• Creative Agency: Quevieneelcoco Creative Studio
    Creative Direction: Marta Tortosa & Quevieneelcoco
    Art Direction: Javi Tortosa
    Graphic Design: Javi Tortosa & Migue Martí
    Photography: Javier Tortosa
    Photography oncept: Javier Tortosa & David Newman
    Technical Development: Seripafer
    Printing Company: Seripafer
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cambrass farma
    Location: Valencia, Spain

    Packaging designed by Quevieneelcoco for Cambrass farma infant wellness collection.

    The series contains seven items produced in a range of pastel colors and using ecologically friendly materials. It pulls away from the common design aesthetics, principally sold in pharmacies.

    Each packaging adapts to the shape of each collection item.

  • Designer: Kevin Rhoe
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: BKF, University for Applied Sciences, Graphic design
    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Task - "Redesign the packaging of Pickwick for a new, not existing, target audience."

    Scope - Concept development, packaging design

    Concept - Monster tea, that creates a more playful way to package the tea for the upcoming halloween festivities.

    The concept plays with the already excisting flavours by renaming them: 'Honey Horror' and 'Strawberry Blood'. The teabags have an illustrated brain on them. The 'brainbags' are pulled out through the mouth, it is like your taking a piece of the brain from the monster.

  • Creative Agency: Anagrama
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Neat Confections is a Mexican pastry shop that offers special confections that go perfectly with a good Rosé wine or a nice cup of tea. Their handmade cookies and pastries are made with varied organic spices and fruity scents that complement any light wines' flavor. Each and every cake and cookie is baked and prepared in the most impeccable and flawless way possible, with no added decorations, in order to place the savory experience on center stage.

    Perfection is the main character in our branding proposal. The quality of the product is reflected by the pureness of the packaging design. The silver chrome surfaces in every piece allow the confections to stand out. The slight touch of neon pastel color on the labels add warmth and functionality. Our branding proposal not only upraises the confections and the brand's innovative idea of pairing them with wine, but it also provides a feeling that the pastries themselves are a tribute to taste, just as the tagline remarks.

  • Designer: Marios Karystios
    Client: Bottles Wines & Spirits
    Location: Cyprus
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial work

    Bottles, a wine & liquor store in Cyprus that focuses on selected wines & spirits from around the world, launches its own series of wines. Custom die cut labels were created based on the shop's playful concept, colors and existing logo.

  • Creative Agency: Reklamekollektivet
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bio Power Protection
    Location: Bergen, Norway

    Bio Power Protection is a 100% natural skin care product for horses, developed in Norway. The product can be used on most types of skin irritations and also as preventive care. The oil also works as insect repellent.

    It is developed from old Norwegian logging traditions, where natural ingredients like pine tar and fish oils have been used for generations to maintain the working equine welfare and health.

    The design represents the brands identity and product qualities – organic, equestrian skincare developed from Norwegian traditions. A clean, pure and exclusive expression that focus on the key elements of the product, also represents the basic idea of the product.

  • Creative Agency: :OTVETDESIGN
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Brand: Vertex, Ginocomfort
    Location: Russia

    Packaging redesign for “Ginocomfort” intimate cosmetics and personal care products.

    In order to look attractive and be alright, every woman keeps secrets that no one should know. Especially in such a delicate field as intimate hygiene. Women have a specific attitude towards intimate care products. Women try to let no one into their comfort zone, and they do not like to blazon forth their intimate care products in bathroom. Having this attitude in mind, Vertex pharmaceutical company set a distinct task for :OTVETDESIGN – to make packaging for a product line of intimate cosmetics and personal care products which, without turning an eyelash, could be bought in a pharmacy, got out from a purse or put on a rack in bathroom. When making a design it was critical to get away from the usual images and clichés. So, a woman who is having a bath and thoroughly enjoys it appeared on packaging. Calm and relaxed posture conveys comfort and harmony of herself and her body. Clean and white background like a blank sheet of paper, on which, in bright spots, the image of a woman appears. And it is always nice starting a new day and a new life with a clean sheet.

  • Designer: Diogo Vareta
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Casa da Trindade
    Location: Porto, Portugal

    The background of each packaging has a smooth and calm color, almost white.

    Dedicated graphics and typography appropriated for the management of space available in each package.

    Special caution to differentiate between black olive pate and olive green.

  • Creative Agency: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design
    Photography: Marios Theologis
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Home by Nature Co.
    Location: Greece

  • Creative Agency: JOHNAPPLEMAN
    CEO and Art Director: John (Juan Manuel Domínguez)
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bodega Pagos de Indalia
    Location: Almería, España , Spain

    We raised a wine label to tell something about their development and to maintain the values ​​of classicism and elegance in their design. With the design was intended to count as the grapes are collected and treated in a traditional way by this winery . The figure is composed of two mules and men pulling them as actors and real scenery Padules, Almería village where the winery resides.

    The silhouettes are real. Anecdotally we use to tell our client as the protagonist.

  • Designer: Meredith Niles
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: Chicago, IL, USA

    My re-brand of Tito's Handmade Vodka it intended to combine several of the brand's characteristics. It's premium, hand-crafted, and intrinsically tied to Austin. I kept clean lines, created a simple abstraction of the Texas flag as a new brand element, and featured an aerial map of the city for the craft box exterior. I kept the orange and navy brand colors, so as not too deviate to far from their current look.

  • Creative Agency: theEight
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: KSF
    Location: Seoul, South Korea

    The client's company is famous for their honey products, and they wanted to upgrade their design as premium and qualified design.

    Each product didn't have same look and feel, so we came up with the right colors for each product and used as our concept.

    We had to think about when the products are displayed on the shelves; we wanted to grab the customers attention by its' colors which is delicious and juicy.

