• Creative Agency: arithmetic
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Candles
    Location: Canada

    Materiality was so important to us: the tactility of how these boxes feel. We’ve always looked at packaging as gifts. We love picking out gifts for people, but we give enough gifts to ourselves. Since we are consumers, we naturally buy things— so what better way to utilize the skill set of packaging, than to help people gift something to themselves?

    We look at a box as not just a vessel to protect—that is one function of it for sure, to keep the object safe—but how can we make the box look like a gift in a store, and then behave like a gift later on? Say you bought a candle for yourself because it looked interesting or pretty in the store. When you take it home and open it, you’re forced to have a moment with yourself: with the string tied around the washer, it’s a forced slowness. You can’t just rip it open and throw it away. Instead you start to feel the preciousness of the product, and your personal experience with it. As you open the white box there’s a build-up, and that surprise splash of colour inside offers a pleasant surge of delight.

  • Designer: David & Vsevolod
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Moscow
    Packaging Contents: Cookie with cannabis
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
    Printing Process: Foil stamping

    The largest museum in the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, announced the Rijksstudio Award. The creation of cookies with cannabis on the basis of the collection of the Rijksmuseum. Good mood is guaranteed.

    What's Unique?
    Why tourists go to Amsterdam? Of course, for cheese, tulips and wooden boots-clobs. However, it's not a secret that many visitors to the Dutch capital come here to smoke legal grass. The designers have developed a series of "Won Der Cookie- cookies with cannabis" packages. The design was based on the "mood-smile". Hence the main bright colors on the package and smiling portraits from the main national museum in the Netherlands - Rijksmuseum. Designers have implemented modern technologies FaceApp, to create "smiling portraits"

  • Label Manufacturer: Royston Labels
    Photography: Alex Bibby
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Redsmith Distillery
    Location: UK
    Packaging Contents: London Dry Gin

    The Redsmith Distillery was only opened a year ago, but in that time its signature creation, Redsmith London Dry Gin, has been awarded Classic Gin of the Year. The gin itself is notable for its smooth texture and citrus notes – but there’s also much to praise about its eye-catching label.

    Manufactured by Royston Labels on one of their combination presses, the label was printed on a super white textured material with a black finish and boasts embossed hot foil branding. The rich copper red used here is mimicked with an ink and features again on the inside of the label, where the Redsmith logo is set against a lively pattern of monochrome circles. This striking background swirls and swells with the movement of the liquid, creating a truly unique visual effect.

    The label was commissioned by Redsmith distiller Wayne Asher after he met with Royston’s Technical Sales and Innovations Manager, Phil Bradnam, last year. In his own words, Asher “realised that Royston had the capabilities to produce the Redsmith labels as they were intended”.

    Of course, while the finished label might ooze effortless style, the Royston Labels team were put through their paces during production. Black and copper inks had to be printed on the inside of the label without compromising the adhesive quality, and the application of hot foil to textured material proved tricky. But from the looks of the finished label, Royston passed this particular challenge with flying colours.

  • Creative Agency: 2S Global Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: La Maison Du Whisky
    Location: France
    Packaging Contents: Whisky

    Offering a bottle becomes an art with this packaging design, faithful to the product identity, a mix of discovery and origami. Two different folds for two different distilleries: Miyagikyo & Yoichi. Taketsuru, a combination of the Miyagikyo & Yoichi folds, since it is a blend of these two whiskies.

  • Creative Agency: 2S Global Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Roche Mazet (Castel Frères group)
    Location: France
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Roche Mazet, brand of the Castel Frères group, is a family-run company which produces wines from the pays d’Oc, and shares it passion for the French soil since 1998.

    For the summer of 2017, we created an innovative box to magnify its bag-in-box range with a precise meaning and function, while remaining in line with its values: a wine of quality and accessible to the greatest.

    We chose to go beyond its practical aspect, and to bring an added value to underline its difference, and to create a shared enjoyment with the accessory. We created an innovative box, which will be used for its 7 references: 2 reds, 2 whites and 3 rosés.
    After studying everything that could have been done in this sector, we worked on several essential criteria: Make it unique as much as practical, aesthetic, and playful, matching with a wide audience in various situations.

