• Gineta

    Design Agency: NUEVE ESTUDIO
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Packaging Content: Fruits
    Location: Spain

    In collaboration with AGR Food Marketing agency we have developed the naming, branding and packaging for a new fruit brand targeted at the domestic market. They grow pears, khakis and saturn peaches.

    GINETA (genet): Referencing the existing fauna from where these fruits are grown, an area between La Vall de Albaida and the La Costera region in Valencia. A genet is a viverrid mammal of some 45 cm long (without the tail), with a slim body, a long snout and white fur on the throat, yellow – brown on the body and black and white rings on the tail.

    A very common resource when choosing an animal’s name for brand naming is to use the animal’s drawing as a graphic element. In this case, in order to avoid the animal’s shape but still use it, we paid attention to a very special characteristic: the shapes on its tail fur and we created a pattern we have used in the different project pieces. For the brand design, a bold, graceful, dynamic font (like the genet) has been used. These same resources have been employed in the packaging, where we have also been in charge of the production.

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