• Spitball Whiskey

    Creative Agency: Pavement
    Creative Director: Michael Hester
    Photographer: Studio Schulz
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Cooperstown Distillery
    Location: Oakland, CA USA
    Packaging Contents: Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
    Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

    Designed by Pavement, Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey was launched by Cooperstown Distillery to commemorate the start of the 2016 Major League Baseball Season. The distillery, based in Cooperstown, New York, the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, has a heritage or baseball-themed spirits brands intended to attract the flocks of diehard baseball enthusiasts who visit the small Upstate New York town each summer. Spitball is no exception.

    Named after the infamous and illegal baseball pitch of the same namesake, Spitball will ‘bring the heat’ with a spicy cinnamon-flavored kick that is unparalleled by other cinnamon-flavored whiskeys in the marketplace. Inspired by the artwork of vintage baseball memorabilia such as tickets stubs and baseball cards, the identity and package design theme quintessentially matches the historical charm of baseball, America’s favorite pastime, and the small town that Cooperstown Distillery calls home.

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