• Designer: Hugo Santos
    Project Type: Student Project
    Course: Communication Design MA
    Tutor: Prof. Ana Raposo, Prof. Andrew Howard
    Location: Porto, Portugal

    This briefing, aimed to create a product to be exhibited and sold at the Pop-Up Shop, organized by ESAD's Communication Design MA, which took place in December at Maus Hábitos. After having some ideas and seeing all of them getting rejected, that created a lack of motivation and disorientation, that was when the project "Don't You Weep! Tissues" was born, from the irony to the situation itself. It was decided to create a tissue box, an object that is usually linked to sadness, that when closed doesn't look more than just an ordinary tissue box but inside, as a communication support, the tissues have motivational quotes printed in silkscreen with a fluorescent orange, a color that is recognized to symbolize and transmit energy and joy. Each box has 20 tissues (23x21cm), with a different motivational quote from various authors in each one. There were produced 15 boxes, costed 4€ each and were all sold! Special thanks to Marta Maria for all the help and support throughout the project!

  • Agency: lg2boutique
    Client: 29 février
    Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    A sea change is currently underway in the Quebec maple syrup industry in order to restore the product to its former glory. Its use has typically been relegated to breakfast and the traditional sugar shack. Plus its packaging in a can does nothing to promote its full culinary potential. And yet, maple syrup creates a harmonious blend of flavours. Excellent in vinaigrettes, marinades, everyday dishes and desserts, its versatility is greatly underappreciated.

    29 février products are part of the movement to democratize maple syrup. Their labels educate consumers about the notes and subtleties of the different grades of syrup and suggest an array of culinary uses for each grade.

    The aura of rarity that surrounds the name, product signature (Maple syrup for all occasions. 366 days per year.) and the elegance of the packaging creates a covet-worthy product that consumers will proudly display on the kitchen counter.

  • Agency: Afterhours
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Purearth
    Location: London, England, UK
    Packaging Materials: Kraft card & twine string
    Additional Credits: Kelly Bennett, Moyra Casey, Chris McDonald

    Strategy, branding, packaging and tone of voice for Purearth Cleanse Ltd.

    Launched into the UK juicing market, two years ago, in that short time they have seen great success, rising from a small, exclusively online cleanse programme provider to become one of the the most popular and recommended functional juice and detox brands in London and the south of England.

    However as Purearth has grown, so has the competition. The Purearth founders knew they needed to review their brand strategy and execution in order to strengthen their presence and distinction, take their story to a wider audience and deliver a brand that matched their ambitions. That’s where we came in!

    The first step was developing a compelling brand idea that captured their point of difference. The next, a creative concept that had the power to transition all the brand’s touch points and comms channels. One with the cut-through and emotion to engage a new audience.

    The new identity elevates their bottle tags from a functional packaging feature to a core brand asset. The tag becoming the vehicle to deliver the creative hook- the juices as a ‘gift from the earth’.

    The tag and its loving messages to its recipient forms the central branding concept- speaking to the customer on shelf and engaging cleanse clients during their personal programmes. It becomes the canvas for communications and promotions too. Limited editions for events and partners play with the visual language of the tag, becoming a 'designer label' for London Fashion Week shows or a ‘VIP badge’ for festival partnerships. It also become a physical ‘hash tag’ to roll out across social media highlighting their super food ingredients and benefits.

    The whole concept is designed to cause maximum disruption and engagement. Driving affinity and advocacy with loyalists and also introducing the benefits of their super juices to the uninitiated. The redesign has helped secure new distribution, listings and investment and has given the business a new voice in the market place.

  • Written by Kristin Hillery, editor of Modernize.

    Getting new furniture and decorations is the best, and when they come in cool packages? Even better. Check out the best home decor and furniture packaging I’ve seen lately.

    1. Ovo High Chair by CuldeSac

  • Designers: Coline Kupiec, Angélique Lemaître, Camille Boulestin, Ronan Brishoual
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: École de Design Nantes Atlantique
    Course: Packaging, Alcoholic Beverages
    Tutor: Paul Vickers, Nathalie Templier
    Location: Nantes, France
    Packaging Material: Cardboard

    One week packaging workshop with Paul Vickers.

    The project was to designing a innovative packaging for wines of Val de Loire.

