• Brand packaging design agency BrandOpus have worked with Vivid Drinks to launch two new products in their range of Matcha green teas, including a 100% unsweetened matcha green tea drink.*

    Following the award-winning launch of the Vivid’s RTD matcha drinks last year, Vivid Unsweetened launches due to unprecedented national demand for green tea and low sugar drinks. The product contains 1 full gram of organic matcha green tea and zero grams of sugar and launches into retail with Boots on w/c 16th March 2015.

    Vivid’s matcha premium grade matcha powder will be launched in a 30gram pouch (RRP £19.99) with a hook hole to support retailers in merchandising the product at its best.

    The launches continue the long-term relationship between BrandOpus and Vivid Drinks, and follows the win of a Design Effectiveness Silver Award in February rewarding the commercial effectiveness of the agency’s work for the brand.

    The design continues the idea that the iconography within the identity changes according to the individual character of each drink. A new colour palette has been introduced to reflect the purity and unsweetened nature of the new matcha products whilst differentiating from the existing flavoured range.

    Paul Taylor, executive creative director at BrandOpus, commented, "We are delighted that the success of the Vivid Matcha brand has given us the opportunity to introduce these two new products to the range which will broaden the appeal of the brand to the more purist matcha audience."

    James Shillcock, founder of Vivid Drinks says of the launch, “Since our launch last year the matcha category and RTD tea has flourished but the market is crying out for an unsweetened, zero sugar product. With matcha and green tea booming we expect Vivid unsweetened matcha to very quickly overtake coconut water and the sugar-heavy vegetable and fruit juices. In terms of the matcha powder the dominant brands already in the market are ripping people off with poor quality at high prices. We’re offering the best quality and at a reasonable price point.”

    *0grams sugar, 0grams carbs, 0grams fat, less than 10 calories per carton

  • Agency: Carré Noir
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Brasseries Kronenbourg
    Location: Paris, France

    Brasseries Kronenbourg (part of Carlsberg Group) came to Carré Noir with an innovation issue: invent a new trendy beer to conquer the 18-25 segment, at strike with an established blockbuster competitor.

    The innovation challenge was twofold:
    - Detect insights among young adults to invent disruptive concepts that match their life and expectations
    - Dig into the Tuborg brand capital to redefine a contemporary-relevant brand story

    Digging into the Scandinavian mother brand roots, the agency developed a contemporary beer from the North.

    Landing with a conquerant spirit, this new brand is taking place by refreshing storm. Inspired by the myth of great north, the agency defined the name, designed the brand name and icon (the Thorkil): the valiant warriors use to celebrate victory in true Viking style by drinking from their helmets, crashing their beers together and shouting “skåål!”, their rallying cry. A deep blue colour universe representing the high seas, a rough silver metal for the helmet and typography, were chosen as visual cues of the brand: a bold choice compare to the beer market usual graphic codes.

  • Agency: Matadog Design
    Creative Director: Andreas Kioroglou
    Designers: Andreas Kioroglou, Constantinos Stavrou
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Enios
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Matadog Design, designed a new olive oil that stands out.

    We gave this olive oil a “hi” value name, we designed a unique eye with an olive as an iris with a promise...

    You will enjoy every drop!

  • Agency: Scandinavian Design Group
    Creative leader: Mathias Disen
    Client director: Hanne Rognstad Østenfor
    Designer: Tonje Jæger
    Project manager: Karianne Stenby, Evelyn Irene Wulff
    Photo: Lisa Westgaard
    Stylist: Ann-Kristin Wang
    Illustration: Stina Persson
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hennig-Olsen Is
    Location: Norway
    Packaging Material: Plastic

    Hennig-Olsen Is AS, Norway’s quality ice cream producer, wanted to win the hearts of Norwegian ice cream connoisseurs with the launch of a new series of premium ice creams, called Inspira.

    Scandinavian Design Group was given the task of developing a strong visual concept to stand out against fierce competition, and tempt a predominantly female target group. We had to strike the perfect balance between a strong series and individual flavors.

