• Uberliss

    Creative Agency:​ FormNation​
    Project Type: Commercial Work
    Client:​ Uberliss​
    Location:​ New York City​, USA
    Photographer: Lisa Klappe​

    NYC-based, Dutch design firm FormNation completed a rebrand for their long-time client, hair care brand Uberliss. Uberliss requested a rebrand in 2016 to feature a new look that is both sophisticated and upscale, suited for the most prestigious salons. This marked the first time that FormNation became the one-stop-shop for this client's complete design needs.

    The product market is so saturated that brands need to differentiate themselves in more creative ways. So FormNation came up with a new design process that incorporates hand-drawn artwork and fashion-forward design to create something non-traditional for Uberliss.

    The design included a combination of patterns for each ingredient based upon the current trends of hand-drawn patterns and based on what each product does with our hair – straightens, curls, dyes, washes, conditions.

    FormNation divided the design into two lines: black bottles for the salons (UV proof) and white bottles for the consumer. They made a top layer with information blocks and a layer underneath for graphics that can change with the trends based upon the playfulness that resonates with Uberliss.

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