• Here! Sod

    Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.
    Heresod created a new line of t-shirts that are sold in simple & distinctive packaging that resemble the packaging of food found in gourmet supermarkets. Each shirt is sold in packaging that resembles different forms of packaging. For example, a 'pork' t-shirt is sold in the Styrofoam deli packaging used in the butcher's section of a supermarket. All the t-shirts in the product line are uniquely packaged to make their products more eye-catching and to create a fun & novel shopping experiences for consumers.

    The unique packaging created instant brand recognition amongst consumers which generated large volumes of word-of-mouth advertising.

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    1. That's really cute. I enjoy it!

    2. Wow! Very nice! a unique packaging concept.

    3. malinhalleraker said... October 10, 2012 at 6:21 PM

      Love it!! :)

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