• Nine2five Fruit Infused Tea (Student Project)

    Designer: Devon Flohrs
    School: Minnesota State University - Mankato
    Course: Graphic Design 2
    Tutor: Matt Willemsen
    Project Type: Student Project
    Location: United States
    Packaging Contents: Fruit Tea
    Packaging Materials: Glass bottles, paper label

    Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to worry about your health. We are constantly on the move, with no time to take a deep breath and focus on ourselves. That’s where nine2five comes in. A line of fruit-infused teas created to boost the overall physical wellness of the busy working individual. Whatever your specific need nine2five has a tea for you, from morning to night. Tapping into the distinct natural remedies of both fruit and tea, with an added boost of vitamins and minerals, this tea blend will nourish your body and your taste buds.

    Since this tea is so beneficial to one’s health, I approached the packaging in a very natural way; making the ingredients the focal point, while adding rich color, and a clean modern design. The plus symbol is repeated throughout, representing not only the mixture of fruit, but also the benefits you will gain I aimed towards making approachable brand messaging for the flavor combinations I have developed which can easily adapt to any future flavor development as well.

    What's Unique?
    What makes this packaging unique is the combination of beautifully detailed photography and the colorful 'plus' symbol found through out the design. This combination makes each flavor easily recognizable, even from a distance.

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