• Agency: ARMBRAND
    Client: Zavod Bulbash
    Country: Belarus
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Triple Seven – an ultra-premium vodka by Bulbash and ARMBRAND

    One of the leaders in the Belarusian spirits market, Zavod Bulbash, offered ARMBRAND studio to develop design for high-premium Triple Seven Vodka, using black, grey, and blue colors.

    Triple Seven Vodka is a blend of seven spirits filtered through coal, silver, and nano-filters.

    Taking into consideration the customer’s regard to the color palette, the agency interpreted the product story as three multi-colored stripes, which correspond to the sequential filtration stages. On this background, the simple, bold and contrast trademark looks remarkable.

    The symbol, three figures “7” turned in a circle, reminds of a rings in the water.

    Among several suggested variants of bottles the customer had chosen the one of a classic shape, and the agency designed a bottle with a hollow for the decoration area, a heavy bottom, and the symbol debossed in the lower part and on the bottom.

    Light bottle glass toning and decorated Vinolok glass stopper relate the Triple Seven Vodka with premium-class products. It’s the brand for accomplished young people who value high quality in everything they do.

  • Agency: DDC Creative Lab
    CEO: Alexander Potesov
    Executive Director: Igor Mospanov
    Project Manager: Irina Polovinko
    Copywriter: Anton Borisov
    Designers: Maxim German, Elena Kharitonova
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sea of Drinks
    Location: Russia

    ZENER — the real energy from DDC Creative Lab agency and "Sea of ​​Drinks"

    ZENER is a unique, interesting and independent brand of non-alcoholic energy drinks, developed by branding agency DDC Creative Lab for the "Sea of ​​Drinks" company.

    ZENER philosophy is based on the principle that life is a sports track, exciting and full of twists and turns, the target audience of the brand are athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. The formula of the drink is created and manufactured in Russia under the guidance of leading industry professionals. The production does not use fructose syrup, and the drink contains a large amount of vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B7), and only the best and quality ingredients that make the brain and body work.

    "The market is full of energy drinks corporate giants, but really well-known brands can be literally counted on one hand. We set a goal to create a decent alternative to majors: ZENER is not at all inferior to foreign brands either in quality or in design, and in its taste sensations, so even surpasses them", — says Alexander Potesov, founder and CEO of "Sea of ​Drinks".

    The basis of the name ZENER is a semiconductor diode, whose main function is to stabilize the voltage. For the packaging of the beverage slim line can was chosen with capacity of 0,25 L. Thanks to soft touch, matte finish of the can it lays comfortable in hand and does not glare in complex lighting. Brand logo is a turned initial letter («Z») which recalls the human pulse and reflects the dynamics and the rotation of the racing car wheel. Circular lines diverge from the center to the sides of the can provding extra volume and design perfection.

    Besides the name and packaging design DDC Creative Lab also developed a set of POS materials (toppers, shelf talkers, wobblers, image labels etc.), As well as graphics for a website of the brand. Brand promo includes an active campaign in social networks, as well as sponsorship and informational support of Alexei Lukyanyuk and Alexei Arnautov, rally sport absolute champions of Russia and Estonia of 2014, holders of third place in the overall classification of the European Championship in 2015.

    Igor Mospanov, Executive Director of DDC Creative Lab comments: "We were pleased to work on the ZENER development, now we are awaiting a further stage of cooperation, the stage is not less interesting than the real rally racing. Continuing the comparison, in this branding process we act as a co-driver."

  • Art Director: Günce Yüngül
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Sarafin is one of the best Thracian wines and the first varietal wine series in Turkey. Sarafin is made from Shiraz, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and adresses the high segment drinkers.

    A simple design that won’t feature a vineyard picture. It should be a bottle directly communicating with the consumer without telling a story. Design area must be a rectangle or a square due to the limitations of printing. My main approach is based on the perception of a rectangular label as if a triangle one.The two base angles of a triangle shows the flow of relation due to sharing. After a while, the contradictions lost in this flow and transforms into ecstasy. The third angle at the top expresses that singularity.

