• Novarroz Oriente Natura Rice

    Designed by Mosko Packaging Brands, Portugal.

    Mosko Packaging Brand Presents Novarroz Oriente Natura Rice

    Mosko Packaging Brands consists of a team exclusively assigned to labeling and packaging design essentially for the large distribution chains. Ruled by the motto “What seems to be really is”, Mosko promises their clients that their product design will reflect what it really is.

    Nuno Mendes, our Creative Director, defends that the label goes beyond a simple image. It is the solid representation of the product’s identity. So it’s up to us to ‘dress’ the product accordingly to its features and positioning.

    Our work results from a passionate team monitoring and analyzing the market and the tendencies in order to obtain knowledgeable content to draw. We work as a team within the agency but also, and most important, with the client. He knows his product best and where and how it has to be perceived, says Nuno Mendes.

    Most recently Mosko Packaging Brands presented on the shelves Novarroz’s rice Oriente Natura. Grounded back in 1979 Novarroz transforms and sells quality food products, namely rice products.

    · A new way to consume mixes of white, brown and red rice
    · Many delicious rice blends with cereals and vegetables
    · Quick preparation: 10 min.
    · Healthy, quick and easy

    Create an image for a new brand of Oriente rice - Natura.
    Keep Oriente Rice’s package order and arrangement.
    Develop an identity do each type of Natura rice.

    What seems to be natural really is
    Assign to each recipe a natural color for easy spotting on the shelves.
    Present the package in a paper colored tone reminding the rice harvest.
    Picturing raw ingredients allow to point out the naturalness of the rice.

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