• Luxembourg Ice-cream & Cakes (Student Project)

    Designer: Jasmina Zornic
    Project Type: Student Project
    School: Faculty of Applied Arts
    Course: Master
    Tutor: Milos Ilic
    Location: Belgrade, Serbia
    Packaging Contents: Cakes and ice-cream
    Packaging Materials: Paper

    Luxembourg is a pastry shop in Belgrade, which produces cookies, cakes and ice creams. Luxembourg provides much more than delicious sweets. This is a new experience, a new world of exquisite sweets that you would like to share with friends. We want to create a completely new feeling when it comes to buying sweets. These sweets are a way to spread joy and love. From this we draw our slogan: The Place of Sweet Excellence.

    The idea is that in addition to beautiful box we build brand, which is actually experience of the brand itself. The entire experience is transferred to the place of sale and in addition to plain cake or pie in a box, it provides people a completely new shopping experience. Their emotions and behavior, when purchasing Luxembourg goods, and whole that experience, actually builds our brand. Interaction between the seller and consumer is extremely important, and the connection between them is our package. So, after the buyer chooses a flavor, or a favorite piece of cake, the seller puts it in a box that is in bright pastel colors, to indicated that something sweet is hiding inside. Then he takes seals and stamps, depicting tastes and products of Luxembourg, and stamps the packaging. Sweet package is then ready to leave Luxembourg and travels away with the customer. First thought I had when I started to work on this project was how to make people happy when they buy cakes and when they see the package, as they are when eating these sweets. Then it came across my mind that happy feeling when your mailman delivers you the letter or package that you've been waiting and you are so impatient to open it and see what's hiding inside. So I put these two together: eating favorite cake and receiving a gift in your mailbox, and created Luxembourg brand.

    We have an identity consisted from post stamp that I illustrated and that depicts world of Luxembourg, and from seals that can be in so much more variations.

    What's Unique?
    Unique is the way of buying your favorite cake or ice-cream. The whole new experience of packaging the cakes and taking them home. The interaction with packaging and emotions that it provokes.

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