• Xérico & Údico

    Agency: Calcco
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Tentenublo Wines
    Location: La Rioja, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Glass

    We can tell little of the proposals of Roberto Olivan of Tentenublo Wines. His originality and his peculiar way of understanding wine and everything that surrounds it has already made extensive to the presentations of his products. The one and the other, content and continent, go together also in these two new projects.

    Txakolí Údico is a self-styled 'vino de lluvia' ('rain wine'). Xérico, meanwhile, is a tribute to four generations of Roberto Olivan family winemakers, in this case personified in the figure of his grandfather, real protagonist of the wine label. Both brands refer to the type of soil in which crops are developed: wet soil (Údico) and arid soil (Xérico).

    It starts from a common idea in both cases: a tribute to the illustration, to the baroque, to a ornamentation far of the vacuum or simple. Original proposals and, above all, of great beauty.

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