• Designer: Andrea Ferrandis
    Location: Valencia, Spain

    This is an invitation in the form of ice cream for veranito Welcome event. Party made ​​by Pulsa, one of the largest media consulting in Spain.

  • Creative Agency: PackLab
    Client: Stella Wines, Solera Beverage Group
    Location: Norway

    The inspiration here was to do a lot with a very little - turning the gift of giving upside down and adding value. Through humour we are asking the purchaser turn the bottle upside down and by doing so give the gift receiver more than wine but flowers and a smile. Concept development and design for variety of wine ranges and individual bottles for Stella Wines, Solera Beverage Group.

  • Designer(s): Antti Ojala, Ville MerisaloAugust Salo
    Competition: Stora Enso Recreate Packaging competition entry, 2nd prize
    Location: Finland
    Project Type: Concept

    A complete shaving kit for the light weight traveller. The kit contains face wash, shaving gel, aftershave and razor. The secondary packaging is not only compact and protective, but also acts as a tray for an organized and pleasurable experience. The kit is designed for a weeklong trip (7 days). So the customer does not have to open the kit before reaching destination or carry extra portions.

    Jurys comments: "The shape is modern, economical and user-friendly, supporting the functionality of pushing the content out of the tube. All contents of the shaving set are on display and easily accessible for use in the holder. The outer box made of microflute corrugated board is very traditional but serves as a compact way to pack the whole set for a trip. The concept is ready for production and could be used for many other cosmetics and beauty care products too. Material choices are well-conceived and offer possibilities to use renewable board materials in new applications."

  • Designer: Kiss Zsombor
    Client: Szivek Winery
    Location: Budapest, Hungary
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The winery is just a division of the Szivek Estate. They cover a wide range of agriculture (e.g.:chocolate, ham, fruit drinks, catering etc.)

    So, the logo should work as an umbrella brand that fit for the different sectors. The winery is positioned itself to the level of the high quality wines.

    They representing a small variety of grapes but with a special care, situated in the Neszmély wine region of Hungary.

    The logo reflects on the name "Szivek", that means "hearts" in Hungarian. It illustrates 3 hearts in an abstract way, but also reminds us to a drop, the grape leaves, the symbols of playing cards and it looks like a fractal. One of the most important message of this symbol is "the whole is part of the whole" idea.

    These features altogether draw attention to the uniqueness of grape, pointing to the expertise of the wine makers and as a result the great wines.

    The leitmotif is the basic structure of the 3 hearts, but the logo can be used in two different ways - filled and outline format. The filled version works as the official emblem with the typography and the outline one is functioning as an illustrative symbol. The basic colours are the black and white, but the subbrands or the different types of wines can have its own pantone code. The logo structure is applicable to create varied wallpaper patterns.

  • Designer: Tetra Pak
    Client: Y Water
    Location: United States
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Y Water muscles into the kids' beverage market packaged in iconic Tetra Pak Classic Carton

    Y Water is now available in all Southern California Walgreens. Basically, it’s all the good stuff without the bad stuff in a fun eco-friendly package.

    About the packaging design: Y Water is carton smart in its appealing, innovative packaging made by Tetra Pak. The Tetra Classic® Aseptic carton is a triangular pyramid shape and is a no-waste industrial cutting die mold - the first industrial drink package design ever by Tetra Pak. It dates back to 1943 Sweden, when the development started. The iconic design is part of the MOMA NY design collection. Tetra Classic® Aseptic is now being re-launched stateside in Southern California with Y Water. The container is fully recyclable. 

    “It’s industrial design on the highest level”, notes Thomas Arndt, founder and CEO of Y Water, “the simplest no-waste shape leads to the purest, most unique drinking container - kids love it, it’s fun, and it’s simple, but the thought that went into it is sophisticated. We are very pleased to work with Tetra Pak for Y Water. It’s a perfect match of philosophies of our two companies.”

  • Designer: Stanislav Schvechkov
    Location: Russia
    Project Type: Concept

    During the year the colored hair require different minerals for the health and stability of the color. The idea and package design from Stanislav Schvechkov shows to consumers a shampoo for every season of the year. The design uses relevant colors for every season and natural background pattern what contributes to a positive package perception of the target audience.