    The ice cream counter brims with “too good to be true” computer modeled ice cream scoops. We wanted to show the true qualities of real ice cream. Our solution presents a spoon with a generous portion of ice cream that virtually pops out of the freezer, tempting you to pick it up. The illustrations, made by Stina Persson, are clearly color coded, and hint of generous flavors, ingredients, taste and texture. This level of artistic quality places the series in a premium position.

    Inspira seems to have melted quite a few hearts already. After launching, Hennig-Olsen was kept busy constantly re-stocking the ice cream counter to keep the customers happy.

  • Agency: Designed By Good People Ltd
    Creative Director: Lee Newham
    Design Director: Ariana Palacios Newham
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Liberation Foods
    Location: London, UK

    Liberation is a personal brand, about the people and the products (which are amazingly tasty), which is why the nut characters, logo and type are all drawn by hand. The bright funky colours of the packs help differentiate the different products in the range. The branding needed to have a life beyond just the packaging, so the characters appear in different positions on the packaging, holding banners or the barcodes on the back of pack and pop up on everything, from business cards to trade stands, website to t-shirts and social media..

    It's fun, but with a serious message: Liberation is owned by the farmers that produce the nuts. They share the benefits of the products, which are fair trade.

    It’s been great working with everyone at Liberation Foods.

    It’s even better that the feeling is mutual:

    “The good people of Designed By Good People have been with Liberation since the very beginning, from the birth of that first placard waving peanut. And now they have brought into the world our wonderful new website. Lee and Ariana are very much part of the liberation family and we hugely appreciate their creativity, cleverness, care and ‘can do’ attitude”.

  • Agency: Boxer & Co.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Rafferty's Garden
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Materials: Plastic, cardboard

    Boxer & Co. are proud to have redesigned Australian brand Rafferty’s Garden. The redesign followed the sale of the leading wet baby food brand to PZ Cussons in 2013.

    Boxer & Co. worked on the project over 2014, re-designing the brand’s logo, re-working the loveable Rafferty baby character, creating a new pack design to apply across all 53 products and creating brand guidelines for future use.

    The redesign was of personal interest for Gwen Blake, Managing Director of Boxer & Co. “I had been using the product for years with my children, enjoying the mix of convenience and realness that the brand offered. I had often imagined re-designing it. The idea behind the design was original and stand-out, but I felt it needed some sound strategic thinking, a good tidy up and a big hit of modernity.”

    Jacqui Lawrey, Rafferty’s Garden Marketing Manager was thrilled with the way the project ran.
    “Finding a packaging agency who could work on both the strategy and design was essential for our business. We have had such a great experience working with Boxer & Co. They have been fantastic partners who challenge and strive to deliver the best solution for their clients.”

    Blake explains the thinking behind the new brand.
    “Through our research and strategic thinking, we realized that for babies and children, eating is about fun and enjoyment. Most parents will tell you that if they do the ‘choo choo’ train or ‘aeroplane’ with babies food, there is a higher chance they will eat it. A lot of brands are tapping into parents’ fear that surrounds childrens’ food , such as health and nutrition, rather than celebrating the JOY of the eating experience. Children eat with all of their senses and love to explore more than anyone.

    We created a new platform for this fun-loving brand. Babies love having fun with food - getting stuck in, poking their fingers into everything. Exploring new textures, tastes, smells, getting messy and testing if things are squishy or squashy! Just exploring & enjoying the pleasures of simple, fresh, great tasting, real food.”

    Mark Haygarth, Creative Director of Boxer & Co. talks us through the design execution:
    “Rafferty’s Garden had great stand out with eye catching colours, but very little beyond this to help brand blocking and navigation. We decided early on that we needed to respect the essence of Rafferty’s Garden, retaining the joy, fun and realness that the brand represented, but it needed to stand up and punch at a heavier weight – we needed to introduce a consistent brand colour across the range for greater impact on shelf and give Rafferty and the logo a stronger role on the pack to aid instant recognition and brand recall.

    The joy of food message is reflected in the vegetable coloured splats on each pack and the new, more artisan, illustrative style of the Rafferty character. We introduced food photography to give taste cues, since this is genuinely the best tasting baby food on the market.

