• Agency: ButterflyCannon
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tanqueray No. TEN
    Location: London, UK

    Tanqueray No. TEN is a super-premium gin from Diageo Reserve’s luxury portfolio of World Class spirits. Using a unique combination of botanicals, Tanqueray No. TEN is an ideal choice for a number of serves, including the classic martini. Its instantly recognisable bottle design celebrates the fresh whole citrus fruits that have always defined the spirit with ten elegant facets flowing down the green bottle, meeting at the base, taking the shape of a citrus squeezer and capturing the 1920s Art Deco period perfectly.

    ButterflyCannon was asked to create a glamorous gift box that brought its dazzling 1920’s style to life for the festive season.

    Tanqueray No. TEN’s unique bottle design forms the centrepiece of the pack’s design, with Art Deco inspired graphical elements from the brand’s design codes shaped into the bottle’s iconic form and then picked out in a brilliant green foil which evokes the beautiful coloured glass facets of the bottle – giving brilliant shelf stand-out. The rest of the pack is decorated with beautifully ornate citrus and martini inspired illustrations taken from the same brand codes, this time executed in a subtle silver on white metal finish with all over embossing; the overall effect of which is to create a visual feast of sparkling detail combined with a luxurious, tactile quality in the hand.

    María Orta, European Brand Manager at Tanqueray No. TEN comments: “The brief for this festive gift pack was a difficult one – the packaging needed to be both an exquisite gift for consumers and have great shelf presence and stand-out on crowded shelves. ButterflyCannon has succeeded on both counts though, with a beautifully detailed pack, which makes Tanqueray No. TEN’s iconic Art Deco bottle the hero of the pack.”

    Jon Davies, Creative Director of ButterflyCannon adds: “This is our first gift pack for Tanqueray No. TEN, so the pressure was on to deliver something really special. But by staying true to the brand’s core DNA and codes, the team was able to create an iconic piece of packaging that strikes the perfect balance between a contemporary design aesthetic and the 1920s glamour that is at the heart of the brand.”

  • Agency: JDO
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Unilever
    Location: UK

    JDO creates Alberto Balsam premium tier with Unilever

    JDO Brand & Design has continued its partnership with Unilever Personal Care to design a premium range for the Alberto Balsam hair care brand.

    Fragrance, underpinned by value and heritage is at the cornerstone of the brand’s appeal and is the key driver to the consumer experience. JDO was briefed to design a premium tier of products, differentiated from the base range by an advanced formula and more indulgent ingredients.

    Named Blends, the brand’s new premium haircare range flaunts stunning new branded packaging. The designs culminate in a vibrant watercolour illustration acting as a metaphor for the indulgent blending of exotic ingredients and fragrant moments. A fusion of intense natural colours and alluring photographic images further entices the consumer to the packs. Peach blossom, green tea and jasmine oil are just a few of the distinctive scents used in the range with each variant using specific imagery to represent the provenance of the ingredients and fragrance.

    JDO has also re-worked the Alberto Balsam word mark employing hand drawn typography and gently evolving the logo to incorporate the old ladle motif in a more modern way. With its bold brand blocking and use of intense colour, the designs deliver a beautiful new aesthetic for the brand and an ownable hotspot on pack as well as on shelf.

    Ben Oates, JDO executive creative director commented, “The new premium range reinforces the brand’s values through fragrance cues and clear and attractive typography. The aim was also to elevate the ingredient story to fully communicate the quality and innovative nature of the products. We wanted the designs to feel abundantly fragrant as well deeply nourishing.”

    Madelon Van der Tol, Alberto Balsam category director, added, “JDO has created a modern design true to Alberto Balsam’s unique personality. It can now continue its appeal to consumers as a brand with a deep rooted heritage in fragrance, simplicity and value for money but at a more premium level.”

    Packs are currently being rolled out across the UK.

  • Agency: Freelance Creative
    Creative Director: Vasilis Andreadis
    Account Manager: Giannis Gizotis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: MELIZZ
    Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Honey
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    Research and design logo and packaging for One Hundred Percent 100% Pure Greek Honey! Honey packaging (flower, pine, fir and thyme honey).

  • Agency: La Fonda Gràfica
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: La Selvaseria, Confraria de la Ratafia
    Location: Girona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Beer

    1842 Porter was born from the union of La Selvaseria craft beer and Santa Coloma de Farners's 1842 Ratafia liquor.

    A great beer if you want a tandem with character, a winning team, an special couple or a groundbreaking binomial.
    Designed to be together until the last toast.

