• Designer: Qianwen Dong
    Project Type: Concept
    Award: Red Dot 2013 Winner
    Location: Savannah, GA, USA

    “Drink with Clean” is a simple, convenient and safe packaging design of the can mouth, which can protect the mouth from the contamination.Based on the idea of separating the air and the can mouth by using the aseptic membrane, we designed a new packaging of the can mouth.

    A survey indicates that there are more germs and toxic bacteria on the zip-top can than in the public lavatory. Since the mouth of the can in uncovered, people’s mouth can usually touch it then they’re drinking and bacteria as well as contaminant will be brought into their mouths, which will threaten their health.

    Based on the idea of separating the air and the can mouth by using the aseptic membrane, we designed a new packaging of the can mouth.

  • Design Agency: Hands Off My Fries!
    Creative Director: Louis Marti
    Designer: Jalil Silalli
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Paris, France
    Packaging Contents: Concrete Mix
    Packaging Materials: Paper bag

    It takes a funny, cutting edge and completely unusual approach within a very serious and grounded category. Construction professionals now have a new alternative, a much more engaging one, to the traditionally boring concrete mix bags.

    We paid attention to the copy which sets the tone of voice for his edgy brand and makes the concept complete. The tagline « Just add water », besides conveying the efficiency, easiness and rapidity of use values, also is a wordplay referring to drowning victims in the river. We then used typical types of mobsters’ victims for product segmentation and even gave tips for what to do while waiting for the mix to set.

    We kept strong category-related visual cues in order to keep the brand trustable by the consumers : bold/technical typeface, large vivid color segmentation, setting-time as a key item.

    This brand opens a very inspirational territory, which for instance allows to play with a lot of funny copy in communication.

    « That’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Give it to the Mob. »

    « Let the tough guys do. Just add water. »

  • Design Agency: Design Happy
    Designers: Will Jones, Richard Bray, Jon Plumb
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Abelha
    Location: Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol
    Packaging Materials: Wood, Paper, Glass

    The Brief
    We were asked to create a standout gift box for the wildly successful Abelha Organic Cachaca, the essential spirit for the perfect Caipirinha.

    Abelha organic Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice and hails from Rio de Contas, a beautiful old mining town which sits amongst the hills and valleys of the southern Chapada Diamantina. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil.

    Our Approach
    Such a lively, bright and unique brand deserved an imaginative, playful and witty gift box. So we took the brand’s key visual of the bees and worked closely with a box manufacturer to create a bespoke beehive structure for the drink to stand in. We then created ‘A very little book of cocktails’ to help people enjoy this spirit to the full.

  • Creative Agency: LINEA Packaging
    Project Type: Self Promotion, Concept
    Packaging Material: Wood label
    Location: Cognac, France

    LINEA Packaging Design Agency created LITHO-BRU printer's latest creation with an original self-promotion initiative.

    Its name: CHERRY WOOD, a concept presenting for the first time printing on adhesive backing in real wood. This AVERY DENNISON's innovation made of living material and complicated to consider brings nobility and tradition to the final product. The bottle and the label have been designed like an American whisky. It's an allusion to the vintage labels during the period of alcohol prohibition, inspired by American lettering of the 1940s. The label made of cherry wood echoes ageing of American Bourbon in barrels.

  • Designer: Jens Marklund
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: School of Visual Arts
    Course: Typography
    Tutor: Jon Newman
    Location: New York, USA
    Packaging Contents: Typeface
    Packaging Materials: Bamboo

    Set to create packaging for a typeface, if it were to be sold in a physical form in-store. I decided to combine two complete opposites, to get a reaction from the viewer; the elegance of Didot with the aggressiveness of bamboo skewers.

  • Designer: Lauren Smyth
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Boston, USA
    Packaging Contents: Paint cans, Beer
    Packaging Materials: Paint Cans

    Primed is an artistic infused beer company. Mixing the idea of painting and brewing. These cans seemlessly display a juxtapostion between the two worlds.