  • Designer: Anna Lindner
    Location: Malmö, Sweden
    Project Type: Student Project

    A series of beer labels for the summer release of the micro brewery Malmö Brygghus' beer Hamnmästaren (The Dockmaster). The concept is inspired by old school tattoos and dark sailor secrets, but keeping a cozy homemade feeling.

  • Creative Agency: Saltmine Design Group
    Location: Australia
    Type of project: Commercial work

    Saltmine Design Group re-imagines Danone’s Activia Brand

    Saltmine Design Group is pleased to announce two new packaging projects for International Dairy Company, Danone, both on its Activia Probiotic Yoghurt brand.

    Saltmine was briefed to re-invigorate the Activia core range and then following on from this, to create the new packaging for the launch the brand into the Large Tub segment of the market.

    Activia is well known for its probiotic goodness and low fat offering but Danone wanted to increase the taste appeal of the Activia range by bringing the ingredients to life on pack and making them look more appetising for the consumer. Saltmine increased flavour cues by bringing the creamy yoghurt and plump, juicy fruit to the forefront. While doing this they also introduced the new, simplified, global Activia logo to the Australian packs.

    Following on from the core range refresh, Activia saw an opportunity to enter the Large Tub market to capture family sharing occasions by providing better value for money for the whole family. Activia consistently scores well in blind taste tests and it was critical for Saltmine to bring the great taste to life on pack.

    The new design features the simplified Activia logo held within the central device on pack and accompanied by a “bursting with probiotic goodness” claim. The movement coming from the fruit gives the idea that it’s an explosion of taste. The yoghurt and fruit splat interspersed together reinforce the natural goodness and the freshness of the product. This bold modern treatment is unique for the category. The sub-range name uses a bold font in a ribbon device to create maximum impact on shelf. It also has a smooth flowing quality to it. Variant colour is integrated with the flavour name banner and the other product claims in the top corner.

    The new Large Tubs are clear plastic to highlight the product itself.

    Danone commented, “Not only have Saltmine reinvigorated the core range by bringing the taste to life, they've taken the brand to another level with the taste explosion on pack of the new Large Tubs. We look forward to seeing the product in market as it launches this month”.

  • Creative Agency: Design Studio Box
    Designer: Miroljub Matovic
    Client: Colorchimica (VR), Italy
    Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    PerTre paint bucket labels, proposal redesign, manufactured by Colorchemica (VR) Italy.

  • Creative Agency: Chad Roberts Design
    Illustrator: Andrew Plewes
    Client: Kitten & the Bear
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Type of work: Commercial work

    The desire to move from selling at their local farmers market to a legal retail package drove the need for a brand and packaging redesign for this up-and-coming pair of confituriers.

    The design respects the defining qualities of the original packaging while introducing illustrated elements and classic typography. The labels accommodate their 200+ batches of unique flavours that they produce each year and meet the legal requirements for packaging in Canada, with a variation for the United States.

  • Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
    Creative Director: JL Bayer
    Art Director: Hernán DePol
    Client: Refax / STP Chile
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    At the end of the year 2013, Chile refax STP in conjunction with the US we are responsible for designing the packagings STP for Chile and Peru of this renowned and powerful brand. The brand was associated in the minds of the target audience only to additives for vehicles, so the strategy proposed by Grupo Oxigeno was to design a modern packagings line also will highlight the tradition and American history behind STP. We created a seal of quality based on the origin, so the shield "American since 1953" legally passes the quality and tradition to the entire new line of products STP.

  • Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
    Client: Gourmet
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The new line of dressings of the Gourmet brand was designed on a young audience, for them is designed this line of attractive colors and clear design, simple and easy to identify in the supermarket.

  • Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
    Client: Gourmet
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Gourmet is a leading brand that is widely valued and welcomed in Chilean homes. It arrived several years ago as an expert in condiments, but has met with difficulty in breaking into the soup segment, which is dominated by famous international brands. We created an innovative and elegant proposal for the packaging, and now this premium line of soup recipes has been successfully positioned within the segment.

    The Oxigeno Group won First Prize at the Chile Design Awards for packaging, for their design of Gourmet premium soups.

  • Creative Agency: Grupo Oxigeno
    Creative Director: Chantal Soulodre
    Art Director: Hernan DePol
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Lovelemon is an independent project. The idea stemmed from launching a drink that is not currently offered in the market, something truly refreshing and natural: a glass of lemonade.

