• Bumble Cider (Concept)

    Designer: Lewis Morgan
    Project Type: Concept
    Location: Torquay, England
    Packaging Contents: Fruit Cider
    Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle

    There are species of bumblebee that are on the verge of extinction, and need our help. They pollinate the crops that we grow and the trees that yield our fruit, so they are extremely important to us, our eco-system and cider. So I decided to create a range of fruit ciders to celebrate the bee by using the name of three species of rare bumblebee that live in the UK, Great Yellow, Blaeberry and Ruderal.

    What's Unique?
    Nothing unique in regards to printing etc but it is a project to celebrate bumblebees and how important they are.

    Note: Lewis Morgan created this packaging concept to show of his skills, right now he is setting up his own studio @moresoupstudio

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