• Agency: JDO, UK
    Client: Ringnes
    Project type: Commercial
    Location: Launch in Norway

    JDO continues Ringnes partnership to launch Imsdal Iste

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has continued its partnership with Carlsberg owned Ringnes, this time to create an identity and packaging design for a new iced tea drink, Imsdal Iste for the Norwegian market. The agency has worked with Ringnes on several recent projects including the Imsdal Aktiv and Farris water re-designs and an update for Solo soft drink.

    Imsdal is Norway’s leading bottled still water brand. Launched in 1994, it extended its water portfolio in 2007 to include Imsdal Aktiv, a sports water, which has the same active ingredients as the market leading sports drinks but is a healthy alternative that has no artificial additives.

    With the rise in popularity of iced tea in Norway, Ringnes saw an opportunity to extend the Imsdal range further and to bring the Imsdal brand to a new, younger audience. Imsdal is synonymous with naturalness and purity and has a strong Norwegian identity. A growing health trend in Norway has prompted consumers to look for iced tea products that are more natural and don’t use as much sugar or artificial sweeteners as most popular brands. Building on this trend, Ringnes identified Imsdal as the perfect brand to bring a healthy iced tea drink to market in Norway without any compromise on taste.

    JDO’s new Imsdal Iste brand identity retains the strong characteristics of simplicity, purity and honesty that have become the guiding principles of the core Imsdal brand. An Iste graphic icon illustrates the fusion of two droplets representing the authentic black tea and natural fruit flavours that combine to deliver a refreshing, thirst quenching taste. The icon itself is both memorable and contemporary and has great stand out on shelf and adaptability off pack. As well as the development of the pack graphics, JDO has also supported the new launch with the creation of a brand guidelines document to help ensure consistency across all communication and marketing materials.

    Paul Drake, JDO creative director said, “The new logotype has been designed to appear bold, clean and pure and to sit seamlessly with the existing Imsdal identity, helping to build a relationship with the established core brand. We updated the current Imsdal bottle using a crisp embossing detail from the new Iste icon, driving recognition and improving tactility.”

    Peder Onsøyen, brand manager at Ringnes, added “JDO has created a design with a perfect combination of existing core Imsdal brand equities and new and unique Imsdal Iste brand elements. This new design communicates the brand proposition clearly, an iced tea that provides pure enjoyment and a healthier option for consumers.”

    The initial launch comprises two flavour variants; peach and lemon with further flavours planned for the future. Packs are now being rolled out across Norway.

  • Designer: Reut Maza
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Shenkar College Of Engineering And Design
    Course: Packaging Design
    Location: Tel Aviv Israel
    Packaging Contents: coffee beans
    Packaging Materials: Cardboard

    The package is composed of four cases that create a whole. aesthetic encounter between the coffee growth sources and its sales market, the urban cities. A combination of Patterns inspired by geometrical urban structures and ethnic textiles.

  • Agency: Antonia Skaraki A.S.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: www.zantecoopunion.com UTD. Agricultural Cooperatives of ZAKYNTHOS
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Wine, Chocolate raisins
    Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, plastic

    A blessed Ionian island with high quality products deserves the finest packaging design. Wine labels, currants and the logo of the co-operation reflects the authenticity of the island of Zakynthos.

  • Agency: Made Somewhere
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Street Fifty Eight
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Contents: Coffee Packaging
    Packaging Materials: Kraft Coffee Bag, Uncoated Label Stock

    Taking on the prestigious nature of the Upper East Side, Made Somewhere was tasked to brand and package the new coffee establishment ‘Street Fifty Eight’. The brand embodies the finest coffee inspired by the qualities and sophistication of this renowned New York Street.

    The brand and packaging is minimal and sharp, preserving the qualities and refinement of its contents. The design allows for the ease of creation of labeling for both the signature blend – ‘House’ and single origin ‘Nera’ and ‘Araé’ as these arise.

    What's Unique?
    We were tasked to create a flexible solution of labelling the core product plus additional single origin coffees as they arise. Each bag is personalised with the roasting date which is located within the inner gusset of the bag adding detail to the design.

  • Designer: Santiago Arraz
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: CEU Cardenal Herrera
    Course: 2
    Location: Valencia, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Boulanger is presented as a fun product without losing the elegance of a good wine. On the neck of the bottle we can see a chalk held by a white ribbon.

    Using the graph, the chalk and the phrase "Who Pays?" A very fun way to settle the payment of the product implies . This could create good times with friends.

    As the wine level decreases, we can see some messages in colloquial language that refer to the amount of wine we drank .

    What's Unique?
    This product interacts with the consumer and resolved in a fun way something that nobody likes : pay . Also it includes funny messages playing with the liquid level and transparencies.

  • Designer: Armend Berisha
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Adigroup
    Location: Kosova
    Packaging Contents: Chips
    Packaging Materials: Foil (pp05)

    Chipsiko is a new product which will be produced in Kosovo, in the beginning will have a total of 6 different flavors. The background color is black and always depending of taste will be combined with the color assigned to that particular taste. In covering the main things presented are: three forms of chips, a symbol that shows particular taste and the official logo of the (love yours).

