• Akila African Cream / Fruity Liqueur (Student Project)

    Designer: Paige Graham
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Glasgow Clyde College
    Course: BA(Hons) Graphic Design
    Tutor: Kenny Reid G Senior Lecturer
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland
    Packaging Contents: Liqueur bottle
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    The project was too create a outcome that represented a lifestyle contrary to my own personal life and the world I live in, which inspired me to research diverse countries that have a polar difference to the way I was taught and Africa came through as one of the most unique places on earth.

    I wanted the beverage to be classy and stylish and would be imported and sold through-out the UK restaurants and pubs, places that would hold gatherings and special events. I studied and researched the theme of Africa which gave me a massive insight to the culture and there way of living afterwards I found reasonably easy to pick a concept. My concept is a combination of storytelling because the idea of the chameleon came from the original African story ‘Origin of Death Myth of The Chameleon and the Lizard’. which relates to the way of African teachings, animals and storytelling were a way of learning through-out Africa regions and the combination of this concept created a fresh, classy label and package design.

    What's Unique?
    My design unique because it's traditional, cultural and has diversity. The packaging has been hand-crafted and and complementary to the overall outcome. My is classy and slick, it has a striking illustration using traditional pattern with a typeface that creates a nice relationship.

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