• RPM Energy Drink (Student Work)

    RPM: (revolutions per minute) energy drink is based on the concept of car racing, speed and power.

    It´s aimed to night fun and car enthusiastic. The idea of velocity is supported by the graphic elements in the can.

    Behind the logo there is an explosion and a revolutions dial. The can is made of polished aluminum printed only on 3 quarters of it. The remaining top part resembles a piston head for its metal look, the grooves and the depression where the connecting rod would be attached. This is a personal project. It can be manufactured by standard procedures.

    Designed by Juan Pablo Vildosola, Argentina.

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    1. how do you get the can to look wet? is that a rendering or a project photo? if it is a rendering, please tell me how to achieve that effect!

    2. This is a really good concept, I am sure this will turn some heads around in the supermarket. Keep up the good work Juan

    3. great job, Juan, congratulations

    4. HI. i´m glad you liked it. It is a concept, modeled and rendered using 3d software (modo). the wet look was made using multiple water drops around the can surface. thats all. bye

    5. Great work, love the pistons-like placement on the packaging

    6. I am very proud of my son, his work is very professional and the most important of all, is that he enjoy deveoloping it.

    7. Your work looks very professional and it s appearence seems quite real as a wet can. And the most important of all is that you enjoy very much depeveloping it.
      You must feel proud of your project.

    8. Great work.
      love the color combination.
      keep it up.

      product packaging design

    9. Sopheap Kean said... January 22, 2013 at 4:30 PM

      How to contact to your company?

    10. Hi. i did not see the message. sorry. please contact me trough jpvildo@gmail.com

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