    The project was a new undertaking so faced financial constraints, from production itself, to the impossible requirement for a unique bottle. A new bottle could not be designed, rather it had to be sourced from the limited selection available on the market. Therefore, Oxigeno Group elected to empower the image and label by creating a distinctive name and identity. We used a playful, fun and entertaining image, with a good sense of humor, to tailor this product to a young target audience in constant movement.

    Lovelemon won a CLAP Award 2013. Clap are iberoamerican design awards.

    - CLAP Selection for the Oxigeno Group in the category Best Packaging or Packaging Set (for a line of products) for their Lovelemon Lemonade project.

  • Agency: JDO
    Country: UK
    Type of work: Commercial work

    JDO’s premium platform for Dove continues

    Following the success of the ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ launch in the US earlier this year, JDO Brand Design & Innovation have again partnered with the Dove Hair team to design a more premium format and pack design for the launch into the UK.

    New ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ was launched as a premium tier of products sitting above the core Dove hair care tier and consists of a technically superior portfolio of products which, when married with Dove’s superior care, provides tailored treatments for specific hair need states. The new collection contains advanced weightless moisture formulas that combine luxurious ingredients, top end fragrances and beautiful packaging.

    In contrast to the US launch that saw the portfolio of products presented in bottle and tottle, the new launch secures a move of format with products available in more premium and contemporary state of the art tube packaging.

    The resulting pack designs communicate and hero each individual platform technology with the use of a bespoke gold foil icon. In addition, for the shampoos, JDO developed a new approach by adding depth and visibility to uplift premium cues via the use of graduated metallic pastel colours. Each colour and hue has been carefully considered and developed to underpin and communicate the platform need state/benefit.

    To conclude the design, JDO added platform colour inspired transparent caps across the three launch platforms - Oxygen Moisture, Youthful Vitality and Pure care Dry Oil. The result is an ultra premium and engaging presentation of Dove’s new Advanced Hair series range.

    Tim Jebb, principal and founder of JDO said, “The premium look of the metallic ink together with the opacity of the pure clean white associated with the Dove Hair brand creates a clear point of difference for the range. We were able to use our specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between our design vision and the technical challenges of the project.”

  • Designer: kissmiklos
    Location: Hungary

    Heineken animation and bottle design for the Trafiq Bar & Club

    To the Trafiq interior I created my design on a way that we could hide the ads of sponsors among the decoration elements. The ads always keep the style of Trafiq, they assimilate into the graphic design of the club.

    I was asked by Heineken to design an animation that we could hide between the pictures on the wall in a room upstairs. That's why my animation starts with a typo which looks just like the other pictures on the wall so you can't recognize that it is an advertisement. I made it with the official lettering of Heineken. After a minute the illustration is starting to move and with a zoom we get a Heineken bottle consists of sarmentums. And after that we get back to the original text.

    It is funny and special that among the other images one of them gets move sometimes. Howewer it is not an animation definitely rather a static picture which is moving, but I know it seems antinomic.

    Afterwards I made the design of the bottle based on my illustration giving opportunity to realise a limited edition of bottle to sell.

  • Creative Agency: Creable
    Creative Director/ Art Director: Maria Gaviria
    Illustrator: Alex Fallas
    Designer: Sergio Amaya
    Client: Alqueria Chocoleche
    Location: Los Angeles, USA
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Alqueria was looking to rebrand their Choco milk product and create new characters that appealed to their latin american 6-11 year old boy demographic. We created a story line around the two characters a boy named Zack and his monster, Chokelat. Together they always get into adventures where milk and chocolate have to come together, wether it’s an experiment, a water blaster contest or spinning milk and chocolate records.

  • Creative Agency: Amore
    Location: Sweden
    Type of work: Commercial work

    We have had the pleasure of working with Lithells, a time-honored sausage-maker from the small town of Sköllersta in Sweden, to reposition and redesign the brand. From the beginning, we decided with the client that the key was to create a strong, unique and relevant brand property to unite the different product groups, while enabling variation between them. Enter, the Apron. An age-old symbol of culinary craftsmanship, knowledge and pride. An easily recognizable and iconic shape that works as a label and placeholder for key information on all packaging. And a design element that is highly relevant to the sausage world and easily applied in all forms of communication. With a warm and friendly tone of voice, providing exciting ideas for sausage preparation, Lithells is on its way to becoming the most inspiring sausage brand on the shelf.