• Designed by Constantin Bolimond & Maksim Ali
    Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The aim of the project Titses milk is to attract mens' attention to the product that is so loved by women,but is often overlooked by a strong half of the population.

  • Agency: Believe in
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Finchtail
    Location: UK

    Finchtail is a new company focused on creating simple and useful products that are sustainably made. Their first product is an inexpensive cardboard tablet stand, and their new identity, packaging and launch materials have been developed by brand design studio Believe in®.

    Initially Believe in® worked to define the brand strategy, based around the company’s desire to solve everyday problems with simple products that work well. The strapline (simple useful) things was adopted, along with a commitment to using fewer resources and better design.

    With so much of the value in the design as opposed to the materials, it was important that the brand could support that value and tell the wider Finchtail story. Every aspect of the brand experience reflects and reinforces the strategy. Just like the products themselves, everything is simple, crafted and purposeful.

    The identity combines a bespoke logotype with a playful marque inspired by the tablet stand, while also connecting to ideas of travel, adventure and sociable living. The language is helpful and informative, and never loses its sense of humanity. The aesthetic is deliberately utilitarian, but with elements used throughout that add a degree of personality and emotion.

    The product and packaging are printed using only black and white inks, with a vivid orange stock used for the outer packaging. This plays beautifully with the neutrality of the kraft board, while creating a handy wallet for the stand to live in after purchase.

    For retailers and bulk customers, a box of 12 stands doubles as a dispenser.

    Beyond the brand and packaging, Believe in® also created a suite of launch materials, including a responsive website and printed literature. The company collaborated with London-based production company Thank You Mam to create a short stop-frame video that helps people to understand how the tablet can fit into their lives.

    Martin talked about what Believe in® were like to work with:
    “The work that Believe in® have created is incredible, and I really enjoyed the working relationship that we developed throughout the project. They listened intently to my ideas, and then took them far beyond anything I could have imagined.”

    Believe in®’s Creative Director Blair Thomson said:
    “When we first met Martin, there were three things that really appealed to us. First, the name Finchtail is great. Second, even at that early stage we could see how useful the product could be. Third was Martin himself. He had a great energy that seemed like he would be fun to work with, but he also had that tenacity that all good entrepreneurs possess.”

    “Plenty of brands make grandiose claims to change the world, but much of it is just hubris. Finchtail never takes itself too seriously, and stays focused on making things that customers enjoy owning, using and sharing.”
    Initial business wins for the product have been encouraging. The Design Museum trialled it in their shop and promptly sold out of the initial order within a few days. En Route, a global travel firm, recently featured Finchtail as one of its exciting new products at major travel trade exhibition in Hamburg.

    The product is available to buy direct from the website — finchtail.com — as a single stand (£3), 6 stands (£16) or box of 12 stands (£30).

  • Designer: Chen Jun Wei
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Tung Fang Design Institute
    Location: Tainan,Taiwan
    Packaging Content: Rice
    Packaging Materials: Straw, Wood

    Lon is a story about the land in Taiwan. When people forget the story of the land, the section of past will be disappeared. This project presents the section of past story through creative packaging design to make people have a better understanding of what have been forgotten or ever happened in this land.

    From commodity to design point, the team integration all the policies, planning the " Earthen huller " brand packaging,to maximize the brand value.

    To make packaging design more highlights the brand's unique style, when construction of the packaging,The team still thinking about how to give consumers the feelings of " Earthen huller " because " Earthen huller " is use the natural materials,Simple Makino、wood and red clay to make, and this material can get from the rural radius of thirty miles,Forming a circle.

    So simple elements without damaging the environment,To form the the packaging basis, the team create a new image aesthetics through reorganization, by the material、color、culture to interpret.

    On the packaging material, our team to reduce the use of paper material on planning, no glue way,Select the natural materials,the print is also used green ink, achieve sustainable development the packaging purposes.

    Team targeting the beginning is trying to " Earthen huller " is extended to everyone to know it, because although in promotion by Non-profit organizations, but the effect is not good, and that, it just our motivation.

    So we prevailed by cultural and creative packaging, earthen huller to come out of the grind rice do for media goods, the description about the Earthen huller inside the packaging, and design a single sale of packaging and gift packaging, reverse mode of operation, trying to get consumers to be able to understand it on their own initiative.

