• Mambajamba

    Mambajamba is a new kind of animal cracker that pairs two fun flavors, like cinnamon and honey together in one box! The cookies are packaged in two separate compartments that flip open to reveal a pop-up animal! So the next time that hunger calls, snack wild!

    Designed by Meg Eaton who recently received B.A. in Communications Design from Syracuse University.

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    1. this is fucking awesome!every child loves it and the prasentation is perfect.

    2. Very amazing idea! Fun and simple.

    3. Yeah 'Cuse. Repersent

    4. sure beats the barnum's animal cracker's package design.. upgrade!

    5. Gotta love (or should I say "luv") the "'Cuse" fams out there..."Repersent"??? Nice spe'llin', Upstate New Yorker. :-)

    6. Look at how careful the model is with opening that box. My son will tear thru all that beautiful packaging like poor elmo's pop-up book.

    7. this is freaking awesome! strong concept n great outcome :D :D adorable!!!!

    8. LOVELY.

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