• Designer: Daria Zhuchkova
    Project Type: Student Project
    Packaging Content: Oat Milk
    Location: Russia

    Oatbirds is highly natural and tasty oat milk. It is My Diploma project at British High School of Art and Design.

  • Agency: Watermark Design
    Client: Champion Brewing Company
    Location: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
    Additional Credits: Darcey Ohlin Lacy, Hannah Slagle
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium

    Collaborating on brewing recipes with music icons such as Fat Wreck Chords, NoFX, The Hold Steady, and Against Me!, Champion Brewing Company has dived head first into the national beer market. Designed by Watermark Design, the main line of cans features a colorful illustrative style that is approachable while maintaining their bold individualism.

    In the wake of a new website refresh, Champion has gained notoriety on the shelf as they expand to several states across the South. Their rough hewn, hand-drawn illustrative style is reminiscent of the DIY methodology of the American punk scene. The band series are playful typographic studies that reflect the band’s personality and established brand identities. Champion Brewing Company's core philosophies of tenacity, innovation, and handmade production within the American beer market embraces illustration and a love of craftsmanship.

    "The mission of Champion Brewing Company is to create and share beers that move us in the same way our favorite records do. We are obsessed with creating the highest quality beer through expertise and creativity. Our crew has a sincere passion for what we do and we’re thrilled to share it with the beer community. We’re driven by punk rock values and a fierce commitment to independence and innovation. The best beer we ever make will be the next one."

  • Designer: Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Los Angeles, USA
    Packaging Contents: Fruit bars
    Packaging Materials: Metalized polypropylene

    Healthy snacks somehow never look as delicious and fun as the sugary unhealthy stuff. Only fruit is a playful packaging concept for 100% natural fruit bars. Instead of a conventional logo, the packaging features a dynamic logo: the letter U assumes a different fruit shape depending on the flavor. Bright colors, playful lettering and surreal characters are meant to attract the attention of anyone looking for a healthy alternative to candy.

    The concept is built around the secret life of fruit; those guys are always up to something when no one is looking. Each flavor is represented by a surreal character with a fun and unique personality. The tiny brand ambassadors will not only tackle your hunger, but will also set your imagination on fire!

  • Agency: AFB Diseño
    Designer: Alejandro Flores
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Mexico
    Packaging Contents: Protein Drink
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium

    Concept Branding for Hydro; an on the go zero carb protein drink for men and women.

    The idea behind this image was to create a very modern, minimal and sober energy drink, looking for a very direct communication with our potential audience, the neon colors and the "o" on the name are meant to be distinguishers of the brand as well as to create a very memorable image for our audience.

    Using the slogan "Your body. Your temple", we encourage men and women committed to their bodies to use nothing but the best protein to get the best results possible, achieving this with our appealing image and very minimal advertising, Hydro commits to our costumers and hopes to stand out to direct competitors.

  • Agency: Hills Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tonda Terra
    Location: Cheltenham United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Jams Chutneys

    Tonda Terra has just launched in the UK thanks to the help of Cheltenham based design agency, Hills Design. The company was founded by Italian born, Angelo, whose passion for well-sourced quality food is behind the new range of Organic Jam, Picallili, Marmalade and Chutneys.

    Hills Design was tasked with turning Angelo’s passion and eye for great tasting food into a tangible brand, one that would not only stand out in a very competitive market, but also reflect the core values of the company.

    The project involved coming up with the name, Tonda Terra, which has its roots in Angelo’s home country, but is also suggestive of the more natural, organic agriculture behind the range. Tonda Terra, or ‘round earth’, suited this perfectly and the alliteration rolled off the tongue – much like the delicious chutneys!

    The identity and packaging features a beautifully flowing, hand drawn script, which sits within a round (“tonda”) circle, making the logo easily identifiable on both the pot and lid. The warm colours chosen are flavour-coded to compliment the different products within the jars.

    The work also involved designing a full responsive website. Plans are already in place to see Tonda Terra expand its offering following a successful launch.

