• Creative Agency: ∆ Studio—JQ ∆
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Ground Coffee
    Location: United Kingdom

    Traditional 7 Classic Ground Coffee. A delicious brand of coffee you can have any day of the week!

  • Creative Agency: høly
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Beverage, Water
    Packaging Materials: Cork, White stone, Concrete, Glass, Soft natural rubber grip, Premium rough paper, Onionskin

    During the first Designathon, a 48-hours design challenge that took place in Athens in 2013, we were assigned the branding and web design of the -fictional- bottled water brand, PURO.

    Three years later, being loyal followers of evolution and constant self-improvement, always doubting and exceeding our limits, we are proud to introduce the brand-new and most complete look and feel of PURO - one that amalgamates nature’s beauty and wildness, exempted from human interference.

    Hereafter, PURO family cradles three counterparts; PURO Still Water, PURO Distilled Water and PURO Sparkling Water.

    Combining nature’s most raw and pure elements in a saliently surrealistic way, PURO’s new presentation makes the most of natural light’s innumerable and beneficial properties along with black-and-white coarse landscapes’ majesty. Primary intention is to give prominence to the premium and high-quality expression a bottled water can uphold.

    Βe our guests and enjoy the sensuous story of PURO, emanating from the most untamed and wintry mountains of the breathtaking scandinavian landscape, unfold before your eyes.

  • Creative Agency: Rocklin
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Europe / Israel

    Sunflower seeds are the most popular and traditional snack in Kuban — a geographic region of Southern Russia. Our task was to create a strong brand, which will produce a great visual power and will look unique in this extremely competitive market, but, at the same time, will deliver the original Kuban spirit.

    Since the brand name, chosen among many options, directly indicates the Kuban roots, we decided to develop the whole visual language on a basis of regional culture. Embroidery is considered to be the most characteristic Kuban craft.

    Having no intent to imitate these patterns, we just used the principle and the colors of the ornament. Sunflower seed itself became a “construction material” for the illustrative style.

    Kubanchiki — sunflower seeds for the Kuban soul.

  • Creative Agency: Design Activity
    Design Director, Mark Stubbington
    Project Type: Commercial Work/ Self Promotion
    Client: Lidl, Hatherwood Craft Ales
    Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Alcohol
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    The range consists of six craft style ales, each with a unique flavour and design to match. Following on from the original Golden Goose and Ruby Rooster variants, another four flavours were added all with an animal theme. This radical redesign elevates Hatherwood from a traditional ale into a speciality craft beer brand in its own right.

    Lidl tasked Design Activity to redesign and extend their range of Hatherwood craft beers, the design of which was firmly entrenched in the traditional end of the market. The craft beer category was growing rapidly with small independent breweries flourishing. Lidl recognised the opportunity to capitalise on this growth and create an exciting looking range of modern beers that not only had to appeal to discerning drinkers.

    Each bottle has a distinctive illustration which incorporates its own typographic style, which aims to elevate the beer’s character and create a unique personality. The master brewer’s signature and the numbering system also help convey the specific nature and idiosyncrasies of each drink.

  • Creative Agency: Fable&Co.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Alexir Partnership
    Location: Brighton, England
    Packaging Contents: Pie
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard

    To conceptualise & create a luxurious, lavish & seemingly decadent pie brand was the brief presented to us. Innovative packaging, encouraging a gratifying experience to the consumer was of paramount importance in promoting the true extravagance of this new brand. Our clients location ‘Edenbridge, Kent’ inspired us to in our pursuit for an impeccable name & narrative for which to shape this unique identity.

    ‘Eden’ meaning delight, finery & luxury is more commonly famous for the paradisiacal garden in which Adam & Eve lived. Is is often said that the Garden of Eden is marked by four beautiful rivers, adjoining together, enabling the vast virility & fertility of this area of unsurpassed natural beauty.

    Following the design of the primary work marque & logo asset we set about considering the look & feel of the packaging graphics. Inspired by the natural balance of nature coupled with the serenity of the Garden of Eden – represented through the simple, eye catching, symmetrical graphic device. We introduced monotone iconography / imagery to effectively differentiate the product variants within the range. On pack messaging relating the Eden & Bridge brand story was devised to encourage an emotional connection with the brand.

