• Creative Agency: Pearlfisher
    Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
    Managing Director: Darren Foley, Pearlfisher
    Strategy Business Director: Jack Hart
    Design Director: Fiona John, Pearlfisher
    3D Design Director: Mike Beauchamp, Pearlfisher
    Technical Project Manager: Jenny Cairns, Pearlfisher
    Designer: James Taylor, Pearlfisher
    Client Manager: Lucy Moss
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: UK

    Having worked in partnership with nutritionist and Mum, Lucy Jones, to create a new range of nutritionally balanced pots and pies, Little Dish turned to Pearlfisher to develop a vision, voice and series of packaging structures that would bring the nutritional credentials of the new meals to the fore.

    Jack Hart, Strategy Business Director at Pearlfisher, said, “The challenge we faced was to better connect parents to the brand’s mission of “feeding healthy kids” by showcasing how healthy Little Dish meals are as fresh and convenient alternatives to the processed trays and pouches available in the children’s aisle. We needed to reframe the consumer relationship with the brand and, as such, established a set of segmentation principles from which we created a reassuringly eclectic mix of products that felt homely, authentic and diverse but still held together as a range.”

    Taking inspiration from colourfully-enamelled cookware and the kitchen cupboard, Pearlfisher Strategy defined creative principles for Little Dish across six key equities: colour, texture, labelling, graphics, the role of form and the already appropriated family of “zoo crew” characters. Using this and deep immersions into Little Dish’s food preparation and packaging processes as blueprints for design, Pearlfisher’s 3D and graphic teams reintroduced cohesion and visual excitement to the range, managing to maintain the specialness of the Little Dish brand while establishing cues around quality, wholesomeness and health.

    Mike Beauchamp, 3D Design Director at Pearlfisher, said, “We used form, colour and material finish to hero the new Little Dish brand experience. The ‘pot’ and ‘pie’ containers are a first of their kind, with bespoke shape, colour, surfacing and embossed detailing on unique handles to communicate the brand’s premium quality and drive ultimate differentiation on shelf. We used the card sleeve to talk to both parents and kids: a deli-style sticker on the side of pack helps parents navigate stacked meals on-shelf, leaving the entire top face for kids to see Mabel the Cow skipping with a spaghetti string or Charlie the Chicken juggling butternut squashes. Graphically, we assigned bold colours to different protein sources to help with product identification and used handwriting cues to emphasise the youthful naiveté of the brand.

    Little Dish co-founder Hillary said of the redesign, “The Little Dish brand identity was born in the Pearlfisher building, and over the last ten years it has gone from strength to strength. Therefore, they were the only partners we trusted to help us take our brand into the future. What Pearlfisher has done is category-defining. They have brilliantly captured the spirit of the Little Dish brand, celebrated our nutritional credentials and repositioned our meals to parents looking for healthy and convenient meals for their little ones.”

    The Pots and Pies will be available nationwide in Great Britain from September 1st.

  • GNS Advertising Agency: Yotam Sharon
    Illustrator: Pierre Kleinhouse
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: STELLA ARTOIS (Israel)
    Location: Tel Aviv / Israel
    Packaging Contents: Beer

    I had the honor to create six unique bottle illustrations for a special edition 6-pack by Stella Artois (Israel). Every bottle represents a different aspect of the 'live beautifully' concept (things like listening to Jazz music, playing pollo or going on a yacht cruise.

    What's Unique?
    The sleeve is created so it can sit in the fridge without being destroyed. I worked only with the Stella Artois colors, to make the artwork blend naturally with the design.

  • Creative Agency: ARMBRAND effective solutions
    Creative Director: Arman Auzhanov
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Belarus
    Contents: Spirits Packaging
    Materials: Craft Cardboard, Foil

    For LLC «Bulbash factory», the Belarusian alcohol producer, the ARMBRAND company created a gift box for set with shot glasses, the souvenir double-pack set, as well as quadro-pack and six-pack for the small volume containers.

