• Dairy Tale (Concept)

    Desiger: Dora Szabo
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Hungary
    Packaging Contents: Dairy-produce, Snack

    When I saw these jars in a store, which were actually orange jams, I knew immediately what to do with them. My choice was a premium organic yogurt brand which is made by hand including the yogurt and the fruit puree also. The logo is a calligraphy and the sun and clouds symbolize the sunny pasture, from where the happy cows are. The top of the jar has made by swirl paint, which is a very complicated and complex thing but the final result is a beautiful and unique design. When I painted the tops the inspiration was when we mix together the fruit jam with the yogurt and it looks so marbled. My aim was to create an unique design which looks good on the shelves of the shops or in your refrigerator.

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