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  • Designer: Michael Nguyen
    School: RMIT University
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Project type: Student Project

    A second year project to package a product into a high-end target audience. The brand identity developed is called 'Minori' meaning harvest in Japanese. The cloudy sake references rice growers of the Niigata region.

  • Designer: Anna Ropalo
    Location: Portland, OR, USA
    Project type: Self Promotion

    Promotional gift created to give out at the Portland State Graduate Portfolio Showcase.

  • Creative Agency: 43'oz
    Designer: Alex Kodimsky
    Client: Albastrele Wines (Moldova)
    Country: Moldova
    Project type: Commercial Work

    Label design for a series of semisweet wines in original Ellada-bottle

    Our design studio was tasked to develop label design for a series of semisweet wines for original Ellada bottle. The bottle itself is decorative enough and existing pattern specifies a certain direction so we decided to make laconic one label, without using many graphical elements and which will complete the bottle design without overloading overall comprehension.

    For this reason we kept seeking in the direction of grape, grape leaves, vine and we found solution which is in the image of technologically highly detailed grape leaf. In fact, label is represented in the image of two grape leaves, one of which is realistic, evident – with draw-in fibers, and the other is a background and performed in a die-cutting mode. Pass-no-pass it’s you to judge!

  • Creative Agency: PLU Design
    Client: Birra SLEALE
    Location: Italy
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    SLEALE, The Unfair ALE, stems from the desire to be different; more genuine and sustainable. It was born, after numerous attempts, to meet our personal desires and those of the people who are close to us. The selection of quality raw materials (organic in the most part) and a pedantic approach to the brewing process are the corollary of this desire to break from your average ale.

    SLEALE is a beer that take no prisoners, created under a full moon to abet mutinies and sinister plots. It is a smooth and refreshing ale. But it is also energetic, full-bodied and well-structured.

  • Creative Agency: twomatch!
    Client: Menoikio
    Location: Thessaloniki / Greece
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Menoikio is an Agricultural Cooperative in Prosotsani Dramas in Greece. Its name came from the mountain Menoikio near Serres and Drama in Greece.

    There was and old logo and no special packaging but the company needs make us to redesign the brand and the packaging for a range of milk products such us organic yogurt, classic yogurt , organic feta, classic feta and more.
    For now we are introducing you Menoikio Organic Yogurt.

    Based on traditional ways of creating yogurt and creating a feeling of original taste and handmade yogurt. Printed with iml technology.

  • Creative Agency: Elena Filippou Design
    Location: Greece
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    PETS DINNER logo design based on premium feature of this food for pets. Consequently, the logo design includes an extraordinary image, a serving pet bowl with lid.

    However, the labels have been printed with Pantone Premium Metallic Colors, providing the luxury of this product.

  • Designer: Diego Ballester
    Location: Mendoza, Argentina
    Project type: Produced, Commercial work

    Packaging design of a sparkling Spanish "cava" intended for the USA market.

    Fresh, fun, unstructured and very shocking image.

  • Designer: Benjamin Kranzusch
    Photos: Thorwald Hoffmann
    Location: Dortmund / Germany
    Project Type: Student Project

    "Holy Cow Dairy" is a student project, I did for "Fachhochschule- Design- Dortmund". The task was to create four dairy products for a fictitious company, which I called "Holy Cow". I decided to design four milk-packages (banana, honey, strawberry and hazelnut), which should stand out from other milk-packages in the refrigerated-section. Each package has a balanced and dynamic illustration on its front, that refer to its flavour.

    The milk-packages were laser cut on coloured cardboard. Finally the label and inscription were silkscreen-printed on the cardboard pieces.

  • Creative Agency: Latona Marketing Inc.
    Designer: Kazuaki Kawahara
    Location: Shizuoka / Japan
    Project Type: Concept

    Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.

    The Fruit Toilet Paper has been designed to wow customers with its cute style, perfect for such occasions.

    There are 4 designs to choose from: Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange.

