• Snob Duck Handmade Soaps

    Designed by Marios Karystios, Greece.

    Everything begun... when a couple of macho ducks started running after me screaming and yelling(in case u don’t know ducks are the best guards for your property). This was my 5 months routine on my way up to Kalavrita ski resort where I used to work. I had the same experience once more... This time when I was working in our family olive grove.

    I had enough. It was time for my payback.
    Since I am a vegetarian and I can only admire animals
    including those epic ducks I decided to make them famous!
    Put a nice bow tie clean and fresh but still with this snobbsh look, decided to spread the news wherever I can.

    Snobduck soaps are born.
    Duck free as they deserve.

    We used the classic innocent looking rubber duck by contraries. A nice bow tie, clean and fresh but still with this snobbish look. All Snob Duck soaps are 100% handmade & hand packaged using recycled paper.Made of extra virgin olive oil, greek herbs, fruits, honey & lots of love.

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