• Heineken Cube (Concept)

    Designed by Petit Romain, France.

    Designed to overcome the overly loss of space between the cylinders of beer, heineken Cube optimizes storage all along the chain: from manufacturer to consumer.

    It generates a significant fuel economy during transport.

    Its minimalist form gives it a strong visual identity and integrates symbolic object as in consumer memory.

    A new way of drinking, economic and ecological ...

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    1. That's a blunt rip-off of www.cubis.se

    2. A quick check this was a 2008 concept ,not sure which one came first

    3. LUZ Y DE JESUS said... August 18, 2012 at 8:29 AM


    4. To whoever made these concept ads: helps to get the spelling right. Think "tomorrow" not "tomorow"!

    5. There's a reason beverage bottles are round, instead of square. It's the maximum amount of volume with the smallest amount of packaging material. Saving space on a shelf-stable product is unnecessary. This is why only short-life, perishable items (like milk) are made in square containers... so they can fit in cold spaces where real estate is a premium.

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