• Re-Pack

    Designed by H-57 Creative Station, Italy.

    Re-Pack Project - Recycling existing packaging is a way to produce and pollute less. The more you recycle, the less you have to dispose of. And the better it will be for planet earth.

    Fresh Packaging Design Assets From Packreate

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    1. Geniuses !

      Egg of Columbus: seems easy, but someone had to think it !

    2. Great, a really simple idea and simple message - i hate packaging being thrown away because it has been used once.

    3. I used to ship care packages for my deployed husband & his friends by turning their boot boxes inside out just like this! Funny I never thought to market the idea, and that was back in 2005 - very cool way to spread a sensible, easy idea!

    4. It is actually quite the norm over in S. Korea. If you go to a packaging store, pretty much all of their boxes they use are from something else, turned inside out.

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