• Simplee Aloe (Redesigned)

    Agency: Biles Inc.
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Simplee Aloe
    Packaging Content: Aloe vera fruit juice
    Location: UK

    Biles Inc. redesigns Simplee Aloe to create a ‘superdrink’ proposition.

    In a bid to capitalize on the growth opportunity for natural superdrinks, Simplee Aloe appointed Biles Inc. to ‘strengthen’ their current packaging, and help them to reach out to more mainstream consumers, rather than remaining niche.

    Anthony Biles, Founder and Creative Director of the London Agency said "Simplee Aloe needed to be distilled down to its key brand virtues, and the clue was in the brand name: it is made from Aloe Vera, and it is simply good for you. We made the design more single mindedly simple, and more heroically about aloe”.

    To drive appeal to the target consumer and to overcome the barrier of the unknown it was important to strengthen the refreshment and ingredients story. A sense of healthiness is communicated in a tasty way, amplifying the freshness and flavour cues on pack, making more of a virtue out of the use of ‘clean’ white space on the packs, adding gravitas to the ‘goodness’ claim.

    The Aloe character was given greater status by integrating it into the logo, making it a central element to the pack and the brand. It was also made less spikey and more appealing.

    The packs are rolling out this January across the UK on the high street in stores such as Asda, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and online through such stores as Amazon.com and Ocado.

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