• Tsukemono Pickles Package Design (Concept)

    Designers: Chiuan Huei Lai & Han-Ching Huang
    Project Type: Concept
    Packaging Contents: Pickles
    Location: Taiwan

    Traditional market glass canned pickles normally has complex and uninteresting design. This new design concept redefined the traditional packaging with cement and glass adding a whole new heritage feel to it.

    The cement edition is packaged using cement-liked material and glass. The concept is derived from the concept of common Taiwanese houses, the lid is designed like the windows thus bringing back childhood memories and the taste of home-made pickles.

    The plaster edition is packaged to portray the premium quality of the pickles. The thin white outer flap and tilt design adds a sense of quality to the cylinder structure. Consumers buying the pickles can now clearly see the contents of the package through the transparent ring at the top.

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