• Barbados Music CD

    Barbados music CD packaging

    Design Agency: F33
    Photography: La Industrial
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Claim
    Location: Murcia, Spain
    Packaging Contents: Music CD
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    CLAIM, an independent pop band, has commissioned the creation of its first EP to us. Barbados arrived as a totally existential project, marked by the parting and reunion processes during the group development period.

    The main objective of this commission is to summarize all these experiences that the members of the group have lived themselves and with their close friends, ending up in a common place, Barbados island, as the return of a future and idealized meeting point.

    It has to be an EP representing this journey, running away from the conventional aesthetical parameters of a common CD, which can be expanded by itself and shared among those people and future fans on a more effective way, but without forgetting this tropical point so typical of the band in this record.

    Our proposal focused on achieving two main objectives for the band:

    The first one is to give a conceptual and aesthetical sense to the project, running away from a conventional CD. That is why we chose to give it a suitcase form, considering that the members of the band, friends and future listeners of the record would need one in order to set up this unrealistic journey.

    A suitcase perfectly ready to go and, of course, checked in, containing the necessary stuff to spend a perfect stay with friends in Barbados: a tropical shirt and and wide variety of songs.

    Secondly, we had to make this CD able to be shared among the person buying it and a consignee chosen by this person. In order to do this, the tropical shirt contained in the suitcase and supporting the CD was transformed into a simple postcard with a free download code. This code gives the buyer the opportunity of being in touch with an old friend on a more emotive way, so he could give him the record as a gift. Thus, they are sharing a new experience once again.

    Barbados music CD packaging

    What's Unique?
    We achieved to join, in a formal and conceptual way, a proposal achieving its objectives by the innovation and the added value of the simple and cheap ressources. To sum up, it is a product with great visual impact and memorable for the user, sharing the whole productions in a few days.

    Barbados music CD packaging
    Barbados music CD packaging
    Barbados music CD packaging
    Barbados music CD packaging

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