    Aesthetic by the object’s purity and simplicity, which can be placed on any table, from the chic buffet to the summer picnic.

    Practical thanks to its carrying handle and its elevation, facilitating the service to the glasses without tilting neither the BIB nor the accessory.

    Playful by its pivoting function, which creates an effect of surprise during moments of sharing, while facilitating the insertion of the BIB and the access to the tap: an accessory that remains faithful to the spirit of the brand.

  • Co-Founder & Creative Director: Kane O'Flaherty
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: PiCCOLO
    Location: London
    Packaging Contents: Baby Food

    Piccolo, the UK’s fastest growing baby food company, has recently launched its new Piccolo Pure range. The fruit puree collection comprises of four different recipes: Pure Mango, Pure Banana, Pure Stanley Plum, and Pure Williams Pear.

    Piccolo Pure is an exciting addition to the existing range of 100% organic pouches. Inspired by the Mediterranean approach to health and wellbeing, products are centred around fresh ingredients that have been lovingly prepared and shared with friends and family. The exciting new range was specially created for those important first tastes.

    The Piccolo Pure range is presented in clear packaging, a UK first in the baby food market. Co-founder and creative Director Kane O’Flaherty adds “We like being market leaders in every aspect of our business. We launched with matte pouches in March 2016 which was not a common material used within the baby food category and now we have launched with transparent pouches, also with a matte finish”.

    The transparent material of the pouch further emphasises the brands transparency on their ingredient sourcing and provenance while heightening the premium nature of the product offering. “Pure is something unmixed, wholesome, transparent, perfectly clear. We wanted these descriptors to be reflected in the packaging by showcasing the puree itself. There is nothing more pure than a single blend in a transparent pouch”. Transparency allows consumers to understand the product better by giving them added confidence in knowing what they are buying by seeing it.

    Kane concludes “The pure range are 100% single blends of one ingredient which is something we wanted to extend as an experience for the consumer. Apart from creating our sub brand "pure" we also wanted to give the range its own unique identity that lends itself to the concept of the core nature of the product”

  • Creative Agency: Michael Fischer
    Designer: Michael Fischer
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Cork Institute of Technology
    Course: Packaging Design
    Tutor: Steven Young/Maureen Roe
    Location: Cork, Ireland
    Packaging Contents: Sauces and Dips for Seafood
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jars
    Printing Process: Digital Printing

    During my Erasmus exchange I created packages for my self-invented restaurant-brand “Fish 'n' Dips” at the Cork Institute of Technology. Since the restaurant focuses on seafood in combination with homemade sauces, it also sells some of the dips and sauces to its customers.

    The sauces: Wild Herbs, Lemon Cream, Garlic Butter

    The dips: Parsley Tartar, Honey Mustard, Mint Jelly

    The challenge was to convey the Irish maritime atmosphere and to position the products as something unique.

    For the sauces I used a rather slim and tall glass jar with a wide opening which is more convenient for getting the content out. The dips are contained in smaller version of the same jar. Apart from that, I “color-coded” the sauces and the dips with landscape images of the rough Irish coastline and added a fish-shaped lug that also acts as a quality seal. So the jars grab your attention and it's clear that they are intended for seafood. Apart from that, the labels are reduced to a minimum size in order to show the product itself. This should make you want dipping your fish into the delicious sauces immediately.

  • Creative Agency: Immer Design Studio
    Graphic Designer: Ints Neiberts
    Creative Development Director: Aleksandr Grivach
    Marketing Executive: Armands Artihovičs
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tukuma Piens AS
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Packaging Contents: Yoghurt cocktails with summery plum, orange-grapefruit, apple and grape flavors
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Polymer
    Printing Process: HP Digital printing

    Tukums dairy, which is considered to be the first “Tukuma piens” company, was founded on June 20, 1913. At the beginning of the 21st century JSC”Tukuma piens” is not only the largest and the oldest company in Tukums but also one of the biggest dairy producers in Latvia and yoghurt producers in the Baltic States.

