• The Revolutionized Laxmi (Student Project)

    Designer: Ellie (Hyejin) Cho
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: ArtCenter College of Design
    Course: Packaging Design Two
    Tutor: Ania Borysiewicz
    Location: Pasadena, United States
    Packaging Contents: Indian Food

    Laxmi is the Indian food product brand which is best known for using 100% organic ingredients for their full array of products.

    The five chosen items to be redesigned are spices, Basmati rice, chick peas, canola oil, and cashews. The structured surfaces in the front and back of the packaging allow users to stack items very easily which is helpful to create organized kitchen space, and also beneficial for displaying on the shelf in modular system. The graphic patterns on the rice, chick peas, and cashew packagings are inspired by Indian Henna tattoo design to integrate Indian cultural aspect.

    The new Laxmi's selection of aromatic vegetarian food products are designed in an alluring modular system to create a simple buying and organizing process and a streamlined user experience for people who enjoy cooking eclectic dish in their daily life.

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