    We have designed ingenious package with the pronounced national style. Avoiding accustomed texture combinations, we have chosen a contrast combination: velvety craft-cardboard and smooth shining metal stamping. The concentric pattern with Belarusian ornament elements reminds sunshine and makes effect of volume and pulsation.

  • Designer: Arnold Mugasha
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Kampala, Uganda
    Packaging Contents: Coconut Water Energy Drink
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium

    Warrior is a coconut water based energy drink with an easy-to-remember brand name and three distinct flavours. Known as nature’s sports drink, coconut water is a great way to boost your energy through the coconut’s high levels of minerals and potassium. This is one of the selling points which presents a healthy alternative to a market flooded caffeine based energy drinks.

    The warrior concept is based on the idea that we are all capable of great things and we only need a push to unleash the warrior within us that is capable of great feats. This inner warrior is represented by the three different masks used on the packaging.

    All the flavours and masks on the represent different warrior tribes: Watermelon - Monk, Pineapple - Mastermind, Black Currant- Knight

    The concept has two main targets:
    1. To attract the customers and to stand out from the numerous other energy drinks offered on the market.
    2. To create a simple and strong association with the brand, through the vibrant and distinct package design

  • Designer: Patrick Chusheng Chen
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: School of Visual Arts
    Tutor: Louise Fili
    Location: New York
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate Truffle

    In order to create a super elegant packaging for this high end chocolate brand, I began the whole project with a monogram. First I tried to create a monogram that combines V, H and C three letters , but it turned out too complicated for this brand to convey the elegance. So I decided to just combine V and C. After trying hundreds of different sketches, I finally nailed it down to this current version. Next step I took was doing hand lettering for the logotype and the titles. All the letters I did showed a lot of care and well consideration.

  • Creative Agency: Citrartwork
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Baetatoes
    Location: Indonesia
    Packaging Contents: Potato Chips

    Client came to Citrartwork with challenge to create a new brand of potato snacks with five different flavors for young consumers that stands out in the crowds of chips and snack category.

    So Citrartwork start with an innovative packaging's idea - Not me-too products because Baetatoes is a new potato chips's brand Products of this category are often bought impulsively and the package can play a key role in the process of choice and marketing(through colors, mesage, design style) that balances the shelf appeal (design and messaging),eyecathing as well as the functional to create package which communicates Baetatoes's brand identity that gets the product flying off the shelf!

    Citrartwork build the a special concept. Its a build a strong and powerful brand and message wih a "simple" packaging

    Chances are color attracts people first. Differentation with color. While mostly crowds of snack and chips product using a strong bold vibrant colors.

    "Ownable color" for the first step.Pastel colors.suggests either something original,clean,simple and innovative,comfortable,safety and fun product.With lovely pastel colors its positive and happy energy its attracts young markets. Include choosing color which is generally suitable for both males and females.make this very energetic, cheerful design yet memorable.

    Besides signature color, Citrartwork also do unique icons, package structure, imagery, typography and all that combine to create “ownable” thats makes very synergy that prompts the “buy” response from young consumers. The another essential thing also to create a memorable yet strong character which create the illustrations that are very thought-through: texture, color, facial expressions, design style. Each character relates to the product inside and shows it own uniqueness and its own "love stories" to the consumers through the "quote". As every people every young consumers has their own " bae-story", their own way of showing love. For design style, Citrartwork build a strong and powerful image wih a "simple" characther,simple doodle.

  • Designer: Edwin
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Multimedia Nusantara University
    Course: Graphic Design
    Location: Indonesia
    Packaging Contents: Facial Tissue
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    On packaging design class, the assignment asked the student to create a 'unique fictional product' and then randomly exchange it with another student in the class to do the packaging design.

    The random product brief I got is a fruity perfumed facial tissue for kids. It has three kinds of flavour (orange, grape, and apple) and the client wants the packaging to be extremely unique in triangle shape.