    Since the company’s early days “Tukuma piens” has produced whole milk products and has become one of the largest milk purchasers and dairy producers in Latvia. Each day about 220 tons of milk from Kurzeme farmers go to “Tukuma piens”. “Tukuma piens” specialises in fresh product production and its range has about 250 items. The main product groups consist of yoghurt, curd, cream, butter and curd snacks.

    Year 2017, company presents something special – yoghurt cocktails with summery plum, orange-grapefruit, apple and grape flavors.

    Main message: Shake it before drinking it and after 15 seconds you can taste a real yoghurt cocktail with durable foam and heavenly taste. No messing with a mixer and beating – just shake it and it’s ready. Those in a hurry can drink it straight from the bottle or pour it into a glass and sip it through a straw to enjoy every mouthful.

  • Designers: YanCheng Su, Hou Jia Yu
    Project Type: Student Project
    Packaging Content: Tea and herbs
    Packaging Materials: Paper
    Location: Taiwan

    賜吾家康 Ciwujia Kang (Bless My Family with Good Health)
    The product’s main feature is the leaf shape and the leaf veins of manyprickle acanthopanax root. To promote healthy tea food made from the “three-leaf manyprickle acanthopanax root”, an indigenous plant in the Chih Hsueh area in Hualien County, a new image is created through brand planning, package design, photos, and new flavor development.

    The package structure is inspired by “the leaf shape and the leaf veins” of manyprickle acanthopanax root and “the origami art.” Folded into a one-piece leaf, the unibody-design package paper is easy to use for shipping. The visual image of the leaf-like package is furthermore enhanced with the clinging vines and the leaf veins of manyprickle acanthopanax root painted with watercolor techniques, retaining the original leaf shape as well as creating more cultural ambience.

    The product name “Ciwujia” (meaning “bless my family”) is a homophonic phrase of the herb “manyprickle acanthopanax root” while “Kang” (meaning “health”) refers to good health. “Bless my family with good health” is the true spirit of the product “Ciwujia Kang.”

  • Creative Agency: Lavernia & Cienfuegos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Wine
    Location: Spain

    Bottle and graphic for wine. Bodegas Bocopa
    LAUDUM is the genitive plural of Laus, the Latin word meaning praise, glory, fame. For such a classic, Latin name, with strong Roman overtones, we have designed this bottle with references to columns of the Lonic or Corinthian period with characteristics from ancient Roman temple architecture. The relationship between viticulture and the temple is age-old. The column is part of the temple, it rises towards the sky, it is history and art, as is wine.

  • Designer: Jorge Espinoza García
    Set Design & Photography: Geanina Mora
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Chorifactory CR Food Co.
    Location: San José, Costa Rica
    Packaging Contents: Sauce and Spices
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic & glass
    Printing Process: Lithograph

    Chorifactory is a food company specialized in 2 types of salsas: Belgrano and Argentinean style Chimichurri.

    Belgrado: Classic Argentinean Salsa, best used as a sandwich spread, to accompany meats or simply be used as dip.

    Chimichurri: Easy to prepare, it only needs vinegar and olive oil to be added.

    The brand needed a new graphic identity and a redesign in the structure of the label. The new design is more attractive and is more in line with the product offered, the new image also gives it a more rustic and modern identity.

  • Creative Agency: LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Cognac, France

    Due to the great success of the TESSERON COGNAC’s SIGNATURE range, this time LINEA was entrusted with bringing up to date one of the leading product of the House: the CLASSIC range. Made up of four exceptional lots (XO Ovation, XO Tradition, XO Perfection and XO Exception), the range has gained in subtlety and elegance. For aesthetic reasons, the bottle changed and has the same shape as the SIGNATURE Collection. The labels and boxes are simple and elegant to focus on the most important: the valuable eaux-de-vie. Different stoppers characterise the set of qualities. Lots N°90 and N°76 have a wood-capped stopper while Lots N°53 and N°29 have a metal stopper, one with a silver colour, the other with a golden colour. The orange colour is ubiquitous with subtle metallic glints imparting depth and intensity and remains the brand’s iconic colour.

  • Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging
    Photography: Alex Bibby
    Client: Estee Lauder
    Location: Global Markets
    Packaging Contents: Rose de Glasse d’Or fragrance

    MW Luxury Packaging have a long history of working with high-end beauty brands, but this past year has proved particularly fruitful for our relationship with Estée Lauder. After collaborating on a Victoria Beckham make-up case and a Crème de la Mer beauty box, MW have joined forces with the legendary brand once again.

    Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder, the co-founders of the cosmetics company Estée Lauder. Aerin has her own cosmetic, perfume, fashion, and furniture line named AERIN.

    Our latest project is a luxury gift box for Aerin’s soon-to-be released, ultra-luxury Rose de Glasse d’Or fragrance, designed with Aerin devotees in mind and concocted using rare essential oils, this sensual, floral scent oozes luxury in every drop – and, as such, demands the finest packaging.

    MW began by crafting the exterior of the pack, a thick chipboard box designed to ensure durability. The box is coated with linen paper stock embossed with a delicate gold floral pattern that subtly conjures up the fragrance within. Further gold detailing can be found in the elegant front plaque.

    Inside, an EVA foam fitment lined in high quality leather keeps the gold-dipped bottle in place. The final detail is a cream ribbon attachment, which allows the Rose de Grasse d’Or to be slipped easily out of the box.

    All in all, this luxury keepsake looks like another win for both MW Luxury Packaging and Estée Lauder.

  • Creative Agency: Van Heertum Design VHD
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: San Mauro
    Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands
    Packaging Contents: Lemon scented oil
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper board, paper
    Printing Process: offset printing, Screen printing

    600 new designs for San Mauro; Saluti da Sorrento!
    Sorrento, Italy, is well known all over the world for its Lemons, with their thick, rough and aromatic yellow skins. San Mauro used them to create a new product “Novolio al Limone di Sorrento”. A first class lemon scented oil produced following local cultural craftsmanship. After picking the lemons, only the yellow skins are pealed by hand and they are put into San Mauro’s own olive oil. After the essential lemon skin-oils are consumed by the olive oil, the new product is filtered and bottled, in production batches of 600 bottles. This leaves a fresh lemon olive oil with a fine and delicate lemon flavor and scent.

    For this amazing product, VHD created a special packaging design with lots of room for the unique brand story.

    Cultural Heritage and Craftsmanship
    The leading role in the brand story is for the “Lemons from Sorrento”. Through the packaging we really wanted to bring the consumer a piece of Italy, and literally show them where the product came from. To do this we used the real San Mauro lemon orchard, in Sorrento, as our inspiration. Also we wanted to incorporate the craftsmanship, pealing the lemons by hand, in the creative process as a reference. We set up a photo shoot at the San Mauro lemon orchard in Sorrento and used the photo material to create a huge hand made illustration. This illustration was than printed, in fresh green, on one large sheet, which was cut up into 600 different closing labels. This creates 600 different and unique pack designs. Every consumer literally holds a small piece of San Mauro’s cultural heritage. To explain this to the consumer, the bottle comes with a small card showing them the entire illustration (they hold a small piece of) and telling them the complete Brand and Making Of Story. The bottle itself is kept slim, tall and elegant, really fitting the Italian brand, with a simple and clear text layout in “lemon yellow and white” to balance out the detailed illustrative closing labels.

    Another important role in the story is for the main ingredient ‘lemon’ or better said ‘lemon skins’. We really wanted to pop out of the shelves and leave competition behind, so just a nice box for the bottle, wouldn’t cut it in our eyes. That’s why we created a completely new and innovative “open pack” construction for the bottle, which is noticed immediately in stores, perfectly compliments and presents the slim bottle design, and most importantly fits the bottle like a “lemon skin”. To compliment the lemon oil, the construction is yellow and has an embossed lemon structure, so it literally looks and feels like a lemon skin. To top it off, the handle, for easy carrying, forms the San Mauro logo for extra Brand Exposure.

  • Creative Agency: Braind Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Imlek
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Fruit Yogurt

    Packaging design for the complete portfolio of Serbia's major dairy producer Imlek - Jogood Fruit Yogurt, including bottled 330 ml, 1L and spooneable packagings

  • Art Director: Pedro Vilar
    illustrator: Sofia Bártolo
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Culotex
    Location: Oporto, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Collants / tights
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Culotex is a leg-ware Portuguese brand, based in Oporto. It is a family company founded in the XX century, with its great history based on the quality and comfort of its products.