  • Creative Agency: Aihetian
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: Beijing, China

    With the modernisation of mainland China, the design of the packaging also need to catch up with the times. Designed with the unique and creative thoughts of merging the oats with alphabets and also the shape of the wheats, the packs became an instant hit on the shelves.

  • Creative Agency: Pearlfisher
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: London, New York

    Pearlfisher designs Caskmates – a new Jameson whiskey aged in beer barrels

    Pearlfisher designs Caskmates – a new premium Jameson whiskey aged in stout-seasoned casks. Jameson has collaborated with Franciscan Wells Brewery to create this innovative and brave new concept that brings a new level of craft, collaboration and engagement into the Jameson portfolio. The project consists of creative strategy, naming, tone of voice, identity and packaging design.

    Jack Hart, Pearlfisher Senior Creative Strategist, commented “Our objective was to bring an element of discovery, diversity and intrigue into the Jameson portfolio by championing the craft and collaboration at the heart of this project. In order to achieve this we embraced the creativity, philosophy and progressive nature of craft beer, bringing its modern and positive principles into the Jameson brand.”

    The naming platform itself had to be powerful and evocative and create standout in bar environments whilst helping consumers immediately get to the heart of the story.

    Caskmates was born. Using Jamesons’ storytelling heritage, the new name champions both the journey of the beer barrel and thus, the flavour it imparts, and the reciprocal relationship between brewer and distiller. It communicates the coming together of like- minded souls and highlights the shared passion, love of craft and taste which is what creates this exciting new liquid.”

    Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher Creative Director, commented “Our design challenge was to treat craft in a contemporary way so it did not feel fussy or old fashioned. The new Caskmates identity, design and voice echo the new principles of craft we see in beer and bring more experimentation, character, flavour and depth into Jameson, inviting consumers to think more deeply about what they’re drinking by creating a sense of discovery.”

    In this instance the black and cream colour palette brings out the richness of the stout cues and the interlocking line between the two echoes the relationship between brewer and distiller.”

  • Creative Agency: Pavlov's Design
    Client: Ltd “Elita Hleb Service”
    Location: Russia

    Trade mark “ Tomin Hleb” – modern private bakery

    Trade mark rebranding

    – development of the foundation of the brand;
    – development of the brand architecture;
    – development of the new system of visualization and redesign for all trade lines of the products;
    – design and makeup more then 45 SKU;
    – marketing and advertising support while start up of the trade mark;

    The project started one year ago from the goal to update the logo and to develop the unified visual image for trade mark “Tomin Hleb”. As a result it turned into the full rebranding for the trade mark causing further changes.

    It is a small production since 1992, well known by its tasty bread.

    As a basis the image of the modern home bakery where careful and hospitable owner controls the high quality products passing them straight to the shop was taken.

    “We are producing bread in the small bakery using only natural Russian components and deliver it to the shops so that you could enjoy the taste of our baking. We are gathering recipes from all over the world. Our bakers are talented, with magic hands! Our goal is to please you with the most tasty and healthy products. We love our job and share this love with you. Our bread is tasty as it was made with love and care.

    Working with brand architecture the range of products was changed as well. Now all the products are divided into categories which are convenient for traders and final consumers. Product lines are the following: “ Klassika”, “ Source for health”, “ Russian recipes” and also confectioner’s line.

    Each line possesses style making elements distinguishing it from the others. Design of the wrapping was made with the emphasis on the peculiarity of the concrete product, having its tasty legend. The logo is not playing the main role any more but preserves notable. The main visual elements, uniting all the lines became original illustrations, made by hand fonts and general composite style. The brand changed totally. The main goal which our agency achieved during the work was – to separate this brand from the competitors on such an overpopulated market and to bring the main value of it – bread straight from the modern home bakery, from careful and professional hands.

  • Creative Agency: JOHNAPPLEMAN
    CEO and Art Director: John (Juan Manuel Domínguez)
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Bodega Pagos de Indalia
    Location: Almería, España , Spain

    We create a label for wine cellar with a story. We use a real story of the winery for inspiration in creating the wine name and image Goat & The Boot .

  • Creative Agency: Kurppa Hosk
    Client: Ninjaplast
    Location: Sweden
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

    Ninjaplast is a new cling-wrap brand in the Swedish market. The product was developed based on the insight that plastic wrapping is often hard to handle. In order to stress this important product feature, Kurppa Hosk was assigned to create a new visual identity and a strong package design for Ninjaplast. A quick overview of the product category revealed that virtually all cling-wrap brands looked very similar. They all used bright colors in their package designs, along with images of food. Kurppa Hosk chose to break the category tradition and work with a single-color box – in black. The main product feature was emphasized through clear messaging and illustrations in white. And the new logotype (with its somewhat mystifying ninja symbol) helped place further focus on the unique cutting blade. The result is a package design with strong differentiation in the product category. A kitchen item that consumers want out in the open rather than tucked away in a drawer.
  • Written by Mark Chapman, the Sales Manager for UK based custom and bespoke packaging specialists, Project Packaging.

    With Christmas just around the corner, toy makers are pulling out all the stops to ensure their toys are at the top of every child’s Christmas list.

    So how are manufactures making their toys stand out on the shelves? One technique is packaging – and they’re making the exterior just as exciting as the contents.

    Here are ten of the best toy packaging designs we’ve seen this year.

    1. Lego – augmented reality box
    Image Credit

  • Designer: Hessler Ho
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Location: China

    Tea ceremony set used in the Chinese tradition of serving tea to the parents and elders. Each pack is carefully wrapped in the traditional Chinese red wrapper with a touch of modern in the creative of the logo with English word "love" merged with the Chinese word "happiness".