    After that I did some research about the market and competitors to find the problems before started with the design. The problems I found are:
    - So many competitors in Indonesia market
    - Unique packaging design usually create more waste, consider the sustainability

    To handle those problems, I came up with some solution from the brainstorming process:
    - Different approach from usual facial tissue packaging (competitors)
    - Display it in unique way to attracts buyers (color & display instruction)
    - Make it collectible and easily refilled (sustainable) with glueless design

  • Cardboard engineering: Mat Bogust, THINK Packaging
    Rebrand/artwork: Marx Design
    Photography: Duncan Innes
    Retoucher: Michael Currie
    Copywriter: Gerald Phillips
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: Auckland
    Packaging Contents: Scalpel
    Packaging Materials: 380gsm B&F Curious Skin (black)

    Form plays a vital part in creating an outstanding piece of packaging. Unfortunately it’s often overlooked. We started think packaging to address this problem. It wasn't just the fame, money and hot chicks, we wanted to rub out sub-standard box templates and send shivers down the spines of blister packs everywhere. Designing more than just boxes, we use cardboard engineering to tailor the package to the product. As a packaging specialist, think™ works with clients to deliver real solutions and create game-changing form.

    After six years in the packaging game we decided it was time to treat ourselves to a nice spot of re-branding, as well as indulge in some shameless self promotion to celebrate. The idea was to create a limited edition gift sent out to a handpicked few - existing clients and potential new ones. Our new logo carries cues of a blade or a flick of paper that is left over when a mockup is made. So with this in mind, we decided to focus on the humble scalpel (the primary weapon of the cardboard engineer) with the intention of elevating it from a commonplace studio tool to something luxurious and exceptional.

    The package starts off life as a sleek, understated cube, engaging interest and exploration. Upon lifting the lid, the precision mitred, hand-assembled walls effortlessly drop down exposing the knife, thrust into the base Excalibur-like. The scalpel's matte black chrome-plated handle and the blade’s rose gold tint, further enhance the feeling of precision, beauty and craft. A message stresses the limited edition nature of the gift: “you made the cut”.

    Cardboard engineering is about cutting, sampling and experimenting with form. The recipients are invited to take the knife out and use it. There are even four extra blades held on an insert, snug in the top of the lid, making sure that you always have a sharp blade to work with. They can be just like me!*

    *Years of experience, hours of frustration, and band-aids not included


  • Creative Agency: Force Majeure
    Developed & Manufactured by: MW Luxury Packaging
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Diageo
    Location: Global
    Packaging Contents: Limited Edition Whisky
    Packaging Materials: Rigid board, bespoke papers and finishes, PU leather crafted fitment

    For the third year running, Johnnie Walker have released their John Walker & Sons Private Collection blended scotch whisky.

    This year, "fine honeyed notes" are the theme, and once again only 8,888 bottles have been released. In honour of this special occasion, the Johnnie Walker brand has teamed up with MW Luxury Packaging team to produce an elegant wood-effect pack.

    The box was crafted using complex rigid board construction, and is wrapped in bespoke paper stock, debossed with a fine wood grain effect. On the front of the case, the John Walker & Sons monogram is displayed in deep copper foil, evoking the rare amber liquid within. Providing a striking contrast is the silver foil Royal Warrant emblem.

    The case opens up like a book, by way of a diagonal split line that perfectly complements the iconic design of the bottle. Inside, the pack reveals a minimalist cream interior boasting micro-embossed PU leather fitments. The whisky bottle is held snugly in a fitted recess in the main body of the case, and can be easily slipped out with an attached copper ribbon. Opposite rests a hardback information booklet, wrapped in the same paper that covers the exterior of the case.