    "Do you want?" / "Yes"

    "High fermentation Porter beer handcrafted at La Selva with water, barley malts, hops and yeasts."
    "Ratafia liquor made from the original recipe of Francesc Rosquellas, dated in 1842 and discovered in Santa Coloma de Farners."

  • Agency: PLANET D. srl
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Anadolu Pet
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Petfood

    The initial idea that gave birth to the project LaVital is based on the research of a simple and clear communication without forgetting to give at packaging an elegant aspect linked to the premium positioning of the product.
    All the elements included in the packs are designed to facilitate the approach of the consumer to the product. They perceive the advantages of the product through the use of slogans and icons that highlight the quality of the ingredients used, important for the life of our pet friends.

  • Agency: Ingrid Picanyol Studio
    Project Type: Self Promotion
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Oysho Foulard
    Packaging Materials: Metal tube, white textured paper and blue foil

    Every time that Oysho organizes a Press Day to show its new collection gives a special gift to all guests.

    This F/W Collection is characterized by colors like white, blue and grey and warm pieces with interesting textures and material combinations.

    All this visual universe of sensations is transmitted with the packaging by metal, white textured paper and blue foil.

  • Agency: About Ad
    Creative Head: Andrzej Kostus
    Packaging Designer: Andrzej Kostus
    Branding: Michal Dorofiejczyk, Wojciech Franka, Andrzej Kostus
    Copywriter: Dorota Janta-Lipinska
    Food photography: Mateusz Jerzyk
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Glutenex Sp. z o.o.
    Location: Poland

    Glutenex is polish company that produces gluten-free products. After 18 years of existence on the european market, the company decided to change their logo and whole set of packaging (over 250 products). The aim was to develop a packaging concept that will stand out from competitors' products. Light, fresh, clean, simple and original. After that, the client decided to improve the recipe of all the products, thereby improving their quality.

    Now, with new visual identity and first series of new packaging, they are stepping on another level, retargeting and changing their marketing activities.

  • Designer: Valeriya Mikhaylover
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: HSE Art and Design School
    Course: 3
    Tutor: Aleksandra Kuznetsova
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Cocoa

    Packaging for cocoa named TRIBE (with cinnamon, milk and vanilla).

    Te concept of this packaging is moving back into our history. Averican tribes were the first ones who opened this magical drink. They believed that only elect people could taste it. Nowadays cacao is a simple product. Why couldn't we do it more funny and unique?

    Three tastes are linked with the specific tribe like Navajo, Apache and Cherokee. Each package has its unique colour, image and sub-name.

    Images are connected with the historical homeland of cocoa South America. There are some pictures that never change - they are situated above the centre part and shows us cocoa beans. Under the centre part there is a line that shows the taste of cocoa.

  • Agency: P4CK
    Director: Chris Eves
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Coca Cola / Blue Stocking
    Location: UK, Italy, Romania, Austria
    Packaging Contents: Popcorn
    Packaging Materials: FBB

    Drum roll please……. Enter Corn On The Cup! Have you ever been to the cinema juggling your tickets, sweets, popcorn and drink? Look no further Corn On The Cup is a simple piece of packaging enabling popcorn and drink to be held in one hand!

    P4CK have come up with a solution to put an end to the chaos of a trip to the cinema. The patented product was launched on the Coca-Cola stand at the 2015 CineEurope Convention in Barcelona. Trials are currently under way in Italy, Austria and Romania.

    Corn On The Cup is designed to enhance the experience of movie goers. Simply pop up; scoop the popcorn, and slot the carton on top of a Coke cup giving you a hand free!

  • Agency: Choi-jeehye
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Hoseo University
    Location: Seoul, South Korea
    Packaging Contents: Vietnam Food

    This ricepaper has the flavor of herb. Ricepaper is the product made out of rice that used widely in Vietnam. Added scent of herb in ricepaper doubles the taste within the dishes, causing the combination of flavor and scent at the same time. There is variety of herb you can look for. There are basil, lavender, peppermint, and melissa officinalis herb. The concept of the package is the flavor itself. Those of you who don't know well about the information related to herb, we are going to show off its images and colorful appearances for better understanding. Also, we will provide the ways of consuming it with low-calorie food, and how to organize it. We used calligraphy font to make natural impression, and fallen leaves to add the sense of herb regarding logotype.

  • Agency: COUNTRY
    Creative Director: Warran Brindle
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Peter's Yard
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Crispbread Bites

    Snacking for the modern, health-conscious consumer. Peter’s Yard Crispbread Bites are inspired by Yard’s love of Swedish baking and are comprised of natural ingredients. COUNTRY created the new packaging design for the tasty snacks, producing something that emphasises the simple and traditional methods with which the product is made.