    What's Unique?
    The styling of the logotype script, creates a unique distinctive and memorable brand image. This forms the main focus on the packaging.

  • Agency: Moço — Wine Branding
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Kompassus
    Location: Coimbra, Portugal
    Packaging Contents: Wine

    Compassos (Proportional divider) — Kompassus

    1. Movement, regular or rhythmic motion.
    2. equal intervals. = lilting
    3. With all the accuracy.

    Kompassus, "regular or rhythmic progress", this was the theme for the launch of the brand.

    A separate Communication, elegant and audacious for medium / high segment wines.

  • Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Cava-Champagne

    This project was carried out for an important cellar of ‘Catalan Cava’, which is considered to be one the three best national exporters.

    We were entrusted to develop two products: a Cava Brut and a Cava Brut Rosé destined for exportation, mainly to the Belgian market. In the Brief, they requested us that the image had to be "Spanish Cliché".

    Under the concept Typical Spanish, we had the idea to use the matador cape (capote torero). This became a great idea, because we could use the two colors of cape: yellow and pink, to differentiate the two products Brut and Brut Rosé. To have more visual impact we used a sleever, creating two products with a very strong and powerful concept, intended mainly for exportation.

    We created and customized the main letterings to give them more personality, and “O” logo was created in purpose, we wanted it to look like the irons used to mark the bulls of ranching's.

    The final result shows two products truly shocking and very associated with the Spanish culture, which is what the client wanted.

  • Designer: Liyang Sean Xu
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Pratt Institute
    Course: Perfume Design
    Tutor: Prof. Marc Rosen
    Location: New York City
    Packaging Contents: Perfume
    Packaging Materials: Polished gold, Glass, Paper, Paperboard

    Céla is a perfume designed for women who are energetic, focused, and confident. The name comes from the French word, it (the third-person singular past historic of céler).

    The perfume gives you a hint of the attitude of our target audience, a group of energetic woman, in the prime age from around mid-20s to 50s. They appreciate four seasons differently. To them, summer is one of the best, for it’s time to enjoy the company of the family and friends, to slow down the pace a little and enjoy the company of family and friends.

    The fragrance céla reveals that side of her for you. With a main note of rose, accompanied by refreshing citrus, the floral aroma lingers to become calmer and more sophisticated with time.

    The perfume bottle is designed to have a perfectly balanced tension. It is a statement of being confident and bold in life, while also being polished and attractive.

    She was here.

  • Designer: Oliver Furze
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Shillington College
    Course: Graphic Design
    Tutor: Steve Waring, Laura Weldon
    Location: Manchester, UK
    Packaging Contents: Soap, Shampoo, Cosmetics

    Samsø is a Danish island in the Kattegat 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) off the Jutland Peninsula. In 1997, Samsø won a government competition to become a model renewable energy community. Now 100% of their electricity comes from wind power. This collection brings together a range of carbon neutral products, made from 100% recyclable material, handcrafted on the Island by its own inhabitants.

    I began the brief thinking about recycling and the impact we are having on the world in terms of climate change and global warming. I wanted a product that gave something back, or at the least didn't take anything away so I explored the carbon neutral aspect that some companies are now in the early stages of striving towards. In my research I stumbled across Samsø, a real Danish island, and thought it would be great if somewhere could begin to manufacture their own products under their own power without any harmful affects on the planet. The idea was born and I developed the concept and styling of the brand from there.

    What's Unique?
    The Nordic pattern drawn by myself and the emphasis on a strong brand promoting a zero carbon footprint for their products.

  • Agency: Puigdemont Roca
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: PH Formula
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Body Care

    We are entrusted the packaging of a specialized professional facial beauty cream to be used in emergencies when the skin has been damaged by the cold, sun, wind or other weather factors. The premises to work were the given naming of SOS, the Helvetic lettering and a standard packaging provided by the client.

    Bearing in mind the concept “for emergencies” we decide to work with the red color, which is the color used to highlight products related to emergencies such as first aid kits, fire alarms, fire brigade, etc.

    In order to add flare and style to the product we decide to print the name SOS on the stopper and on the bottom of the flask, thus getting a unique and unprecedented innovative result.