  • Designers: Rebecca Kisch, Catlin Khamashta, Sally Yingst
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: California Polytechnic State University
    Course: 48-Hour Repack Challenge
    Location: San Luis Obispo, California
    Packaging Contents: Flour
    Packaging Materials: Paperboard

    Nature's Medley was created during the 48 Hour Repack Challenge. Nature's Medley is an assortment of six organic, gluten-free flours that are stored in 100% recyclable, paperboard receptacles. The package itself, is a two-piece, resealable parcel featuring a nine-sided contoured body, a builtin easy-to-pour spout and a lid that doubles as a measuring cup. Its ergonomic design allows the customer to hold the product in one hand and easily stow it away after use. Additionally, the package is sealed with a tamper resistant paperboard band which wraps vertically around the majority of the body.

  • Creative Agency: Zoo Studio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Chocolate
    Location: Spain

    Conduru is an exclusive chocolate that comes from a small cocoa plantation in Brazil. With this cocoa, 100 chocolate cylinders of 1 kg have been produced in order to get a limited series of 100 packs. The first of them, and always the most special, was delivered to Pierre Hermé, named the world’s best pastry chef at the 2016 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony in New York.

    The concept and design of the pack come from the idea of taking advantage of the main material that farmers use to store the cocoa, the wood. So, we searched different kinds of wood, with different thicknesses, some natural woods, and some other with natural dying. The chromatic composition and the different thicknesses provide rhythm, spontaneity and a recall of respect towards the environment. The combination of colours and thicknesses of the wood make all the packs different. The cylindric form gives it a lot of personality and a touch of exclusivity. Also in the design of the brand Conduru, the use of different kinds of font with the unbalanced kernnings reinforce the idea of improvisation and the fact that it is a genuine pack. The cylinder of chocolate comes protected by golden metal paper, a color that combines perfectly with the different tones of wood of the outside. The pack gets closed by magnets.

  • Creative Agency: Xabier Ogando
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Miguel Oliveira Restaurante
    Location: Vigo, Spain
    Packaging Contents: T-shirts, Gastronomy, Culinary
    Packaging Materials: Polystyrene

    Another year the chef Miguel Oliveira, takes the new design of the GASTROCAMISETA 2016, inspired by three different dishes of traditional Galician cuisine.

    The chosen dishes: "Pinto lañado", "Composto" and "Caldo de patatas". Different Galician areas (sea, countryside and mountains). These dishes are almost obsolete and were carrying workers to their working hours.

    The idea behind the packaging was to find the relationship of the t-shirts almost exclusive summer garment within a packaging used for ice cream.

    Inside the container is dish recipe with the t-shirt, which could be part of a culinary file.

  • Designer: Tania Zhurbenko
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: San Francisco, United States
    Packaging Contents: Cookies
    Packaging Materials: Cardstock

    Packaging work for a new baking company concept. Rustic, clean with bold typography and type play. Emphasis is placed on letting the ingredients shine and providing the consumer an interesting way to discover the ingredients.

    What's Unique?
    Packaging takes an unusual approach making the typography the star, and leaving the "view window" on the side. Inspiring the consumer to pick it up creating a tactile experience.

  • Designer: Victoria Sodi
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Akto
    Course: Bachelor
    Tutor: Artemis Roussos
    Location: Greece

    The Mastic tree grows in only one place on the whole planet – the southern part of the island Chios. No research has been able to prove the reason for this phenomenon, although, some older reports note that the uniqueness of the earth in the southern region of Chios can be explained by the volcanoes beneath the sea in that area. According to a local tradition, mastic is the “tear” of the bush for the tortures inflicted on Saint Isidoros in 253 A.D. under a mastic tree.

    The passion, enthusiasm and his deeply adore of Ioanni’s Sodis , which was Pharmacist and Chemist, became his dream true, and mastic was become a worldwide substance in cosmetology usage. Following the traditions of research laid down by his forefathers, Sodis has updated dozens of old remedies, as well as creating new products; in the early 1980’s he launched – in a commercial packaging – the world’s first mastic- based cosmetic, the Masticdent toothpaste, with special healing properties for the gums.

    Τhat pioneer person was my grandfather.

    Cosmetics that created and designed, based on my Grandfather’s manuscripts, which had the fortune to have in my hands, according his philosophy.

