Interesting illustration on the 2009 vintage DAME VIDA wine label designed by Calcco, Spain.

    Development of packaging for a brand new wheel. A cool, fun, original, away from stereotypes. The concept responds to a new understanding of wine, both in their process and on how to enjoy it.

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    1. Good packaging for a better wine, Taste it!!

    2. lovely! good idea!

    3. Nice Label!!!!

    4. Misha Anabelle said... October 28, 2010 at 9:20 PM

      Interesting one, was that sperm and egg anyways?
      Great use of color and tones.

    5. I really like the pack and Illustration but I would never buy that wine for sure! No chances to drink something that reminds me sperm :)

    6. This Wine is Fantastic I Love it!!!!

    7. its really interesting!!! im very impatient to test it . Where can i find it?

    8. Anyone knows where can we buy it?

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