• Designer: Marta Sobczak
    Client: Country Chic Paint
    Location: Canada
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Packaging design for Country Chic Paint.

    Country Chic Paint is a chalk and mineral based paint that is specifically designed for DIYers with a love for refinishing furniture and home decor. This fabulous paint is VOC FREE and contains no harmful solvents.

  • Designer: Ilona Belous
    Client: Eko Karpaty
    Location: Lviv, Ukraine
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Eko Karpaty is a new brand established in small city in Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine. The company owns a large farm, where each animal treated as a pet. Company produces high quality products of cheese, milk and yogurt. Client wants to convey naturalness of their products with brand and packaging. The concept was to communicate the old traditions of the region and the highest quality of the products.

  • Art Director: Kayode Olowu
    Digital Designer: Madalin Iovita, Alexandru Mircea Silitra
    3D: Emanuel Roman
    Location: Hamburg/ Germany
    Project Type: D&AD 2014

    The eye tells a lot about you; active or weak, agile or sleepy. It is also a part of the body that is sensitive to light. These features are similar to the features found in PURDEY’s drinks; Rejuvenate & Natural energy. Our design is thus influenced by the rich details in the eyes; structural and functional. From the new bottle shape and design to how the bottle reacts with light, we’ve kept true to the PURDEY’s mantra of being a drink like no other.

  • Designer: Christian Rearick
    Location: Indianapolis/ United States
    Type of project: Concept

    & Venck's is a German Premium Import Pale Lager. It's one of the finest beers that deserves the title of the people's beer. The concept behind the name "&" Venck's is that the & Venck's logo will always be following a word that pertains to its target audience, for instance: Football...& Venck's

  • Creative Agency: MAISON D'IDEE
    Location: Czech Republic/ Slovakia

    Simple and traditional looking packaging concept for Jack Sailor Foods.

  • Designer: Caitlin Walsh
    Type of project: D&AD Submission
    Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

    The origins of botanical drawings was to document and assist the identification of a species, usually for medicinal purpose. This was a fitting concept considering the ingredients within the Purdey’s beverages that aim to supply a natural boost for those seeking some natural energy and rejuvenation.

    The hand drawn botanical fruits highlights the intricacy of the ingredients used through the detail of each image and reflects the content of the beverage in a simple yet powerful way helping the audience visualize that natural components with in the product.

  • Agency: 43'oz, Moldova
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Smart Logistic Solution, Belgium
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    BANDIT’s Rum - Modern interpretation of authentic Caribbean rum

    Our design studio was tasked to create the design for authentic Caribbean rum in a modern interpretation under distinctive TM name - «Bandit». It is commonly known that the drink was highly popular among pirates and has a strong association with those distant times of treasure-hunters and gentlemen of fortune. But instead of typical rum-styling approach we used as a basis the design-concept of creation modern and yobbish label, where ruffianish stylistics wouldn’t be read all at once (at first view).

    At the heart of the design is an ornament that was performed in a rich manner where only after further review it can be read such yobbish attributes of different times and nations as guns, pistols, knuckles, hurlbats and skulls. Due to the use of advanced printing technologies and, what is more important, the combination of them – the final label «Bandit» looks multidimensional, modern and significant.

  • Creative Agency: DDC Creative Lab
    Igor Mospanov - Executive Director
    Dmitry Tikhonov - Project Manager
    Max Herman, Sofia Tereshchenko – Designers
    Client: Trial
    Sergey Kuznetsov – Marketing Director
    Eugene Kondrashov - Director of imports
    Location: Russia
    Type of project: Commercial Work

    The task of the Agency was to create a classic cognac design appealing to a wider audience, using recognizable images of St. Petersburg.

    DDC team found a way to create classical cognac design and at the same time add a uniqueness due to the effect of depth and three-dimensionality.

    There are the gravure image of Neva River with views of the bridges and Peter-Paul Fortress on the front and back of the label. By applying to the different sides of the bottle created a volumetric view.

    For a basis of colors the designers choose noble copper shades with gold accents for perfection of the image of true-Russian drink. Design involves decoration bottles by silk screen printing method, and further use of self-adhesive and shrink-on label.

  • Designer: Max Amato
    Art direction: Paul Sheriff
    Location: New York, USA
    Project Type: Student Project

    Branding, illustration and packaging for for a fictional cigar company called Havana. I was inspired by the fact that cigars are not only a main export of Cuba, but a way to share the country's rich culture. The illustrated labels pay homage to Cuba’s art deco heritage through famous landmarks of its capital city, and the handmade crate references the the country’s longstanding tradition of cigar exporting.

  • Creative Agency: saad branding+design
    Client: Nastek
    Location: Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    After a successful path in the B2B market, Nastek — leader in Brazil in high performance data communication systems — would start its journey on sales directly to the final consumer by launching a line of trackers to fulfill various demands. The need to create a brand that truly dialogues to its audience is much greater in the B2C market when the relationship between company and consumer is much closer and more personal. The importance of such dialogue is even greater when the product carries such an emotional appeal like trackers, that even though are electronic devices (and tend to have an inherent coldness), the character of its use relates directly to care, safety and quality of life, especially in Brazil and its alarming violence rates. Thus, Nastek intended to launch a line of trackers that would differ from everything already on the market: with excellent signal levels, long life batteries, extremely reduced sizes and pretty and functional design, Yon was created to revolutionize the market and so that Nastek consumers would have everything and everyone they loved within sight, even if at a distance.

