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Sustainable Origami Food Box

Designed by Michealle Lee, Philippines.

This is a packaging for a quick service mobile eatery in Manila, Philippines called Guactruck. Inspired by origami, the packaging resembles a bud that blooms into a flower when opened. It was created with sustainability in mind, being only one piece of paperboard with no glue or plastic.

5 comments: Sustainable Origami Food Box

  1. Wow! This is quiet brilliant. An eco-friendly way of using cute and creative paper plate. It is very resourceful, indeed.

  2. Awesome structure design!

  3. That is really attractive as well as eco-friendly paper. Very impressive way to use carton as a packaging material.

  4. Nice looking package!
    On which bases do you define this as sustainable? Of course: one piece and main component paper/cardboard, but you will definitely need a coating or impregnation (e.g. PFOA/PFOS based) to make this work in contact with food - especially with fat.
    A two piece version (tray and lid) out plastic (monomaterial) could be even more sustainable.


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