    In order to reach the target, the customised serigraphy is printed with the flask closed and a side mark is also printed so that the manipulator knows how to insert the stopper making the lettering match, as the flask has three different possible entries.

    These products are exclusively sold in beauty and medical centers worldwide. With the design we aim to draw the attention of the client in this kind of shops, where this kind of products tend to be monochromatic and austere

    The final result is a highly stunning product with a very clear purpose message, which really helps the product to be sold.

  • Agency: Offshoot Design
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Luvians
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland
    Packaging Contents: Scotch Whisky
    Packaging Materials: Glass, wood, paper, cork, lining

    To commemorate the 144th Open Championship, at the home of golf, St. Andrews, Scotland, Offshoot were asked to design the packaging for this single cask bottling.

    The whisky comes from the Springbank Distillery in Scotland's former whisky capital, Campbeltown. Aged for 21 years in a single sherry cask and limited to 184 bottles, this particular single malt is exceptionally rare so it seemed only right to dress appropriately.

    We blended the inspirations for it’s creation, The label is underlaid with an illustration of the old course at St.Andrews, the most famous course in the world. We then added a copper foil finish to complement the dark, sherry-finish colour of the whisky.

    The bottle is set within a custom box with a matching copper foil design on the front. Each bottle is signed by the owner of Luvians, Vince Fusaro.

    What's Unique?
    The bottle is a limited release, restricted to 184 bottles, making it a rare and exclusive product with a high retail value. The bottle and presentation box are finished with a copper foil to complement the whisky.

  • Agency: Satyajit Mittal & Shreya Chandorkar
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Pune, India
    Packaging Contents: Biscuits
    Packaging Materials: paperboard with innerside lamination, foodgrade transparent plastic

    The Biscuit Pack is a concept that aims at enhancing the user's experience of having tasty shrewsbury biscuits in a exclusive premium packaging. The package is designed in a way where the biscuits do not have to be shifted to another container nor do they have to struggle with getting the biscuits out. The stucture of the package is - A truncated hexagonal prism base, Outer hexagonal prism with an opening at the bottom made of paperboard with inner side laminated, Inner plastic hexgonal prism which helps in opening and shutting the pack and help maintains the freshness of the biscuits.

    To dispense the biscuit, one has to lift-up the inner plastic hexagonal prism and slide out a biscuit through the opening and slide it back to shut the box. There is a window cut-out in front of the pack to indicate as to how many of the tasty shrewsbury biscuits are left in the pack. This makes the packaging very sophisticated and premium as it intensifies the experience of having the famous biscuits. It could also become a good gifting pack and would stand tall at retail shelves of airports and other premium outlets for biscuit lovers.

    What's Unique?
    The shape of the box is a hexagon, which compliments the shape of the circular biscuit and also helps in areas such as stacking, protection while transportation , sturdiness. The biscuits are dispensed from the bottom of the box which is the most unique aspect of this packaging. The box has a truncated base, which helps the biscuit to slide out easily when pulled, overall giving a very unique experience to the user.

  • Agency: DalysBurnes
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: The Mansion
    Location: Panama
    Packaging Contents: Beer

    The Mansion is a new brand in the craft beer market in Panama. Developing four types of beer: PACHAS Brown Ale, PUMA Wheat, Red Ale and Oatmeal Stout Bocaraca CONDOR. Its concept is inspired by the Inca trilogy.

  • Designer: Jordana Mirski Fridman
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Shenkar
    Course: Identity design
    Tutor: Hila Ben Navat
    Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Packaging Contents: Arak
    Packaging Materials: Glass, lycra fabric

    Inspired by dancer & choreographer Pina Bausch, I designed this identity for a new arak drink which I named "sweet sweat". I wanted to bring the body and the movement into every aspect of the brand. The fabric itself was painted according to the brand colours and hand sewn to fit the bottle.

