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Hadas Kruk of Studio Armadillo, just sent me some interesting and fun photos of their new sustainable detergent packaging concept.
This skittle-shaped bottle not only serves as a colorful packaging for different cleaning detergent, but can also be re-used as a bowling game set, including a ball. Each detergent has a distinctive cap color. The skittle-shaped bottle is very comfortable to use, it allows for a perfect grip and pouring position. After use and rinsing, the bottles serve as a real bowling set. The packaging is attractive and colorful – it adds an additional value of sustainability and fun to this series of products.

Packaging design by : Studio Armadillo

5 comments: BOW BOW

  1. What a stupid idea!!!! mixing potential harmful detergents with a childs toy...obviously the designers don´t have young children.

    Its great to push the boundaries in packaging design but the most important thing is to be practical and viable...and safe, this is neither.

  2. I think that it will be safe enough for a toy if they washed thoroughly. Kudos to this fresh and creative idea

  3. I'm with rob, it's a stupid idea. I doubt anybody would go through the hassle of cleaning it before using it as a toy, then fill it up again, clean it..., fill it...

  4. I think I like the concept. It is true that it may not be very feasible commercially, but I will always applaude fresh ideas that don't follow established patterns. And if you are going to criticise, first submit some creative stuff and then feel free to say something is stupid. It is very hard to be creative, so we should encourage creativity and not be destructive about it.

  5. in reply to Alonso:
    This is a stupid idea and possibly dangerous too! This isnt about criticising creativity but as a professional packaging designer you have to use your common sense!! Its great to push the boundaries but within reason. How can you possibly like a concept that mixes poisonous / corrosive chemicals with a childs toy?

    And Alonso, feel free to critcise any of my work (check out the link to my website).


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