  • Snow Plow label: Alex Despain of The Despains
    Old Embalmer label: Jason Miranda and Erik Johnson of Overhaul Design Shop
    Client: Widmer Brothers Brewing
    Country: USA
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Check out the rest of 30 Beers for 30 Years


    Widmer Brothers Brewing Re-Releases the Fan Favorite for 30 Beers for 30 Years Series, Along with Old Embalmer Barleywine

    PORTLAND, Ore. – September 29, 2014 – Widmer Brothers Brewing today announced the re-release of Snow Plow Milk Stout and Old Embalmer Barleywine in its 30 Beers for 30 Years Series. Snow Plow and Old Embalmer are available in 22-ounce bottles and on draught starting today in the Portland area, and represent the years 1999 and 2000, respectively.

    Snow Plow is a beer that fans have been clamoring for since the beer was discontinued nearly ten years ago. The first beer in the Collaborator Project with the Oregon Brew Crew, Snow Plow Milk Stout incorporates lactose (milk sugar), wheat, black malt, and oats, giving it a soft, creamy mouthfeel and roast malt notes. Snow Plow was the brewery’s winter seasonal for six years, and won a GABF Gold Medal in 2004. To this day, it is still one of the most requested beers for Widmer Brothers to resurrect.

    “Snow Plow Milk Stout has always been one of my favorites, and probably my favorite beer from the Collaborator Project,” said Rob Widmer, co-founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing. “The Collaborator Project with the Oregon Brew Crew has produced some inventive styles and individual beers, and we are extremely proud that the program is still going after 15 years. The selection of Snow Plow in the early years of the competition and decision to make it the first bottled milk stout in the United States speaks to the innovative nature of the Collaborator Project.”

    Old Embalmer Barleywine was part of the Brothers Reserve Series as recently as last year, and has been brewed since 2000. This beer was created by Doug Rehberg, longtime Widmer Brothers brewer, and called for more malt than could fit in Widmer Brothers’ mash tun in the year 2000. It also called for a copious amount of hops, making it a favorite among brewers and Widmer Brothers fans alike, currently scoring 96 on RateBeer.

    As part of the 30 Beers for 30 Years Series, both beers are brewed to their exact recipe and specifications from their original year of release at Widmer Brothers’ 10-barrel pilot brewery.

    Like all beers in the 30 Beers for 30 Years Series, an extremely limited quantity of each beer was brewed and packaged with unique label art from one of 30 different local artists and designers. Alex Despain of The Despains designed the Snow Plow label, and Jason Miranda and Erik Johnson of Overhaul Design Shop designed the Old Embalmer label.

    About the Beers

    Snow Plow Milk Stout – 1999
    Since 1999, we’ve worked with the Oregon Brew Crew, a local homebrew club, to brew winning homebrew recipes at our brewery. Snow Plow was the very first Collaborator, and one we chose to bring into our lineup as a winter seasonal. Contrary to most winter ales on the market at the time which used some dark malts and were very hoppy, this beer was extremely dark, used a ton of specialty malt (which had to be hand-loaded, making it one of our most labor-intensive brews), and had a sweet characteristic from the use of milk sugar. Behind Widberry, this is our most requested beer to resurrect. 6.1% ABV, 25 IBU

    Old Embalmer Barleywine – 2000
    A big beer. A very big beer. Using more malt that would originally fit in our mash tun, Doug Rehberg’s recipe also called for copious amount of hops, making it one of the most interesting barleywines out there. Age does this beer wonders, as the name would suggest. 10.2% ABV, 70 IBU

  • Creative Agency: Gothic Design
    Designer: Shela & Dean
    Client: Streetwave Pte Ltd.
    Location: Singapore
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    The main idea of the Swaveboard packaging is to Go Green.

    The structure of the box holds the Swaveboard by its own with a sheer sheet of corrugated board. The interior die-line folds up to let the casters fits in the grooves properly and stands firm on the box.

    The box has seen no use of glue and it is a 2-colour printing box. The rectangular packaging tackles the storage problem housing the irregularly-shaped board. The foot deck is visible through open windows to avoid frequent opening and spoiling the box.

    Apart from a packaging solution which is cost-saving, material-saving and friendly to our environment, it promotes Swaveboard surfing as a stylish and trendy sport for teens and contributes to a positive and healthy urban lifestyle.