    "The main function of the design was to strongly position the new product in the healthy snacking sector and highlight the natural ingredients and quality of product. We took inspiration from the Swedish origins of the sourdough crispbread, creating the initial range of 3 recipes. Collaborating closely with the Peter's Yard team to ensure we achieved a level of quality design in line with their other product lines.”

    For the current three flavours, packaging is consistent and the main element differentiating them is the coordinating color. In the background we see a scene that looks straight out of a small town, implying that the products are not mass-produced and more special care goes into making them. The middle of the packaging is clear, allowing buyers to look inside and see the fresh crispbreads inside. A modern sans serif font is used for the product information, but the brand name is written in a more traditional font, making Peter’s Yard Crispbread Bites the best of both worlds: simple, healthy, and reliable methods that produce a satisfying, delectable snack for the contemporary consumer.

  • Designer: Vika Nurislamova
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Russia, Moscow
    School: British Higher School of Art and Design
    Course: Graphic Design

    Repackage Purdey’s Rejuvenate and extend its range to include one new product – Purdey’s Natural Energy.

    To reveal and share the secret of Purdey's and to emphasize the advanced complexity of the composition I used special graphics on the hexahedral lids that depict basic chemical structures of the vitamins and minerals contained in the products.

    I considered the Purdey’s series of soft drinks as a smart selection of natural ingredients and scientific and precise combination of them. Arguably, the actual power of natural ingredients is that they represent the example of the most sophisticated and effective proportion of chemicals — a harmonious and balanced ratio of organic components brought to life by nature itself.

    Purdey’s functional drinks are that case when a smart and precise scientifically based mixology is concealed behind the list of ingredients of uncompromising quality. To reveal and share this secret and to emphasize the advanced complexity of the composition I used special graphics on the hexahedral lids that depict basic chemical structures of the vitamins and minerals contained in the products: there are 15 variations of lid combinations. In other words, the lid represents the letters of the special chemistry language that is intended to describe and to explore the world around us: the great language that is still known to quite few people. Such a strategy reveals the social-responsible philosophy of the Purdey’s brand: it is open to people, it wants them to become better and it encourages them to be interested in the world, in life and in science.

  • Agency: Moniker SF
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Chocolate
    Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

    Mita is a husband-and-wife team of artisan chocolate makers. Based in Bogota, Colombia, Mita sources beans from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to create their amazing bean-to-bar chocolate. Moniker created the visual identity and packaging with a color-coded pattern system that can easily scale to future products.

  • Designers: María Paulina Reséndiz, Monica del Rio, Juliana Garcia, Sol Balseca
    School: ElisavaPack
    Course: Master in Packaging Design
    Tutors: Isaac Salom and Enric Aguilera
    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Graphic and Industrial redesign of Nivea Milkbar Soap. By adding a suction pad and a die pattern in the same material that was previously used, the new design sticks to the wall of the bathroom giving the pack a secondary use: a simple and practical soap holder.

    The suction pad can be reused so that the user buys the complete product only once and then just simply hangs the new soaps from the original suction pad. The water drains from the bottom corners of the pack that come with a die pattern that is ripped when used. Just by hanging the soap, instead of leaving it in the shower floor, the life of the product get's doubled.

  • Agency: ARMBRAND
    Client: Zavod Bulbash
    Country: Belarus
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Triple Seven – an ultra-premium vodka by Bulbash and ARMBRAND

    One of the leaders in the Belarusian spirits market, Zavod Bulbash, offered ARMBRAND studio to develop design for high-premium Triple Seven Vodka, using black, grey, and blue colors.

    Triple Seven Vodka is a blend of seven spirits filtered through coal, silver, and nano-filters.

    Taking into consideration the customer’s regard to the color palette, the agency interpreted the product story as three multi-colored stripes, which correspond to the sequential filtration stages. On this background, the simple, bold and contrast trademark looks remarkable.

    The symbol, three figures “7” turned in a circle, reminds of a rings in the water.

    Among several suggested variants of bottles the customer had chosen the one of a classic shape, and the agency designed a bottle with a hollow for the decoration area, a heavy bottom, and the symbol debossed in the lower part and on the bottom.

    Light bottle glass toning and decorated Vinolok glass stopper relate the Triple Seven Vodka with premium-class products. It’s the brand for accomplished young people who value high quality in everything they do.

