture and striking visuals; an approach worthy of representing the boldness and strength of tequila.

  • Creative Agency: Royal Rocket
    Creative director: Tóth Judit
    Designer: Illés Orsolya
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    This assignment came to us from a Hungarian chocolate creator, Noemi Laszlo, who produces unique, manufactured bonbons for both the international (United Arab Emirates) and the domestic market. Our task was to design a premium-quality packaging for manufactured chocolate products as part of a complex brand building process and create an image that stands out on international markets, from high-category hotel chains to little manufacturers’ shops.

  • Creative Agency: Saguan Maron
    DesignerL Carolina Saguan
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Fuzion Wines
    Location: Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Bottle Glass

    The philosophy of the brand is joining together all the concepts that make Argentina. The design uses the most representative architectural elements of Buenos Aires to show this cultural fusion. The result is a unique and striking texture achieving a graphic design full of connotations and strong memories. The logo is crowned with a design reminiscent of “filete porteño”.

  • Creative Agency: Saguan Maron
    Designer: Carolina Saguan
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Fuzion Wines
    Location: Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Bottle Glass

    Talking about fusion is talking about Argentina: its history, diversity and culture. The re-design is based on the idea of biodiversity, which goes beyond the organic and shows the variety of life. The illustration shows the diversity of species, plants and animals that coexist in the region of Argentina. The aim is to show all the expression of an organic wine in a fresh and natural way.

  • Creative Agency: Saguan Maron
    Designer: Carolina Saguan
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Viña Santa Rita
    Location: Chile
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Bottle Glass

    120 is one of the best-selling brands in Chile with sales over 6.5 million cases and presence in over 80 countries. The aim was to bring the image up to date and achieve global communication by means of a modern and memorable label with 120 playing a leading role. A unique bottle was designed with high-relief engraving in the front in honor of the 120 patriots and low-relief engraving of 120 in the back label.

  • Creative Agency: DewGibbons + Partners
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Marks & Spencer
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Beauty products

    Marks & Spencer’s signature skincare range Formula has relaunched. With formulations and product lines both undergoing an overhaul, the retailer once again turned to DewGibbons + Partners to review the positioning then rationalise and redesign Formula’s identity and packaging, following their collaboration on the Josh Wood Haircare range.

    Available exclusively from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide and online at Marks & Spencer, Formula includes six skincare collections.

    With a vast array of product options that provide solutions for virtually all skincare concerns, DewGibbons + Partners defined the brand’s positioning as ‘Find Your Formula’ – whether you need to smooth fine lines or improve skin elasticity, M&S will help you find your perfect regime. The packaging architecture and the design for each collection has individual touches that appeal to differing target consumers, whilst also providing clear on-shelf and on-pack navigation, allowing them to easily understand they can combine products from any Formula collection to best suit their skincare needs.

    The redrawn Formula word marque is a simple yet elegant sans serif font. The letterforms are fine and precise with rounded characters for a friendly feel. The detail in the cross bar of the A adds an ownable element to the logo. To ensure Formula’s large tiered portfolio is communicated clearly to the consumer, the appropriate collection name is always centrally sited below the Formula logo on the bottom third of the pack in a colour-coded band. Taking pride of place on the packs are key words, claims, or percentages that highlight the product’s benefits – tone of voice is friendly, positive, and informative. Colour and finishes are used to distinguish each collection.

    Matthew Gilpin, design director at DewGibbons + Partners, said: “Formula now has a clear proposition and branding system. The new design is impactful, consistent and easy to navigate, whether viewed in-store or online. Elevating each product’s key benefit and result gives the entire Formula portfolio a new-found confidence.”

  • Designer: Mister Ames
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Portsmouth
    Packaging Contents: Beard Collars - peter pan necklaces that double as emergency beards
    Packaging Materials: Printed card

    Beard Collars are a range of peter pan necklaces that double as emergency beards!

    To create packaging that was as unusual and distinct as the necklaces themselves I made stylised illustrations of the beard's 'characters' the centerpiece of the packaging. The illustrations are intentionally simplistic to make the character feel applicable to anyone and designed so that the package is opened by lifting the beard above the character's t-shirt. Beard collars are hand-stitched from sustainable materials, an ethos that I brought into the packaging design by creating something that uses little card, little ink, no plastic and no glue or other fixatives.

    What's Unique?
    Custom packaging that is light, strong, assembled without glue and opened by lifting the character's beard.