    The journey from mind to heart, from thoughts to emotions was the solution.

  • Agency: ERTL Design
    Director: Philipp Ertl
    Retoucher: Christopher Dale
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Costanza Foods
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Olive oil, Sunflower oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass, tin

    Costanza are a rapidly growing Italian food company and they are very passionate about all things food and Italian.

    They approached ERTL Design to completely redesign their branding and packaging. It was important to capture both their Italian elegance, demand for quality while positioning the them as a modern 21st century company. We chose lively colours reflecting the vibrancy of fresh Italian produce and strong typography. By completely redesigning their branding and packaging we helped increase sales 6-fold since we started working with them last year.

  • Designers: Nour Gohar & Khadija El Sharawy
    School: German University in Cairo
    Location: Cairo, Egypt
    Supervisor: Ahmad Saqfalhait
    Project Type: Student Project

    Global communication is about translating a country's heritage, culture, behaviour and applying it on functional and practical design. Focusing specifically on the Arab-speaking region, we chose to create a packaging project for the food and beverage culture in Mauritania. After doing thorough research, we narrowed down the products to camel milk and camel cheese called "Zrig" as it is one of their most prominent products. Throughout this entire project, we got to know Mauritania inside out, as a country and as a rich culture. We also discovered that it is not just a primitive desert land, but it rather has a heavy culture of colors, patterns and tribes that give Mauritania an entire new outlook. Hence, we were able to design a purely Arabic and authentic design for this country in respect to its culture and translate it to economical and crafty packaging.

    The milk packaging is mainly targeted for children and that's why we came up with the three characters to engage the target audience with the main animal they eat and drink from which is the camel. The cheese is a more cultural tribute to the women of Mauritania who mostly handcraft tents and clothing made of those patterns everyday.

  • Agency: UBC:Global
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Lindt & Sprüngli (Russia)
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Material: Paper

    UBC:Global Developed Xmas design a Christmas collection for Lindt Russia.

    Christmas collection of chocolate Lindt. Masters of Lindt Chocolatier prepared gourmet chocolates sets of traditional Swiss recipes that will be a wonderful gift for the New Year's table

  • Designer: Nikita Ivanov
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Juices
    Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Agency: Studija CREATA
    Designer: Asta Kauspedaite
    Illustrator: Rimas Valeikis
    "Stumbras" Head of Product Development: Jurate Paulauskiene
    Photography: Edgaras Marozas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Stumbras
    Location: Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Aged Vodka
    Packaging Materials: Design of the glass bottle, décor and paper labels

    They say that in the old days, Lithuanian men would make Starka on the birth of their first son. An aged vodka in honor of the stork's delivery. Strong and special. Triple distilled rye vodka, with the leaves of apples and pears. Apples for richness and pears for a long, full life. Buried in an oak barrel, it would wait patiently for the son's wedding day.

    For the revamp of Stumbro Starka, we want to blow the dust off this interesting and rich beverage. Our goal is for Starka to be known as the unique Lithuanian beverage that it is – one that you should be proud of treating guests to or bringing as a gift.

    By changing the image of Stumbro Starka, in essence, we created a whole from its parts: from the new, uniquely-shaped, dark glass bottle adorned with raised calligraphy and the rich label which tells the legend of the beverage, to the bottle stopper decorated with an oak leaf wreath.

    By maintaining the black, white and red color scheme characteristic of the earlier Stumbro Starka, we wanted to create a reserved, but rich appearance to provide it with an impressive look that its predecessor may not have had. With both the shape of the bottle and the graphic elements, we strived to create associations which turn the wheel of time back a good century.

    As a symbol of recognition, we created the stork character. As the national bird, the stork – sometimes called a ‘starkus’ in Lithuania – helps to strengthen its Lithuanian characteristics as well. Caught in the unexpected role of a hospitable innkeeper, the stork became an intriguing and appealing narrator for the story.

