• Say What?

    Designer: Jussi Öhrvall
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Ninja Print
    Location: Göteborg, Sweden
    Packaging Contents: Board game
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Say What? is a party game based on the public domain game Celebrity, where everyone writes celebrity names on pieces of paper and puts them in a bowl. Players take turns attempting to get their teammates to guess what celebrity they're describing.

    In the first round, clue givers can say anything they want, except for the name itself. In round two, clue givers can only say one word. And in the final round, clue givers can’t say anything at all and only use charades.

    Say What? contains custom designed dice and minute glass and 160 cards with four things on each card.

    What's Unique?
    The game and box design has a clear retro feel to it. Instead of opting for more contemporary matt lamination and UV gloss, the box and cards use matt varnish as games did when we were kids. The typography is inspired by the great Saul Bass. A nostalgic sensation is common when holding the box.

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