  • Agency: Ground Branding Agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Iamos
    Location: Greece
    Packaging Content: Olive Oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    The visual identity & the packaging of IAMOS brand is inspired by the flower of the olive tree. A flower often met on the wall paintings of the Minoan Palace of Knossos, the first developed civilization in Europe. We use the flower to symbolize the production process that begins in the Spring. The flower is the organ of the plant that will become the seed after fertilization and will offer us all of the olive products. The brand metaphorically connects Minoan Crete to contemporary Crete & the typography which consists of various typographic "families" emphasizes the connection between the old & the new, our history & the modern way of life. The project of packaging for IAMOS aims in transferring the uniqueness of the Minoan Art and our history into the present with modern techniques & pure design following the philosophy of the production process of the IAMOS olive oils.

    What's Unique?
    The concept of the brand looe, the corporate pattern & the graphic elements on the packaging was born from images & elements of the Cretan Nature as well as the Minoan Wall Paintings, the origins of European Civilization. The technique of glass paint is used on the Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle.

  • Agency: The Freedom Island BRANDEXPERT Design Studio
    Client: GOOD FOOD
    Location: Russia
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    NUTBERRY is a new brand of GOOD FOOD Company developed by The Freedom Island design-studio (Moscow).

    NUTBERRY has gathered a wide range of nuts, dried fruits and mixtures focusing on active modern audience of people who care about their health and nutrition.

    Integrated development of brand NUTBERRY included: naming, logo design, corporate identity and packaging design.

  • Agency: Foodwill - The Greek Food Project
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Athens, Greece

    When designing the packaging of the Bariamis traditional Greek delight sweets (Loukoumi), Foodwill was inspired by elegance and simplicity.

    As Loukoumi sweets are very common in the Greek market, we were aiming for a packaging that would stand out from similar products.

    The cube shaped box was designed to be offered as a gift as well.

    We used different colours to highlight the variety of Bariamis Loukoumi flavours, such as cinnamon with orange zest, lavender with lemon zest, rose, mastic etc.

    The packaging material was chosen according to the requirements for the packaging of edibles.

  • Agency: kissmiklos
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary
    Packaging Content: Watch
    Packaging Material: Paper

    Re-branding for the Swiss Lejon watch.

    As we are talking about a branding of a watch it is really important that all the elements suggest perfection, precision and great care for the details – that’s why it had to redesign of the logo.

    I completely re-drew the letters to be more precise and sharp. There is a great balance in the design now – the letter J is parallel with the lion’s elbow, the icon’s stroke is the same width as the letters’ feet.

    The lion icon didn’t have an unified look either – it was also not easily recognizable. That’s why I simplified it, made it more stronger and more unequivocal.

    The strong use of red would work very nice because of the Swiss background.

    The watch mock-ups can be clearly seen that with the new logo the brand itself became more visible and stronger.

    This is just a concept, because the owners stick to the original logo and icon, so I had not accepted the job.

  • Designer: Thomas Kiourtsis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ayia Cion
    Location: Greece
    Packaging Content: Olive Oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    My clients asked for a sense of exclusivity which is rooted to the limited number of bottles that they produce due to the organic process. I decided to begin by do a research to the history of the little village, my clients are living & is going to be their company home. It was interesting the way the village took it's name, it was named by a Greek Orthodox picture of Holly Mary called Ayia Cion. I decided to use the name AYIA CION for their new company. I began to search for way to make a comeback to the roots but without being old fashioned. Using a picture of Holly Mary as a reference, I managed to create a shape of her form with embedded the letter "a" & "c" as they are on byzantine typography, combined it with the vertical bold font we get a nice and balanced logo. As the bottle was tall and skinny I wanted to find ways to use the vertical orientation for my typography on the label, in order to have all my informations in a single view.

    The gold color was instinctively came to me since I heard the words exclusive & premium, combined with the printing technique & the texture of the paper we get a result that is truly unique, not only for the eyes but also for the touch.

  • Designers: Aimee Domínguez & Daniela Fonseca
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Universidad Anáhuac México Norte
    Course: Advanced Packaging Design
    Tutor: Heidi Gabrielle Romo
    Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    Packaging Content: Eggs
    Packaging Material: Cardboard

    This project consisted in the making of a packaging for 2 eggs in only 1 cardboard piece, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the material and printing inks. The branding and packaging concept comes from the organic coops we found in traditional farms that have an unique triangle shape.