    In groups of four, we chose a white wine, which is very special : «Savennière, éclat de schist». This wine is grown in a land with a lot of schale and it colours looks like gold.

    We wanted to make a packaging for young adult who want to discover a good wine in a individual or collective way.

    The name «Mue», in french means «shoulh» to reflect the mutation between rustic to sophistication.

    The packaging in PVC refleat this transformation with the white strantum who reveal more and more the wine.

  • Designer: Denis Kalinin
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Love Is The Only Gold

    Contemporary art is about quoting. Love is quoting. Love is the only gold. Thus, gold equals love. The theorem, or if you wish, Ouroboros. The same as love is. Your love is your gold. Sparkling wine with bubbles floating upwards, like the refined conversation, like the sparkling party. Love is the only gold.

  • Agency: Squad Ink
    Creative Direction: Matthew Squadrito, Terry Squadrito
    Design/Finished Art: Christian Andree
    Photography: Janyon Boshoff
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Archie Rose Distilling Co.
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Packaging Materials: Custom Glass Bottle Mould, Timber & Cork Stopper, Full Body Wrapped Label, Neck Label

    Archie Rose Distilling Co. is the first independent distillery of craft spirits in the City of Sydney since 1853. Archie Rose honours this rich history while offering Sydney-siders the chance to experience genuine grain-to-glass spirit production onsite with an incredible cocktail bar to boot.

    Squad Ink was engaged to brand, package and launch this incredible craft distillery and range of spirits, including a Dry Gin, Original Vodka and a White Rye.

    We opted for a heavy-weighted base, bullet style bottle that borrows its shape from the copper pot stills from which the gin, vodka and whisky flow. It’s a nod to the classic whisky bottles of the prohibition era in the United States – confident yet completely unpretentious. Of course, the specific bottle we sketched out didn’t exist as a stock bottle so we had a custom mould created. This opportunity allowed us to distribute more glass in specific areas, such as the neck and shoulder, making way for an authentic mottled glass appearance and heavy in-hand assertiveness. We also added a 360 degree recessed label indentation across the so that the full-wrapped belly label could be profiled as a hallmark design feature. We also embossed “Archie Rose Distilling Co.” out of the base of the bottle in the fashion of a craftsman’s mark – subtle and out of plain sight.

    Our approach for the label design is about honouring a ‘function led aesthetic’. Archie Rose is more than an alcohol brand it‘s a fully functional distillery with all products literally ‘made by hand’. More specifically, the production of the spirits from loading the various grain into the mash ton for fermentation to grinding and chopping botanicals to be loaded into the gin still is a very hands on process. Finally, the bottles are filled, capped, neck labelled and individually marked and signed. All aspects of the labels’ design and production have been considered to reinforce this truth. The success of the respective label design is a result of the carefully curated content that appears on them. Delivering this result required an in-depth understanding of spirit production at Archie Rose and the key ingredients used.

    We’ve created packaging that is not only beautiful to admire but also wonderfully detailed and intriguing in a way that it beckons you to sit down with it and explore every piece of information it offers.

  • Designer: Annie Unruh
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Chapman University
    Course: Advanced Typography
    Tutor: Dave Matea
    Location: Orange, CA, USA
    Packaging Materials: Glossy paper, metallic ink

    Unruh Brewing Company gets its heritage from the Unruh family. The package design is inspired by the patriarch of the family, Jack, who was a chemical engineer for years. Using this as the starting point, different chemical compounds in beer were used to illustrate each variety of beer. Humulone, a chemical in hops, was used on the pale ale because of its hoppy flavor. The stout featured maltoriose, a chemical present in malt. The brown ale features a chemical compound from barley. The labels also feature metallic inks that are eye catching, and correspond to the color of each variety of beer.

  • Brand concept: Raimonda Kirpliukaitė & Edvardas Kavarskas
    Logo & package design: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Photography: Kernius Pauliukonis
    Postproduction: Robertas Gaudiešius
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Biržų duona
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Packaging Materials: Carton, Plastic

    Sucré – is not a brand. This is something very personal, emotional and sincere. It is an area of a cosmopolitan woman. She is educated and confident. Refined, but also not afraid to be flirtatious like the fashion world. Confectionery and fashion is the only weaknesses, which she allows to enjoy herself openly. It is not surprising that this experience of taste is accompanied by the slogan “taste-à-porter” the art of living tasty. And the axiom “less is more” has high standards in the world of pastry and is added in a sense “less, but tastier”.

