• Signorvino Beer (Student Project)

    Designer: Betta Barni
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Accademia di Comunicazione Milano
    Course: Packaging
    Location: Milan, Italy

    Restyling project for two beer's flavours. The Blonde and the Red are represented as two sisters, former lovers of Signorvino. The man try to recreate the imagine of a past love that is vanishing, using the technique of collage for bring to life again the spirit of these two women.

    Figures are presented with a description that tells the characteristics of the beer humanizing it, as if it were a woman.

    Description of the Red Beer " She's just like that, authentic, enchanting, a real Italian woman: the Red bewitches you with her amber eyes. She's intense, she fascinates you, capturing your attention with her sweet fragrance. Being with her is like jumping from a cliff: it takes your breath away. When you take her to the restaurant she orders a steak, and when she tells you goodnight her lips taste like carmel"

    Description of the Blonde Beer "When the Blonde shows up in can’t ignore her, she leaves an essence of flowers, fruits that makes you crazy. Her step is light, and her laugh crystal clear, like the water of a mountain stream. She likes pasta with pesto, and when she eats it she never stops to be sparkling with her chats. When you look at her in the moonlight her golden hair shines in its own light."

    Both the Red and the Blonde are presented in two dimension, 33cl and 75cl.

    Bottle boxes are: 12bottles 33cl and 6bottles 75cl.

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