• Kurant Vodka


    Kurant vodka from DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUTSTION studio.
    By request of Trade House Kurant (Russia) DSG studio has developed a comprehensive design project to create a premium vodka Kurant.
    The original concept of product design creates the unique recognizable brand and its visual identity, as well as protects the product from possible imitations. Vodka Kurant - a product of the history and is an individual approach to vodka comparable to spot the most famous work of the masters. The brand design, accurate and elegant, does highlight the significance of history and the lightness and purity of the bottle filling. The product was created for the most demanding consumers who could count on Vodka Kurant not as on just a kind of drink, but as one of the components of their personal status.

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    1. Awesome design, exceptional execution. The branded ashtray demonstrates just how far apart are Russian culture and expectations from the rest of the civilized world. Crazy, but wonderful.

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