  • Agency: Shortlife | graphic design
    Designer: Peter Kortleve
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Monsieur Bojangles
    Location: Deventer, Netherlands
    Packaging Contents: Paracord and leather bracelets

    Monsieur Bojangles was ready to take a next step and asked if I would design the lay-out of a matchbox-inspired package for his bracelets, something extra - call it: a nifty collectors item - for his customers. Using the slogan 'Inspired by life outdoors', owner Roy van Creij wanted to give the package a sturdy look by having an illustration of a lumberjack on the cover.

    That was my starting point for the sleeve that had to radiate quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Next to the lumberjack and some of the typography I also drew the characteristic D-shackle of the bracelets for the back side, which tells the story about the brand and the product.

    All in all a fun assignment with a cool end result, a very enthusiastic client and some lucky customers. Nice to know these were present at the Dutch Design Week in October 2014.

  • Agency: Molivi Design Studio
    Art Director: Mári Dimitrouli
    Marketing Consultant: Alexia Boubouli
    Photographer: Fanis Mourtos
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Nopalia Natural Products
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Toothpaste

    The product:
    Natural toothpaste, with active plant and herbal ingredients. No fluoride or parabens. It has a pleasant taste and leaves the mouth feeling clean. It is available at pharmacies in the natural and homeopathic section, and in shops selling organic products.

    The brief:
    Nopalia Natural Products commissioned Molivi to renew the packaging, making it more modern and stressing the plant and herb ingredients while at the same time communicating that it is ideal for homeopathy.

    The project:
    Simple and clear design with the plant and herb ingredients as the main feature. We kept its medicinal character at the same time as making it friendlier and more approachable to the consumer. Colour categorization according to type (care & white, anti-plaque, sensitive).

    What we did:
    We created three distinct presentations as per colour categorization.

  • Designer: Shang-Chun Tai
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: 香野調
    Packaging Content: Taiwanese Style Spices
    Location: Taichung City, Taiwan

    With realistic watercolor style, 香野調 represents the spirit of modern women lifestyle. Give the food more flavor, and give your life more color.

    This is a brand which has four traditional Taiwan flavors, Makao, Anise, Turmeric and clove. In order to distinctive from most of spices packaging on the market, I have used "Chinese style"calligraphy and "warm colors" flowers painting to represent the visual of the packaging. And I hope this packaging design will make Taiwanese spices a fire.

  • Designed by Form + Matter in-house creative
    Designer: Shawn Weiland
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Packaging Contents: Skin Care
    Packaging Materials: Amber Glass Bottles with Aluminum Caps and White Screen-print Labels

    Form + matter offers natural and organic face and skin care products. Their objective is to formulate the best face care and skin products in the world using the finest plant based botanical ingredients which promote healthy skin.

    They believe that all of the products you use on your skin should be healthy and so they have developed 8 natural face care products to cleanse, exfoliate, heal, hydrate and protect your face.

    As the designer, our job was to create a packaging design which was consistent with the minimal visuals of the brand. The amber glass bottles were chosen because the amber glass is one of the best materials to use to protect the natural ingredients in the formulas. The simple white type design was designed to contrast against the dark bottle color while still being consistent with the minimal aesthetic which the brand was after.

    Designed and formulated in California.

    What's unique?
    The overall goal was to create a family of products that seamlessly related to each other while still having an individual identity.

  • Designer: Ash O'Flanagan
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: National College of Art and Design Dublin Ireland
    Course: Visual Communications
    Tutor: Conor Clarke
    Location: Dublin
    Packaging Contents: Bread Mix
    Packaging Materials: Glass, paper, cardboard, tissue

    A shops identity is the face of the business. It is what people come to recognise, relate to and seek out. Mannings Bakery is the oldest Irish family owned bakery in Dublin today. Situated on Thomas Street in the historical Liberties area the bakery traditionally sold bread and cakes, but now has expanded to that of a cafe setting. Though well known to people who would pass it each day the brand lacked the ability to bring people in from further afield. A brand should grow with its customers and their changing needs. By creating products, packaging and a identity that can be used across a wide range of applications a brand can expand past the restrictions of its shop walls.

    What's Unique?
    The bread mix jars in which I created have a unique wrap paper sleeve around the mason jar that hold the dry materials used for the baking of the bread. The sleeve on the front shows the Mannings Bakery logo along with flavour of bread of weight. The back shows the instructions of how to make the loaf with the inside back the nutritional information. This back sleeve is perforated so it can be taken off and collected like a recipe card. The jars can be used time and time again which means there is very little waste packaging in the entire product making it eco friendly and recyclable. The cake corner was also a invention of mine for the specific bakery as their cakes are square and fit easily in this little corrugated corner for easy eating when on the go.

    Not only did I rebrand the bakery but I also designed a brand guidelines for easy reading for any studio or person to understand the meaning and reason behind each detail of the new identity.

