• Dassie Rooibos Shot

    Agency: MAS // Design Consultancy
    Senior Design: Bart Nagel
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Dassie Rooibos
    Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
    Packaging Contents: Rooibos
    Packaging Materials: Kraft paper pouch bag

    Is it coffee? Is it tea? RELAX! It's that Dassie Rooibos shot in espresso style! Dassie Rooibos is unique in the Netherlands and offers a healthy alternative to coffee, bringing a new experience to tea. MAS // Design Consultancy collaborated with Bart Nagel to develop the brand identity, packaging and website.

    What makes Dassie Rooibos different is the extra fine grind, making it suitable for an espresso machine. This brewing method gives the redbush a slightly nutty flavour along with earthy tones and a natural sweetness.

    What's Unique?
    Dassie Rooibos originated in South Africa and is named after the rock badger, 'Dassie' in South African. The relaxing, optimistic and deliciously cheeky character of the Dassie plays a major role in the identity of the brand. And so we bring together the best of two worlds. South Africa with an Amsterdam twist.

    This is also reflected in the package design. We have been inspired by the raw materials and bright colours of the South African suburbs. Dassie is more than just a logo. It represents a direct interaction between the brand and the consumer. Dassie takes you into its world. The South African tone of voice also has a major role to play. In terms of development, we also went for tough. The packaging is screen printed in Amsterdam, directly on resealable bags of craft paper.

    Would you like to try a cup? That's already possible at more than 14 locations in the Netherlands.

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