  • Design Agency: rubenstudio
    Designer: Ruben Baghdasaryan
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Project Description: "I’ve just always wanted to create something unique for Beyonce and I wanted to capture the power of FORMATION Music Video”

    Beyoncé dropped her sixth solo album in April of 2016. One of the hits of the album became the song FORMATION, which Beyonce performed for the first time in The Super Bowl Half Time Show in February. Being inspired by her Victorian style in the music video, I decided to create a concept of Beyonce’s new perfume and name it “FORMATION”. Package design is a mixture of style of the clip. The technique I used for the packaging it's called Monotype. One of a kind, hand-pulled print.

    The Image goes thru the press once, and then it's pulled off the sheet of paper. The Process is always most interesting, going to the print studio and see what comes out of it. After that I started thinking over the bottle design, by keeping the look and feel of the music video. Generally, used materials are of gold and shiny ones, to transmit the exact mood of the song.

  • Designer: Nikhil Thomas
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Manufacturing Process
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Contents: Mouth fresheners, hard mint
    Packaging Materials: PP- Polypropylene (plastic)

    Tic Tac Yo is designed with two factors in mind re-usability and joy, thus making it not just a dispenser but also a fun toy,a yo-yo.

  • Designers: Malin Algothsson, Liza Pedersen, Michelle Nilsson, Joakim Tidén
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Brobygrafiska
    Course: Packaging design
    Location: Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Skin care

    Palmolive is an american brand that has since 1806 offered a wide range of skin care products to affordable prices. The brand has been established for a long time on the Swedish market but they are part of an industry where many brands are competing for the consumer’s attention. New trends are appearing and it has been difficult for Palmolive to keep up; they are facing the challenge that the target group is saturated and thirst for change. We have given them a new identity and developed a new packaging system with an updated collection with 3 different series; moisturizing, balancing and repairing. These adapt to different types of skin rather than mainly choosing from various scents. The new look for Palmolive conveys that the products are from ”nature’s own pharmacy” and that it can reach a whole new level on the market with a timeless, gender-neutral and Scandinavian design.

  • Design Agency: Fluid Ideas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tyrrells
    Location: Derby, UK
    Packaging Contents: Popcorn

    Making its debut on Sainsbury’s shelves across the country, Nude popcorn is a new player in the UK snack market. Working in partnership with Tyrrells, we're proud to have created all branding and marketing material.

    With a promise of 'nothing to hide', this new popcorn combines great flavour with low-calorie and gluten-free credentials - conveyed through a bold, spirited brand, tailored to body-conscious young females.

    Armed with a bespoke handmade typeface, vibrant colour palette and playful messaging strategy, The Nude Popcorn Company benefits from a striking identity that stands out on supermarket shelves and online.

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  • Every month, many readers tell us how they are inspired by our student project features. For the past few weeks, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of submissions from the visual communication design students of Hoseo University in Seoul, South Korea. You do not need to be a K-pop fan to be enjoying these Korean packaging projects.

  • Design Agency: Pig Iron
    Creative Director: Chris Lang
    Designer: Annalise Ogle
    Illustrator Chris Lang
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cobbler Mountain Cider
    Location: Manassas, USA
    Packaging Contents: Hard Cider
    Packaging Materials: Paper Labels, Paper Four Pack Carriers, Glass Bottles, Metal Caps

    Cobbler Mountain Cider approached Pig Iron with the idea of updating their packaging and brand identity. Through the process we noticed how much time and attention Laura and Jeff Louden put on the land and animals of Cobbler Mountain. We tried to incorporate that passion into the packaging while emphasizing the ingredients with custom illustrations and vibrant colors throughout. The end result is packaging that stands out on a shelf while paying homage to the land of Cobbler Mountain and the craft of cider making.

  • Designer: SoRam Rachel Kim
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Norwalk, USA
    Packaging Contents: Jam

    JamJam comes with 9 different kinds of fruit jams, each full of flavour and easy to take with you on the go. Jam Jam comes packaged in a squeeze doypack equipped with a leaf cap that allows users to easily open and close the pack. The cutout see-through window shows the contents inside and allows you to inspect the quality of the products while giving you an indication on what flavor it is. You will also receive a peel off spoon to easily and cleanly spread the jam. In a unique twist, there’s no need to wash the leaf shaped spoon, you just peel off the top layer and have a clean spoon every time.