    Over the past few years, small and colorful macaron cookies became popular in Lithuania. So we started telling the story of Sucré confectionery exactly from them. The collection of Sucré macarons consists of three lines of flavors. Classic flavors: champagne & brown sugar, pistachio with chopped nuts, sweet tonka beans. Fruit tastes: refreshing lemon, juicy strawberry & thyme, exotic passion fruit. Floral tastes: dizzy lavender, cool mint, sweet lilac.

    We started building packages using the case study and the searches of appropriate construction of macarons. Confectionery is mostly shared with friends or it must be considered as a gift. It is important that the process of unpacking turned into an adventure, to make part-used cookies convenient to store on the table, and the rest of the package to remain attractive. That is how we came up with the idea of a double packaging solution which looks like two-layered dresses.

    We have developed individual and associative the schedule of geometric shapes for three packaging lines corresponding to different lines of colors and flavors of macarons. This design was inspired mainly by the artists of suprematism and constructivism whose influence is felt in abstract art in later times, including – minimalism and especially the currents of contemporary fashion.

    Seeking the additional sensory experiences, special attention was paid to board which also has its effects of coloring and printing. White minimal packaging has a difficulty in achieving a pleasant touch and effect of visibly attractive uniform surface. In cooperation with the publishing house we discovered the possibility to cover the packaging in coarse texture hybrid lacquer. It was chosen on a bright Pantone colors for the graphic elements. Some graphic elements, which do not change, were additionally applied by a high-gloss, making the logo and the taste of the line prominent referring to the embossed circle.

    Finally, in order to strengthen the emotional connection with customers, we wrote a letter on behalf of the Sucré. We printed it on translucent paper and put into a box as a small feminine secret.

    Sucré macarons was launched in September 2014.

  • Designer: Christian Pannicke
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Berlin, Germany

    The Rhône is a more than 800 km long river that flows in France. The river offers perfect conditions for growing wine, herbs, various fruits and olive trees. The ragged mountain landscape meets bright light coming from the south.

    These facts form the basis for Rhone, a fictional manufacturer of the finest olive oil. Rhone combines classic elegance with modern clarity. The logo is a combination of word and figurative mark. A classic typographic approach was combined with a modern, reduced illustration. A clear distinction from competitors' products is generated by dispense with typical images of olives, olive trees or landscapes. Instead, the scenic contrast is used in dark mountains and glittering sunlight and translated into a monochrome design. The packaging is reduced to the essentials and attracts attention especially because of this contrast.

    Rhone embodies enjoyment and delight, as well as an extraordinary quality of life. The hard contrast, as well as the landscape, is broken by a pleasant, bright and colorful imagery.

  • Agency: Ampro Design Consultants
    Creative Partner: Irinel Ionescu
    Client Service Director: Mihaela Dumitrescu
    Senior Account Executive: Alexandru Pătru
    Senior Designer: Lehel Mór Makó
    Junior Designer: Viorica Pintilie, Raluca Popan
    DTP & Prepress Specialist: Adrian Garganciuc
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sensiblu, Ad Pharma
    Location: Bucharest, Romania
    Packaging Material: Cardboard

    The brief:
    Creating a new brand for a line of premium quality medicines: OTC +MA
    Packaging : Premium, professional look => emphasizing trust &competence, yet accessible

    Values: Responsibility, Seriousness, Competence, Compassion
    Personality: Empathetic, Trustworthy, Strong, Efficient

    Tone: Honest; Direct; Personal

    Language: Assertive; Empathetic; Assume intelligence; Make it easy

    The idea:
    "Is there a doctor in the house?”
    Create a person, "the Doctor in the house”: Dr. Hart. Friendly, yet competent, easy to recognize and reliable.
    The white Doctor robe ensures a great shelf block and a very good visibility for the brand.
    In contrast with the clean white robe, we’ve used the neck tie as a good element to differentiate the products in the range. The freedom is to use as many colors as many products, and... when the colors are not enough, we can play with different patterns on the tie.