    To be produced based of organics and unique ingredients and at the same time to be handmade and full of our love and passion , instead of some lifeless machines.

    Working on these my mind forwarded to a new idea.So decided to create cosmetics made by mastic that would be ‘tailor made’ to each skin needs!So started to create these kind of cosmetics , which I think that it’s a completely unique idea!

    But how would be able to create something which was needed to be changed either to their usages or and their substances?

    These questions was puzzled my mind since was really difficult to find a solution which should be satisfied me for both, aesthetically and functionally.

    So decided instead of the basic cosmetics and their artwork, to design a special label for each one , which will be written manuscripted, the type of each skin, its needs and method of use, as well.

  • Creative Agency: LION Brand & Story
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: JH Group
    Location: Czech Republic
    Packaging Contents: Jam
    Packaging Materials: Plastic

    The Afro brand has been known mainly for it’s gastro products. Company JH Group, owner of the brand, have had ambition to extend their portfolio with products for casual consumers. After market research they found the right opportunity - jam in tube, which will be easy to use without pollution.

    We was asked to prepare design concept of the brand, oriented on consumers, and packaging for plum, strawberry and apricot flavour. The winning creative concept was Afroman, mascot with famous afro hairstyle. Design, we have done, is bright, easy to recognise on shelf and funny, so that it meets with customers preferences.

    New image of Afro brand is successful and nowadays we are preparing new stuff. In real you can see it in every big retail chain in Czech Republic.

  • Designer: Gwyn M. Lewis
    Country: United States
    Type Of Work: Self Promotion

    I love making the product part of the packaging and with a product like socks that are out in the open and can be touched I saw an opportunity. Barking Dogs is of course a term for sore feet so Soothing Socks for tired feet would be a good thing. The dog faces would make the products stand out.

  • Designer: Jara Freund
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: University for Applied Science Darmstadt
    Packaging Content: Tea Pot
    Location: Germany

    Värma is a minimalist packaging for tea pots with added value and additional benefit. It shows a likeness to the product and protects extensively at the same time. After opening, the packaging becomes the tea warmer. - DVI

    The packaging is made out of corrugated cardboard and is therefore ecologically and environmentally friendly.

    And that's how you use it. You can find the instructions on the packaging, telling you step by step how to build your tea warmer. The instructions and the pattern are lasered into the cardboard. To prevent fire damage, the product packaging has been treated with impregnating spray and is designed to be flameproof.

    Värma is a project Jara Freund developed during the 3rd semester studying Industrial Design.

  • Creative Agency: M&A Creative Agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Adega Cooperativa de Murça
    Location: Anadia, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Red wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle, Fasson white cotton paper, Gold foil stamp, Braille Varnish


    This wine honors the date when the first charter was given to Murça by King Sancho II. These documents written by monarchs were used in Portugal whose aim was to establish a County and regulate the administration, duties and privileges. Foral de Murça is a gift of nature that benefits some essential factors like topography, climate, soil, grape varieties and the "know-how" of men which inspired the label design reminding medieval times.

  • Creative Agency: Shumi Love Design
    Creative Director: Valerii Shumilov
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ampelos
    Location: Moldova
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    While working on this project the team had to maintain an already well-known design with all its recognizable elements. At the same time, it was necessary to highlight the unique and exclusive character of a certain product line. In order to do so, the agency’s specialists have introduced a set of changes that made the overall look more neat and classy, while using an already present set of graphic elements.

    First of all the overall length of the label was extended in order to wrap the bottle entirely and increase the useful space for placing information. At the same time, the overall style remained intact while the main graphic elements were processed with special post-printing techniques in order to emphasize their visual impact.

    The main stylistic element of the brand – the sight of ellipsis – was used several times in different zones of the package in order to amplify the brand’s recognizability. Besides the central part of the label, where the sign is executed in gold foil stamping, the ellipsis is also present on the bottle cap, as well as the back of the bottle, where it is formed by the empty spaces between the edges of the label. This serves as a strong counterpart to the frontal image and amplifies the brand’s impact.

