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Vintage Polaroid

I'm so delighted to share my new toy with you! A vintage Polaroid camera dressed in a vintage box packaging! I found this cute little treasure at an antique shop near town and I got myself a huge bargain for 80 SGD, that's about 53 USD! The shop owner said that this was manufactured around the mid 1970s. The packaging is well maintained and it even comes with an instruction leaflet! Now the next step is to get hold of a polaroid film to test out the camera...

6 comments: Vintage Polaroid

  1. nice camera! i want one too!
    and i love the old style packaging design too...

  2. wow! you are so lucky. This a jewl for the that the photography community would love. And the fact that is in such good condition WITH the packaging. That is awesome!

  3. Although it's a while since you got it I have some advice for you; before you take any pictures with it try and get a flash to put in the top. I have the same camera and without a flash the photo's are pointless. Its a really cool camera so it would be a shame for you to buy stupidly expensive film to have no cool photo's to go with it.

  4. Hey, may I know where exactly did you bought it? Cos Im desperately looking for one! =)

  5. I have one just like this one with box and everything also. It was my uncle's and i use it more as decoration but works perfect, the film is lot expensive.
    I do know there's nothing like take some pics and see instantly how it gets...


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