  • Creative Agency: Pig Iron
    Creative Director: Chris Lang
    Illustrator: Annalise Ogle
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Hellbender Brewing Co.
    Location: Washington DC, USA
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Aluminum Can, Plastic Sleeve

    Hellbender Brewing Co. approached Pig Iron with the task of creating packaging for their 16oz canned beer. They requested the design be simple and easy to recognize as a family of products while each maintaining their own individuality.

    The team at Pig Iron first started with a refreshing of their existing Hellbender Salamander logo. The design of the packaging subtly calls attention to the habitat of the Hellbender Salamander with the meandering creek and small mountain range that frames each of the different text lock ups. Hellbender Brewing Co's mission statement is predominately featured as to call attention to the need to preserve these endangered animals.

  • Creative Agency: Murray Brand Communications, Inc.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Oberto Sausage Company
    Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
    Packaging Contents: Jerky trail mix

    To create the visual branding for its newest product line and sub-brand system, Oberto Sausage Company partnered with Murray Brand Communications to design the packaging graphics and in-store displays for an innovative line of Trail Mix with jerky.

    After performing SWOT analysis on competitive offerings and conducting client stakeholder interviews to more fully understand desired brand positioning and graphic themes to pursue, Murray Brand’s design team created a range of packaging concepts that communicate a better for you snack that’s protein rich and convenient.

    To avoid confusing consumers accustomed to Oberto’s highly identifiable retail packaging previously designed by Murray Brand, retention of the brand’s white primary packaging color was recommended. New banner designs, fonts and violators were then developed and staged to optimize eye tracking, ensure consistency across all SKUs and brand block competitors in the retail set.

  • Art Director : Hossam Moustafa
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Egypt
    Packaging Contents: Oil
    Packaging Materials: Wood

    Beard Oil Package Design Concept

  • Creative Agency: RUNWAY BRANDING
    Creative Directors: Andrew Nadvorskiy & Konstantin Dvornikov
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: LADOGA
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Afrikaa Park is a new trademark of South-African wine made from the authentic Pinotage grapes, as well as the traditional Syrah and Chenin Blanc grape varieties.

    Afrikaa Park wine is produced by Perdeberg Winery, Paarl.

    Perdeberg Winery is the association of 30 wine producers with 2,300 ha of vineyards located in Paarl, Malmesbury, Durbanville and Stellenbosch.

    Runway Branding specialists have developed the naming of the trademark and the design concept for the entire Afrikaa Park product line.

  • Designer: Jessica Santos
    Work done in conjunction with Rayanne
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Pet food
    Location: Brazil

    The aim is to create a brand identity and cookie packaging for dogs with the focus on consumers who treat their dog as part of the family.

  • Designer: Yusuf Bayrak
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Szeged, Hungary

    PokémonGo Lollipop was inspired by the extremely popular mobile game, PokemonGo. The content of the candy hidden in a Pokéball wrapper is a real surprise, we never know what flavour we will encounter. Adding to the excitement, among the popular flavours there may be one or two "dangerous" combination as well. The lollipops were modelled after the colorful candies of the most popular Pokémon.

  • Creative Agency: GORDOST
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Yekaterinburg, Russian federation
    Packaging Contents: Canned vegetables
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium, Paper

    Erkonprodukt is one of the key players on the Russian market of dairy and vegetable canned goods launches “Smily”, a new range of vegetable canned goods. The market for Smily is Russia and a few former Soviet countries. Gordost branding agency created package design for bright brand's image.

    The prime objective for the new design was establishing an effective visual communication with the targets- liberal consumers in their mid thirties that trust foreign brands. The design must communicate a positive message. Non-standard graphic solutions are acceptable for the purpose of Smily products to stand out on the shelf among the conservative competitors' products.

    The main idea of the Smily design is distancing from the standard solutions of picturing canned vegetables and relies on direct interaction with the customer. The effect is achieved through a created image: a half-opened top lid forms a smile, the key resembles a nose, and the tin's contents - eyes. The smiling 'mouth' is filled with various vegetables depending on the product's type.

    The neutral white background makes Smily cans easily noticeable on a shelf, as well as makes it look more appealing. The brand name is placed on basil leaves, which creates additional associations with environmental friendliness. An original design with no unnecessary details expresses the bright and positive nature of the brand, which makes you trust it at first sight.

