• Beck 8 bit Variations Digipack

    Lots of creativity in this Digi-pack for Beck music CD compilation album.
    Packaging design by : DHNN (design has no name)

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    1. You should put the source link where you found it!

    2. Hi Salih,

      I found it at DHNN(design has no name) portfolio page. I've already posted it up few months ago :)

    3. So what about this http://packagingsoftheworld.blogspot.com/2008/04/lush-handmade-cosmetics.html

      and this http://packagingsoftheworld.blogspot.com/2008/04/takara-banana-au-lait.html

      and this http://packagingsoftheworld.blogspot.com/2008/05/swedish-wasa-crunchbread.html

      and many others?

    4. Usually we try to give credit when and where we can and the source where we found it, the ones without any links is normally from scans/emails from visitors who want to remain anonymous. It will be great that we can find any hyperlinks to the creators/sources of the products as this will create more interests from the visitors to the blog. If you have any information pertaining to the links that you provided, please do drop us an email- subnurbs@hotmail.com, we will be most glad to add in more information to the blog. Cheers!

    5. I enjoyed the pixels design on the packaging. And the color adds attraction to it.

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