• Tasty Tales (Student Project)

    Designer: Sarah Dahsohl Im
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Rhode Island School of Design
    Course: Packaging Independent Study
    Tutor: Jan Fairbairn
    Location: Providence, RI, USA
    Packaging Contents: chocolate
    Packaging Materials: paper

    As a conceptual redesign of Theo Chocolate, Tasty Tales aims to provide a fun, delicious, and even enlightening experience for book lovers around the world. As a series of chocolate packaged to look like a set of books, each chocolate bar is based off of a narrative classic and features a unique book summary true to the ingredients in the bar. The design focuses on color and emphasizes packaging as a holistic set. While each chocolate bar can be purchased individually, the spines of the package work better together, encouraging the user to collect them all. The spines form a vivid color palette on one side, and combine to complete an abstract illustration on the other. The set comes in a snug case holding.

    What's Unique?
    Tasty Tales conceptualizes the standard chocolate bar into something more fun and enjoyable. As a huge fan of good books and good chocolate, I created a project that brings both into one. Because it is so collectible, my hope as a designer is that the user will keep the packaging even after use, reducing the amount of packaging waste that goes into the landfill.

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