  • Creative Agency: Estudio Trip
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Federico Stabio
    Location: Mendoza, Argentina
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle

    This label was designed by Estudio Trip in Argentina. Neptune is a Malbec type of wine from Mendoza, one of the wine capitals of the world. The label was developed entirely with the technique of collage, combining different elements that tell the story behind its name. The label gives primary importance to the image, leaving second place to the written information. as it seeks to make an impact while is next to other bottles.

  • Creative Agency: Bulletproof
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: PizzaExpress
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Frozen food

    PizzaExpress has made its first move into the frozen category with the launch of Artisana, an exclusive range for frozen retailer, Iceland. Following their work on the redesign of the PizzaExpress ‘At Home’ retail packaging earlier this year, strategic brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof was appointed to create the packaging design for this new range.

    Launched to complement the current PizzaExpress chilled retail range and the restaurant experience, the new ‘everyday premium’ positioned Artisana range features five pizzas, three ready meals and three gelatos, all delivering the high quality taste experience and ingredients synonymous with the PizzaExpress brand.

    Bulletproof said: “Our challenge was to create a design that would deliver clear differentiation between the chilled and frozen ranges, while still ensuring that the new Artisana range felt part of the PizzaExpress family. We needed to give it a premium look and feel to stand out in the frozen pizza category, supported by sumptuous food photography showing an abundance of delicious ingredients.”

  • Creative Agency: Believe in
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Packaging Content: Maple syrup
    Location: Canada

    Believe in® creates ‘Uproot’ to launch new Canadian studio

    To celebrate the launch of their new Canadian studio, brand design agency Believe in® have created a special limited edition bottle of premium maple syrup, one of Canada’s most iconic exports. The name, Uproot, reflects the company’s arrival in Canada while also referencing the process of drawing water up through the Maple tree to create the sap from which the syrup is made.

    Uproot takes a Canadian icon and adds a European design sensibility. 100% pure Canadian maple syrup was packed by hand into heavyweight Italian glass bottles. Takeo Tassel, a subtly embossed light gray paper from Japan was supplied by UK paper specialist GF Smith to reinforce the feeling of luxury. The paper was digitally printed, die-cut and adhesive-backed by creative printers Kolor Skemes in South West England to create the finished labels. A truly international collaboration.

    200 bottles have been created, each individually numbered. The die-cut diagonal line on the front marks the geographic connection between Exeter in South West England and Mono in Ontario, the company’s two studio locations.

    Founder and Creative Director Blair Thomson said: “Our brand is very much a representation of who we are and how we see the world. Uproot embodies everything that we strive for in our work - simplicity, beauty and meaning. Hopefully our clients and friends will enjoy the packaging almost as much as they enjoy its contents!”

  • Creative Agency: SMALL
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Dalua
    Location: Spain
    Packaging Contents: Food & Gourmet, Chocolate, Pastry
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Our project in the pipeline had to accompany Daniel`s new challenges and his brand but always with a scrupulous respect for the family background of the trade

    Most of daniel`s life has been lived between vanilla flavoring, flour and almonds in Dalua`s workshop. Therefore, each of his memories is connected with the bakery founded by his parents. At small, we intended to bring those memories to light as life bites which would melt in a blank canvas within a story with the members of his family as protagonists.

    Our immersion in Dalua`s workshop led us to the workshop, the origin of everything. From it, we considered that the incorporation of the term atelier would help us to talk about this space, hidden from the eyes of the customers, in which a unique suit for each occasion is sculpted with sweets by the hands of the craftsman.

    The logo was designed by creating a simple but powerful typography, elegant but without loosing an iota of modernity and efficiently coexisting with a visual universe where white, the white of flour, the white of all the work to be done and the white of the dreams to be written plays a decisive role.

    The packaging that would evoke the magic of Dalua product, had to create a true sensory experience before, during and after consumption. The result can be seen by everybody.

  • Designer: Betania Garcia
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Newark, USA
    Packaging Contents: Pasta packaging

    DeCecco Pasta redesign is a redesign on an already existing pasta.

    What's Unique?
    I changed the dated packaging of the original pasta to a high end one re-positioning it in the market.