  • Agency: DDC Creative Lab
    CEO: Alexander Potesov
    Executive Director: Igor Mospanov
    Project Manager: Irina Polovinko
    Copywriter: Anton Borisov
    Designers: Maxim German, Elena Kharitonova
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Sea of Drinks
    Location: Russia

    ZENER — the real energy from DDC Creative Lab agency and "Sea of ​​Drinks"

    ZENER is a unique, interesting and independent brand of non-alcoholic energy drinks, developed by branding agency DDC Creative Lab for the "Sea of ​​Drinks" company.

    ZENER philosophy is based on the principle that life is a sports track, exciting and full of twists and turns, the target audience of the brand are athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. The formula of the drink is created and manufactured in Russia under the guidance of leading industry professionals. The production does not use fructose syrup, and the drink contains a large amount of vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B7), and only the best and quality ingredients that make the brain and body work.

    "The market is full of energy drinks corporate giants, but really well-known brands can be literally counted on one hand. We set a goal to create a decent alternative to majors: ZENER is not at all inferior to foreign brands either in quality or in design, and in its taste sensations, so even surpasses them", — says Alexander Potesov, founder and CEO of "Sea of ​Drinks".

    The basis of the name ZENER is a semiconductor diode, whose main function is to stabilize the voltage. For the packaging of the beverage slim line can was chosen with capacity of 0,25 L. Thanks to soft touch, matte finish of the can it lays comfortable in hand and does not glare in complex lighting. Brand logo is a turned initial letter («Z») which recalls the human pulse and reflects the dynamics and the rotation of the racing car wheel. Circular lines diverge from the center to the sides of the can provding extra volume and design perfection.

    Besides the name and packaging design DDC Creative Lab also developed a set of POS materials (toppers, shelf talkers, wobblers, image labels etc.), As well as graphics for a website of the brand. Brand promo includes an active campaign in social networks, as well as sponsorship and informational support of Alexei Lukyanyuk and Alexei Arnautov, rally sport absolute champions of Russia and Estonia of 2014, holders of third place in the overall classification of the European Championship in 2015.

    Igor Mospanov, Executive Director of DDC Creative Lab comments: "We were pleased to work on the ZENER development, now we are awaiting a further stage of cooperation, the stage is not less interesting than the real rally racing. Continuing the comparison, in this branding process we act as a co-driver."

  • Art Director: Günce Yüngül
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Turkey
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Sarafin is one of the best Thracian wines and the first varietal wine series in Turkey. Sarafin is made from Shiraz, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and adresses the high segment drinkers.

    A simple design that won’t feature a vineyard picture. It should be a bottle directly communicating with the consumer without telling a story. Design area must be a rectangle or a square due to the limitations of printing. My main approach is based on the perception of a rectangular label as if a triangle one.The two base angles of a triangle shows the flow of relation due to sharing. After a while, the contradictions lost in this flow and transforms into ecstasy. The third angle at the top expresses that singularity.

    The journey from mind to heart, from thoughts to emotions was the solution.

  • Agency: ERTL Design
    Director: Philipp Ertl
    Retoucher: Christopher Dale
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Costanza Foods
    Location: London, UK
    Packaging Contents: Olive oil, Sunflower oil
    Packaging Materials: Glass, tin

    Costanza are a rapidly growing Italian food company and they are very passionate about all things food and Italian.

    They approached ERTL Design to completely redesign their branding and packaging. It was important to capture both their Italian elegance, demand for quality while positioning the them as a modern 21st century company. We chose lively colours reflecting the vibrancy of fresh Italian produce and strong typography. By completely redesigning their branding and packaging we helped increase sales 6-fold since we started working with them last year.

  • Designers: Nour Gohar & Khadija El Sharawy
    School: German University in Cairo
    Location: Cairo, Egypt
    Supervisor: Ahmad Saqfalhait
    Project Type: Student Project

    Global communication is about translating a country's heritage, culture, behaviour and applying it on functional and practical design. Focusing specifically on the Arab-speaking region, we chose to create a packaging project for the food and beverage culture in Mauritania. After doing thorough research, we narrowed down the products to camel milk and camel cheese called "Zrig" as it is one of their most prominent products. Throughout this entire project, we got to know Mauritania inside out, as a country and as a rich culture. We also discovered that it is not just a primitive desert land, but it rather has a heavy culture of colors, patterns and tribes that give Mauritania an entire new outlook. Hence, we were able to design a purely Arabic and authentic design for this country in respect to its culture and translate it to economical and crafty packaging.