    We realized that the age and food-type information in the top right hand corner is almost as important as the variety name, so introduced an easy to navigate system, making it easy for busy mums to shop. We worked hard to make communication in this area as clear and concise for busy parent shoppers as possible, making the month indicator much bigger. We increased brand stand out and introduced an architecture that allowed for both brand and variant areas.

    Over the years, the old packaging had more and more messages added to it, adding to the clutter. Once stripped back, the pack is cleaner, with less messages and more focus on what’s important, whilst injecting an exciting new feel.”

  • Agency: Bluestepstudio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Contini Winery
    Location: Sardinia, Italy
    Additional Credits: Ph. Ales&Ales

    Some of the most mysterious statues from antiquity are finally to go on permanent display this week – 40 years after they were discovered by a ploughman on the Italian island of Sardinia.

    The Giants of Monte Prama include statues of archers, wrestlers and boxers carved in sandstone probably between the ninth and eight centuries BC, before Rome was even founded. They belong to the Nuragic civilisation, which flourished on Sardinia for two millennia until the second century AD.

    The figures, standing over 2 metres (6.5ft) high, are distinguished by their unearthly eyes, which consist of two perfectly concentric circles. They – or rather, their component parts – were found in 1974 near the town of Cabras, on the west coast of the island.

    The Contini Winery, founded in 1898, dedicated to this event a wine named "I Giganti", obtained from the vinification of ancient vines (Nieddera and Vernaccia) that with passion and perseverance have recovered, promoting the name of his wonderful Island in the world.

  • Designer: Yevgeny Razumov
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Russia

    Verba vodka — is a concept of Premium Russian vodka. This vodka is produced from the best Russian wheat, spring water and purest «Alpha» spirit. Verba is pure natural vodka with a mild discriminating taste.

    Verba is a name given to many of the smaller species of the genus Salix (willows and sallows) when their furry catkins are young in early spring. These species usually grow on river banks or lake shores. Verba is a symbol of advent of spring, health and propitiation. The flowering shoots of pussy willow are used in Russian Orthodox countries as a spring decoration of home interior.

  • Designer: Thomas Kiourtsis
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Lighthouse is a small distillery based in Scotland, created from the great-grandfather ( a lighthouse keeper ) of the family, since then the youngest blood has take the lead, with passion and fresh ideas giving new life and image to the family business.

    My task was to create a new logo along with the packaging of the product, a hand bottled single cask malt whiskey.

    Inspired from the light beams a lighthouse creates I came up with a minimal symbol followed by a classic font.

    For the packaging I choose a cardboard box which adds a more modern style in combination with the white slick printed typography which adds an interesting texture to the package.

    I painted a small part of the bottle black that represents the dark skyline of the ocean during the nighttime and I left the shape of the logo ( light beams ) transparent, that lets the light to shine through the unpainted areas and creates the lighthouse effect with a warm caramel yellow colour of the whiskey, like a warm fire that is calling the sailor back home.

  • Designer: kissmiklos
    Box photos: Bálint Jaksa
    Woman’s bag photo: kissmiklos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Liquivée
    Location: Germany, Saarbrücken
    Packaging Material: Paper

    A company hired me to create a packaging design for a new type of beauty vitamins. Their brief was quite different to my idea – they wanted to create a more typical, medicine looking packaging. However, I thought that these vitamins should belong to women’s make-up bags, they should look feminine, elegant and fashionable. The name of the brand is quite talkative too, it supports the concept. The company liked this new direction and they agreed with me on taking it to the next level. Right now, this is only a concept.

  • Agency: Brio Studio
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand
    Packaging Material: Paper

    Launched in Denmark, the new CP dipping sauces target young audience. We developed 2 options for the proposal which are; one of them we created an illustration of the fun world in 4 different seasons: Spring (Sweet Chili), Summer (Green Chili), Autumn (Pineapple Sweet Chili) and Winter (Sesame). Target audience also teenagers / young adult and open for new experience, pretty much the same as spring roll audience.