  • Designer: Betania Garcia
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Newark, USA
    Packaging Contents: Coffee Bags

    Victor's Bakery is a conceptual project with a full range of assets. My goal was to create a latin-american bakery with roots based in central america and centralizing around the idea of creating closer knit communities in Central America while creating the building blocks to a better economy with their already existing resource coffee. The packaging design is supposed to let the consumer know exactly where the coffee is from and how far it came from.

  • Creative Agency: Bienal Comunicación
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Selfix
    Location: México
    Packaging Contents: Cellphones
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard

    Selfix is a Mexican brand that breaks the status quo of the smartphone technology market and it presents an out of the box proposal: A high international technological quality with versatile options and very affordable.

    Selfix is defined by its authenticity, a brand that is located in the streets, urban art, and contemporary expressions.Selfix invites everyone to be Change Makers, innovative, decision generators, dare to be different, become transformation agents. Selfix is a revolutionary smartphone brand.

  • Creative Agency: Brandmeisters
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Moldova

    To develop trademark and label for bitter tincture with quality taste of whiskey.

    The design concept is based on the trademark which was worked out by studio, also from the image of an authentic distillery with old barrels, which are key elements on the label. Color spectrum is designed in the characteristic "whiskey" colors, black with accents of bronze and gold lettering. Product confidently took its place on the shelf and shows a steady sales growth.

  • Creative Agency: Estúdio Praia
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Castanharia
    Location: São Paulo, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Natural food products made with nuts / nut butter
    Packaging Materials: Glass Jars

    Castanharia (something like "nuts factory" in Portuguese) is a startup focused on healthy and natural food products made with nuts.

    The project has been conceived with the objective to communicate to both wellness and "gourmet" universes, since Castanharia's key idea is that natural, fresh and healthy food can, and must be, delicious.
Our role on this project go through naming, branding and packaging design of the company's first product range: a large variety of different nut butters.

  • Creative Agency: Shumi Love Design
    Creative Director: Valerii Shumilov
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Luding
    Location: Moldova, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    Working on this project required a special approach because of the product’s own unique character. Since the consumer was offered with Australian wine the packing had to put a strong emphasis namely on the product’s origin and its unique taste. As many connoisseurs know New World wines have a distinct fruity and vivid character. And this is what we had to communicate in the packing.

    The overall style of the design was intentionally made to be modern, vivid and juicy in order to emphasize the character of Australian wines. The main graphic element of the label is the image of the continent with the respective signature. This element serves both an informative function communicating the wine’s region of origin, and as an eye-stopper attracting the consumer’s attention. This effect is further emphasized by the use of gold foil stamping and other post-printing techniques that amplify the sunny and bright character specific to Australian wines. All the informative elements of the label are executed in a tempered style in order to emphasize the product’s modern and fresh feel.

  • Creative Agency: A Friend of Mine
    Designers: Suzy Tuxen, Cassie Brock and Emily Fitts
    Artworking: Mim Kennish
    Photography: Sarah Anderson Photography
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    When the owners of Chez Dré in South Melbourne decided to open up a European styled dessert boutique next door, they wanted to stand apart from others and give the space a sense of permanence. Bibelot (French for a small object of curiosity, beauty or desire) was thus born, encompassing an artisinal patisserie, gelateria, coffee bar, chocolate shop and high tea salon. Wanting to marry branding, packaging and signage together to evoke a strong sense of place, we drew upon traditional mosaic tiling techniques as a design reference point. We custom crafted typography with intricate tiling patterns in a bold and geometric typeface to give a sense of modernity and avoid a pastiche look. A suite of patterns lend the packaging designs variety whilst the deliberately monochromatic palette of black and cream unites the brand. We collaborated with Breathe Architecture and a mosaic artist to create the custom signage elements within the space.

  • Creative Agency: AKU
    Illustrator: Ryan Chapman
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Coffee
    Location: Tallinn, Estonia

    The packaging of the the small coffee roasters’ were designed as a modular system to avoid high production costs and leftovers. Besides necessary information the only visual elements are stamps representing coffee’s country of origin.

    Packaging postage stamps for Kokomo Coffee's African and South American blends. Designed in collaboration with UK illustrator Ryan Chapman the impactful miniature format functions to visualize the well-known symbols of the coffee’s origin and the distance these specialist products travel to consumers.