• Eat&Go Concept

    Designed by Frutodashiki, Russia.
    Designers: Olga Gambaryan, Diana Gibadulina, Alexander Kischenko, Andronik Poloz

    Eat&Go is a ready meal for students. We created packaging design for sandwiches and soups for eating on the go.

    Packaging is a plastic tube which is constructed as bellows and could be easily folded down decreasing the length of the tube (like bending section of a drinking straw). With our packaging you can eat the sandwich without getting your hands dirty. Empty packaging when fully folded is very small and easily fits into a pocket. Plastic cap lets you securely close your unfinished meal and eat or in case of soup drink it later.

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    1. Is this product sold anywhere?

    2. Adventurepal said... June 16, 2013 at 8:24 AM

      I love this idea! Though I predict the cost will not be practical for college students, the aimed audience.

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