  • Creative Agency: Estudio Maba S.C
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bodegas Casa Rojo
    Location: Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: paper

    After designing the label for The Invisible Man 2013 , the new range would offer new ideas . The wine must remain recognizable , but at the same time it should also be clear the change of range, since the interior features also evolve over time .

    The seemlier spoke of balance and licorice. They don't have a lot in common... Or do they? Something seemingly very different , but which together could be a graphic in itself. The Invisible Man continues his sophisticated dandy style, but is balanced on a rope of candy and licorice. From a static pose The Invisible Man becomes filled with movement , self-confidence, tasting exquisite.

  • Creative Agency: Peter Schmidt Group
    Design Director: Dennis Dominguez
    Senior Designer: Aurelio Escuredo
    Designer: Juliana Fischer
    Head of Production: Tobias Gagelmann
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Hamburg, Germany
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Six friends had acquired a vineyard and wished to create a reputation for excellent wines with distinctive character, yet first they needed to explore different wine growing regions around the world to find inspiration and discover new trends. In short, they undertook what is known in trend scouting as "Cool Hunting" and a perfect name for their new wine label was born almost instinctively, for the six friends had become "Winehunters". An analogy to hunting typically comes to mind when referring to winehunters and so it was natural for a stylised target to be developed as a key element of the brand's corporate design, for it symbolises the accurate pursuit of perfection, while individualised logo colours increase the brand's overall flexibility across diverse media applications.

    The wines themselves equally embrace the hunting theme: The Pinot Noir is an ideal accompaniment to red meat and is robustly called "The Hunter" while the white Pinot Gris is a perfect companion to seafood and so bears the name "The Fisherman". Each grape variety is represented by an intuitively understandable image that cleverly illustrates both the name and provenance of the wine.

    "Winehunters" has been awarded with the Red Dot Award Communication Design 2016.

  • Creative Agency: Bulldog Drummond
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: USA

    From A Passionate Idea To A Funded Company

    After a decade working in the beauty industry, fair-haired entrepreneurs Erika McKeller and Elisa Hills set out on a mission to gain a deeper understanding about their damaged, blonde hair. With a team of world-class beauty chemists, they developed the BLNDN Complex, which is designed to reverse the harmful effects of oxidation. But while they had an idea for their business, they needed help to build a brand and a company. They partnered with Bulldog Drummond to help develop a strategy to build and fund their business.

    We took an active interest in the concept and incubated BLNDN by taking them under our wing. Bulldog worked with their team to develop their brand, packaging design and look book. We also worked closely with them to develop their business plan and obtain their first round of funding. Together we helped BLNDN take their idea from concept to launching on QVC and in market in just 12 months.

  • Creative Agency: Ash Flint
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Nottingham, UK
    Packaging Contents: Cornish Pasty

    Miners is a celebration of the cornish pasty and its heritage of being the cornish miners favourite snack. Each edition features a illustrated silhouette of the recognisable tin mines which are still present in Cornwall today. Each flavour is represented through the changing colour of the sunset. The name was established due to the historic connection between mining and the cornish pasty. To continue this visual language the logo is based on a bold rigid typographic structure.

  • Designer: Ana Cecilia Gutiérrez Garralda
    Creative Director: Rodrigo Quiroz Miranda
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: San Pablo Farmacia
    Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    Packaging Contents: Body Splash Aromatherapy

    Herbos is an herbal products trademark that is sold exclusively in one of the largest drugstore chains in Mexico. On its first product line, Herbos showcases nine different products used in aromatherapy.

    The primary plant or flower used in the oil of each product was used as a reference for the packaging graphic design, since this is most important trait for the consumers of herbal products.

    Each product used in aromatherapy has a specific therapeutic purpose and the name of each product was selected depending on the benefits they provide.

    The box finishes give a special touch to the packaging; the embossing of the typeface, UV varnish on the icon pattern design, and the silver hot stamping on the top section along with the Herbos logo.