  • Creative Agency: Typical.
    Client: Ktima Varotsos
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Mavromata means black–eyed woman in greek language (Μαυρομάτα). According to Theopompus, vines first appeared on the banks of the Alpheus river near Olympia in Elis and then started theirsystematic cultivation. The Farm is located in Alfioussa, in the prefecture of Ilia of the western peloponesse region. It is situated next to the river Alfios, 10km away from Ancient Olympia.

  • Creative Agency: artstudio
    Designer: Artemis Kokkinaki
    Photography: Fanis Mourtos
    Client: Hellasco Ltd
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Myrtis – Fine Greek Food

    Branding for Myrtis, a wide range of Greek fine preserves (jams, marmalades, spoon sweets, tomato sauces and spreads).

    Special consideration was given in the creation of the logo.

    The logo was used along with other graphic elements in order to design similar layouts for the labels of the various categories, while creating an overall unified and balanced image that gives the line a single identity.

  • Creative Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi
    Client: Elite Confectionery
    Location: Israel
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    So how do you celebrate 80 years of existence?
    You could boast.
    You could create a retrospective movie of your highest achievements
    You could celebrate with your consumers.

    That's exactly what the ‘Elite Confectionery Company’ decided to do.
    For its ‘Cow Chocolate’ brand's 80th anniversary the company .
    released a special edition packaging of its chocolate bar.

    The chocolate bars all had numbers on them ranging from 1 to 80
    – so no matter how old you were,
    if it was your birthday you'd have a funky way to join in the fun and celebrate.

    Additional Credits
    C.E.O: Yossi Lubaton
    Executive Creative Director: Nadav Pressman
    V.P. Creative Director: Amir Ariely
    Copywriter: Eran (Shushu) Spanier, Tomer Gidron
    Art Director: Aia Kujnitzky
    V.P Group Account Head: Maya Salomon
    Account Supervisor: Yogev Atoon
    Account Executive: Shirel Moshe
    V.P Production & Content: Dorit Gvili
    Production manager: Bosmat Marmarely
    Head of Strategic Planning: Shai Nissenboim
    Planning Supervisor: Roni Arison
    Strategic Planning: Lora Goichman
    Design studio: Shake Design
    Elite General manager, Fun & Indulgence Division: Eyal Dror
    Elite Chocolate & Pastry Marketing director: Shay Haguel
    Elite Chocolate category manager: Hila Elad
    Elite Digital manager: Limor Barnea
    Elite Brand Manager, Chocolate: Idit Maor

  • Creative Agency: ImaginaBrand
    Designer: Isidro M.
    Client: BCX
    Location: Mexico
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Product design healthy snacks, organic design and naming.

  • Designer: Vida Iglicar
    Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
    Project Type: Student Project

    Le Jardin Des Thés is a fictional international sustainable tea bar and garden.

    Located in Paris, it offers a choice of ordering prepared tea or picking herbs from the garden and making your very own mixture.

    It was my major negotiated project, for which I created identity, promotional and packaging design. The idea is to inspire customers to grow herbs, be ecological. To inspire to aspire other to be ecological. All promotional and packaging materials are printed on 100% recyclable paper. It is designed to use as little material and glue.

  • Creative Agency: McLean Design
    Client: Grimmway Farms
    Location: Walnut Creek, CA, USA
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Grimmway Farms, the world’s largest carrot grower from California’s lush Central Valley, wanted to place an honest-to-goodness, fresh-fruit-and-veggies line of beverages into the fast-growing premium refrigerated juice category, and recruited McLean Design to help create a new brand that captures the essence of their family farm growers.

    McLean Design took a good look at the category and determined there was ample room for a homegrown, farm-to-table entry to compete directly with proven heavyweights Odwalla and Naked and celebrated upstarts like Evolution. Named True Organic, the new line captures the small town nature of a family-run farm stand, with the farmer as hero of his own tale, bringing goodness straight from the earth to your local grocer. True to its name (pun intended), minimal labeling that reveals the juice proves the brand has nothing to hide — a stand-out among its shrink-wrap cloaked competitors.

    Response to this one-and-only all-organic juice brand has been enthusiastic, with both local retailers and national chains growing their footprint daily. True Organic’s great flavors and honest ingredients have found enthusiasts among organic-only true believers and health-minded consumers alike. Look for it at your hometown grocers soon.