• MIND - Modern International Natural Deduction

    Designer: Vittorio Marchetti
    Project Type: Design Contest
    Location: Milan (Italy) / Dusseldorf (Germany)
    Packaging Contents: Food, Molecular, Eco
    Packaging Materials: Plastic, aluminium, paper

    "MIND" (Modern , International , Natural , Deduction )

    It was born because of a need of a not too distant future , where we can all use of molecular cuisine. Natural , also breaking all the schemes and patterns today on this field .

    Six of molecular cuisine recipes, with only one packaging for each ingredient ...

    " MIND " the reason why ? simple , the same word translated in Italian means head, brain, how the company and the product that precisely uses to make these recipes. Itself , is 3 adjectives : Modern , International and Natural to analyze in the end the " D " of Deduction .Deduction is advanced and enhanced by three previous adjectives and represents the " Deduction " Genius of the project of 'company and my personal ..

    Now let's talk about numbers, in addition to ' idea that I just presented , in addition to having the recyclable and natural materials this packaging and this solution will reduce the food and packaging waste.

    The waste of food (And this is apparent by reading the Report 2015 Waste Watcher) from the pantry of the house to the fridge , from the stove to the domestic rubbish bin , worth a total of 8.4 billion euro per year, or 6.7 euro per week per family per 650 grams of food wasted, he explains the founder of Last Minute Market Andrea Segre , president of the scientific Committee of the national waste Prevention Programme ( Min . Environment ) on the occasion of World Day for the food .

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