    Coming from a family business with constant attention to detail and primary focus on the final costumer, Culotex wanted to redesign its packaging.

    The brand that designed carefully its leg-ware commercial segment to give woman extra comfort, wanted to improve and renovate their image, but at the same time to reflect its historical background.

    Preserving their product segment colors and vintage historical packaging, it was created a segment of 4 different illustrations to represent their 4 distinct types of collants/tights, drawn in woman's delicate leg forms and some feminine objects.

    The outcome is a colorful palette painted on powerful and flowing forms, resulting in a retro appealing packaging.

  • Creative Agency: Contagious
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Bacalao (dried and salted cod)
    Packaging Material: Metal, textile
    Location: United Kingdom

    The preservation of centuries
    Below Stappan Mountain, at the northern tip of the Norwegian coastline, lie the richest cod fishing grounds in the world.

    Since 1945, this tough, remote location has been home to the Stappan factory. There, following an age-old Norwegian salting tradition, the North Export company takes the finest line-caught cod, fillets it by hand and buries it in pure ocean salt to create the delicacy, Luxury Arctic Bacalao.

    Our task was to create packaging that would authentically tell the story of – and do justice to – this unique product, while ensuring the contents always arrived at its destination in perfect condition.

    We first crafted a simple brand identity for Stappan Luxury Arctic Bacalao, drawing on ancient maritime and cartographic influences – complete with fascinating mythology around sea creatures and monsters.

    To reflect the handcrafted expertise of the product, we commissioned a small group of craftspeople – including an illustrator, copywriter and calligrapher – to help bring the story to life in the most beautiful way. We also used cutting-edge plastic prototyping to perfect the size, shape, positioning of the typography and debossing of the cod illustration before committing to final tooling and production.

    In total we produced 5,000 presentation tins, accompanied by a booklet that tells the tale of Stappan and its famous salted fish.

  • Designer: Grace Chew
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: RMIT University
    Course: Communication Design
    Tutor: Renato Gallina
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Packaging Contents: Cold pressed juice
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Frosted glass bottle, paper

    This particular student based project was initiated to create a 100% cold pressed juice brand and the bottle packaging. The brand name Raw'd is a combination of the words "raw" and "pressed" into a contrasting word that means the freshness and qualities of the ingredients in the juice are kept even after being pressed into juice.

    The keywords of the brand are raw, quality, and organic. The brand knows what it's doing and is very serious about it, therefore I took a direct and simple typography approach to it. To make the brand more straight forward and speak of honesty, the label is designed to let consumers read the ingredients first, before the brand name. The graphic element that the bottle carries is the triangle that was taken from the apostrophe in the logo itself.

  • Designer: Kirill Moskvich
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tea store "ChainiyMag"
    Location: Russia, St. Petersburg
    Packaging Contents: Chinese tea
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    ChainiyMag (an abbreviation for "Tea store" which sounds exactly like "Tea Wizard" in Russian) is as online store of Chinese tea and tea-related products. The main goal of the store is the popularization of Chinese tea culture and aesthetics in the central part of Russia.

    While developing the brand, we turned to Chinese classical painting. The patterns on the packages depict the mountain views and tea leaves, and the logo is stylized for traditional Chinese carved stone prints. Chinese artists had their own carved stamps, which were a kind of unique signature. The theme of paintings was chosen to show the attitude of the owners of the store to the tea industry itself – they consider tea being an art.

  • Creative Agency: Viewpoint
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Lemonade
    Location: Russia

    Redesign of lemonades «Mingaz»
    It’s always joyfully to remember soviet childhood. How much exciting it was: hiking with songs near the fire, winter rides from downhills after school lessons and unforgettable taste of lemonade from the automate. To revive these warm memories, branding agency Viewpoint in collaboration with Aquanika company developed a new bright package for «Mingaz» brand with nostalgic colorful illustrations of plots from happy childhood.

    Illustrations are made in soviet retro style, for each of the five flavors has prepared unique entertaining story, linked with a lemonade and well-knowing situates, transferring in that time, as hiking to the Baikal, rest on the beach in Crimea or walking in the city parks. Necklace with the logotype also supports connotation to the soviet automates with lemonades.

