• TOGO BURGER (Student project)

    Designed by Seulbi Kim, United States.
    School: Rhode Island School of Design

    People nowadays tend to more rely on having take-out food because their eating habit has changed due to their busy life. However, despite the fact that a number of take-out containers have been designed, packages for take-out burger meal are not really developed so far.

    Therefore, this package is designed to provide a more convenient way of take-out for fast food industry as well as its customers by designing handy carrier for take-out burger meal consisted of a burger, french-fries, and soda.

    The carrier will reduce the volume by about 50% compared to that today because I tried to simplify the design and minimize the amount of paper used with a hook for French fries, a sleeve for a burger, and a hole for soda drink, which causes people to carry it easier, and more materials saving. It is one-handed, convenient, practical, and compact, so your hands can be more free by holding all in one.

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    1. Nice package! However you need to spell check before presenting it.

    2. so nice :D

    3. Does it use less material than the current bags?

    4. Love it. From the specs, it looks like it would be less material than the standard bag. As far a car-friendliness goes, it looks like the cup could still fit in a cup holder, and the package could rest on top.

      I'd like to see how this concept cold be expanded to work with other types of food (and perhaps condiments). Also, I'd want to be sure that the fit of the cup into the carrier was such that the weight of the cup was being supported by the middle of the cup, not the lip, as that might cause the lid to pop off and the cup to drop through.

    5. Brilliant. Everything in that last image is what makes it. (and as for car friendly? goes in the cup holder...) No chance you fancy doing a design for a sushi and wine place at all?!

    6. It's a practical and creative design!
      I could eat the crispy fries!
      But I think
      Fries fell to the floor, if it moves embarrassed. :-)

    7. I think the upper 'arms' would swing downward if you put it in a cupholder.

    8. I think its brilliant! Most critical comments seems to be made about how car friendly it is. Come to any big european or asian city and you'll find plenty of people actually having takeaways in parks or other locations far away from the restaurant itself!

    9. So where do I put my many ketchup packets and napkins?

    10. My key concern with this package is what happens when the burger is a more upscale burger. It would probably work for McDonald's burgers to have them mounted vertically in the carrying sleeve. But burgers including Five Guys, a Burger King Double Whopper or others that are heavy on the sauce, will probably cause all the sauce to leak out the lower edge of the burger, getting the lower bun soggy or leaking through the packaging. I could also see a "tall" burger like an In-n-Out Double Double getting its upper bun compressed against the French fries, resulting in a visually unappealing burger when the package is opened.

      I like the visual of the packaged unit, and commend you for coming up with it, but don't think it's practical for certain types of burgers.

    11. MuskelJohn said... May 26, 2013 at 11:48 PM

      Two big flaws:
      - It only works if you order exactly one burger (in one size) with fries. What's with two burgers? Chicken nuggets? Napkins? Sauces?
      - I would really miss using the bag as a trash can when I'm done... ;)

    12. BloggyBrain said... June 7, 2013 at 4:52 AM

      I see this for more of a packaging menu promo item like the T Bell Box (at least at the start). The car compatability is key, though. At lunch time in my area (Chicago), it is probably 5-to-1 car to inside clients for fast food.

    13. cup holder?

    14. pauletienney said... June 11, 2013 at 10:09 PM

      Wind & air in bag = cold burger

    15. a knock-off, & not for the better of this >

    16. Ху%ня

    17. what about my ranch sauce ? :D

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    19. ausdesigner said... June 23, 2015 at 6:37 PM

      McDonalds just launched the same product today....

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