• The Drop

    Design Agency: Safari Sundays
    Director of Strategy: Georgia Levison
    Creative Director: Adam Walko
    Senior Designer: Matt Smiroldo
    Account Manager Clifford Horowitz
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Mangrove Estates
    Location: New York, USA
    Packaging Contents: Wine
    Packaging Materials: Aluminium

    Safari Sundays has created a new wine brand that taps into growing numbers of ‘bros’ drinking rosé

    In partnership with Mangrove Estates, Safari Sundays has created the brand and design for The Drop, a new rosé wine now available in can and multipack format. ‘We had a specific type of millennial bro that we wanted to talk to and a powerful brand name that got right to the heart of their lifestyle with its ‘think it, do it, done’ attitude’, says Strategy Director, Georgia Levison, ‘To unlock the name’s potential we built the brand to be so much more than just its product and instead behave as a like-minded peer demonstrating and celebrating moments of ‘taking the drop’, when everything is possible, even great tasting rosé in a can!’

    Safari Sundays created a ‘work hard, play hard, live rosé’ brand world, visually suggestive of a sun-drenched, four day weekend, that spoke with a respect for tradition while breaking all the rules.

    ‘Quality grape-age, no breakage… ‘ states Adam Walko, Creative Director, ‘we wanted a tag-line that would sum up the way this brand behaves, not just as a wine but in life, embracing all the good stuff and none of the compromise, exactly what millenials expect.’

    Founder and CEO Alexis Beechen, adds “The Drop is a bright newcomer to a category in its infancy, and the brand positioning and design send out a strong ‘wish you were here’ message with cheeky camaraderie and piles of confidence.”

    Open a can of fresh possibility in New York and Long Island from May 2016.

    What's Unique?
    ‘Our logo boldly challenges the elegance of the rosé wine category with an authenticity and impact usually reserved for beer. We chose a fresh, cool color palette that proudly reflected the product inside and built a collection of secondary seals and mottos such as rose gold stains, rally cries and a lobster breaking a corkscrew to create a bigger story for the crew and their fun, free lifestyle’

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