    What's Unique?
    Just one piece of cardboard with no glue.

  • Designer: Jolanda Fiers
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Belgium
    Packaging Contents: Pet's toys

  • Designer: Troy Sitosta
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Quezon City, Philippines
    Packaging Content: Poison
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, thick card box

    Killixer Poison is a concept gag project which was born from me playing around the thought of products that would never, ever be made for people. I started with Killexir Poison because I wondered what if someone actually made a poison product for human consumption. The packaging is a hand-made glass blown bottle shaped into a little skull that contains your frenemy's cherry soda flavored death, which you can also mix with your other favorite drinks.

    Killixer lets you send that special someone your death wishes in a nice package to let them know that they are the poison in your life. For personal use, if you think life is too much then Killixer can also be a part of your last meal with your last drink in this world. Death can now be deliciously beautiful.

    What's Unique?
    The packaging was created by hand blowing glass into a skull shape. It is one of a kind and was made by the oldest glass makers in the city.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Ryan Pitman, a Minneapolis Minnesota based bus driver, had been brewing craft beer on his own for years. A dream came true when he came across the perfect space to create a brewery in the heart of Minneapolis, on Eastlake Ave. Ryan shared with us of his intention to produce a wide and ever-evolving range of eclectic brews with unusual ingredients. Our intention became to supply the brand with an open identity which put an emphasis on uniqueness. We soon took note of the rich cultural heritage of the Eastlake Brewery neighborhood. Ryan let us know that he believed his establishment would be frequented by a rotating cast of local characters.

    This inspired us to create a set of unique characters which would together represent the community as well as the eclectic brews. Along with these characters, we developed a range of logos which harken back to the olden days of both Minneapolis and Eastlake Avenue, as well as a set of graphic elements which tip a hat to the city of lakes. Our cast of working class characters, Minneapolis inspired logos, and unique graphic elements, personify and identify what is at the heart of the brand: Finely crafted beers with great character, and the community who shares them.

  • Agency: ByVolume
    Photographer: Daniele Grizzi
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hammer Italian Craft Beer
    Location: Villa d'Adda, Bergamo, Italy
    Packaging Content: Beer

    Hammer Italian Craft Beer - honesty, research, vision: the key ingredients to deliver great beers.

    Hammer is an Italian craft brewery with a clear and simple mission: work meticulously to deliver beers of extreme quality. Their dedication, which is rigorous and precise at the same time, is represented by the iron branding logo, strenuously built to perfection.

    Hammer's mission, together with their aim for transparency and open communication, has driven our work in developing the labels: a clean yet impactful layout to give consumers clear and honest information without overwhelming them, and an eye- catching, memorable design to give every beer the visual appeal it deserves.

  • Designer: Gustav Karlsson
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Packaging Content: Vegetarian take away food
    Packaging Materials: Sustainable sourced paper board with a starch lining

    Kino is a combined vegetarian restaurant, bar and cinema in Gothenburg, Sweden and they are launching takeaway. Design and develop one or more packages, appropriate to their cuisine. The focus is on sustainability and the customers experience. The packaging should also have a strong graphic identity, which should suit Kinos current non-profile and their architecture- exterior and interior wise.

    Goal - functional and visual:
    To create an easy to handle and sustainable take away package that fits Kinos present menu. It should also be pleasent to eat from, wether it's in a near by park or in a far away office. It must be easy for chefs to handle and for the customers to eat from and deal with later.

    It must be a take away package that carries and expresses(/shouts) Kinos image withouout a pre-given or a new graphic identity. It’s important that the packaging fits with Kinos current brand and image, even from a far distance.

    Three different take away boxes, with integrated handles. One for the main course, one for soups and stews and one for salad/bread. Inspired by vintage camera bags, the packages have an inside print/pattern for that pleasent surpirse. All the details in the pattern comes from details in Kino, architectural- and interior wise.

    The material is a sustainable sourced paper board with a starch lining, 100% composable and microwave-friendly.

    The top is both easy to close and open. There is a perforation around the package, so it quickly transforms to a plate.

