• Cuonzo Organic Olive Oil / Terracotta Jars

    Design Agency: EMMECIDUE
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Azienda Agricola Cuonzo
    Location: Bari, Italy
    Packaging Contents: Organic extra virgin olive oil
    Packaging Materials: Terracotta

    Terracotta jars and labels for organic extra virgin olive oil Goccia. Company logo is the keystone of the design concept of the label.

    The logo has been broken down, deconstructed and rearticulated for becoming distinctive and memorable graphic motif of the label design.

    The used colors talk about Puglia, a Mediterranean place, made of blinding white of cathedrals and dry stone walls, yellow of sun and wheat fields, green of olive groves and vineyards and blue of sea.

    Typographic choices, as the game of contrasts between matte and glossy paint and gold foil in the heart of the label, embellish the project.

    The jar is inspired by traditional Apulian art of working with clay, but it has contemporary and elegant appeal, its soft and enveloping shape balances a strong instance of modernity and uniqueness.

    Colors of the jars are the same used for label design project: green, blue, yellow.

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