• Motta Christmas Packaging

    Agency: Hub09 Brand People
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Motta
    Location: Italy

    Our creative work is focused on "originality" of Panettone Motta, staging storytelling brand directly on the package, through the key moments of the "Original History" and the most important phases of the "Original Recipe".

    A story that develops in summary on the side of the pack, with simple icons and few lines, to witness the unique expertise of Motta, its heritage of values, its prestige and glorious past: this is because Angelo Motta created first the cake top and soft, whose recipe is still faithfully respected.

    Just to emphasize the link with the home city, Milano, is facing the stylization gold hot of the Duomo, associated with the indication 1919.

    This setting packaging characterizes not only the Panettone Original, but also other Christmas references : Pandoro, Panettone and Panettone GranSoffice Margherita.

    Among the new products HUB09 signs Panettone Motta Bio, which responds to the latest trends in supply. Around the central Motta pack system it has been developed that simulates the lateral area kraft paper on which he lives the visual photo of the ingredients. To enhance the refinement and naturalness of raw materials, the visual codes of the pastry together so language typical of organic products.

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