• Extra Virgin Olive Oil Miterra My Earth

    Agency: L&O Nathenas Advertising
    Designer: Margeta Eleana
    Client: Minoan Gaia
    Location: Crete, Greece
    Project Type: Commercial Work

    The Ritual Dance of the Mother Earth Goddess (3.000 B.C.)

    It is a simple but highly symbolic issue decorating a small vessel of the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. It was Found in Phaistos and belongs to the Early Prepalatial period. It was used as a vessel for libations. The decor is simple and entirely schematic, with three female figures in motion. It represents a ritual dance of the Mother Earth Goddess in the center, flanked by two priestesses.

    The design of its label reflects and justifies the name of the product "Miterra -MY EARTH". It comes out from the Greek word "Μητέρα" ( Mother) and the Latinum word "Terra" ( Earth ) .

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