  • Designer: Richard Göpel
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Bauhaus- Hs Anhalt
    Course: Graphic Design
    Tutor: Alejandro Lecuna
    Location: Dessau, Germany
    Packaging Contents: Whisky
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    The goal was, to create a bunch of imaginary products for a character of a Tv-Show.

    I decided to do a brand of whisky for the brilliant- maniac from BBC's Sherlock Holmes(2011) Professor Jim Moriarty. He is an extraordinary guy with some serious mental disorders, but he also has a really good taste for stylish products.

    So I decided to do a packaging in a kind of classy way but with details, that show his mental dysfunction and his completely overdosed self-centered behaviour. For example the royal sword with the engraved M in the upper part, surrounded by golden floral symbols.

    The name of that whisky brand is Glen Tannasg, tannasg is an old gaelic word for ghost, spirit and also insanity.

  • Designer: Michal Slovák
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: LYRA chocolate
    Location: Slovakia
    Packaging Contents: chocolate, sweets,
    Packaging Materials: Kraft paper, gold stamping

    Since 2012 LYRA has stood for the highest quality handmade chocolate made in Slovakia. Lyra chocolate made of the finest cocoa beans, criollo and trinitario, grown on the plantations in the Middle and South America, was granted an international award Great Taste 2014.

    This year they decided to place a new line of their own recipe premium products on the market. The aim was to create new packages for the premium products. Simple, playful and extraordinary just like the products themselves and this way distinguishable from the other chocolate. As a result, there are two new coated products LYRA BEAN-TO-BAR chocolate - 78% DARK BIO and 46% MILK BIO.

    What's Unique?
    The bars feature a small, centered graphic of a cocoa pod, indicative of the pure ingredients used to create it and golden stamping in the middle to distinguish.

    The new design goes hand in hand with the essence, the taste itself. As the Lyra chocolate flavors are well tuned so do the design of new packages.

  • Designer: Bård Larsson
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Broby Grafiska
    Course: Graphic Design / Technician
    Location: Sunne, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Coffee beans
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    A redesign of the special coffee Edge from Swedish major coffee house Löfbergs. The aim is to reach a younger, more urban group of coffee drinkers in order to increase sales in Stockholm and other big cities. These are customers who rather choose smaller brands and often put big interest in the products. Edge will be sold as fresh roasted beans and the design is a challenge to explore the thousands of flavours that is hidden in a coffee bean. Included in the project is a content marketing magazine as well as posters, mobile app etc

    What's Unique?
    The concept is designed to reach out to the customers Löfbergs is missing today. The design is a challenge to explore the thousands of flavours that is hidden in a coffee bean.

  • Agency: skinn branding agency
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Belguim
    Packaging Contents: Spirits magical Gin
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    It all began in the ancient city of Bruges.

    It seemed like an ordinary day for 19-year-old Louis Gillemon, but little did he know … he was already smitten with the chemistry of gin distillation. Since gin is a spirit, which derives its flavours from different herbs, he was on the lookout for the magical combination that was so sweet it would conquer the heart of female epicureans.

    Master chefs, who were looking over his shoulder during the distillation in the copper still, were dazzled but he kept saying: 'I can do better than that' … and he did.

    Sharing Gillemore gin with friends and lovers, creates magical moments …

    Let the tasting begin!

  • Agency: Pure Fusion Media
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Nashville, USA
    Packaging Contents: Snacks and Chips

    This design was all about Americana. In response to the bold and loud packaging in the chip/snacks space, we took a more “down home” direction. The Salty Snacks brand banner was designed to look like a classic gas station or diner pylon sign that might have come out of the 1950s. The main background image motif was a consideration of what best states “small town” landmark universally? The Water Tower! The typefaces were retro inspired, but with a hint of modern flavor. This project would have been realized, but we were contracted during the recession and unfortunately the company faded away into the recession.

    What's Unique?
    The Water Tower image is a double entendre, addressing both the Americana vibe and the need for water after eating Salty Snacks.

  • Designer: Jovana Jankovic
    School: FILUM
    Course: Graphic design
    Tutor: Nemanja Dragojlovic
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil is fictional brand that is located in France. Only element of inspiration for this product is: organic olive oil. Using the illustration and photo combined with typography I try to achieve elegant and simple result.

  • Agency: Adentity
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sony Mobile
    Location: Malmö, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Mobile phone
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Sony XperiaTM Z3+ shines in retail stores with creative POS
    For the worldwide retail launch of Sony Xperia TM Z3+, Adentity, an advertising agency based in Malmö, Sweden, has designed a clever packaging that instantly transforms from a simple paperboard box to a stunning in-store showcase.

    In just a few easy steps, the logistics-efficient slim transport box easily folds out into a eye-catching L-shaped display. The POS design not only prominently displays the phone, but also tilts it towards the shopper’s line of sight. The shiny copper finish perfectly accentuates the phone’s main colour, and the elegant product images help highlight its alluring design features. The showcase has been launched in phone stores across the globe.

    What's Unique?
    It's a clever packaging that instantly transforms from a simple paperboard box to a stunning in-store showcase.