    All stories were adapted to 15 different SKUs in brand line.

  • Creative Agency: Design Happy
    Design Partners: Adrian Turnham, William Jones, Jon Plumb
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: A Little Bit
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Sauces and Dressings
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Uncoated natural substrate
    Printing Process: CMYK print with a high build screen

    Where A Little Bit differs from other sauces and dressings is the use of fresh - not dried herbs, a brand promise that was lost on the ambient aisle which is not associated with the term 'fresh’.

    Design Happy crafted a new master brand identity that had fresh herbs at it’s heart and played to the world of modern, handmade, allotment credentials. The new identity was made to resemble a rubber stamp, giving each pack a wholesome personal touch whilst the descriptor typography was made to feel as if it had been lovingly crafted by hand.

    It was important that the finish of each label felt as natural and authentic as possible too. A natural, uncoated substrate was diecut with torn edges to simulate a hand finished look and feel.

    The new A Little Bit brand was launched at the Farm Shop & Deli show to great reviews from retailers. Founder Sophie Lane Fox says ‘I couldn’t be happier with the rebrand, I have seen a huge increase in orders and have received so many great comments on the designs.’

    We can’t wait to see A Little Bit on shelves soon.

  • Designer: Lola Téllez
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Facultad de Bellas Artes
    Course: 4º
    Tutor: Gema López
    Location: Salamanca, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Peony perfume
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and glass
    Printing Process: Digital printing

    Bloom is a new brand of perfumes that has hit the market. They look for an image that demonstrates quality, solvency, elegance, freshness, highlighting the natural character of their products. They seek to surprise the customer and highlight at the point of sale. For this, they try to surprise the costumer and create a creative design that keeps the bloom concept in all its pieces.

    It is worth mentioning the launch of its new peonies perfume that contributes to build the brand with the concepts already mentioned and a very close communication line that will be carried out in both traditional and online media.

    It is mainly aimed at a young female audience, between 20 and 50 years, who seeks elegance and try new things. As exclusive perfumes are also aimed at people wishing to make a special gift.

  • Creative Agency: LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Cognac, France

    To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Maison Larsen is editing a unique bottle simply called “TRIBUTE TO JENS REIDAR”. The creative reflexion has been led by LINEA – the packaging design agency from the Spirits Valley. As for the technical work on the bottle, it has been carried out by the Polish experts DEKORGLASS. The commemorative edition is a special tribute to LARSEN history and more particularly to its founder Jens Reidar LARSEN. It has drawn its inspiration from the very first editions of the cognac company. The bottle takes up all the codes of the very first bottles while revisiting it with modern techniques. It has all the features of an upmarket “cognaçaise” with an added imposing glass foot. The whole bottle is decorated with a deep blue coating which is then metalized with a glossy finishing touch. In the front, the traditional paper label gives way to an empty space (in the coating) that lets us have a glimpse on the golden reflections of this anniversary Cognac. The information has been reinterpreted in serigraphy. With this creation, LINEA agency gives a new direction to Maison LARSEN while asserting its innovative ambitions and its contemporary view.

  • Creative Agency: Brand Society
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cadbury
    Location: Australia
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
    Printing Process: Litho, Emboss

    Roses has an amazing Australian heritage, but it was losing relevance for modern consumers. Competitors had increased their gift worthiness through product innovation and Roses had been left behind, being seen as less special and a bit “Daggy”. An aging Australian population meant that people were still buying Roses, but the brand needed to prepare to also be relevant to the next generation.

    To make someone feel special and appreciated a gift must be thoughtful and considered, so the packaging needed to reflect this. A stronger connection to the Cadbury masterbrand and its joyful personality also needed to play a part.

    The perfect gift is beautifully wrapped, crafted and finished to perfection. Our design reflects this ethos through a beautifully crafted ribbon and rose. A vibrant Cadbury Purple background and sprinkle of confetti brings a little joyfulness and links it to the trusted Cadbury masterbrand. Stunning imagery of the colourful, much loved, individual wrappers completes the picture, creating the perfect gift for the modern woman.