• Cool Soap

    Agency: 3 In A Box
    Studio Photography: Manos Hatzikonstantis, Panagiotis Ilias
    Outdoor Photography: Iliana Alexandrou, Petros Delatolas
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cool Projects
    Location: Athens, Greece
    Packaging Contents: Natural, handmade soap
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Cool soap is a collection of natural, handmade soaps that are sold internationally. They are created by The Cool Projects, a natural soap factory & all things handmade workshop based on the island of Aegina, Greece.

    The soaps, are made with Greek olive oil combined with other plant oils and essential oils. They are produced with the cold process method, which means that oil benefits are kept alive.

    The idea behind Cool Soap is to bring the traditional method of soap making into modern life and needs while producing soaps that respect nature, people and animals. It is also about reminding and re-educating people as to what soap really is, since in the last decades so much of what has passed for soap is actually detergent.

    We, at 3 in a box, worked closely with the Cool Soap team from scratch. We suggested, although the product is a traditional greek product, to avoid the obvious clichés and promote the modern, stylish and ethical way of thinking of the Cool Soap team and their products.

    The “Cool” indicator refers to the production method, to the simple and stylish look of the packaging, to the feeling of freshness and cleanliness the soaps offer. It also serves perfectly any additional range that is bound to appear, such as Cool Collection, Cool Accessories, Cool Shampoo, Cool Body Milk etc.

    Each recipe is represented by a unique number and color coding, emphasizing the wide range of possible choices that best suits one's need.

    Being handmade, the packaging is designed to echo the artisanal quality of a small and handmade production, while giving a flexible and cost effective solution.

    A real, natural, cool product!

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