    The project that originated the brand was supposed to fulfill a gap left by the competitors of the niche: none of them positioned their products in a personal, close or friendly manner. The chosen name, ‘Yon’, means distant but within sight. Short, direct and easy to pronounce, it fits the strategy perfectly bringing personality and poise to the brand. The entire identity was developed under the concept of all connected so that Yon was a flexible and dynamic brand, that suggested movement, speed and connectivity, which are the main attributes of the trackers. The logotypes are composed by the name Yon plus the respective complements, indicating the different uses: trackers for bikes, pets, senior citizens. Several lines of different colors cross the logotype and the visual identity connecting letters, words and images. The lines, the colors and the simplicity of the logotypes allow a variety of brand applications without losing its identity, on the contrary, reinforcing its presence as a multifaceted brand.

    The brand overcame expectations even before its commercial launch. The first product of the line, Yon Bike Lamp — a small tracker in the shape of a bike light — gained a lot of attention from the specialized press worldwide already during the pre order period. The packaging differs greatly on the rack from its competitors, inciting curiosity and adding value to the product due to its sophisticated nature which shows through the excellent finisinhg, the application of the brand in a unique manner and its exclusive design. Websites such as Yahoo! Finance recognized Yon Bike Lamp as an innovative product and highlighted its proudly brazilian technology. The brand project also interfered in the pricing strategy, allowing Nastek to increase its sales price considerably due to the added value acquired with the branding project. Yon Bike Lamp started to be sold officially only by July 2014.

  • Designer: Marta Sobczak
    Location: USA
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Egg nog carton design for a leading, global, packaging company that creates sustainable, fiber-based packaging solutions

  • Creative Agency: James By The Sea
    Client: County Confectionery
    Location: Cornwall, UK
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Candy Kitchen® is a new range of inclusions for the home baking market.

    We wanted to create a fun brand, that would appeal to adults as well as children to encourage baking together.

    We used cardboard tubes for the packaging, that are easily re-sealable and have great shelf presence. Visual cues of home baking were used to emphasise the product's use and reinforce the brand. This included the chef's hat, rolling pin and the wooden spoon that forms the logo. We printed on the reverse of the board to to achieve a craft feel.

    A tight colour palette was selected and interchanged to differentiate flavours and to keep a consistent look and feel across the range. The background polka dots add energy and fun but also act as a cultural reference.

  • Creative Agency: Grafico Design Inc.
    Designer: Hirohiko Takahashi
    Client: Chefs Club Hokkaido
    Location: Hokkaido, Japan
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    We made this product in the image of a pretty snow ball of Hokkaido.

  • Designer: Stella Grammatikopoulou
    Client: Agora
    Photography: Majeriko
    Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Agora Greek Olives are at least 8 month fermentation with natural process. Carefully selected from organically grown olive trees, slightly salted without preservatives and additives. Feature rich succulent flavor without bitterness, and remain always delicious. Hand packed. Ideal for salads, appetizers, sandwiches, baked dishes and accompanying beverages. Taste the famous Kalamata olives, green plain olives and stuffed with organic almond, lemon, garlic, red peppers. Maintained for 24 months.

    Pastes are made from Kalamata and green olives. Rich and balanced flavor, ideal spread for toast, sandwiches, appetizers and cheeses.

  • It's near the end of August and here we are putting together some of the most inspiring projects we've ever seen this month.

  • Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
    Client: INGMAN
    Location: Minsk/ Belarus
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Fabula Branding performed design development of ice-cream 1st A for the company INGMAN. The main idea of the trademark refers to school theme as it unites both children and adults.

    The concept design is based on contrasts in color, textures, and graphics. It evokes sensation of childhood – the most bright and halcyon time in a man’s life. Handwritten font, deep yellow and juicy plum colors, imitation of wool knit add a special warm and soulful touch to the design.

    6 flavors of ice-cream are presented through 6 funny episodes where heroes are cute cartoon first graders. All episodes constitute a love story from the first form.

  • Creative Agency: Empatia, Argentina
    Client: Juice Meds, Malaysia
    Type of project: Commercial work

    Celery, apple, pineapple, parsley, beet, lemon, kale, ginger, carrot and mint. This newly founded beverage company helps to cleanse our body from toxic substances that we consume from daily food.

    Cold pressed from organic & raw produce. Designed in a simple, pure and funny way!.

  • Designer: Charline Baubeau
    Location: France
    Project Type: Student Project

    The goal is to transform a classical chocolate box in a design object. More than a chocolate box to eat, it can be a decorative object for Christmas period. This system gives a second life to the packaging.

    With three models, including instructions, you need only scissors and some flodings (no glue) to do your tree.

    Only one printing in the same color than the packaging needs to realize this box. This packaging exists in three colors, red, green, black, Christmas tones.