• Bread That Speaks For Itself

    Designed by Plenum Brand Consultancy, Russia.

    Brand Consultant: Tatyana Kharitonova
    Brand Analyser: Katerina Palshina
    Creative Director: Nadya Yurinova
    Art Director: Egor Myznik
    Designer: Olga Balina
    Project Manager: Pavel Nesterenko

    Plenum Brand Consultancy has created original bread packaging which is a bold move for the Russian market, providing a modern reappraisal of the graphical stereotypes and images of bread typical of the sector. Our aim was to communicate the indisputable quality of the bread provided by the modern manufacturing company Grain Holding. That is why the packaging concept reflects the idea of “Bread that speaks for itself”. This idea is visualised literally through a speech bubble containing an ironic remark about the name of each type of bread. A pictogram on the packaging displays all the product’s advantages at a glance. The bright, complementary colours on a white background, unusual for the sector, show simultaneously both the variety of available prod! ucts and their single brand identity. Russkii Khleb’s packaging is simple, clear and succinct, drawing the customer’s eye to the shelf and standing out from its competitors, as well as reflecting the modern image of the manufacturer.

    Text on the packaging:
    I am a split loaf. Bon appétit!
    I am Stolichny bread, good for the whole family!
    We are bran buns, very good for you!
    We are tasty Stolichny buns. Eat us!

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    1. Simple and clean. Nice packaging.

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