• Oh Shit Kits

    Oh Shit Kits is a all round helper which can help you out if you suffered cuts in your office to needing a toothbrush if you forget one to even flares when you get lost in the jungle. Well, shit happens.
    Designed by Eric Hollings.

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    1. very creative kit!i like it!

    2. LOL - what is the "bum cream" for in the "Oh Shit" office problem kit?

    3. Nice... Just concept or where can I buy them?

    4. Fair enough on the idea but 'shit' is a juvenile effort at trying to grab attention. Its all very fun to push the limits of what is socially acceptable but not much service to your product when it turns buyers (stores or consumers) away.

    5. very cute. too bad they're so wasteful.

    6. how can i get one????

    7. You might can burn from making coffee in the office you know haha

    8. Oooohhhh, BURN cream...I'm glad to know I wasnt the only one who read 'bum cream'.

    9. I work in exhibition design, and I've heard reports from the guys on site that. I can safely say (whilst cringing) that bum cream is definitely necessary!

    10. burn cream get it its because of the rug in the office

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