• TH Estate Wines

    Agency: Juice Media
    Creative Director Dina Mande
    Art Director & Lead Designer: Lindsay Masten
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: TH Estate Wines
    Location: Paso Robles, CA USA
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Savor Glass, Wausau Eggshell Felt Paper

    Juice was tasked with rebranding cult favorite Terry Hoage Vineyards as TH Estate Wines. The driving concepts behind the rebranding are masculine forms—the winemaker is a past Super Bowl winner—using simplicity buoyed by lush textural quality and pure graphic impact.

    TH’s logo design is typographic and iconic, with the T and H coming together to form a lockup playing on intersection and negative space. The heft of of the logo icon lends itself to the graphic packaging, which is really the logo made large; visible across a crowded wine bar or restaurant. The subtle color of the wine titles scrolling across each label reference the colors of Terry Hoage’s original labels, providing a familiar context for existing customers and an easy way for staff to separate and select wines when pouring a wide assortment. On the corks the pattern uses the negative space of the logo and is visible through the bottle glass. This abstracted pattern of negative space is repeated throughout TH Estate Wine's marketing collateral as a subtle, consistent element.

    Both the brand collateral and the digital presence reinforce the TH Estate Wines’ identity through their subtle use of color, shape, and negative space.

    What's Unique?
    The TH Estate Wines label is literally a scaled up version of their logo; graphic, bold, and memorable. If a person has seen the wine label, they know the winery's iconic identity—even if they haven't seen anything outside the package.

    The wine cork is printed and highlighted. Removing the foil and revealing the cork is a considered experience in the design of the TH Estate Wines packaging.

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