• Holy Sheeeeeep!

    Creative Agency: Empório Adamantis
    Holy Sheep Craft Brewery Labels Creative Director: Samuel Heidemann
    Designers and Illustrators: Aurenilson Moraes and Alessandro Mença
    Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
    Client: Holy Sheep
    Location: Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
    Packaging Contents: Craft Beer

    A story about beer and revenge to Tom, Jerry, Coyote and Road Runner look like mommy´s little boys.

    Holy Sheep - made by Holy Sheep Craft Brewery - is a brand-new craft beer in the South of Brazil. Born to be irreverent and outsider, it presents printed on its labels, tales and conflicts between a sly sheep and an old school bad wolf.

    American Lager, IPA, Red Ale and Pale Ale are now an ethyl saga that tastes like revenge.

    The responsible for the packaging project and logotype was the Southern Brazilian agency Empório Comunicação e Marketing. You can check below all the steps of this holy project.

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