  • Agency: Taxi Studio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: UK

    Taxi Studio delivers Christmas 2015 ‘Look & Feel’ to Budgens stores UK-wide

    Following our successful redesign of Budgens’ fresh produce range earlier this year, we were tasked to deliver Christmas packaging and POS to their 150 UK stores.

    We were briefed to deliver packaging and POS that communicated a special, indulgent and luxurious taste experience across the retailer’s Christmas lines. Creative had to offer brand standout during the commercially competitive festive season, and work within the retailer’s pre-defined design principles: to demonstrate passion and care for their produce and reflect their “simple and grounded” ethos. Target customers were convenience shoppers hosting a small gathering, who seek to buy produce they can share and be proud of.

    Spencer Buck, Taxi Studio creative partner and founder, explains the thinking behind our solution:
    “The Big Idea was to integrate Budgens’ Christmas POS with their packaging; so to tie the two together, we created hanging Christmas tree decorations. These feature on packaging as beautiful contemporary symbols that translate effortlessly to POS. Colourways were kept to a minimal pallet (mainly greens, red and golds) and underpinned by deep purple to evoke a premium feel.”

    “We then worked with the team at Budgens to push the possibilities regarding POS, creating beautiful 3D hanging displays.”

    Final deliverables include 11 packaging templates for use across the retailer’s bakery, horticulture and fresh produce ranges, and POS including freestanding decorations, hanging fixtures, window vinyls, freestanding posters, pallet wraps, bollard covers and window friezes.

  • Agency: Raison Pure Paris
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Deputy Director General: Mr Franck D'andrea
    Director Of Strategy: Mr Yan Chiabai
    Account Manager: Ms Delphine Oberto
    Art Director: Ms Haleh Madani
    Location: France


    Raison Pure creates the visual identity for Charal's new range : a high qualitative offer for people fond of meat & seeking for new taste!

    A total black look combined with soft touch renderings, for a touch of sensoriality and sophistication, strengthens the unique premium positioning of the range.

    Black & white photographs of a typical french landscape mixed with a vibrant green color block for the meat benefit, convey modernity and pleasure for a tasty and gourmet experience!

  • Agency: Interabang
    Creative Directors: Adam Giles and Ian McLean
    Designer: Sam Carroll
    Location: London, UK
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Gourmet Goat
    Packaging contents: Food
    Packaging Materials: Box Board

    Gourmet Goat is run by Nick and Nadia Stokes, who have been traders at Borough Market since 2014. They are leaders in the growing popularity of kid goat meat, putting their own contemporary spin on high end Eastern Mediterranean dishes with kid goat as the core ingredient.

    Nick and Nadia recently decided to make the move into the retail sector, which is when they approached us. They needed a brand that would facilitate this move whilst reflecting their passion and position as the UK’s kid goat experts.

    Our solution was to create a monogram that is a reflection of the company name– a juxtaposition of sophistication and playfulness. Once we’d arrived at the hidden goat symbol we were mindful to use an execution that wouldn’t become too irreverent and lose the authenticity of their offer.

    Obvious cultural references were avoided, and instead cues were taken from the language of premium cuisine: an unexpected but refined palette of greys and an accent of orange. We also favoured typography-led packaging (using the Novecento type family) rather than focussing on imagery.

    After an initial roll out of pie packaging we are now working on pastries, salami and jerky packaging. Gourmet Goat are also now opening a permanent shop within the market, and we’ll be assisting with signage and interiors for this in 2016.

  • Designer: Aurenia Karisa
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: RMIT University
    Course: Bachelor of Communication Design
    Location: Australia
    Packaging Contents: Beer

    Lucky Jinx is a craft beer with gambling theme, specially made for female audiences. The name is based on a tale of a Jinx bird that brings luck. To capture both quality of ‘lucky’ and ‘unlucky’, I am using an imagery of Jinx Bird combined with deck cards symbols.

