• Hawt Chilli Marinade Cubes (Student Project)

    Designer: Nathan Linney
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: University of Cumbria
    Course: Graphic Design and Illustration
    Tutor: Jim Millington
    Location: Carlisle, UK
    Packaging Contents: Food, Marinade, Matches
    Packaging Materials: Heavy Card

    I designed some packaging for the make believe product "Hawt's Chilli Marinade Cubes" creating the slogan "Start the fire in your food!". The packaging is based on a book of matches and comes with a few matches and a strike strip so that you can literally start the fire in your food (or simply use them to start the BBQ...). The branding has a contemporary feel that clearly shows the products tone of voice - "DAMN THAT"S HAWT!". I was simply trying to design a product that would appeal to me I guess - tasty food with lots of jokes!

    What's Unique?
    There is no adhesive needed to keep the packaging together - it is all created from one A4 piece of card so uses minimal materials making it very recyclable (it could even be burnt to help get the BBQ going!). The marinade cubes are very similar to stock cubes except that they a wrapped in white foil so that they mimic fire starters.

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