    The milk packaging is mainly targeted for children and that's why we came up with the three characters to engage the target audience with the main animal they eat and drink from which is the camel. The cheese is a more cultural tribute to the women of Mauritania who mostly handcraft tents and clothing made of those patterns everyday.

  • Agency: UBC:Global
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Lindt & Sprüngli (Russia)
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Packaging Contents: Chocolate
    Packaging Material: Paper

    UBC:Global Developed Xmas design a Christmas collection for Lindt Russia.

    Christmas collection of chocolate Lindt. Masters of Lindt Chocolatier prepared gourmet chocolates sets of traditional Swiss recipes that will be a wonderful gift for the New Year's table

  • Designer: Nikita Ivanov
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Content: Juices
    Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Agency: Studija CREATA
    Designer: Asta Kauspedaite
    Illustrator: Rimas Valeikis
    "Stumbras" Head of Product Development: Jurate Paulauskiene
    Photography: Edgaras Marozas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Stumbras
    Location: Lithuania
    Packaging Contents: Aged Vodka
    Packaging Materials: Design of the glass bottle, décor and paper labels

    They say that in the old days, Lithuanian men would make Starka on the birth of their first son. An aged vodka in honor of the stork's delivery. Strong and special. Triple distilled rye vodka, with the leaves of apples and pears. Apples for richness and pears for a long, full life. Buried in an oak barrel, it would wait patiently for the son's wedding day.

    For the revamp of Stumbro Starka, we want to blow the dust off this interesting and rich beverage. Our goal is for Starka to be known as the unique Lithuanian beverage that it is – one that you should be proud of treating guests to or bringing as a gift.

    By changing the image of Stumbro Starka, in essence, we created a whole from its parts: from the new, uniquely-shaped, dark glass bottle adorned with raised calligraphy and the rich label which tells the legend of the beverage, to the bottle stopper decorated with an oak leaf wreath.

    By maintaining the black, white and red color scheme characteristic of the earlier Stumbro Starka, we wanted to create a reserved, but rich appearance to provide it with an impressive look that its predecessor may not have had. With both the shape of the bottle and the graphic elements, we strived to create associations which turn the wheel of time back a good century.

    As a symbol of recognition, we created the stork character. As the national bird, the stork – sometimes called a ‘starkus’ in Lithuania – helps to strengthen its Lithuanian characteristics as well. Caught in the unexpected role of a hospitable innkeeper, the stork became an intriguing and appealing narrator for the story.

  • Agency: Taxi Studio
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: UK

    Taxi Studio delivers Christmas 2015 ‘Look & Feel’ to Budgens stores UK-wide

    Following our successful redesign of Budgens’ fresh produce range earlier this year, we were tasked to deliver Christmas packaging and POS to their 150 UK stores.

    We were briefed to deliver packaging and POS that communicated a special, indulgent and luxurious taste experience across the retailer’s Christmas lines. Creative had to offer brand standout during the commercially competitive festive season, and work within the retailer’s pre-defined design principles: to demonstrate passion and care for their produce and reflect their “simple and grounded” ethos. Target customers were convenience shoppers hosting a small gathering, who seek to buy produce they can share and be proud of.

    Spencer Buck, Taxi Studio creative partner and founder, explains the thinking behind our solution:
    “The Big Idea was to integrate Budgens’ Christmas POS with their packaging; so to tie the two together, we created hanging Christmas tree decorations. These feature on packaging as beautiful contemporary symbols that translate effortlessly to POS. Colourways were kept to a minimal pallet (mainly greens, red and golds) and underpinned by deep purple to evoke a premium feel.”

    “We then worked with the team at Budgens to push the possibilities regarding POS, creating beautiful 3D hanging displays.”

    Final deliverables include 11 packaging templates for use across the retailer’s bakery, horticulture and fresh produce ranges, and POS including freestanding decorations, hanging fixtures, window vinyls, freestanding posters, pallet wraps, bollard covers and window friezes.

  • Agency: Raison Pure Paris
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Deputy Director General: Mr Franck D'andrea
    Director Of Strategy: Mr Yan Chiabai
    Account Manager: Ms Delphine Oberto
    Art Director: Ms Haleh Madani
    Location: France


    Raison Pure creates the visual identity for Charal's new range : a high qualitative offer for people fond of meat & seeking for new taste!

    A total black look combined with soft touch renderings, for a touch of sensoriality and sophistication, strengthens the unique premium positioning of the range.

    Black & white photographs of a typical french landscape mixed with a vibrant green color block for the meat benefit, convey modernity and pleasure for a tasty and gourmet experience!