• CHOX (Student Project)

    Designers: Aleksandra Godlewska, Marta Śleszyńska
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Białystok University Of Technology
    Course: Graphic design
    Location: Białystok, Poland
    Packaging Contents: Chocolates
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    CHOX is a fictitious brand created for the purpose of a student project done in pairs.

    While designing the visual identity and packaging of CHOX, we wanted to create a modern and luxurious alternative to traditional chocolate boxes whose designs are usually archaic and dull.

    When do you buy a box of chocolates? When you want to express your feelings, show thankfulness or make the loved ones happy. We think that commercially available chocolates will not do in such situations and that’s why we decided to create our own, up-to-date chocolates in the shape of gemstones.

    Graphic design of the packaging combines abstract geometry, which emphasises the impression of uniqueness and freshness, with crystal-like outlines of stone cuts associated with luxury and elegance.

    We wanted to steer clear of the classic chocolate box shape – a flat cuboid – and designed and made a square based model inspired by jewellery boxes.

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