  • Agency: Co Partnership
    Design and Creative Director: Zoe Green
    Art Director: Max Harkness
    Visualiser: Graeme Offord
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Salvador Coffee
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Content: Coffee
    Packaging Material: Paper

    Salvador are roasters of fine imported coffee beans from around the world. Their high-grade roasts have long been prized amongst Sydney’s inner city crowd, however their previous branding had failed to attract new wholesale clients.

    Marcio the owner of Salvador is a friendly expressive and very Brazilian character. He meticulously crafts each roast to perfect its own unique character and flavour, with a reputation among his peers in the trade for his artisan approach to roasting. With this hands on style, he retains the romantic Brazilian flair learnt from his grandfather Quintana Salvador, his inspiration for the brand.

    Co Partnership have brought new life to the brand, strengthening its brand story with a confident authentic look to capture the wonderful brand story. The core logo design works in harmony with the different roast labels and on its own to provide a strong stand alone identity for everything from signage to merchandise.

    What's Unique?
    Co Partnership developed the label paper mechanics to be easily adhered to the bags and also act as a tamper evident label, with a tear perforation for opening.

  • Agency: Aldas Brand
    Industrial Designer: Alejandra Forero
    Graphic Designer: Mauro Medoza
    Printing: Greenpack S.A.S
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Al Parque
    Location: Bogotá, Colombia
    Packaging Contents: Food, Healthy, Lunch, Picnic
    Packaging Material: Eco cardboard printed in one ink and paste with water-based glue

    This project offers the consumer a healthy and nutritious meal under the concept “ food tastes better when shared with friends”. It seeks to promote lifestyles allowing people to enjoy their lunch time outdoors like if having a picnic.

    The image of AL PARQUE was inspired on memories and memorable moments like spending the afternoon with friends, breathing fresh air, laying on the grass, feeling the breeze, jumping, laughing, running and, needless to say, eating in a healthy manner. Our idea was based on simple but distinctive characteristics, we mixed both classic and modern attributes, we relied on clean typographies, we used freehand lined icons and coloured containers that hold the brand.

    We were focused on developing an structure inspired on picnic baskets that could hold everything necessary to enjoy a meal at any place. Bearing in mind that the brand aims to promote and to sell a healthy product we decided to develop an environmental-friendly packaging that required just one ink, water-based glue and eco cardboard. Developed from a single die, the package achieves a high level of dynamism given that it offers a large variety of lunch options including paining, soups, and salads, all of them served with fruit and juice, and all of them which fit into the same structure of packaging.

  • Agency: BridgerConway
    Presidents: Marcelo Bridger y Santiago Felippelli Conway
    CEO: Alejandro Tinivelli
    Creative Director: Fernando Arendar
    Creative Team: Julieta Castex, Anabella Terranova, Macarena Hernandez
    Account Director: Alejandra Pouchot
    Account Manager: Luciano Cioffi
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Colombina
    Location: Colombia
    Packaging Contents: Food

    La Constancia is one of the many brands that belongs to Colombina, an 80 year old food company leading the Colombian market. For a long time it has been considered a very respected and popular brand with a traditional and familiar style and good quality products.

    In 2014 the brand decided to renew its image, starting to speak to those who dare to be different and are willing to try new flavors, by proposing them new ways to make their own recipes.

    BridgerConway developed the new image for the entire product range, reaching all their categories: tomato sauces, mayonnaise, jams, preserves, desserts and assorted dressings.

    The proposed design was adapted according to the different size and format needs of each of the 160 SKUs made.
    “Our challenge was to analyze the brand's current stage and its market competition to propose an innovative, valid and relevant idea to the category. We wanted to break the structures of traditional design and to stand out on the shelves while remain being La Constancia.

    To respect the brand’s history (which it was built positively for years) and to make a disruptive proposal, we had to make a detailed and careful work. The challenge also meant rearranging the architecture of its extensive portfolio, grouping categories in a clear way and, also, differentiating categories from each other without losing the overall perception of the line.”

  • Agency: SoNice Design Studio
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
    Packaging Content: Macarons

    "Life is sweet" is a package design concept for macaroon brand created by SoNice Design Studio.
    The main idea was to develop a sweet and festive visual identity that used brightly color elements. The inspiration comes from the world of fantasy and nature as well as flowers, birds and some ethnic elements that bring freshness and sweetness feeling to the product. The macarons packed in the white boxes with colorful watercolor illustration that create a unique and eye-catching effect.