  • Designer: Yuko Takagi
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Orange carbonated beverage
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    I simply transformed Orangina’s iconic image “the orange peel” into a fresh-looking bottle. When you peel the label, messages will come out in a spiral.

    You get a different message with every bottle so collect them all! Please enjoy!

  • Creative Agency: Makers & Allies
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Delfina Family Farms
    Location: San Luis Obispo, California, USA
    Packaging Contents: Hard apple cider
    Packaging Materials: Bottle, label, cap

    A collaboration between the elder and younger generation of the Delfino Family, Henrietta Stich Hard Apple Cider pays tribute to Henrietta, the matriarch of the Delfino Family, Apple Hill growers since 1964. Combining vintage-inspired type treatments with custom-illustrated apple branches, Henrietta Stich feels like a classy lady with just enough edge to make you want to learn more about her.

  • Creative Agency: More from Less
    Designers: Ushma Kana, Mette Staal, Carlos Diaz, Peter Pieraets
    Creative Design Manager: Gert De Smedt
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Belgium
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate

    Aloha Kākao is a concept pack for a luxurious organic chocolate brand, developed by More from Less.

    Tapping into consumers’ growing concerns about ‘clean’ foods and provenance, the Aloha Kākao consumer packaging evokes the natural, organic roots of luxury Hawaiian chocolate with its blooming, floral structure. It delivers elements of surprise, reveal and discovery for the consumer with a modern, dynamic shape that stands out on shelf. Visually, this gourmet product uses high contrast to reinforce the bold flavour combinations throughout the product range and project strong block branding when displayed next to each other. The shipping box has also been optimised with an SRP with five primary packs, clear communication on all sides, and easy opening and recycling. Brand identify is further strengthened by displaying the primary packs at a slightly skewed angle attracting customer attention. The floor display indulges the shopper with in-store theatre built on the core concept and brand identity highlighting the Hawaiian and natural idea behind the brand that relates back to the distinctive shape of the primary pack.

  • Designer: Maria Oldecop
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Facultad de Arquitectura Urbanismo y Diseño de San Juan
    Course: Diseño Gráfico IV
    Tutor: Gato Ficcardi
    Location: San Juan, Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beer
    Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, carton

    The goal was to give the beer with a unique personality, rebellious and kind of freaky; matching its consumers. This was achieved by custom styling each of the beer collections (divided by its quality and price), with a touch of humor and irony, using a different technique and aesthetic for each one of them.

    The first product line makes use of political correctness as a theme, modifying commonly used beer type names

    The labels say:
    - It's not blond, it has a pigmentation deficiency
    - It's not red, it's only in a state of fear or insecurity
    - It's not black, it only has a lack of luminosity

    For the premium product line it was assigned to each type of beer (blond, red and black) a representative character, popular in Argentina or famous all over the world.

    For Super Premium Beer, it was used a special bottle and packaging, with an illustration made in an old engraving style, which at first sight, it’s looks like a simple image of Adam and Eve, but given a closer look it´’s observed that they are smiling and surrounded by sin.

  • Creative Director, Designer: Alexandros Gavrilakis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cardinal, The Food Company
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Sauces, Vegetables, Tropical Fruits, Noodles
    Packaging Materials: Cans, Bottles, Paper Boxes

    Counting 21 years as an importer and seller of the most established brands in the Asian food business, Cardinal The Food Company, commissioned us to breathe new life into its own-brand range of products.

    Apart from creating a consistent brand identity that would unify the 6 different product categories and 50 SKU’s, we set ourselves the challenge to devise a set of visual assets that would be appealing to consumers who are looking to purchase authentic Asian products but also, to all the young culinary types craving for unique foods and flavors.

    With food being embraced as a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling, Cardinal's new product range was designed to tell the story of a “meaningful union between the East and West”. On each pack, the Asian-inspired brush typography harmoniously coexists with the illustrated recipes and the slogan “Learn to Wok” calling out to all those who value authenticity or even, an authentic mash-up such as Mexican dumplings or Korean BBQ tacos!

  • Creative Agency: Interact Boulder
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Phin & Phebes
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Packaging Contents: Ice Cream
    Packaging Materials: Carton

    Phin and Phebes started as a regional brand in Brooklyn, NY and made a name for itself with unique and surprising flavors. When the potential to become a national brand presented itself, Phin and Phebes partnered with Interact to help bridge the gap from the small cult followings of Brooklyn into an approachable, mainstream consumer brand that still had soul.