  • Designer: Gabija Platukyte
    Client: JSC "Silavoto B&B"
    Location: Lithuania
    Illustration: Graphic a Lot (Ieva Staseviciute, Egle Ciuciulkaite)
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    Chocolate has deep roots with Incan and Mayan civilisation. That is why the whole brand and story is based on a village of La Naya.

    We have 5 main flavours. Put them together in a line - you will see an artwork reflecting everyday processes and mood of La Naya. People are working in fields, children playing around, ladies bringing harvest. Cut into 5 pieces - you will see 5 different compositions for each flavour. They have balance and look excellent both ways - in the whole artwork as well in small compositions.

    Chocolate flavours are echoed in each composition. 5 drawings have a diverse La Naya surroundings view, followed by ingredients and mood of each flavour. Moreover, selected colours complement the concept, taste and mood.

  • Agency: TheSilot
    Creative Director: Susan
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Agroblends
    Location: Nigeria, United States
    Packaging Contents: Simmer Sauce
    Packaging Materials: Glass Jars

    A Sizzling Sauce With African Roots
    NAIJA (pronounced Na-ee-jah) is an indigenous nickname for Nigeria, home to the most ethnically diverse nation in West Africa. The NAIJA Woman, as seen on our jar, proudly wears Adiré, the centuries-old indigo-dyed cloth native to the Yoruba tribe of Western Africa.

    Through uniquely intricate motifs and symbols, this delicate handcrafted cloth expresses ancient truths and cultural traditions. Like Adiré, our NAIJA Simmer Sauce stays true to its West African heritage. The motif on our NAIJA Woman's Adiré is Alangba Bèréketè, meaning, "It is important to feed your family to be big and healthy", and so it is tradition for the NAIJA Woman to use only the freshest ingredients from organic vegetable farms, blended with a careful selection of indigenous spices, to create her signature spicy pepper and tomato NAIJA Simmer Sauce for her family to enjoy each day.

  • Designer: Kristina Nikaj
    Project Type: Student Project
    Tutor: Andrea Medri
    Location: Perugia, Italy

    To stand out from the paste "standard", use the "non-colors" black and white, that no one would expect for food, immediate visual impact. The graphics are essential. The objective is to have a packaging important and at the same time functional, but unique in its kind. The package has a minimum weight, inclinations allow a good stability (reducing, consequently, the use of paper and the environmental impact) so as to be able to use cards or boards. Come into play also sensory functions: depending on how you turn the package, you get different information. Very important also feel: spills prisms recall the rough paste, better because it keeps the seasonings. The presence of the spill will encourage people to take the pack in hand. The important aspect is surely think of a high quality product, of prestige just like the pasta which will contain.

    Winner of contest ONEMOREPACK

  • Agency: Squad Ink
    Creative Director/ Designer Matthew Squadrito, Terry Squadrito
    Printer: Collotype Printers
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Regal Rogue
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Contents: Native Australian Vermouth

    Regal Rogue is leading the vermouth renaissance by uniquely marrying a daring selection of native Australian aromatics with Hunter Valley wines.

    Squad Ink has been proudly shaping the Regal Rogue brand since it's debut in 2011. Four years on and this Australian disruptor is moving into a new and exciting era with the release of the family of Rogues: Lively White, Wild Rosé, Bold Red and Daring Dry.

    The Regal Rogue brand has received an amazing response, rejuvenating a dusty alcohol category with a fresh and innovative approach. From the beautifully detailed label to the cleverly crafted launch material, the brand takes shape around a charismatic knight and his devoted owl companion. Achieving the right balance between the old and the new was paramount. The etched illustrative style allowed us to develop the traditional cues and build a credible brand aesthetic, where the bold use of colour and copy allowed us to unleash the youthful spirit of this Australian disruptor.

    Squad Ink have created a new and exciting story with a classic tone to introduce an adventurous product to the Australian and international markets.