  • Creative Agency: Studio Schoch
    Creative Director: Dominik Schoch
    Design: David Moore, Julian Huber
    Concept & project Management: Tina Fuchs
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging content: Iced Tea
    Location: Switzerland

    Cascara Ice Tea – The Exceptionally Refreshing Drink Made From Coffee Cherries And A Selection Of Extracts

    Studio Schoch creates the new Cascara Ice Tea. Cascara is the pulp of the coffee cherry. The name cascara is derived from Spanish and means skin or peel. The pulp is first dried and then infused to create an aromatic tea. The amber-coloured infusion boasts unexpected notes of fresh orange, and its soft sweetness and particularly full-bodied flavour are reminiscent of mild honey.
    The design differs with fresh colors in combination with the black background. The illustrated ingredients underline the uniqueness of this product. The radiating lion in the middle of the bottle stands for energy and vitality.

  • Designer: Herman Awuku
    School: PrattMWP
    Course: Visual Communications II
    Tutor: Cindiana Koren
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Utica, NY
    Packaging Contents: Vitamins
    Packaging Materials: Recycle cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Cork

    Liqvit is a fictional product series of easily obtainable multivitamins. The products are developed to provide consumers with their daily vitamins in an accessible manner. Any individual’s daily vitamin intake is provided in one tablespoon of Liqvit Essential, which eliminates the need for multiple pills. Liqvit Recovery is an alternative for people that show regular symptoms of influenza, fever and common cold. Both products come in liquid form as well as water-soluble tablet form, which accommodates for travelling purposes. All in all, the product is designed to help consumers thrive in an active lifestyle through providing all essential vitamins in one product.

  • Design Agency: Wallace Church & Co.
    Executive Creative Director: Stan Church
    Creative Director: John Bruno
    Illustrator: Michael Scaraglino
    Designer: Kevin Sams
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Heinz (now KraftHeinz)
    Location: New York, NY USA
    Packaging Contents: Pasta Sauce
    Packaging Materials: Paper Label, Mason Jar

    When Heinz wanted to add a new tier to their Classico Pasta Sauce line, they reached out to Wallace Church & Co. Classico Riserva delivers, high-quality, natural, ingredients with herbs and spices you can actually see. Their sauces are simple, flavorful and authentic. The mason jar supports the simple and handcrafted tradition, inspiring meal creation at home.

  • Design Agency: IBC Shell Packaging
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Don Pancho
    Location: New York, USA
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol (Rum)
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    Don Pancho’s handcrafted 30 YO rum is presented in a glass decanter bottle, and is enclosed in a premium gift box by IBC Shell Packaging. A recipient of The American Package Design Gold Award.

    What's Unique?
    The hinged, rigid gift packages incorporate an embossed steel medallion on the cover, overall matte lacquer, bi-level embossing; combination hot stamping, interior descriptive plaque, and satin covered insert.

  • Design Agency: Break Brand & Packaging Design
    Designer: Simona Baldo
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Plasmon
    Location: Milano, Italy

    The baby milk market is crowded with an increasing number of players. Despite being always appreciated for its uniqueness, Plasmon, one of the most well-established brands, has been suffering from the high competition. In order to set itself apart again, the company has improved its products. After a 5-year-long research conducted in their Italian labs, Plasmon created L. paracasei CBA L74, a new ingredient that is able to help the functioning of the immune system of the baby. It is a revolutionary finding that may move the market.

    The new scenario requires to reconsider the graphic system of the whole milk line. The benefit of the new ingredient is to be communicated together with a general sense of security and reassurance. It is also necessary to convey the scientific background to the new finding, without moving away either from the brand’s identity or the typical communication codes of the food world. More premiumness is key to support the new positioning.

