• The Bottle Tuner

    Design Agency: Friendship
    Creative director: Phil Blonde
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Looza
    Location: Belgium
    Packaging Contents: fruit Juice
    Packaging Materials: glass, plastic

    Looza is a happy brand that produces a range of different fruit juices. Their bottle hasn't changed since the sixties and in Belgium the shape of a Looza bottle is famous and an icon.

    Looza wanted to focus on their iconic bottle and give their fans something special.

    We created a bottle tuner for them.

    Remember how you used to blow on a bottle and a random sound came out? That sound changes, depending on the amount of juice in the bottle. We tuned the bottle and then mirrored the notes to a drinking straw, allowing you to drink and hit the right note.

    This straw was placed in the bottle of everyone who ordered a Looza, turning every bottle into a musical instrument. We also provided 'playsmats' as practice sheets, with staff lines from Beethoven to Beyonce.

    What's Unique?
    Several musicians helped tuning the bottle. The straw needed to be printed very securely to ensure that the notes sounded right, when someone blows on the bottle.

    Since a printer cannot print so close to the board of a drinking straw, every straw was handcut.

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