• Felfelé Red Wine Label (Concept)

    Designer: Ferenc Deak
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Budapest, Hungary
    Packaging Contents: Red wine
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    The choice of the name refers to highland conditions.
    - Where are you going to?
    - Up to the Highland, up and up.

    Applying the typography I extended the separator after the "up” word. Apparently I made it sat down. Thus the charachter "É” is used as a separator as well. This is how the name of the wine has been formed: FELFELÉ. Its red color refers to the content of the glass. Furthermore I used the sights the foreigner like the most. Behind the Typography you can recognize the connection between the wine and the highland. I used the map of field in the wire frame construction.

    What's Unique?
    The interesting thing is that you can see 5 different variation of the piece of map on the 5 different labels.

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