    The sub-brands of the previous system have been removed to provide a cleaner and more rational layout of the elements that should lead the consumer in his buying decision (age and milk numbering). The simpler layout provides an opportunity to emphasize the new Nutrimune logo (which, form now on, is going to be the main identifier for the whole milk line). The logo was obtained by merging the shape of a shield with the one of a drop of milk, communicating the main benefit and a sense of security. The gold of the border gives more premiumness and legitimacy to the whole system. The Plasmon brand codes have been kept in the upper part of the pack, while the Oasi nella Crescita (oasis in growth) theme (generally expressed by a natural landscape) has been reduced to leave room to a white area that expresses science and technology. On the retro of the pack, the Nutrimon logo has been broken down and its elements have been explained one by one to the consumer.

  • Design Agency: minimalist
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hanbul Cosmetics E NATURE
    Location: Seoul, Korea
    Packaging Contents: Cosmetics

    E NATURE reinterprets the sun, the moon and the mountain peak with a modern viewpoint from Irworobongdo (Painting of Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks)and expresses the organic lines of the East as modernly as possible.

    The package consists of 13 lines, and each line has its own motif inspired by nature, which not only succeeds the wisdom of our ancestors who loved nature but also suggests a new type of naturalism.

    The whole range uses the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper stock and is printed with eco-friendly soy ink.

  • Design Agency: Bezem
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Colectii Nationale
    Location: Romania
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Colectii Nationale brings together in a limited series the best types of Romanian wine.

    What's Unique?
    Wine is considered an art - we chose national paintings to exemplify this, making it much more desirable and easier to collect.

  • Creative Agency: Baldwin&, Raleigh
    Creative Directors: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
    Associate Creative Director: Jen Matthews
    Ar Director: Paul Tuorto
    Copywriter: Keith Greenstein
    Illustration: Marc Laming, Hatfield, U.K.
    Client: Krispy Kreme
    Location: USA

    The comic-inspired, one-dozen SuperHero carton (the illustrator, Marc Laming, has worked for Marvel, DC, Fleetway, Dark Horse, Dynamite and other publishers) is a four-way first-ever for Krispy Kreme: It’s their first promotion to go totally outside the company’s standard corporate design identity. It’s printed sideways, to open from left (comic-book style), instead of from the top. The offer copy is playful and topical (“Buy a dozen. Get a free original glazed dozen for your sidekick.” “Costumes not required. Just super encouraged.”), rather than legalese. And it’s the first, with its caped and masked Ks on bottom, to alter Krispy Kreme’s initials logo.

    The offer is supported by Flash banner advertising, in a contextual buy targeting consumers with superhero movie interests and within 10 miles of a Krispy Kreme, via networks TURN and Verve Mobile.

    National Superhero Day was originated in 1995 by employees of Marvel. Krispy Kreme first participated last year. Because... why not? Superheroes are fun.

  • Design Agency: Aktiva Design
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Once a year we create a special gift for our clients and friends to say thank you and invite them to celebrate with us. While the content of the gift - a bottle of Moët Champagne - is already well known and highly awaited, the styling is from year to year a surprise.

  • Design Agency: Backbone Branding
    Art Direction/ Design: Stepan Azaryan
    Design: Kristine Khlushyan, Lilit Arshakyan
    Photography: Backbone Branding
    Photoshoot Campaign: Emma Grigoryan "Thiternik"
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Shabeeg Ltd
    Location: Yerevan, Armenia
    Packaging Contents: Fashion

    Having an age-old cultural heritage, our initial challenge was to make the new Armenian t-shirt brand depict its roots.

    The brand logo also depicts this essential idea. We took a small ornament from a traditional Armenian carpet and pictured it in a pixelated art style.

    The whole brand essence is constructed on the idea that the Armenian people, spread around the world, make it a sweeter and a better place.

    Besides the main branding line we have developed exclusive illustrations for Shabeeg t-shirts, depicting traditional Armenian elements. The illustrations present the endemic animals that inhabit or have inhabited in the territory of Armenia the territory of Armenia from ancient times and are included in the Red Book. They also portray the Armenian heroes, represent Armenian legendary miniatures and national ornaments. The illustrations of the t-shirts are worked out keeping hip, stylish and modern in mind though carrying the traditional spirit, representing it in a modern way and spreading the essential ethnicity of the brand through the t-shirts around the world.