• Wild Fruit Enzyme

    Design Agency: Unidea Bank
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Enzyme beverage
    Location: Shenzhen, China

    In those years. the country road, the blue sky white clouds, summer breeze, a piece of mottled shade is dispersed on our shoulders...

    Groups on the green grass, have you, me, him, and direct the footprints of tail wagging the dog...Childhood one meter sunshine, grass fragrance make people for a long time can't forget. The forest in the mountains, water, took to drink directly; Wild fruit, with a removable directly to eat; Sweet potatoes, from the soil it will directly face...

    But now we, the free and easy is not to the nature. The rapid development of the industrial age in the biological science and technology, we will pursue the are childhood, to return to the natural pure taste.

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