  • Designer: Ashley Swope
    Product Photography & Post Photo Production: Alisandra Pardo, Pratt '16
    Ceramic Assistance: Dulce Avila Romero, Montclair State '15
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Pratt Institute
    Course: Senior Project
    Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Packaging Materials: Ceramic, poplar, rope, paper, cork, India ink

    Developed and branded a rum line that took the concept of a squid or sea creature further.

    I chose to name the brand Sea Stalker because giant squids stalk their prey while hunting. The label art is in a grotesque ink splatter style, to give the illusion of the creature inking on the label, creating the image.

    The whole brand concentrates on the creature stalking pirates. The label art demonstrates the event of hunting, while the handles of the jugs mimic the movement in the label. Each jug is hand made, so they are all one of a kind. Each one is also topped and sealed with a black ink soaked cork, tying back to the theme of the creature inking.

    I created cups as a promotional piece, resembling a dissection of a tentacle. The cups, as well as the jugs, are packaged in a wooden crate with the logo laser cut into the front. The handles of the boxes are interlocked nooses, referring to one of the labels, as well as the theme of death.

    All pieces of this project were hand made from the ceramic jugs and cups, to the wooden boxes.

  • Designer: Alexandre Pietra
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: ERACOM
    Location: Switzerland
    Packaging Material: Kraft paper

    The Nordic is a visual identity created for a scandinavian Food Truck.

    The food consists only of salty and sweet smørrebrøds (open sandwiches).The design and the colors direct result of Nordic design. A simple, clean, and quality universe was the aim here. Black elements found in all the applications are designed to give a graphic line in the project and "break" the clean side. The Norwegian language is sometimes used in applications for travel consumers.

  • Agency: April Studio
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    RAJ Winery is a newly established, family owned winery in a famous wine region of Rajac, Eastern Serbia. Our task was to develop the entire visual identity system and packaging that reveals earthy, rustic persona of the brand, and emphasizes the nature of handcrafted wines that reflect the finest terroirs.

  • Agency: Supperstudio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Eroski
    Location: Madrid, Spain

    Whether it's through fitness, running or munching vegetables, our news Eroski breadsticks with sunflower seed packaging design endorses a healthy lifestyle.

    It's the perfect snack between meals.

  • Agency: Smudge Design Studio
    Illustrations: Satwik Gade
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: The Park Hotels
    Location: Chennai, India
    Packaging Material: Paper

    The Park Hotels are well known for their impeccable taste in style and design. Their Diwali (Deepavali) celebrations have been known to be very versatile, contemporary and much looked forward to. Diwali, the festival of lights, is an important Hindu festival and is widely celebrated in India. It celebrates the story of Hindu God Rama rescuing his wife Sita from the evil clutches of Ravana and returning back home victorious.

    Smudge design Studio was asked to create a special Diwali gift hamper that would be gifted to The Park’s most valuable customers. Inspired by the epic tale, we decided to retell the Ramayana through a very contemporary yet ethnically designed gift box. Diwali being a celebration that includes a lot of fireworks, the gift hamper was designed to look like a large matchbox- a matchbox that contained explosives of the sweet kind. Inside the box were several smaller matchboxes. Each box depicted one part of the epic tale using illustrations.

  • Agency: PROUDdesign
    Concept: Jeroen de Kok & Steven de Cleen
    Design: Jeroen de Kok
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Just Nuts
    Location: Den Haag, the Netherlands

    Justnuts produces organic treats that do you good. Founded by Erik and Thijs who were disappointed with other snacks, full of added sugar and all sorts of unnatural nonsense.

    We created an identity with the Justnuts squirrel for them, the collector of nuts, seeds and fruits. The individual bags are tertiary coloured and have a soft matte finish. For the box we printed the rough inside of the carton, with a wood grain print for a matte, look and feel. This results in a nice contrast. With his cheeks stuffed he sits in his nest. To make eye contact on a boring supermarket shelf.

  • Designer: Gabriela Dule
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: T.E.I. of Athens
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Material: Glass

    Packaging for Lakonia Olive Oil. Lakonia is a place in Sparta, Greece. I used the traditional greek letter 'L' ( Λ ) that was also used on the shields of ancient Spartans.

    I would like to create a packaging with doric rhythm inspired from the architecture of Lakonia.