• Your Creamy Companion (Student Project)

    Graphic Designer: Mazhar Bagasrawala
    Product Design- Sarah Das
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: MIT Institute of Design
    Course: Communication Design
    Location: Mumbai, India
    Packaging Contents: Butter
    Packaging Materials: Paper, plastic

    Resolving the issues faced while opening, consuming, and disposing the household butter package. Creating a more interactive, engaging product that enhances the users' experience of butter consumption.

    Butter being a milk product, the inspiration for our packaging is an old wooden milk bucket. Through our design, we wish to communicate its organic nature & origins. We decided to call it Your Creamy Companion as the uniqueness of butter lies in the fact that it is never consumed by itself & only as a 'companion' along with other edibles.

    What's Unique?
    The novelty of the form would fascinate consumers when they see it displayed on a super-market shelf & would get them to reach for it! The industrial design takes into account the manufacturing processes and design constraints of packaging butter. Functionality: Less messy, Saves the need for another container to store the butter, Does away with the need for a carry bag, Visually more appetizing, Defined method of opening, Can clean up the package completely once depleted.

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