  • Agency: Kichuk Ilia
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    Packaging Contents: Milk
    Packaging Materials: Glass (matte)

    Minimal design and clean lines was the basis of the idea to show not only nature of the milk but visual purity and perfection of its dense white color and smooth but liquid refreshing structure. It`s meant to transform a vision of the customer that milk is not only `traditions` and `home-drink`, but actually a kind of fashionable tasty and healthy drink, which can be easily carried with you during the day thanks to a compact volume of the bottle- 0.25 ml, and besides, can easily transform into cocktail for your delicious evening.

    What's Unique?
    0.25 ml volume is really rare option among of the milk-brands, generally they provide a lot bigger bottles that created to live in a fridge but not in a bag - it`s impossible to carry them with you during the day. 0.25 ml volume bottle let the customer solve this problem and highlight Qoly among other milk-brands.

  • Agency: Bluemarlin Brand Design Agency
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Batiste
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Dry Shampoo, Styling Products
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium

    Batiste Gets a Design Makeover from Bluemarlin

    International brand design agency bluemarlin has created a new visual identity for Batiste, the UK’s #1 dry shampoo brand. The reinvigorated identity guides the visual expression for all of Batiste’s product pillars as they evolve their range of dry shampoos and extend the brand into styling products.

    The brief was to create a design that captured Batiste’s mission to empower consumers to take better care of their hair and feel instantly transformed. The resulting design is stylish, full of impact and truly reflective of the brand’s quirky and confident personality.

    The updated design takes Batiste’s distinctive patterns to the next level by adding an element of discovery, provoking loyal and new consumers alike to take a second look. Cherries reveal themselves to be bold red lips. Pink flamingos become Martini glasses while lotus flowers bloom into swans. This cheeky design convention unites the range as each variant playfully offers a different visual game.

    Batiste’s new styling range also has discovery elements layered within the colourful and lively tendrils of hair. A lion roars at his tamer on the Smooth It Frizz Tamer and hot air balloons rise on the Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray. Sassy yet sophisticated, the new range fits within Batiste’s product portfolio perfectly and succeeds in communicating the brand’s message of providing instant style transformation.

    The brandmark has also been boldly re-crafted with a capital “B.” Not only does this provide ease of reading, but it also showcases the brand’s confidence as the category leader.

    Joanne Marshall, Marketing Manager at Church & Dwight, remarked, “Batiste leads the category for a reason. It is iconic, glamorous and lots of fun. The new identity brings the brand’s personality and spirit to life, while also illustrating how Batiste offers a solution for every hair need.”

    “We took a lot of inspiration from global fashion trends, but Batiste’s edge comes from a central heritage of British quirkiness and style,” comments Ian Catling, Creative Director, Bluemarlin London. “By infusing those discovery elements into the new identity, we begin a dialogue with Batiste’s consumer that is entertaining, witty and engaging.”

  • Agency: Designmatic
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: N/A Criminal Beer
    Location: Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
    Packaging Contents: Beer
    Packaging Materials: Beer bottle case

    Brand Identity For The Strong & Chilli Flavoured "Criminal Beer"

    An up and coming independent brewery wanted a new brand identity and packaging for their new beer. At 7.5% and introducing some unique chilli and fiery ginger flavoured beers, the client wanted something unique, exciting and reflective of their brand positioning. We developed strong visuals and an exciting brand story where only those brave enough would try "Criminal Beer".

    What's Unique?
    The creative is vastly different from most beers and alcohol beverages, helping the brand to stand out whilst reflective of the unique flavours and strength of the beer.

  • Agency: Sabbath Visuals
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Boine Clinic
    Location: Monterrey, Mexico
    Packaging Contents: Cosmetic creams, lotion medicine, sun protection
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Boine Clinic is a dermatologist & aesthetic medicine center that specializes in facial fillers, thread lifting, peeling, botox and laser hair removal. The brand's color palette communicates a clean visual aesthetic, and reflects the ideal of perfection. The icon is an abstraction of the three layers of the skin, representing the main core of the brand.

    Packaging was created using silver chrome and solid colors that enhance the visual language, creating a connection that communicates sensibility and creates a new standard for clinical beauty products.