• Way Beer

    Designed by Komm Design Strategy, Brazil.

    Taking a chance in a growing market, Way Beer called Komm:: Design Strategy to help them steer away from other brand`s positioning – that define themselves as “traditional”, “premium” and “specialists” – and connect with costumers in a more emotional level.

    Focusing in an younger audience that love beer and hanging with their friends at bars, but at the same time invest in quality products, Komm:: came up with the name Way Beer, that`s based on the notion that people now prefer to have a more customized experience with brands.

    The brand`s visual identity is inspired in elements from the street art, skate, hip hop and rock n` roll culture. Though the references were a bit “underground”, the end result also had to transmit refinement and higher quality.

    The bottles are a perfect example of the brand`s visual quality and refinement. The chosen format is rarely used by the other microbreweries in Brazil and it gives a vintage feel. The logo and information are silk-screened and each different type of beer is clearly distinguished by the colors.

    A special edition also designed by Komm Design Strategy was released this month. Because It was developed by 8 different brew masters working together, the new beer was called 8 Secrets.

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