  • Agency: Anagrama
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Pastry
    Location: Mexico

    El Postre is a pastry boutique located in the municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Mexico, it counts with over 20 years of experience and is widely known in the region. The client was looking to adapt itself to the present market, so we gave the brand a lift to achieve a modern look and feel.

    We took a basic element from traditional bakeries and gave it an abstract form to create an icon that was representative of the brand, then integrated it with a simple typographic selection, resulting in the logotype. We selected a range of red and pink tones to form the color palette as well as the gold foil which is used as an elegant accent. To complete the system, a multiple array of patterns were developed and implemented on each packaging, achieving a unique and authentic experience similar to receiving a special gift.

    Our brand proposal offers a a brand system that is fun, colorful, unique, and adaptable to the different packaging and applications that were imagined for the brand.

  • Designer: Ineta Plytnykienė
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: vilnius academy of arts
    Course: IV
    Tutor: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Green food
    Packaging Materials: Carton

    A part of Lithuanian identity is national kitchen. Fields, forests, riversides and other places where there are lots of plants are entire food treasure-troves. Often people do not know or are forgotten the cookery traditions of antecedent and do not suitably evaluate the benefit of wild plants. At the moment a lot are into healthy nutrition and lifestyle, ecology becomes more popular, that is why the topicality of the project is obvious.

    After consulting with cookery representatives there was reached a solution that the plants must be frozen (there are several ways: to freeze them regularly or just a distinguished chlorophyll). In the later search for the package form a big part took the analysis of frozen products. In corporation with Ltd. “MTL Carton” company there was made a form of packaging which would be made technologically and real.

    The aim to create a modern, interesting not only to Lithuanian market, name became a real challenge. “Raw’iu” is the most suitable name for the project which reveals the project’s idea (prettily mentions about weed). It is a name suitable for Lithuanian and foreign markets.

    The general view is being formed by a white minimal package and rational usage of elements. In graphic solutions a big importance makes illustrations. Pictures of four wild plants (violets, dandelions, weeds, and aegopodium) created especially for this project. Chromatic distinguish of leafy and flowering plants. A stylistic wholeness and package telling a story is the item’s exclusive sign.

  • Concept, design & production: Marie Andersson, Malin Bragby, Sebastian Edman
    Project Type: Concept
    Client: Stöpafors Kvarn
    Location: Sunne, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Flour

    Stöpafors Kvarn, a mill based in the deep forests of Värmland, Sweden, is making flour made of roasted oats (skrädmjöl in Swedish). The mill is almost a hundred years old and the miller William Olsson achieve the high quality of the meal by tasting, smelling and feeling it during the whole manufacturing process. It’s handcrafted, small-scaled and made with a deep passion and knowledge.

    By finding the essence behind Stöpafors Kvarn, we created a concept with new storytelling, visual identity, packaging, website, photographies and a film that highlights the brand and give it a whole new feeling, reaching a broader audience.

    If you ever get a chance to try skrädmjöl you will notice that it brings a unique character with it’s roasted taste, whether it’s in your pizza dough or just a simple porridge.

    What's Unique?
    It all started as a student project at Brobygrafiska, Sweden, but the miller liked the concept so much that the new package is now available in stores all over Sweden and parts of Norway. The website, with inspiring recipes, a film that shows a day in the mill and a story behind the production, is also up and running.

  • Designer: Tina Touli
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ormos Trades Ltd
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Sesame and Granola Bars

    “We are looking for a playful, colourful and ‘handmade’ packaging, showing the natural character of the bars.” was the client’s brief.

    A series of Greek sesame and granola bars has been designed for the UK’s market.

    Script fonts and hand drawn illustrations have been used in order to achieve a handmade, playful outcome. The label’s colours have been inspired by the ingredients of each bar.