  • Designer: Panos Nikolaou
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ritual Bloom
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Materials: Glass bottle, paper box

    Ritual Bloom's logo was inspired by hieroglyphics. With 3 of nature's essentials, the sun, the earth, and tree combined to form the symbol, a heart-shaped glass bottle carries the organic condiment and gets "embedded" inside a pure white box. The box is then hot-stamped with gold typography and topped off with the abstract logo

  • Designer: Sabyasachi Kuila
    Additional Credits: Ankur Sahay, Shubham Khatkar
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Material: Paper

    Prôbar is a conceptual healthy protein bar which helps to reduce body fat. In this design, I have emphasized on packaging of the product in such a way that will help to communicate the whole idea and purpose of the protein bar to the targeted audience in an interactive way!

    What's Unique?
    The packaging have two layers. The primary package will show the illustration of a fat man. The secondary packaging will show man with ripped body. The user will unwrap the primary package and will feel that the fat body is slowly turning into a ripped body. Hence this will directly convey the message of the bar. The unwrapping system has been inspired from the measuring tape.

  • Designer: Maria Nicolaou
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.
    Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

    Product description:
    Louisville Vegan Jerky Co jerky is an all vegan healthy high protein snack. We truly believe our jerky is unique in flavor and texture as we put a lot of time and attention into ingredients and cooking. We handbag every bag and work out of a kitchen in a beautiful victorian neighborhood. We offer a real product that isn't highly processed or loaded with ingredients for customers ranging from hard core meat eaters to hard core vegans. Our jerky's flavor comes from high quality spices. We're currently moving up our production and want to have a better shelf presence in competitive marketplaces.

    The Brief:
    Make Vegan Jerky Packaging Look Awesome!

    We would like the design to have elements of apothecary but with a modern urban feel. Our target audience is 18-35 young vegetarian/vegans but we don't want to alienate the audience as we have a lot of health food savvy meat eaters that enjoy our jerky as well. Our jerky uses high end ingredients and would like the packaging to reflect the artisan characteristics of the product without actually saying artisan on the package.

    The Interpretation:
    This packaging is a depiction of historical Old Louisville with an urban twist. Keeping the base colour of the packaging neutral in order to use muted strips of colour and various Louisville legends to differentiate between flavors. The "window" revealing the contents of the packaging is in the Shape of Kentucky, and has a circle pointing out Louisville. Every element used in this packaging was strategically designed and placed for the best possible outcome.

  • Agency: Akim Melnik Design Studio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: TD Virosko
    Location: Russia

    - trademark design
    - creation of author's illustrations
    - design of the style forming, two basic and eleven common packages in the line.

  • Agency: Hesten creative agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Lucia Tucci
    Location: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

    Lucia Tucci SRL Italy - famous Italian manufacturer of lighting products. The head office is located in a small picturesque town in Italy - Pesaro, it is moderately democratic and elegant city, eye-catching by its ancient history and the aristocratic tradition.

    In designing the packaging for the Russian market, the basic requirement of the customer was maximum associativity with Italy. This is shown in the colors of boxes and in the modern design.

  • Agency: Nektar Brand Advertisers
    Producer: Vinhos Damasceno
    Printer: Vox Portugal
    Designer: Miguel Batista
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Vinhos Damasceno
    Location: Palmela, Portugal
    Packaging Material: Paper card

    Moscatel Roxo is a very specific icon of this mystic region - Palmela. A sweet wine, with a very unique grape variety - Moscatel Roxo. A distinct layout, for this wine cellar. Details in hot stamping, purple embossed varnish. Individual packaging with gold hot stamping combination.

    Enjoy it with good company!

  • Designer: Ioannis Fetanis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Dogma Gourmet
    Location: Athens, Greece

    Exclusively sourced from ‘the queen of olives’, Koroneiki variety, and cultivated in our family orchards for more than 3 generations in the area of Kalamata – Greece, this premium quality olive oil is known for its fresh fruity aroma and strong flavor.

    Every single drop of our dogma represents our strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and top quality produce, implementing the highest level of safety and environmental standards across all stages of production.

    The unique greek letter Delta creates a drop that makes the symbol of the brand ΔOGMA.