  • Designer: Brian Parisi
    Professor: Audra Nebolini
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Pratt Institute
    Course: Package Design
    Tutor: Audra Nebolini
    Location: Brooklyn, New York
    Packaging Contents: Cannabis, Incense, Matches
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Burn Box Cannabis Club is an e-commerce subscription box service created at Pratt Institute. After signing up, customers would receive a collectable matchbox containing 8 joints, 8 sticks of incense, and a book of matches, on a monthly basis. Burn Box transforms the experience of smoking marijuana for casual smokers by providing them an opportunity to to obtain marijuana discretely and easily. The strain of marijuana and scent of the incense are curated by Burn Box's experts and add to the total sensory experience Burn box wishes to create for it's users.

  • Designers: Patrik Forsberg & Daniel Koefoed
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Broby Grafiska
    Location: Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Textile, Cloth
    Packaging Materials: Corrugated board, folding carton

    The Klässbol linen weavery, located in Värmland, Sweden, wants to attract a more design oriented target group without losing their current customers. Allthough they have a strong and trustworthy brand and clients including the Nobel Prize Banquet, the Swedish and Norwegian embassies across the world as well as the Swedish Royal Court they are still seen as a handicraft company by many. With the new packaging we have aimed to give the company a more clean and simple expression, yet keeping it elegant enough not to alienate their current, more conservative consumer base.

    The window on the standard line of packaging was inspired by the punch cards used in the loom during production. The products in the Nobel collection are sold in a separate line of packaging with the Nobel emblem in gold as the main element. The simple construction of the packaging consists of two parts, an inner tray made out of corrugated fiberboard and an outer sleeve in thick cardboard. While the sleeve is glued on one side, the tray is completely glue-free and simply folds in place.

    This makes it easy to transport from the factory and assemble in the store.

  • Designers: Nathalie Agnekil & Oliver Sjöqvist
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Broby Grafiska
    Location: Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Linen cloths and towels
    Packaging Materials: Invercote G Embossed, Rives Design Natural White

    Klässbols place on earth is Klässbol, Värmland, Sweden. Here, the third and fourth generation of the Johansson family manage the business and traditions inherited from their grandfather and great grandfather Hjalmar, who sat weaving all night long. Klässbols unstinting faith in linen as a natural material has provided them with a living and a purpose in life. They have received prestigious commissions from the Swedish Court and embassies, bringing Klässbols international fame. With a strong sense of tradition and faith in linen as a natural material, they work together to carry Klässbols, the family business, into the future.

    "With a strong sense of tradition and faith in linen as a natural material, we work together to carry Klässbols, our family business, into the future - a satisfying endeavour that we are delighted to share with you." - Andreas Johansson, CEO.

    Klässbols Linen Factory produce products of high quality and modern design. Together with well known designers they create 100% pure linen-products with modern patterns. Despite this, they are linked more to handicraft and crafts than modern design. Our mission was to take them from a feeling of home made handicrafts by creating a packaging concept to radiate a stronger feeling of modern design and premium products.

  • Designers: Liza Pedersen & Sophia Wimmerstedt
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Broby Grafiska
    Location: Karlstad, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Linen cloths
    Packaging Materials: Paper, Cartoon

    Deep into the Swedish woods is Klässbols linen factory; a factory run by the third and fourth generation of the Johansson family. Today Klässbols has a special place in Swedish homes; it is associated with perfect craftsmanship and tradition, as a fine cloth you pick up or give away on holidays and other special occasions. Klässbols is well known as a fine Swedish handicrafts.

    Klässbols breaths tradition and quality and they only work with linen and conveys a handmade and qualitative sense, which has provided them with prestigious assignments for the Swedish embassies but also the Swedish royal family. Together with well known designers, they've built up a brand that conveys tradition, modern patterns and even a textile heritage.

    What's Unique?
    Our mission was to take them from handicraft to modern design by developing their packaging products and to give them a more modern and premium feeling. We have created a series of packaging with a timeless and classic design, so the packaging will lasts for century after century.